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Chapter 1: Family

October 10: Konohagakure

"Why can't I come Dad!"

The Yondaime Hokage of Konoha hid his face in his hands, already feeling the incoming migraine resulting from the constant shouting of his seven-year-old son. He just knew that Naruto would react the same way his mother had.

They acted so much the same that it was frightening.

When he tried to explain, that like his wife's former pregnancy, the location of where she would give birth would have to be in secret, Naruto adamantly expressed his disapproval. Meaning that even though he had promised the boy, the situation was too dire for him to come.

When he had explained the situation to his wife she violently objected in true Kushina fashion. He still had a sore jaw from where her fist had planted itself on his face.

When it seemed that the young boy was just about to let loose another head pounding shout Minato quickly interjected holding up a hand. He could understand that Naruto was upset but the event taking place was to be held in the utmost secrecy.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but my hands are tied in the matter." When she gave birth to Naruto the location had to be classified. "With the seal weakening during childbirth, the delivery has to be in secret, outside of the village. It would be too risky to allow you to come."

The young boy gave him a look that made his heart clench. He honestly wanted Naruto to be there, to welcome his new sibling to world with a smile, but he had to stand firm by his convictions. And if that meant the shame of betraying his sons trust…

Then so be it.

Naruto meanwhile couldn't believe what he was hearing. Here he was enjoying the best day of his life. He had woken up to a birthday surprise of a hugs and kisses from his parents. His father had giving him the first ever tri-kunai used for his Hiraishin no Jutsu

He couldn't stop shaking, from the moment it had been placed into his small hands.

His biggest surprise was from his mother. She had given him an all black Chokutō engraved with the symbols of her deceased village Uzushiogakure. Kenjutsu had been a huge part of her village, and although Kushina wasn't very good at it, she wanted Naruto to become a master.

And to top it off ramen was for breakfast…

He couldn't keep the smile off his face as he walked to the Academy that day.

Adding sweetening to the cake, he and his best friend, Itachi became the youngest students to graduate the Academy since Hatake Kakashi only at the tender age of seven. And the graduates of this year were giving one week of holiday for the astounding talent that was present in their generation. How could this day get any worse?

Speak of the devil, for as soon as he came sprinting home to brag to his father of his success, his perfect day got worse. A whole lot worse. His father had promised him before that he would be allowed to be there when his mom would be giving birth. He had told him that all three of them would welcome his baby sister – he always wanted a little sister – when she came into the world.

So why? Why couldn't he be there!

"B-but dad." Minato felt his heart clench at the unshed tears in his eyes. "That's not fair, you promised. You promised!" Minato actually flinched at that. If there was one thing he always hoped Naruto stayed truthful to, it was his word. Promises made should be promises kept. And here he was going against his own words.

He could only give Naruto a silent shake of his head. "I'm sorry Naruto. But my word is final." The firm tone of his voice left no room for argument.

His broken expression turned to one of fury before the young boy snarled in anger. "Oh I see! The harsh truth finally reveals itself. This is not about promises. This is about the damn village! It's always been about Konoha! But of course there is no comparison because I'll always be nothing more than second best!" The young boy screamed himself hoarse, his breathing harsh from the exertion.

Naruto knew he was treading on thin ice but he ignored his consciousness currently screaming at him to shut his mouth.

"It's all the village this or the village that! I hate this fucking vill-"


The sound echoed through the suddenly silent apartment.

Naruto's blue eyes were wide open in shock, as his hand numbly rested on his face, nursing a the area that had turned red from the sudden blow. His father had slapped him. His father had never hit him before. Ever. The only time he ever got a spanking was for painting his mothers favorite blouse orange. Even then, it was just a slap on the wrist.

Glancing into his father's icy blue eyes seeing his face blank of emotion, he realized the man he had come to call father wasn't in front him anymore. This was the Fourth Hokage. The Yellow Flash who had decimated thousands in the blink of an eye. Shamed, he ducked his head in embarrassment.

" Da-Hokage-sama. I-Im sorry...I didn't mean-"

"Don't you ever let me you here you curse the name of the Leaf ever again."

The tone was more of command than a statement.

Naruto fervently nodded his head. "Forgive me Hoka-

"Am I clear?" There was a flicker of motion and Minato was suddenly in front of him staring him down. Naruto squashed the feeling of trying to gain distance between them and make a run for it. He could never run from his father even if he tried. The seal on his back made sure of that.

Naruto's gaze found his feet and he whispered a quick answer. "Yes."

"I said, am I clear?" Minato repeated.

Naruto stilled before he slowly lifted his tear filled gaze, straining his neck to meet his fathers eyes. "Yes sir."

Father and son stared silently at each other.

Naruto's shoulders shook as he desperately tried to stem the tears flowing from his eyes. His attempts failed as low sniffles were heard and soon enough his light cries echoed in the silent apartment. Minato stood there watching his son, cry in front of him and his icy gaze slowly melted from the boys heartfelt sorrow. Sometimes he would forget...

Forget that Naruto was only seven. A child. A boy desperately trying to please his father. Feeling the need to step out of the overwhelming shadow of his father by becoming a Shinobi at a such young age. But for now, Naruto was just a child crying for his father. And for now... he wasn't the Fourth Hokage. He was Minato Namikaze. His son needed comfort.

Minato silently lowered himself to one knee, slowly wrapping his arms around the crying boy and holding him in a tight embrace.

"I'm sorry Dad."

Naruto's quiet cries began to glow in length as he wrapped his tiny arms around his father and unleashed the full weight of all his bottle emotions. Minato felt it all. Anger. Guilt. Sadness. sighed painfully as he ran his fingers through the boys long golden hair. Absently stroking his long ponytail and ushering gentle hushes. It wasn't long before Naruto's cries quieted down and Minato felt him use his shirt as a miniature tissue.

Not that he minded.

Finished with wiping his eyes on his shirt Naruto rested his lightly on his father's shoulder gently squeezing his shirt with his small hands. He closed his eyes and listened to his father's calm heartbeat, enjoying these few precious moments of them actually getting to be father and son.

Naruto felt his father's arms tighten around him in response, as if he was savoring this moment as much he was. Minato turned his head and Naruto felt his warm breath lightly tickling his forehead. They stayed like this for a few quiet moments.

"So..." Minato began.

Sniff. "Hmm?"

"How was school?"

"Done. We graduated, remember? Itachi and I are at the top of the class."

"Yes, I remember. I was just referring to how was the last day?"

