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Chapter 3:

Tris' POV

"What? He just disappeared while you were working?" Christina demands as I strap myself into the passenger seat of her car.

I nod, thinking back to Tobias' strange behavior, and then at the fact I couldn't find him anywhere in the whole mansion to tell him I was done with work and was leaving. I must've gotten lost a hundred times, looking for him. I only found my way to the door when Carmen found me, accused me of snooping, and sent me out, muttering something about getting me fired and telling Marcus. I called up Christina to come pick me up and here I am.

Christina doesn't look satisfied with my answer. She purses her lips and presses her foot into the gas, the car lurching forward as we leave the Eaton residence. "Well, I think that's weird. What if something happened to you? What if a fire started and he's too busy messing around somewhere to come back? I'm going to chew that kid out tomorrow. I don't care if that little brat kicks me out." Christina snaps, 'little brat' code for Carmen.

I hide a smile with my hand at Christina's rant. But she's right. I'm nervous at the fact that they trusted me alone at the mansion. Of course, I wasn't alone. I was with Carmen, but she was in her office, leaving me in charge of things. "Christina, I'm sure I'd be fine. I am a little paranoid that Carmen might tell Marcus. She hates me for no reason!"

"Don't worry about that witch. I doubt Marcus will listen to her, even if she is his littl-" She's cut off when I let out a scream, spotting the car that darts right in front of us.

Christina slams on the brakes just in time, her eyes wide. I turn around and watch the car as it speeds off. It's a fast looking thing, black paint with blacked out windows. Something about it seems a little strange, though. I close my eyes, willing my heart to drop from my throat.

Christina lets out a curse and starts the car again, speeding up until we're going past the speed limit. I glance over at her. "Slow down!" She rolls her eyes and slips on a pair of sunglasses.

"Oh, relax, Tris! We're in the middle of nowhere. Cops are too busy chowing down on donuts and coffee then be patrolling out here. They might have to actually do something!" Christina is still caught up on her bad encounters with the police. Now her view of them is that they never do anything, and while I disagree I know better than to argue with her.

"Are you up for shopping before we head back to your house?" Christina questions, keeping her eyes on the road.

I groan. "You and your shopping! And honestly, I'm wrecked. The work today wasn't exactly hard but it was confusing. Maybe tomorrow." I feel bad for rejecting Christina, but I'm not in the mood for shopping right now.

Christina looks like she understands as she sends a knowing smile my way. "Okay. But I still think shopping is better than spending the rest of the day with Caleb."

I snicker at that. "That's true. But I'll be in my room, anyways."

Christina laughs, a sound that always makes me smile. "Well, I could always stay for dinner? Your mom is the best cook I've ever seen!" It is true. My mother is an amazing cook, but I don't think she's the best ever.

"And your mom isn't a good cook? Burnt chicken sounds pretty dang good to me!" I tease.

Christina blushes slightly at the memory. Once, when I was over at her house her mother put in a chicken and set a timer. It turns out, she didn't really set the timer. So she fell asleep and an hour later she woke to Christina taking a burnt chicken out of the oven. Christina's mom was so embarrassed, but it was so funny!

I chuckle, still remembering the look on her face when she saw the chicken.

"Hey, it was just a little burnt!" Christina jokes, grinning.

I laugh, and we spend the drive home teasing each other about embarrassing memories and laughing our heads off at inside jokes. It feels good to laugh with Christina. I haven't seen her very much lately, we've both been so busy. I realize how much I missed her as we pull onto my street.

"So, what do you wanna do when we get to your place?" Christina asks.

I shrug, about to reply when Christina slams on the brakes, sending my purse sprawling to the ground. I pick it up, annoyed, and turn to Christina. "Why'd you d-" I trail off as I see the look of horror on her face, her mouth open and her eyebrows nearly touching her hairline.

I look up at my house to see my parents outside, multiple fire trucks in our driveway. I take in a shaky breath as I realize what's happening.

The house is on fire. And Caleb isn't out yet.

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