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Chapter 8: The Root of all Fears

The steady taps echoed through the dark hallway, penetrating the piercing silence as its owner limped onwards never breaking stride. His robes fluttered softly with each movement, the white and dark colors blending perfectly with the darkness around him. Single eye closed, face void of any emotion, Danzou limped through the dark hallways of his underground Root Base. Beside him a young boy of an unhealthy pale complexion followed his master's shadow, face as blank as his pale skin.

Garbed in traditional Root attire the young boy wordlessly moved forward as Danzou stopped before a large iron door, and opened it allowing his master passage. He bowed as Danzou passed him, silently closing the door and taking sentry outside.

Entering through without a word, Danzou continued forward arriving before a pair of whispering soldiers who quickly kneeled bowing before his presence. His lone eye glanced over their forms critically, gaze locked on the heads of each masked face. They waited patiently, postures still as statues as Danzou conducted his silent observation.

"Remove your mask." They instantly obeyed removing their white masks, lifting their heads in sync to reveal their features to his lone eye.

"Fu report." The male among the duo tilted his head in acknowledgement before beginning to transpire the events that he had witnessed not long ago.

"It as you suspected my lord. He knows." Danzou narrowed his eye, his mouth turning downwards into a frown.

"How did Hiruzen react?"

Fu kept his features blank. His voice emotionless. "He let him go."

Danzou's frown deepened. Hiruzen let the boy go? His mind raced to think of the reasons why Hiruzen just didn't try and kill him right there. Surely in his old age he couldn't match him, but with the aid of the Anbu plus the presence of the Commander he could have easily overwhelmed him. What game was he playing? To let such knowledge be freely exposed and by him know less, it would be too dangerous to let him run free. Hatred would shape his heart and he would seek vengeance. Justice. Revenge

Danzou was all too aware of those dangerous roads.

"What else did he find out?" He questioned.

"He knows of the Kyuubi's vessels weakness." Fuu blinked. "He entered the boy's subconscious and spoke with the beast." Danzou's lone eye went wide at that news. So, he was finally learning that the sharingan could do more than just copy jutsu. Danzou shook his head. Hiruzen was surely a fool for letting him go.

But still to be able to penetrate Konohamaru's subconscious mind and speak with the beast was an extraordinary feat. He didn't have a speck of Uchiha blood in him and was able to forcefully suppress the beasts chakra with his sharingan alone.

Naruto was a dangerous one.

Still, for Hiruzen to let him be the one to teach the Jinchuurki and the last Uchiha… What on earth had that monkey been thinking!?

And to think that he would have access to the Naka Shrine by proxy of his student. He fought the urge to sigh thinking of the consequences if he ever learned the secrets of the sharingan. If he ever unlocked the Manekyo then Danzou would arm his entire Root force and attack, consequences be damned.

He was already ridiculously powerful and that eye would just make him unstoppable.

The two Root soldiers remained motionless as their master cursed. Danzou gripped the wood of his cane tight enough to almost snap it in half. If only Konohamaru didn't turn out as failure, he could have had the Hokage seat by now. Naruto's strength would be no match against Konoha under his command.

He was the one to instigate young Konohamaru's training when he reached of age. He wanted to start earlier on, but no, Hiruzen wanted his grandson to have a childhood. Pah! Even when his Jincuuriki training failed, Danzou could have shaped the boy into a raw weapon. His hidden potential and Sarutobi talent would have made him a force of nature.

For however long his body would last that is.

But still, it was a wasted opportunity. He could have been salvaged and sent on missions too dangerous for the most elite of Shinobi. But Hiruzen's weak ideology proved too strong, his heart too soft to make the hard decisions. Devastated by the failure and blaming himself for subjecting his godson through years of torture, Hiruzen thought it had all been for nothing.

The God of Shinobi's one weakness was his own godson.


Soon enough, Danzou's blank check was cut and his hidden ace was stripped from his clutches and put back into the Academy where his skills and mind were left to rust. Forced to live out the remainder of his days till his body broke down.

Oh what could have been. If he had Konohamaru for a little longer he could have placed a special seal on the boy, binding him to his every whim. And with the First Hokage's cells, Shisui's right eye, and a Jinchuurki under his command he would have started a coup d'état and overthrown Hiruzen. He knew for certain that his old teammate would never harm his own grandson.