"Good actually."

Minato waited for him to elaborate but didn't receive an answer.

"That's it?"


"Nothing new?"

"Nope. Everything was just ordinary." Naruto suddenly scowled. "One thing will never change is those girls that keep stalking us at school."

Minato had to stuff his face into Naruto's hair to muffle his laugh.

"Jeez I tell you dad, they all act so weird. They just huddle together and point and giggle at us while whispering secrets."

Naruto felt the grin in his hair. "By 'us' I guess your referring to yourself and Itachi-kun."

"Yeah, sometimes it gets so bad we have to hide at recess."

This time Minato did laugh.

"Any girl in particular stand out."

Naruto shifted to regard his father strangely. "Huh?"

Minato rolled his eyes before he slowly shook his head and gently placed Naruto's head back against his shoulder.

"You know for being a so called genius, you're pretty dense." His face took on a miserable look. " You remind me of your mother everyday."

Naruto ignored him before slightly perking up. "Wait were you referring to girls who act tough? Because there is this one girl called Hana who tries to bully me. But even though I kick her ass, she still picks on me. Why does she continue when she knows she'll lose?"

Minato smiled cheekily. "Sounds like you have a crush."

"A crush? Is that a taijutsu technique?"

Sigh."...No. It's what you label when someone has a person they are affectionate for."

"...Oh. So do you have a crush on mom?"

Minato couldn't help but laugh.

"No, what your mother and I share is more than just a crush. It's something special..."

"And that is?"

"That...is a secret."

"So...what you have between you and mom is a secret? Nice."

Minato sighed. "You'll understand when your older."

"Whatever." His eyes suddenly went wide. "Wait so Hana is affectionate for me. Is that why she bullies me?"

Minato grinned. "Yep."

"Huh. No wonder Kakashi-nii says 'girls like her, like it rough'."

"Kakashi said what!?"

"Nothing!" Naruto added quickly noticing strong hands tighten around his small body.

Minato tsked. "That damn boy and his books. Worst mistake I ever made was introducing him to Jiraiya."

"Pervy Sage? What does he have to do with Kakashi-nii?"

"Don't worry about it. And it's Jiraya-kyoufu."

"Mommy calls him that all the time though."

"Well...mommy has a potty mouth."

Naruto lifted his head to give Minato a dull look. Minato stared back, holding his gaze steady but soon his visage grinned and Naruto mirrored his actions, and soon enough their hearty laughter filled the room. Naruto was the first to recover his humor slowly smiling to himself watching fondly as his dad laughed. He looked so carefree, so at ease. Nothing like the cold visage he was use to or the icy stare. He even looked ...relieved. Almost as if this moment eased the tension of a highly stressful day.

Naruto slowly extended his small hand and wrapped his fingers around one of his father's long golden bangs. Minato regarded Naruto fondly. "What?"

Naruto's small smile slowly left his face. "Am I more important to you than the village dad."

Minato eyes rose above his hairline at the question, honestly stumped. His mouth open and closed several times but no sound came out. He lost his shocked expression and regarded Naruto with a critical look seeing he was completely serious. He would admit the nature of the question took him by surprise. There little moment of bonding hand been going so well and out of nowhere Naruto had to ask him something like this. Deep down Minato suspected he already knew the answ,er.

Sighing to himself he schooled his face of any emotion and began, "Naruto, you know that-"

Minato was interrupted by the sound of a loud crash and he quickly turned to the front door, just in time to see it crash open to reveal a very pregnant and very angry Kushina.

The object of nightmares to any pour soul stupid enough to get on her bad side, Kushina stood in the front of the ruined doorway, her hair swaying like menacing nine tails of fury as she bared her teeth, steam forming from her breath with every pant.


Both father and son screamed at the sight. Their blonde hair sticking out on end, and their eyes wide circles.

She slowly moved towards the pair, each step she took rattling the apartment like a mini earthquake.

"K-kushina-chan," Minato ushered, failing to keep the fear out of his voice. Beside him Naruto was hiding behind his leg shaking like a leaf. "Why aren't you at the hospita-"

"Shut up."

Minato did just that, quickly snapping his mouth shut, quivering badly under her intense glare. She took another step forward and the pair quickly took a step back. This continued until their backs hit a wall effectively blocking them of any exit.

She continued ascending on them like a hungry predator, the glow of her eyes growing more and more intense with each passing step. Minato began to sweat bullets, wondering just what the hell had he done to piss his wife off. Beside him he heard Naruto whimper as the angry woman was close enough for them to feel the heat emitting from her mouth.

Minato thought quickly remembering today's events, trying to recall where he could have gone wrong in this day. Let's see... We woke up. Celebrated Naruto's birthday. Sent him to school...had sex after. Pregnant sex was so hot. Um, stayed in bed for a while...then had more sex.

Minato pulled on his bangs in desperation.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck...I didn't do anything wrong! I walked her to the hospital, sent her flowers, washed the clothes, did the dishes, practiced the seal, made sure to pick her up...His eyes widened in realization. The whole situation with Naruto had made him forget to go pick her up from the hospital!

Trying to calm the situation he ushered his apology, "Kushina-chan I'm sorry!" He finished just in time as she lunged for the duo. Minato grabbed Naruto an held him close waiting with a baited breath for the inevitable blow. Tense seconds passed and the only sound he heard was that of his own breathing.

Cracking open an eye, daring to take a peek, he saw himself in empty apartment.

Opening both eyes now and slowly easing his grip on Naruto, he looked around and saw Kushina was no where to be found. Still tense, and keeping an eye on the empty apartment, he lowered himself to whisper in Naruto's ear. "Pss Naruto you can open your eyes now. I think she disappeared."

When he got no response he whispered again. "No need to be afraid son she's..." He trailed off finally glancing at the young boy and seeing the reason why he was unresponsive. He was dangling in his arms, his little mouth hanging open and his eyes closed.

The young boy had passed out in fright.

Minato would have giggled if he wasn't so afraid right now. Lightly slapping his face he shook the young boy awake. "Yo Naruto wake up." It took a few tries before Naruto began to shift and come to in his arms. "Wha-what. D-dad" His responses were throaty and it took a few seconds for him to open his eyes and become fully conscious. "What happened?"

Minato glanced around the apartment still seeing no sign of Kushina. "You passed out."

The now awake Naruto snapped his attention to his father. "I did!? What the heck...all I remember was mom charging..."He trailed off his eyes wide as saucers. "Oh no. Mom..." He grabbed on to the back of his father's sleeve, trembling with fear. "Where is she dad?"

