What Happened To Goku?..

Dear Reader's this will be my final chapter of this series, but That's because I'll be changing the title, you'll understand soon, and their will be many adventures awaiting the Z Gang.

Yamacha stared as the stranger picked Goku up, turned and vanished as a bright light engulfed them both. He staggered down the Alley before coming upon the spot where they had been. He cried Goku's name weakly even though knowing that he couldn't hear him. He staggered out into the open.

Chi-Chi was still blazing with furry, how could those two run off, what if they decided to elope, the horror struck her and she sped up even faster, while Krillin was hanging on by a threat behind her.

Gohan and Videl stopped running, Gohan was so glad his mom couldn't sense powers, both started to relax when Gohan felt something he turned looking "Dad!??" He muttered. "What's wrong Gohan?" Videl asked concerned. "My Dad's in trouble we have to go help him." Gohan said. He grabbed Videl and blasted off into the air and with speed headed in the direction where his father had last been.

Krillin sensed the change in Gohan's direction. "Chi-Chi their heading back towards the alley" He yelled. Without even slowing down she turned and was heading back the way they came. Krillin sighed to himself *you would think that even a bull couldn't turn on a dime like that.*

Goten and Trunks were busy playing a dice game in the corner of an alley when their mom finally found them, hauling them both by the ears she started to drag them back towards the everyones original spot. Both boys had their arms crossed and expressions of pure resentment on their faces until Goten sensed it. He blasted off dragging Bulma, who was also holding Trunks.

Everyone arrived almost at once to the alley where Goku and Yamacha had been, except Vegeta was still no where to be found neither was Goku or Yamcha. Chi-Chi stormed up to Gohan, she was about to let it rip on him when she saw the look in his eyes, the look on the face shocked her, their was anger and fear. Gohan knew something had happened to his dad, but what and where were Yamcha and Vegeta.

They heard a grunt and Yamcha stumbled out from behind a few crates, "Goku's gone, somebody took him into a bright light." He mumbled before collapsing. Krillin rushed to his side. "Dende, get down here right now" Gohan bellowed in a voice that would sure make Vegeta proud. A second later Dende appeared sweating badly and looking like he was in front of an execution squad. "Where's my dad." Gohan screamed. Dende jumped and was shaking even worse "Well your dad, you see he's.." Dende started. "He's in another Dimension." A voice behind them said. Everyone turned to look at Vegeta who landed softly. "How do you know this." Krillin said. "Runt, Gohan and Goten are only half Saiyan, that is why they could only sense that something was wrong. I on the other hand, I am a full blooded Saiyan, our perceptions are a little more intuned than yours are." Vegeta said. "In another Dimension, how, why???" Gohan said. "Why don't you ask the little green runt over there." Vegeta said cocking his head in Dende's direction.

Dende went off on how he found a powerful being in another dimension and how he thought it would be a good prank to pull and have him come here, but instead the being kidnapped Goku and took him to his dimension. "Can't you just bring him back.!!" Chi-Chi screamed. Dende shrunk, "Well I can't, you see now that it knows I'm here it's put up some kind of barrier preventing me from just teleporting him out." Dende said shivering. "Can you send us there than." Gohan said. Everyone turned to look at him. "Gohan are you insane." Videl said. "We have to save my dad, we just have to." Gohan said. Goten cheered. He turned. "Who's with me.?" He said. Goten immediately stepped up, so did Krillin. Vegeta gave a deep sigh and he to stepped forward. "Anyone else?" Gohan asked. Trunks stepped up "I will also come." Piccolo said landing in front of them, he finally had gotten rid of that stupid suite. "Right let's go.!" Gohan said to Dende. "Wait a second." Videl said. She rushed to Gohan and kissed him deeply and longly, "Take care, and don't get blasted to pieces." She said. "Can we go for crying out loud." Vegeta said. They all stood together as Dende did his stuff and the proud warriors vanished into a purple light.

Videl stood their staring at the spot were her Gohan had just been, Chi-Chi came up and put an arm around her "Don't worry they'll be fine." Chi-Chi said. "Well I hope they can bring the being's barrier down, because if not they won't have a way to come back." Chi-Chi and Videl Screamed. Yamcha grunted.

Author's Thingy: I hoped you liked his chapter, well I'm sorry I'm ending this series, they'll be another Halloween one for next year, till then, they're will be more spin-off's, so don't miss my next series in this, the new story will be called.*Hmmm.* Well if you all have any idea's of what I can call it let me know, The gang are in the next dimension and they have to stop the evil force that has Goku, and if they don't they'll never be able to get back home. Take care all, thank you all for reading. Please Read & Review.. Thank you all!