Of course the resulting chaos would have thrown the Konoha into a civil war. Many lives would be lost and the village would ultimately be weakened. All necessary sacrifices for the greater good. He would rise up as new leader for the village. Rule with a heart of stone and will of fire, and lead Konoha to glory! It would be the dawn of the new age. The age of the Leaf.

Namikaze would have been dealt with swiftly.

But alas, those were mere dreams and the harsh reality eventually set in. Konoha had lost its weapon.

This time, Danzou did sigh shaking his head in regret.

Although he would never admit out loud, that old monkey was a crafty one. To have harnessed those cells. Not even he had ever thought of that. What was even more interesting was that he knew Hiruzen's old student was the one to help him do it.

Not literally of course. Orochimaru would rather die than help any Konoha Shinobi –much less his old teacher. No, Hiruzen had been crafty like the monkey he was. Salvaging the lab his old student had in Konoha –the one that should have been destroyed –he had used Orochimaru's notes on cloning and extensive knowledge on human biology to salvage what he could of the supposed dying offspring and managed to save healthy, living, Uzumaki cells and store them.

But to do all that right after Minato had finished his battle with the Kyuubi, it had taken some spine. He smirked thinking of the day when he had caught him in the sealing room. Never in all his years had he known his old teammate, would he ever think he would do that. So overcome with shock he had revealed Shisui's sharingan just to make sure what he was seeing was true. At times Hiruzen was an enigma to him. Seemingly gentle and grandfatherly one moment, then brutal and cold the next. What he witnessed that night, doomed to remember it till his death bed, he would never underestimate his rival ever again.

Hiruzen couldn't hide his sins forever. But then again, neither could he.

He already has Naruto's wrath. But to lie directly into his face was a gamble. A very deadly gamble. He hoped Hiruzen was keeping his cards close to his chest. For if Naruto ever found out the truth then he would come after the both of them. He would kill – no not just kill – massacre every single one that knew what really happened that night.

Even if it were both him and Hiruzen fighting, the results would be no different.

That Danzou could regrettably admit.

Hence why he kept his Root Agents close and ever present eyes monitoring the Fourth's legacy.

Even years later human cloning was still beyond Hiruzen's seemingly endless knowledge, and Orochimaru hadn't left enough notes on it to be effective. The first few ones that were grown in a year quickly died shortly after. Their bodies tearing themselves apart, too weak to do anything other than breathe.

Much less contain the Kyuubi.

He had to resort to surrogates to get the most effective use of the Uzumaki cells. But out of all the females population in Konoha only a few could match the strict gene-pool candidate. Those Uzumakis …They were tough ones. Even their cells boasted superior attributes.

No wonder their men never flocked to women of different clans. Their woman were strong, very strong indeed.

So Danzou had to be adaptable. Why should Hiruzen be the only one to have his own Uzumaki private army? If he wanted those genes he had to take a... different approach.

Turning his attention to the only female member of the duo, he let his mouth momentarily curve upwards into a small smirk, before it vanished seeming to never have formed in the first place. Staring into her eyes he was all business as he gave her his full attention.

"Has any progress been made?" She bowed her head closing her eyes before addressing him

"No Danzou-sama."

A graying eyebrow raised. "Elaborate."

"He…he uses a contraception seal whenever we're intimate."

Danzou tsked. The boy was worthy of his Seal Master title. But he needed results. And he needed them now. He had sent her in for a few months already and still no results. Failure was something he didn't stand for.

"I want results." His eye single eye bore down on her. "Failure is not an option."

She bowed. "Forgive me Danzou-sama, but if I may, I wish to speak freely with your permission."

He frowned. Where was this coming from? After tense of moments of silence he nodded stiffly.

"It…it takes time, my lord. A large step such as this will take a substantive amount of consideration. And despite everything, he's very untrusting. I beg you to allow me more time, Danzou-sama." She lowered her head, her blonde locks spilling downwards.

Danzou stared at his Root Seductress critically, weighing her words carefully. His brow creased in thought. After agonizing moments of silence he thumped his cane on the ground in resolution, the sound piercing the unbearable silence.