Minato mirrored his actions. "I don't know son. I don't know."

The pair stood in fearful silence looking around the apartment, with baited breath. Then they heard it.


The sound came from behind. Minato yelped jumping so high that his head impacted off the ceiling and he collapsed in a heap on the floor knocked out cold. Young Naruto had been saying quiet prayer only grabbed his small chest before going stiff as a rock and droped lifelessly to the floor beside his father.

Behind them stood Kushina, her visage of rage replaced by a cool glance as she absently stroked her large stomach. She smirked at the pair before she turned her attention to a window.

"Did you get all of that?"

In from the window emerged a figure looked to be dressed in traditional Anbu attire minus the mask. In his hand held a camera that had been recording the entirety of the events that just took place. Stopping the recording Kakashi wiped away his tears, the results of his silent laughter, as he had permanently sealed what had transpired into his memory with his sharingan.

"Kushina-sama...that was beautiful." He tucked the camera under his arm and gave some slow claps for emphasis.

Kushina held her green dress and did a little curtsy in appreciation. "Your welcome my dear."

Kakashi only eye smiled in response before he glanced at the unconscious pair. "Should we wake them?"

The red head walked towards him taking the camera from him, and aimed the lenses at their downed form. "Yeah...after some embarrassing pictures."

Kakashi could only chuckle.

"I can't believe it was all a prank." Grumbled Minato as he gently lay ice on the swelling bump on his head. He fixed an icy glare at the smiling pair. "You too should be ashamed of yourselves."

They all sat around the kitchen table silently dealing with the aftermath of their cruel, cruel prank.

Kakashi only giggled and Kushina stuck out her tongue at him. In her lap was Naruto absently stroking her beautiful long red hair. She turned her light blue eyes on him. "Your not mad at me are you Naruto-kun?" Naruto's expression mirrored his father's but under her beautiful gaze his expression slowly melted and blush stained his face. "No."

She rewarded him with a brilliant smile and to his embarrassment (and Minato's secret jealousy) gave him a quick kiss that left his face as red as her hair. She hugged him tight, gently stroking his long blonde locks. Meeting Minato's pouting face she blew him a kiss over the top of Naruto's head and giggled when his face colored.

Minato scowled though his face stayed red. He schooled his expression before his eyes shifted to Kakashi then back to her. "Did Kakashi pick you up?"

Kushina nodded in response before turning her attention to the young Anbu in training. "Kakashi-kun was such a gentleman." The young Anbu gave her an eye smile before he returned his attention to Icha Icha Seduction.

Speaking of Kakashi, Naruto perked up in his mother's lap. "Yo Kakashi-nii are you forgetting what day it is?"

Kakashi didn't lift his gaze from his books. "Unless I somehow magically jumped through time, it should be October the tenth."

Naruto stared for a moment before he shook his head. "Yes, and isn't this day special to a certain someone." He supplied.

"Hmm, I don't think so. Only special day in October is Halloween, right?"

Naruto looked between his mom who's faces were highly amused. He heard his mom try but fail to hold in her giggles. He scowled before his eyes narrowed threateningly. "You sure your not forgetting something?"Kakashi finally lifted his gaze from his book and his eye formed a thin line as his hand scratched his chin in thought. After about a minute of him mumbling to himself about what was so special about today, he snapped his fingers in remembrance.

"Oh yes! I can't believe I almost forgot." He began to rummage through his utility pouch. "Silly me."

Naruto smiled and let out the breath he didn't know he had been holding. He didn't notice his parents share a look no doubt knowing what Kakashi was planning.

When Kakashi announced the mysterious item with a 'found it' Naruto he began to shake in excitement absently bouncing up and down on his mother's lap. His excitement all but vanished as Kakashi pulled out a familiar green book.

''Now I remember what day it is!" His eye smile returning. "It's the fifth anniversary of Icha Icha!" If the silence wasn't bad enough, it was the way Minato had to bite his hand to keep from laughing and the way Kushina's silent laughter shook Naruto's still form.

Naruto would have leaped across the table and pelted the Anbu across the face if it wasn't for the exceptionally strong grip his mother held him in. Despite his struggles her grip didn't budge. " Let me go mom! I just want to punch his face in!" He tried to channel his already impressive chakra to his muscles but her arms didn't even move. "Dammit why are moms so strong!?"

"So that we can discipline our children." Kushina whispered in his ear. "Calm down, tiger." Naruto continued his futile struggles, his legs frantically flaring for a few more moments before he tired himself out.

Kakashi laughed at Naruto's misfortune before he decided to end the teasing. Before young Naruto could blink a small gift box slid across the table and lightly bumped into his panting form. Anger immediately replaced by excitement his small hands instantly tore the box apart and he stared starry eyed at the material in his hands. A sleeveless form-fitting black shirt, with a familiar face covering top at the neck.

"A face mask!"

Minato and Kushina both shared a smile as Naruto shed his blue T-shirt and put on his new attire. Finishing he struck a pose. "How do I look."

"Oh my, so handsome." Kushina gushed. She tugged on his mask cheeks. "You look so cool, Naruto-kun!"

Minato grinned offering him a small smile. "You put Kakashi to shame, that's for sure." The man in question didn't reply only staring silently at Naruto with distant eyes. With their similar hairstyles he almost looked - he shook his head, instantly banishing the thoughts. Offering Naruto a thumbs up he gave him a lazy eye.

"Instant chick magnet."

Naruto lavished the attention giving a big grin under his mask, before he put on his previous T-shirt. Content that this day was now perfect, he leaned on his mother enjoying the way her soft hands ran through his hair.

They all enjoyed the quiet silence for a few moments, before Kushina turned to Kakashi."So tell me Kakashi, why do you want to join Anbu." Rolling his lone eye at her mother hen nature he made a sound at the back of the throat that Kushina took for a groan.

"Maa, no need to worry Kushina-sama. Besides, they came to me."

Kushina prodded nonetheless. "But why Anbu? Why can't you stay satisfied as a Jounin. Heck, you could even become a Sensei."

This time, Kakashi scoffed. "Me? A Sensei? Not happening." Kids. He hated kids. Except for Naruto, he was cool.

"Why?"Kushina demanded, ignoring the way Minato sighed.

Kakashi held up three fingers. "One: Because I want to. Two:They offered me the position. Three: Lord Hokage approves." He finished ticking off his last digit. Kushina turned her glare to Minato causing the young Hokage to scratch his head in embarrassment.

