Author's Note: Hey guys! This is my new story, Maid For You. Basically, Tris is a maid for Tobias, who is the son of Marcus, a billionaire. Everyone is two years older and it's set in the present day. Hope you guys like it!

Chapter 1:

Tris' POV

"Well, they definitely have a big house." my best friend Christina marvels from the drivers seat.

I nod in agreement, because it's true. The house of Marcus Eaton, the billionaire, is gigantic.

The house is white and three stories. There are multiple balconies and the detail of the outside of the house blows my mind. In the front of the house, where we are now, are massive pillars, holding the house up. A manicured lawn and a garden are also one of the houses many features.

"And you'll be working here," Christina shakes her head in disbelief.

It is going to be nice working at such a beautiful house. But I don't know how fun my job will be.

I'm Marcus' assistant. Also known as maid. At least the pay is good, and it's only an hour away from home.

You see, I needed a job after I graduated a week ago. My father found this ad in the newspaper and I applied for it. I have no idea how I ended up getting the job. I'm sure someone who tried out has more experience.

Anyway, I'm here now. Marcus told me to meet him at exactly 8:00 in the morning. I glance down at my watch. It's 7:54 right now.

"Hurry and park the car! I don't want to be late." I tell Christina.

She rolls her eyes and backs the car into a parking spot. "I don't know why you're so worried."

She drove me here, claiming she wouldn't be a good friend if she didn't, since I don't have a car. I think the fact that Tobias Eaton lives here helps, too.

Tobias is Marcus' twenty year old son. Only two years older then me. Anyway, he's handsome. And I think Christina wonders why he never comes out of that mansion! Seriously, I don't think anyone has seen him leave the mansion and come into town. It's a little weird, really.

The mansion is pretty reserved, away from everything. Maybe he just likes to be left alone. It would he pretty boring, though, just sitting around all day.

"Good luck! I'll be back at five to pick you up, alright?" Christina says.

"Okay, thanks." I slip out of my seat belt and open the car door, stepping onto the gravel.

I swallow, trying to get rid of the dryness in my mouth. I guess I'm a little nervous. Or a lot.

I wave goodbye to Christina and she speeds off, leaving me alone. I walk up to the front door and press the doorbell, sending a booming sound all through out the house.

The door opens a crack, and then all the way. I'm startled to see a tall, slender girl with lustrous black hair and hunter green eyes.

"Uh.. I'm looking for Marcus." I wipe my palms on the dress pants I was required to wear.

The girl gives me a look and then purses her lips, nodding. "He said he would be expecting you. Come in. I'm Carmen." Carmen opens the door wider, holding it open as I walk inside the mansion.

I'm swept off my feet as I look around the house. It's even nicer inside then it is outside! The walls are chocolate brown, giving the house a warm feeling, with plush coaches and Persian rugs on the floor. There is a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall, and the ceilings are high, painted with the finest detail.

Carmen seems to notice me staring and her plump lips twist into a smirk. She puts a hand on her hip and watches me. "I'll go tell Marcus you're here. Stay where you are and don't touch anything," Carmen commands, turning and walking away.

Her heels clicking on the floor is the only thing I hear. After looking at the rest of the living room, I just stand near the door awkwardly, waiting for Carmen's return.

And then I hear creaking on the staircase, and my head whips around to find the most attractive man I've ever seen. This guy has dark brown, almost black, short hair and deep blue eyes that look like the water of the ocean. He has a strong jawline and his nose hooks slightly at the end. But I can't look away from those piercing eyes. They seem to look right through me, into my soul.

He is hypnotizing, that's what he is. For clothes, he wears black dress pants without a single wrinkle in them, a white buttoned up shirt, and a black blazer with a tie.

He notices me watching him and half smirks at me. My heart beats a little faster and I look away, heat filling my cheeks.

He descends from the stairs and walks toward me. In three big steps, he's close to me. I notice now how fit he is. Muscles threaten to burst through his blazer as he stares at me.

I curse myself for not wearing nicer clothes. I'm wearing simple black dress pants and a fitted blue top with black ballet flats. "I'm Tris Prior. Uh, I'm here for the maid job." I hide a smile as I notice I didn't stutter.

"I'm Tobias. It's nice to meet you," he says, but his mouth remains in a firm line.

My stomach drops low and my palms grow clammy again. This is Marcus' son? I knew he was handsome, but this boy is a whole new level of hot. I nod at him, ducking my head.

"Hello, Beatrice. I see you've met my son." a voice booms through the quiet mansion.

I turn around, feeling like I was caught doing something I wasn't supposed to even though I was just talking to his son, and spot Marcus Eaton, the billionaire and my boss, standing right there in front of me.

Author's Note: Short, I know, but hopefully not too bad. Tell me what you guys think below. :)