"Make sure by the next time we meet, you're pregnant." His words were cold as steel as he glanced at both brother and sister. "Or the next pair of soldiers to fight to the death will be you two." They bowed deeply, their heads touching the floor, as Danzou turned on his heel and slowly limped away.

Without pause the door opened for him and he silently glanced at his young protégé as the boy closed the large door behind him. Wordlessly walking forward his cane tapped the steel floors harshly.

"Come Sai." His order roused the young man and he silently followed his master. "I must start your training. I fear you might be my final contingency plan if everything fails." Despite being at such a young age, the boy was a master assassin. His skills were highly effective, having never failed to kill a target.

"Yes Danzou-sama." Sai's whisper was quiet. Danzou didn't pay any attention to it, use to the boy's emotionless attributes. He had personally been the one to drill them into his young mind. If he listened closing enough, he would have the underlying uncertainty in the tone.

Blissfully unaware behind his back, Sai glanced at his hand finding the appendage shaking.

'What is this?'

Flipping a page in his book Naruto walked through Konoha's busy streets, curious eyes tracing his form in astonishment, as he dodged traffic in his way with his vision completely obscured by the books orange covers.

One hand tucked into his pocket, the other gently holding his book, Naruto slowly walked onwards making his way to the Sarutobi Compound. He did promise Konohamaru that he and the young Genin would talk. He could guess the boy felt guilty over losing control and almost killing him during their dangerous encounter in Black River. After that, they would head to the training grounds for a team meeting.

Under the cover of his book, his face was set in a fierce scowl as his thoughts drifted over the previous night. He was pissed. But for now, he put a lid on his temper. He had Genin to focus on and couldn't allow himself to be plagued by vengeful thoughts. He didn't even get any sleep the previous night. How could he? Finding out the man you had grown to respect was handing around the cells of your dead sibling like candy.

Never in his life had he felt such a raw need to kill.

His mind had wondered about everything. What would happen? He could settle this legally bringing his case to the Land of Fire Supreme Court and claim a violation of human rights, with a direct inhumane treatment to the long history between what was once Konoha's greatest ally –The Uzumaki Clan.

His mother's clan.

Riha had even suggested he had a strong case. Plus he was also held in high favor with the Fire Daimyō and held considerable influence both in and out of Konoha.

Underneath his headband his sharingan burned.

He didn't want to settle things legally. He was a warrior. An expert in the application of violence. Trained in the art of combat and warfare. The army slayer wanted to burst out. The Yellow Fang that had solidified him as S-rank monster of the battlefield. Law was for the politics and nobles. Fuck all of that civilized bullshit. He wanted to kill. Level this kami-for-saken village to the ground. Find those abominations and vaporize them with the roar of thunder. Slaughter the Third and the hireups till there were nothing but flesh and bone…and then he would cut open their dead corpses and see if their cells could be salvaged.

He blinked realizing he had been leaking killing intent.

He relaxed his stiff posture and he felt his rapidly beating heart rate slow down. With a sigh he expelled those thoughts from his mind. Rationality had to eventually set in and the deep consequences of taking such acts.

Even if he did manage to kill the Third, Konoha wouldn't just give him a slap on the wrist and say all is forgiven. Fuck no. He would be declared a missing nin faster than the Raikage's Body Flicker and have every village on the continent after his head. Could he even leave his friends behind? His loved ones? Asuma, one of his closest friends, was the Thirds last living son. Even though the man disliked his father he wouldn't take his death lightly.

And his team, could he just leave them after everything they've been through?

He slouched thinking of it all.

It was Riha's logic that had reverberated through his mind that night. The soft spoken whispers had coaxed his boiling anger and had eventually stopped him from starting what would be an eventual Civil War. Naruto allowed a small smile to form underneath his mask. She was his little ball of sunshine. She was almost like a beacon of hope, giving light to this dark time he was going through. He hold told he everything that had transpired that night. She listened to every word, paying rapt attention to everything, eyes even comically going wide when he had told her about slicing through the Anbu like butter with his sword.

He even lightly bragged he had sent the Hokage flying with a mean right hook.

Which she then reacted in the form of throttling him.