"Your not joining Anbu!" Kushina stated.

"And why, can't I Kushina-sama."

"B-because I said so, that's why."

"My, if I listened to every word you said, I would have jumped off the Hokage Mountain long ago, screaming all the way down." He sighed. "Sensei I envy your strength."

When Kushina's face turned red, Minato tried to disarm the situation. "Okay settle down you two. No need to-"

"Shut up, Minato."

"...Yes dear."

When Kushina fixed Kakashi with the look Minato knew she was serious. "Now, you listen here buddy. I know I may nag a lot and worry. But if I didn't love you, I wouldn't care that a boy no older than seventeen is joining a highly dangerous and classified, Black Ops group."

Kakashi loved the woman like a mother. But the choice was his and his alone. "I understand your concern Kushina-sama. I really do, but I'm and adult and I can make my own choices." He shifted slightly. "Besides I told you not to worry, Kushina-sama. It's bad for the baby." He winked.

Kushina scowled but she calmed herself down. "Smart ass." She whispered.

"Sorry, did you say something."

The red head narrowed her gaze and held up her fist at him in a threatening manner. "Watch it Copy-rat or else-"

"It's Copy-cat. " Kakashi corrected his attention fixated on Icha Icha.

"Whatever." She huffed. " I use to change your diapers. So don't start that hip attitude with me scarecrow."

Use to her ever fluctuating personality Kakashi remained cool as cucumber. "My apologies Kushina-sama. You don't know how grateful I am to you for cleaning my ass when I was but an innocent toddler." He flipped a page in his book. " I'll turn down the hip as you say it, when I'm around you."

Kushina crossed her arms across Naruto. "You better, or else I'll have to put you over my knee like I use to give and that pale backside of yours a good spanking."

Minato choked on the water that he had been drinking. Naruto stared at his mother in awe.

Kakashi flipped another page. "Wouldn't want that now. Your pinches were bad enough."

Kushina smiled triumphantly absently remembering chasing down a young Kakashi. "Ha, those were the days. You use to be so cute back then." She shook her head at him. "Now look at you. I wouldn't even want to put my hand anywhere near your backside for fear of where it might have been."

A lazy eye met her violet ones. "Ouch."

She stuck her tongue out at him. His gaze shifted to Minato and the Fourth gulped at the twinkle in his eye. But it was already too late to stop the young Jounin.

"Funny your making fun of my ass right about now. I bet I know where yours has been, Kushina-sama." He smirked at her blushing scowl before turning his eye to Minato. "Sensei, you should here your wife talk to Lady Mikoto sometimes...the conversation those women have." He turned his attention to ceiling, absently scratching his chin. "Always a hot topic would be who's husband has the best tongue. Now from what I hear, Fugaku-sama is very good with his but by the...situations... as Kushina-sama explains, it would seem that your tongue is very very fast at what it does. And I must say Sensei...even Lady Mikoto is jealous." He returned his attention back to his book. "Wish my wife would boast about my speed. Well...if I ever had one that is."


Naruto who had sat quietly through the whole conversation was staring in confusion at the three adults. "Wait, I'm confused. Where has mommy's bum been? And what about dad's tongue?" He was ignored.

Minato's slack jawed, red face left Kakashi's, and he turned his wide blue eyes to his wife, whose face was as red as her fair. Kushina mouth opened and closed several times before she stuttered a response. "Y-you...y-you...pervert!"

Kakashi eye smiled. "Takes one to know one, Kushina-sama." He finished exuberantly.

Minato sighed painfully palming his face, as he watched Kushina try to stutter excuses and Kakashi just grinning her and firing back words that made her face flame. Poor Naruto just stared between the two in confusion. His attention was roused as Kushina suddenly froze.

Naruto jumped slightly. "Hey, I felt her kick!" Knowing that his sibling would be a she, but knowing her name, Naruto had been constantly resting against his mother's stomach any chance he could get. Feeling kicks always made his joy soar. "Mommy she's moving!"

"Yes she is Naruto." Kushina strained a smile. "But I'm afraid you're going to have to allow mommy to stand." Her embarrassment was long since forgotten as felt a contraction. "Minato!"

Rising quickly Minato realized it was time to go."Come Kushina-chan, I'll teleport us there." Nodding she gently set Naruto on his feet and rose shakily. She took Minato's offered hand before small sniffs gained her attention and she turned to a teary-eyed Naruto.

"Aww, don't cry my love. We'll be home shortly." She comforted wrapping the boy in a hug and holding him tight. When she felt him shake against her she ran her hands through his locks in a calming manner. "There, there Naruto-kun. I promise we'll all be together soon." Pulling down his face mask, she wiped his tears with her soft palm before she pressed a kiss against each whiskered cheek and then one final one against his small lips.

She giggled at his blushing face before tenderly tracing the lines on his face. "Want to know something?" When he nodded she continued, "I think Narumi is going to love her big brother."

Naruto smiled. "Growing beauty?" When his mother nodded he gave a wide grin. "Finally, get to know her name!" He hugged his mom one final time before she turned to Minato. Meeting his father's gaze Naruto's excitement vanished and he adopted a stern countenance crossing his small arms.

Minato grinned sheepishly. Naruto didn't so much as blink.

Sighing, he dropped his smile taking a knee before Naruto staring directly into his face. "Listen Naruto, I know we didn't have the best- "He froze as Naruto's small form wrapped around his waist. Shocked, he nevertheless smiled gently, accepting the hug and wrapped his arms around his only son. Nestling into his hair, Minato whispered low enough for only his ears. "Be good now Naruto. When we get home I'll show you the first step of the Rasengan."

Nodding excitingly Naruto whispered his promises. Smiling Minato silently regarded him before pressing a kiss against his forehead. Rising to his full height he nodded to Kakashi, who gave the duo a wave. "Take care now. Be home before bed time."

The two adults laughed at his antics, Kushina giving him a mock glare before she eventually smiled. "Bye Kakashi-kun. Look after Naruto-kun, okay?" Kakashi nodded wordlessly and Minato grinned at him before lightly wrapping his arms around his wife.

"Okay Kushina-chan hold on. Biwako-sama must be finished the preparations by now."With a final wave the couple disappeared in a yellow flash.

Left alone Naruto and Kakashi shared a glance before a silent conversation conveyed the two of them. Kakashi sighed. "Ramen?" His answer was in the form of Naruto cheering.

