"Shit," she whispered as the spicy tuna roll escaped the chopsticks' grasp and plunged with abandon into the tiny cup of soy sauce waiting beneath. A splash more powerful than Magikarp's birthed a dark brown stain on the front of her blouse. Growing cancerously yet unnoticeably against the black fabric, the blot upset her more than it should have, causing her to stand up briskly and exit the restaurant without paying. No one noticed her departure, though, as she was not that noticeable of a person to begin with.

Xuccara was aggressively plain. She had hair, of course, since a lack thereof would've at least been of note, but it was so inconsequential that even if one were to ask a member of her family its color, they would be left dumbfounded. The one posing the question would probably have a similar reaction, actually, due to Xuccara's family having been dead for years. Exactly how long ago they died was something not even the girl herself knew since she had been told when she was very young that they had been gone long before her birth. The impossibility of such a statement was lost on her since along with being homely she was also an idiot, to put it nicely.

Keeping her gaze to the sidewalk as she plodded along, Xuccara couldn't take her mind off the stain. Embarrassment was something she was used to but this dark blotch triggered anger in her deeper than any emotion had before, worsened by her lack of understanding as to why it caused her to feel that way. She couldn't wait to get home and talk to the one person who understood her. The person, as it turned out, was actually her Pokémon Jynx.

After being kicked out of the orphanage at the age of 12, Xuccara lived on the streets working as a prostitute. Months passed, seasons changed, but she had yet to make a PokéDollar. On the verge of giving up, she suddenly saw the most beautiful woman in the region: Jynx. Due to her psychic abilities the gorgeous Pokémon was able to notice Xuccara and she instantly pitied her. She brought her home and hired her as a live-in maid, but their bond grew steadily and Jynx began to treat her like a daughter.

"Jynx," Xuccara cried, bursting through the door, "I made a boo-boo." Tears started squirting forth like salty lasers, soaking her already drenched shirt.

"Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any stupider," Jynx cooed lovingly, "you prove me wrong again. What happened this time?"

"I spilled a sushi," she wept, pointing to the invisible stain.

"You can't even see it, idiot," Jynx responded, "and what were you even doing down at that restaurant? Who let you in?"

Xuccara had been permanently banned from Korma City Sushi months ago for repeatedly making a mess and running out without paying the bill. That day she had been let in by a new waiter who hadn't yet been made aware of her antics. That waiter, in fact, was the reason she had ventured back for the forbidden sushi in the first place. His name was Kuso and he had just moved to the Tinja region from Sinnoh with his mother and his Combee. Xuccara thought that was kind of a gay Pokémon for a boy to have but she ignored it due to his classically good looks. She knew she had to have him, but now was worried that any chance had been ruined all thanks to that slippery sushi roll.

"It was that boy, then, wasn't it?" Jynx said, having read Xuccara's mind. "You know he doesn't even notice you. You're not in any way attractive."

"I know I'm not as beautiful as you, Jynx," she began, "but I have a good personality." She didn't.

"Stop being stupid and do you chores. I'll go pay your bill and make sure they never let you back there again," Jynx exclaimed as she put on her nicest hat and went out the door.

"This darn stain," Xuccara thought as she sat on the floor, frantically scrubbing the mark that was as negligible as her. If she had been cleverer she might've stopped to wonder why this particular thing bothered her so much, but she never did. She did, however, stop to think about her new love Kuso and how she might win him over.