Welcome, dear readers! As you probably can put 2 and 2 together by reading the title, the following script is the legendary badfic legolas by laura written as a libretto for an opera (or a sung-through musical if opera won't appeal to you that much ;3).

I came up with this idea at a friend's housewarming party. The guest list mainly consisted of artistic geeks of some kind, much like the host herself. As for me, I happen to be a classical music (and especially opera) nerd and a lover of badfics, so at some point I admitted to dreaming of seeing legolas by laura on opera stage someday. And... as everyone already had eaten too much sugar and it was a late evening... They encouraged me to actually make this.

Even though this libretto's still more or less just a practical joke I must admit I enjoyed writing this. And I swear, if I ever manage to gather a proper group I'll do my best to produce this on stage! ;D


- The NARRATOR, soprano

- LEGOLAS, tenor

- LAURA, soprano

- STRIDER, baritone

- GANDALF, bass

- The DARK LORD, bass-baritone

- The BOSS OF THE ORCS, baritone


- LEGOLAS'S FATHER, bass-baritone

- The GARD, bass


- The ORC/SERVANT/ARMY CHOIR, SATB choir of app. 15 singers