On their way to the Ichiraku Ramen Stand, a familiar black head of hair caught Naruto's attention. Turning at the mention of his name, Itachi's face carved into a smile as his best friend sprinted towards him. "Naruto-kun." He greeted "Happy birthday."

Naruto only nodded in thanks before he gestured to his face mask. "What do you think, pretty cool eh?" Itachi nodded slowly. Its black color suited him.

"Very cool indeed."

"Hey whose this." Pointing at the small bundle Itachi was carrying with a sac, Naruto stared at the curious black eyes regarding him.

"This is my baby brother, Sasuke." Itachi introduced. "Say hello Sasuke-kun." Sasuke shyly hid his face into Itachi's black shirt causing Itachi to give a small smile. "Apologies. He's very shy." Naruto just waved him off unperturbed.

"Aww, he's kinda cute. Looks just like you Itachi." Naruto gently poked the young boys cheek grinning when small eyes narrowed at him. Oh this was an Uchiha alright.

Itachi chuckled, before he gave Naruto a small nod. "It was pleasure Naruto-kun, but I must be heading home now." Seeing him nod he addressed the man standing silently behind Naruto. "Hatake-san."He bowed gracefully, before he turned on his heel and made his way to the Uchiha district.

Naruto watched his best friend disappear through Konoha's busy crowds before a throat clear roused his attention. "Didn't you want ramen, Naruto?" The question was ignored as the young boy took off down the street in a burst of speed. Sighing Kakashi followed at a more leisurely pace.

−"Then Kakashi-nii hear gave me this awesome face-mask Ayame-chan." Kakashi sighed as he listened to the young Genin fill in the events of what he dubbed 'the best birthday ever' to the gushing young girl. She wasn't even paying attention to his words.

The young girl was just sitting herself on a stool on the opposite side of Naruto with her elbows on the counter top, cupping her red cheeks with her hands, as she stared at him with painfully obvious affection. Not that Naruto would know. He had pulled his face mask down as he ate the ramen and was currently chatting non-stop. He actually filled Kakashi with hope as he abruptly stopped and stared at the blushing girl.

He leaned in close to her causing the girl to squeak as she backed up nearly falling out of her stool. "You okay Ayame-chan? Your face is all red."

Kakashi deflated shaking his head feeling the situation too troublesome to stress over. The boy was considered a genius but when it came to girls he was denser than a rock. Not that he could blame the young lad, he was only seven.

"Hey Kakashi-nii, how'd you do that?" Kakashi blinked at the question before turning his attention to Naruto.

"Pardon?" He inquired taking his face out of his book.

Naruto rudely pointed his chopsticks in his face, then at his empty ramen bowl. Ayame pouted at the shift of attention. "How'd you eat with your mask still on? I didn't even see you move!"

Kakashi only eye smiled in response. "That's a secret."

Naruto scowled at the Jounin as he shoved his face back into his book. He stuck his tongue out at the man and turned his attention back to the smiling Ayame. He felt his face flush as she just kept smiling at him, her big brown eyes sparkling.


She covered her giggle with her hand as she shyly beckoned him closer with a wiggle of her index finger. He turned his ear to her as he leaned his head towards her expecting her to whisper a secret in his ear, but was shockingly surprised as soft lips met his whiskered cheeks.

He blushed facing her to see her equally red face as she twirled her long brown hair on her finger with a small smile on her face.

"Happy birthday Naruto!"

With that she quickly hopped of her stool and with surprising speed disappeared into the back of the ramen stand. Naruto could do nothing but stare at the seat she vacated with a blush still on his face and his jaw hung open. He turned to the currently giggling Kakashi who had quietly witnessed the whole thing. Smooth kid. Real smooth.

"K-kakashi-nii. Why did she do that?" Seeing the boys confused face he guessed he had only received kisses from his mother. Receiving one from another female was alien to him.

"Here." He handed Naruto his book. "This should answer all of your questions." Naruto confusedly took it and read the title.

Icha Icha: Seduction

"Make-out Paradise?" Recognition came to his features. "Hey! These are you perverted books that mom doesn't let you read around me."

Kakashi shrugged in reply. "Well you're a Genin now….so have fun!" With that he disappeared in a shunshin leaving with a puff of smoke.

Naruto grumbled as he put the book in his utility pouch and prepared to hop off the stool he was seated in when the sound of a throat clearing stopped him.

He turned to see the frowning face of Teuchi holding out his hand at him.

Naruto was confused before realization dawned on him. Angrily pulling out his Gama-chan he swore he would one day steal and burn all of the books in Kakashi's collection. Paying a thankful Teuchi he pulled up his face mask and began to trek home cursing under his breath all the way. He couldn't believe that bastard Kakashi had left him the bill. That was a week of allowance down the drain!

Seriously that –

He stopped as he felt his chakra began to randomly fluctuate. A chill went up his spine as his hairs stood on end. The air carried the presence of terrifying chakra. His heartbeat began to race and sweat appeared on his brow. He dropped to his knees as feeling of something terrible was about to happen settled itself in the pit of his stomach. His eyes widened in realization.

Tailed Beast chakra.

Being born from a Jinchuuriki his father had explained to him that his chakra was very special. Very powerful. From child birth he had already developed a chakra network, resulting from his chakra coming in contact with the Kyuubi's. This resulted in Naruto's chakra being unnaturally powerful and developing a 'sense' to a tailed beast. And right now it was going haywire.

But that would mean−

Time seemed to slow down and everything froze as the Kyuubi suddenly appeared in the center of the village in a blast of smoke. Naruto could only stare in horror at the sight of the mighty demon. People could nothing but stare, frozen with fear as the Nine Tails shifted trampling buildings with it's sudden movements, as its nine tails swayed menacingly as if almost alive.

A few feet in front of him a seasoned looking Jounin dropped to his knees trembling, his face the one of a man staring at death.

"Kyuubi." At the whisper of its name the beast let out a mighty roar so powerful that every window in village shattered. Naruto and everyone in the nearby vicinity were forced to cover their ears lest ear drums burst. The ground rumbled, and buildings shook as a small earthquake shook the village from the power of its roar.

Recovered from their fright, the streets were filled with instant pandemonium as people began to run for their lives.

Naruto didn't react as people rushed past him. It was as if he was rooted the spot, his body failed to react to the signals his brain was sending throughout his system to get up and run. It was a miracle he didn't get trampled as the crowd rushing past him seemed to part in an arc around his still form.

