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A/N: This is my second fan fic, I thought, what would happen if the DBZ gang had to take the kids trick or treating on Halloween. Enjoy, please read and review, thank you.

A DBZ Halloween! Chapter 1.

"I WANT DO IT" Screamed Vegeta. "Come on Vegeta, this is your first Halloween." She said hoping to talk her thick headed husband into it "There is no way I'm going to dress up in that thing you call a costume." Vegeta Yelled as he pointed at her side. In Her hand she held a Toga Costume, Vegeta was giving a look that told Bulma he would rather die a Thousand times than suffer the humiliation of wearing the costume. "Ok Fine Vegeta, but what are you going to wear than." She said as she placed her hands on her hips. "Well you said I have to dress up in something and no way will I dress up in an in one of those hideous so called costumes in an absurd way, so I'll dress in what a warrior wears, my Saiyan battle armor. Vegeta said. Bulma rolled her eyes and stormed up stairs, she opened the door and trunks tackled her giving her a hug, her heart near melted at the sight of her little boy in his little Devil costume (A/N:evil grin). "Are you ready to go." Bulma asked. "Yes mommy." Trunks said. Bulma stood up and turned and walked out the door, closing it as she went. Trunks smiled to himself, boy this will be a Halloween no no one will ever forget.

Meanwhile at Goku's and Chi Chi's...

"Do I have to go Chi Chi?." Goku asked. "Yes you do, were taking the boys trick or treating, were supposed to meet up with bulma,Vegeta and trunks soon." She said. Goku laughed. "What's so funny." Chi Chi snapped at him. "Vegeta trick or treating, this should be good." Goku said. Gohan and Goten came running into the room, Goten was hyper as ever. "Hey mom, who else is coming." Gohan asked. "Well, Krillin, Piccolo, and oh Gohan I forgot to tell you, your Girlfriend is coming to, won't that be wonderful." She said with a huge Smile on her face. Gohan's face turned to horror, oh no he thought, this is just what I need, this is going to be the worst night of my life. "Do we have to wait for everyone here, or what?." Goku asked looking a bit puzzled. "Were all gonna meet up at the Hercule World Famous Restaurant." She said. She stopped oh no she thought, what have I done, I mentioned that we'd be near a restaurant. Only to soon after she thought that, did Goku scream at, "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, Can we stop and eat Chi Chi." Goku asked almost begging her. "Yes we will, we were going to do that anyways, so that you and Vegeta wouldn't decide to eat all the candy for yourselves after we left to go trick or treating." She said. "Hey mom, can we stop by a few houses on the way?." Goten asked. "Yes dear, I imagine that Bulma will do the same thing for Trunks." She said.

An hour later..

Bulma, Vegeta, and Trunks had already arrived at the restaurant, Goku and all, were coming around the corner, and Goku could hear Bulma fussing with Vegeta. "How was I supposed to know it was only a stupid person in a costume, I thought it was a demon from hell or something." He said angrily. "Well its called Halloween, your not supposed to go blasting everyone in a costume to pieces." Bulma screamed. Just than Goku appeared, Chi Chi gave Bulma a hug, everyone started talking about this and that as the awaited the arrival other their other 3 companions. Trunks ran up to Goten carrying a huge bag of candy. "Hey Goten, where's your candy?." He asked. Goten looked into his empty bag and simply replied. "Dad ate it.". Piccolo and Krillin Finally arrived, and Videl soon after. Gohan was trying his best to hide behind everyone from Videl. "Ok everyone, lets eat" Goku Yelled.

What will happen at the restaurant, can't be good, hehe. Will Gohan be embarrassed once again in front of Videl. And what kind Costumes did Piccolo, Krillin, and Videl wear?. Next Time on the Next story, you all shall find it all out, and one more thing, Vegeta learns about throwing eggs at cars (EVIL LAUGH). Till next time, enjoy. (!