It was a dark night in the Candy Kingdom, and most citizens were asleep. Most.

Manfried the Pinata wasn't a gossiper, but he certainly did see most of the things going on, more than others. Especially since no one ever seemed to realize he was there, as if he really were just a blinking, breathing decoration.

Important lesson; some people will go to a lot of trouble to get a few snippets of information.

As of the moment, he was sleeping from a lamppost very near the Palace, and the two guards were also very drowsy. Which is why it made it all that easier, for him to be gripped, pulled down and string snapped in a matter of a few seconds, then quickly muffled and blindfolded.

He tried to scream for help, but it just couldn't escape the rag that had been stuffed inside of his mouth.

A few minutes later his blindfold was torn off, and he saw a sucker, a chocolate ball, and a fox. Um, okay.

The fox growled warningly at the Pinata. "I'm goin' to take out that rag, and if you make any 'tempt to scream for 'elp, I'll slit your throat. Got it?" Manfried, panicked and wide eyed, nodded.

The rag was removed and Manfried got a sharp intake of air. "What do you want?" His panicked, somewhat high pitched voice inquired.

The red, strawberry sucker glanced at his companions, and muttered. "We know you were hangin' around Town Square 'round 5 PM, and we know for a fact that was when Dr. Kruse's was meetin' with our rivals. An' we know you hear everythin'. What was they talkin' about?"

Manfried realized this could be a matter of life and death for others, and closed his mouth, tight as if it was zipped.

Chocolate Ball pulled out a short knife, and in a flash, Manfried groaned in pain due to a slash on his back.

"I'll ask you one more time," The fox uttered. "What was they talkin' about in town square? Our boss is very interested in this information."

Manfried shook his head in defiance, knowing this could lead to no good for his health. As fast as lightning, furious slashes were made and Manfried howled, as there were several, bleeding cuts. "You brought this on yourself, pal. We'll find out some other way."

And they were gone, cutting through bushes and alleys.

He was found dead in the morning, and a quick autopsy by Dr. Ice Cream confirmed he'd bled to death. Princess Bubblegum would arrange the funeral, and Finn would be taking a little trip to the Candy Kingdom underworld tonight.

What a waste of a life. One, for Manfried's pointless killing, and two, the fact that those scum that'd offed him had ever been born.