Black suddenly filled his vision and rough hands grabbed his shoulders. He lifted his gaze finding a familiar sharingan peering down at him. His form heaving and shaken, Kakashi shouted frantically in Naruto's ringing ears, "Naruto! What the hell are you doing? You need to get out of here! Now!"

Naruto couldn't respond. Maybe it was the way his whole body started to feel like it was on fire and he let out a scream as he felt like someone poured molten lava inside of his stomach. Kakashi repelled his hands from the boys shoulders with a hiss, his hands heated red from the intense heat beginning to emit from his form.

"What the fu..." Kakashi trailed off, his confused expression turning to one of fright as stomp shook the ground and the Kyuubi sniffed the air, its deep pants causing the wind to shift. It then turned its enormous head.

Directly at them.

Its glowing red eyes seem to narrow in recognition before its jaw opened, steam emitting from its mouth, letting out another earth trembling roar. But this roar was no where near as powerful as the first. It came out more as an accusing growl. What came next caused both Shinobi's eyes to widen.


Immediately its jaw opened wide and sphere of black and white chakra began to gather and condense. Seeing the menacing ball grow in size Kakashi grabbed Naruto, hauling him over his shoulder, and took off sprinting. Despite the burn he held him tight and pushed every single ounce of his chakra into his legs...

Kakashi had never run so fast in his life.

Despite his speed, he felt the intense burn of the gathering chakra, and there was a sudden rush of air before an earth shattering boom tore through the air. Briefly glancing back, his eyes widen as the giant ball rocketed directly towards them.


His world was spinning in a daze as a ringing sound filled his ear. All sounds were drowned out as the only thing he heard was the sound of his own breathing. He tried to stand to his feet, but that only earned him a stinging pain coming from the left side of his face. Trying to ease the pain, he stayed on the ground, trying to not move as he felt a liquid sensation stream down the side of his face. His gloved hand shakily moved to his face, and felt the liquid. Bringing it to his view he saw that it was dark red. Blood.

A figure suddenly filled his view.

It was Kakashi. The man was missing his headband and had a trail of blood falling down his head as tried to shake the boy out of his daze.

Bloody hands gripped his masked face and ripped of the broken ANBU mask that was blocking his face.

Wait… ANBU mask?

"Naruto!" The sound of Kakashi's voice finally reached his stinging ears and his world started to come into focus. The Kakashi in front of him was not the young teenager he remembered spending time with at the Ramen stand moments ago. This Kakashi was noticeably older and taller. The steel armor of his ANBU attire was stained with blood and dents. The ninjato on his back was bloody on the handle no doubt just wielded by his bloody fingers.

"Naruto." His eye finally found Kakashi. But why was he only seeing the man with one eye? He could clearly make out the broken face of the man in front of him from his right eye but his left side was in total darkness.

Then he saw it.

In the reflection of the man's Sharingan he made out that his left eye had a piece of shrapnel wedged vertically in his eye socket from his broken ANBU mask.

And then it all came crashing back.

ANBU command had tasked squad- 'Alpha' under the command of code-named 'Dog' – to investigate the claims of Ta no Kuni being taken overrun. The Land of Rice had sent an emergency broadcast of an SOS to the neighboring nations before it was cut. It would be a simple routine mission. Scout and reconnaissance. Just another collection to the many missions of Alpha squad.

Young Naruto Namikaze code-named Fox − the youngest Shinobi in Konoha history alongside Itachi Uchiha − had been a member of Dogs squad ever since he joined ANBU at the age of twelve.

They traveled in standard ANBU diamond formation. The Captain leading at point. The genjustu specialist and second in command Cat on his right. The long range specialist and team medic, Lizard on his left, and finally the fastest member on the team. The close combat specialist Fox.

They were deep inside the land having crossed over the border when things went to hell.

From the speed they were travelling they didn't have time to react to the explosive kunai that came directly above of them. Naruto seeing his Captain in the direct line of fire had utilized a quick shunshin to knock Kakashi out of the way and took a grade–A explosion directly in the face. It was his quick reaction and utilization of a shunshin that only the left side of his face had taken the explosion.

That side of the mask had shattered and the shrapnel from the mask had taken out his eye. His life flashed before his eyes and for some reason… the day of his seventh birthday had ran through his mind. The day he had lost his entire family to the Kyuubi. It was his birthday.

How he hated October 10th.

In seconds they were surrounded by unidentified Nin wearing musical symbols on their headbands and were mercilessly attacked.

"Naruto!" The shout finally snapped him out of his daze and he focused on Kakashi's tear filled gaze. His mismatched eyes were bright with unshed tears as Kakashi gazed at the bloody hole where his eye should have been. Why!? Why, did he take the explosion for him? He had already lived his life and this … child had taken an explosion that should have killed him.

"Kashi-nii." He rasped spitting out blood. "My e-ey-e." The left side of his face was leaking blood fast. At this rate he would bleed out.

"Don't speak Naruto." Wiping the tears from his eyes, he began search through his pack for his first aid equipment and took out a pack of bandages. He took out a small bottle of alcohol, popping the bottle open to drench the bandages with the powerful liquid. He quickly palmed a small pack of salt and ripped it open sprinkling the wet bandages with it.

"Brace yourself." That was Naruto's only warning before the shrapnel sticking out of his socket was instantly ripped out and the cloth was put against his face. His screams echoed through the forest as it was wrapped around his head. The cloth quickly became drenched in blood but it seemed to have halted the rapidly oozing liquid from his eye socket.

Naruto thought back on his pain resistance conditioning, but the stinging sensation felt like the entire side of his face was on fire. The pain proved too much for him as he passed out, his brain forcing his body to unconsciousness from his overloaded pain receptors.

An explosion shook the ground from behind them and Kakashi turned to see the other members of the team providing cover fire. Lizard unleashed a lightning jutsu that shot from his out stretched hands and stuck a ninja that was about to throw another explosive kunai. It dropped to the ground, exploding on a unlucky group of ninja.

"Captain we need to retreat!" He barked as he shot out another lightning attack. "There moving to surround us."

Kakashi quickly nodded as he hoisted Naruto over his shoulder. "Full retreat! Cat provide a genjutsu!"

Yugao nodded behind her mask as she blitzed through handseals layering a triple layered genjutsu to cover their escape.

"Genjustu: Layered Illusion!"

Lizard picked off another target before he followed Kakashi's lead tapping her shoulder as a signal for retreat.

They sprinted through the forest as the sounds of explosions and jutsu faded in the distance till the only sounds were their desperate pants as they made for the Land of Fire border. Each operative pushed chakra to their burning legs, desperately speeding through the trees, moving as fast as they could.

Silently reflecting over this disastrous mission Kakashi sighed.

He should have never pushed Naruto to join Anbu. Thinking back on when he had first received the Naruto that day, all he saw was a seven year old full of depression and sorrow. He couldn't help but see the image of a young boy staring at his father's corpse holding the knife that he had killed himself with.

He saw himself. And Kami he didn't want Naruto to turn out like him.

That's why, he had been stern with his raising. Never showing mercy during training, striving for Naruto to be the best - he had pushed to boy to his limits. Even then, he edged him to go beyond that. He wanted perfection. It was already too late when he realized he had shaped Naruto just like him. He allowed the young boy to emulate him too much. He had shaped Naruto into something he always wanted to be, instead of guiding him into something he was meant to be.

While sprinting at full speed, the tears slowly ran down his face, flickering into the wind.

Thinking of the man he had come to call Sensei, and the woman he had come to call mother, he had failed them. He failed them turning their only child into something that he should never have been. His life was nothing but full of failures and regrets.

This...this would be his final mission. After this no more. He would retire and bring Naruto with him. They just couldn't get home fast enough.

Only to be stopped by a giant snake appearing a cloud of smoke.

Kakashi felt his heart clench as he witnessed the summon appear. How had things gotten so disastrous?

A sinister chuckle echoed through the forest the voice seeming to come from all around them.

"Kukuku …Such a shame…." The voice was mockingly sweet. "You were so close"

"Yugao." She never took her eyes of the coiling snake as she heard her name.


"I want you to take Naruto and run. Lizard you go with her."

"But Capta−… Kakashi…"

"Yugao! Don't disobey me!"

Her tears were hidden behind her mask as she came up behind Kakashi and slowly took Naruto from his arms.


Kakashi's arm was encased in lighting and the sound of chirping birds filled the forest.

"Go!" He shouted as the snake finally took its chance and lunged for them.

Yugao choked back a sob before she took off running towards the border. Lizard gave his captain one last look as he charged the snake, before taking off after her.

Naruto awoke to find himself dangling over the shoulder of teams Alpha only female member. Trees were quickly passing by them in a blur and the only sounds he could here was the heavy breathing of female Anbu member. Feeling him finally begin to stir in her arms Yugao stopped her hop, landing on a tree trunk quickly to lay the boy against a nearby branch. Lizard landed beside them and quickly formed some handseals, his hands glowing green as he laid his palm against the boy's chest.

"Fractured ribs. First degree burns on left side of body. And of course…" He gestured to the bloody bandage wrapped around the boys head. His hands glowed a brighter green as he began to heal what damage he could. Naruto would need emergency medical attention to heal his wounds.

Naruto didn't even pay attention to the assessment of his condition.

"Where's Kakashi?"

Lizard tensed but continued his jutsu not wanting to be the one to break the news to the boy. Yugao lowered her head in shame. Naruto felt his heart skip a beat.

Even in his injured condition he was still the fastest. Pushing Lizard off of him he blitzed forward grabbing Yugao by the strap of her amour.

"Where's Kakashi!?" Yugao flinched at the intensity in his voice.

"Naruto… I'm sorry. It was Orochimaru who attacked and…"She couldn't stop the way her voice cracked.

Naruto's only reaction was his single eye widening, before he roughly pushed her causing her to nearly drop off the branch they were on as he took off in a burst of chakra.

"Naruto stop!" Her shouts were deaf to the boy.

Lizard reacted quickly and grabbed Naruto by his shoulder but got violently thrown into a tree as the young Anbu utilized a shunshin and disappeared in flicker of movement. Raidou felt the wind get knocked out of him from the impact as he silently cursed the boys speed. Naruto's shunshin was said to be even better than Shisui's.

"Dammit Raidou, after him!" Yugao quickly took off in pursuit.

He wheezed before he stood shakily and followed in a burst of speed.

"Kuku …Not bad Kakashi." Orochimaru mocked as he twirled his Kusanagi lazily.

The young man had fought well. Even going as far as destroying his snake with that jutsu of his. If he had a few more years, Kakashi might have been a challenge to him, but he wouldn't get the chance. Orochimaru's tongue darted out of his mouth as he wickedly licked his lips witnessing the many cuts that lacerated the Anbu

The snake poison he had layered his sword with was sure to kill him quickly.

A grin etched its way to his face as he walked around the dying man enjoying the way he withered on the ground. He mockingly used the flat end of the sword to flip the man over on his back as he pointed the steel tip at his neck. His right eye was missing, cut clean by a swing of his sword.

"It's a shame that your team was unfortunate enough to trespass in my country." He ran a hand through his hair. "Can't have you leaf Shinobi finding about my special plans for the village."

Kakashi gave no reply. He had his single eye closed and was reaching deep into his reserves gathering what little chakra he had left. Orochimaru clicked his tongue, no longer finding fun in mocking the poor man. Might as well be merciful and send him to the Death god.

"Any last words." He poised his sword for a quick beheading. He wanted that eye in his head.

"One." Kakashi wheezed.

His left eye snapped open revealing his sharingan eye. Orochimaru was confused to see that it wasn't the normal three tomoe eye. The pattern was that of a three sided star with each of the edges warped in a circular formation.


A swirling void formed itself around his body and before he even could react he was brutally wrapped into another dimension with a sickening squelch.The only thing that remained of his presence was his arm still attached to the Kusanagi as it dropped uselessly to the ground. Kakashi wheezed as he felt his chakra levels diminish as a trail of blood flowed from his sharingan eye.

He felt himself slipping as darkness surrounded his vision.

This was it. This was the end of the mighty Copy Ninja.

Obito. Rin. Sensei…

I'm coming…

"...Kakashi!" The sound was distant, faint as a whisper.

Who is that?

"Kakashi!" It was growing stronger. Piercing his agonizing silence.


"Kakashi!" the voice was louder this time…so close.


He snapped his eyes open taking in the familiar lone blue eye above him. His form seemingly filled with last minute vitality as he felt some strength come back to his dying body.

"Naruto." He wheezed coughing up blood on his clothed face.

"I'm here Kakashi." Naruto sobbed as he dropped to his knees before him. He took his hand in his own, gazing on the man that had taken him in when his parents had died. He gently eased the bloody mask of his face, for the first time seeing Kakashi's face with his eye. Kakashi gave him a weak smile.

"Naruto. It's your birthday isn't it?"

He only received a quiet sob in affirmation.

"Some brother I am." He gave a bloody cough before he settled. "D-didn't even give you a present."

He ignored the arrival of his two squad mates as they quietly landed behind him.

"I'm going to give you a gift."

Kakashi was giving him his eye smile.

"This … sharingan eye of mine."

His hand reached up to rip the bandages away from Naruto's face exposing his empty eye socket.

"Kakashi! I can't …" Naruto couldn't even finish as he choked up with a cry.

"Naruto." He waited till he had the attention of the young boy again. "I'm already going to die."

..But … I can become your eye…and from now on I will see the future…

"But I can become your eye…and from now on I −" A vicious cough erupted from his throat. He felt his vision dimming as the last of his life force was draining.

"Raidou!" He wheezed. "Perform the surgery…I don't have much time."

This would be it. His atonement for all his failures and sins. The irony of the situation caused tears to pour down his eyes. Seeing Naruto in the same condition he weakly lifted a hand to touch his face.

The Lizard masked ANBU came before them, hesitating before he removed his mask, exposing his scarred face. He knelt beside the two and performed a quick succession of handseals making his hand glow green. Kakashi's smile never faltered as his eye was removed from its socket and placed inside of Naruto's. The whole time the boy never let go of their intertwined hands.

Even blind he manged to give his tradition eye smile.

"Good. Now Naruto…one more task …must be performed."

The fundamental law of all ANBU directives.

Faced with death. Operators initiate Protocol 1.

Illuminate the will of fire.

The boy hesitated breaking down. Seeming to notice his tears, Kakashi weakly lifted a hand to wipe away the tears. If I ever had a son...He would be just like you Naruto. He silently conveyed the message lightly resting a hand on Naruto's cheek.

In his final moments he finally realized what he should have been to Naruto. A father to a son.

With a final whisper his soft words echoed through the trees."Do it Naruto." He couldn't see the mismatched eyes widen momentarily before they closed in agony.

Focusing chakra to his finger till a blue flame appeared around it. Naruto hesitated, staring at Kakashi's face for what would be the final time, before he reached down and touched the exposed ANBU tattoo on Kakashi's shoulder. It sizzled on the flame before it gave a pulse.

"You almost look like him…. Naruto" His voice never wavered as blue flames appeared from his feet and began to turn his body to ash.

"My father…." His voice faded as the rest of his body was consumed by flames.

The smile never left his face.

Naruto had witnessed it all through his sharingan, never knowing that the image would forever be burned inside his memory.

The God of Shinobi had his hands interlocked above his eyes as he gazed at the remaining members of Alpha squad. To think that a simple reconnaissance mission would turn so disastrous.

His old pupil would pay dearly for what he had done. Orochimaru's days were numbered. That he would promise.

"If that's all, you're dismissed. Take off as much time as you need."

When the youngest member of the team turned to leave he called out his name softly. He felt a pang of guilt as the young boy regarded him with his mixed gaze of red and blue. He had remembered the small child who had been devastated by his parent's deaths and was racked with guilt believing himself to be the cause.

Minato had sent himself to the shinigami. Kushina had passed away from sheer chakra exhaustion and … blood loss.

The baby was a miscarriage.

Young Naruto was left utterly broken. Devastated to the point that the boy tried to end his own life from sheer depression. Till this day the only memory he had of his farther was the day of his seventh birthday. Kakashi was the one who carefully put back the pieces.

He had given the boy a reason to live, a reason to continue this existence of life. He took the boy in. Trained him in his techniques. Fed him. Cared for Naruto had flourished. Becoming a chunin at 10 was an outstanding feet and finally after a push from Kakashi he joined ANBU at 11. He and Itachi Uchiha were the youngest ninja in history to have such sheer skill that even ANBU couldn't ignore their talent. Kakashi had known he would make it hands down.

He was the sibling he never had.

And now Kakashi was gone. Killed by the mistake he should have ended years ago. Gazing at the boy who looked at him blankly he felt all of his years weigh down on his tired bones.

"How's that eye?" He started.

"Fine, sir."

He had scar in the form of a line going down his face from his eye, almost exactly like Kakashi's. Curious, his healing should have healed any scar. But Hiruzen would guess that the boy wanted it as a reminder.

"Does it hurt?"

"I'm trained to take pain Hokage-sama."

"How is the chakra drain?"


The Hokage's sharp eyes caught the handle of the sword attached to the boys back.

"Where did you get that?"

"From Orochimaru's dismembered hand."

"Do you know of the power that sword possesses?"

"I'll learn."

"It's a dangerous weapon."

When he got no reply from the boy he tried again.

"What do you plan to do with it?"

"Chop the head of a certain snake…Hokage-sama."

The Hokage stared into the boys eyes long and hard. Naruto stared back unblinking.

"Naruto." He started softly. "I can't imagine what you're going through right now. But−"

"With your permission, Hokage-sama" He interrupted softly. "I'll like to be excused."

Hiruzen gazed at the boy with a pained expression before he sighed softly nodding in acceptance.

"I need to speak with Itachi."

Hiruzen winced as that name was mentioned. Fuck. Things just couldn't get any worse for the boy.

"Naruto." He paused weighing how he should break the news. "There's something you should know about Itachi and the Uchiha clan."

He loved his village but at times absolutely loathed his job.

"Itachi has murdered the entire Uchiha clan."

Orochimaru gasped in pain as he landed harshly on a solid surface. His body was badly mangled and disfigured. He groaned as he tried to push himself up, but realized his arm had been ripped off from whatever jutsu that brat had used against him.

He should have ended him when he had the chance. Using his other arm to leverage himself, he glanced around in astonishment finding himself in an alternate dimension. He noticed there was an innumerable amount of randomly arranged and differently sized rectangular prisms. They stretched out amongst a dark and seemingly endless void. They went as far as the eye could see.

His observance was halted as he felt himself being warped again and he screamed as his body was sucked from the void.

He again landed harshly on a cold surface.

Curses from his mouth froze at the tip of his tongue as he felt sinister chakra sources in front of him. If not for the pain he was in, his mouth would have been trembling in fright as he found himself surround by nine cloaked figures. The red clouds on their cloaks already confirmed their identity.

"Well, well, well..." The voice of one member was cheerful. "The snake came slithering home."


"Heh, sorry...Tobi."

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