"You fucking IDIOT! You hit the Hokage!?" She shouted as she squeezed life from his throat."You piece of shit baka-chinko-aho-hakuchi-KOUNO!"

If it weren't for the small hands squeezing his windpipe and his face turning blue from suffocation, he would have been laughing till his faced turned red as his tender mouthed sweetheart called him every word in the book. Damn was she hot whenever she got upset.

He absently traced the spot on his neck where her fingers had been, lightly chuckling to himself. She was hot when she became angry, but was also terribly strong. It almost reminded him of the days when his mother got really upset. He shuddered at the thought. Not even his father wanted to be around that.

She –

He stiffened momentarily, his smile instantly left his face and he immediately put his book away, sliding into his utility pouch.

The crowds around Konoha kept going about their day. The occasional Shinobi would be seen carrying out his or her business, with the bright afternoon sun providing humid weather. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

If there was one thing Naruto trusted absolutely throughout his career, it would be his senses. From his acute hearing, or his sensitive nose, Naruto whole heartedly trusted his intuition. There was no such thing as a paranoid Shinobi and for a damn good reason.

And right now his senses told him he was being followed.

Naruto kept walking onwards, but slowly tilted his head, using his long bangs to cover glancing out the corner of his eye. Behind him he saw normal people going about their business, not a single person stood out as suspect to him.

His gaze traveled upwards and his eye narrowed as it zeroed in on the rooftops. Of course, the height advantage would provide significant cover and surveillance.

He turned his attention forward, keeping his pace steady and his form relaxed not to draw attention to himself. His single eye darted around, looking for anything that might provide as a distraction. Like an act of kami some construction workers were walking slowly down the street carrying heavy sacks of dirt. Naruto grinned underneath his mask and focused chakra discretely to his index finger.

A small spinning ball of chakra formed.

With a flick of his finger, the ball sailed through the air unnoticed, and hit the bag of dirt exploding it in the middle of the street, startling civilians and Shinobi alike in the vicinity. A thick cloud of smoke caused those nearby to start coughing, and people quickly moved away from the dirt cloud.

Naruto shoved his hands in his pockets, walking forward through the cloud without a care in the world. His form became covered briefly before he emerged, lightly dusting off any accumulated dust.

He continued forward pulling out his book and adapting his customary lazy slouch.

The Military Police were quickly on the scene clearing onlookers out the way. Covered in dirt, the worker looked utterly miserable as he got a tongue lashing from one of the officers trying to explain how the bag suddenly exploded in his hands.

No one saw the distortion that quickly leapt to the rooftops.

Under the camouflage of the Transperency Jutsu Naruto's shadow clone watched the original slowly make his way down the street. His lone eye darted around the rooftops trying to catch the presence he felt when he was on ground level. He glanced at the rooftops seeing nothing but normal buildings and the occasional Shinobi.

Whoever it was, he was good. As adept as he was at sensing chakra nothing was out of the ordinary on the rooftops. No flicker, or movements. Just the blowing wind that –


He would have missed if it wasn't for the layer of dust that floated upwards from the dust cloud. It spilled over on a roof, settling on the concrete like a blanket of sand. He smiled thinly as footprints became visible before a light breeze came and blew the dust away, letting it flicker into the wind.

'Bingo.' Naruto thought to himself. Whoever was using that Camouflage Jutsu didn't take into account their surroundings.

Always mind your surroundings.

His hand lifted to rest on his headband, and the world soon focused into sharp clarity. His eye narrowed as he saw the distinct chakra flow of the figure. From the way his chakra flowed Naruto could tell the figures form was crouched, fixated on his original making his way through the streets.

His sharingan spun rapidly in his eye, focusing sharper and sharper till the figure's form became distinctly visible. Soon enough Naruto could see the workings of the figures outline. His mouth formed a line under his mask. He began to suppress his chakra, disappearing in a Body Flicker.

In a flicker of movement he was behind the figure, seemingly unaware of his presence. He cut off the flow of chakra to the Transperency Jutsu and his form became visible again to the naked eye. Blissfully ignorant to the danger, the figure stayed crouched, watching as the real Naruto continued his lazy stroll. His form paused in the distance and he held up his hands just in time to catch a familiar blonde blur crashing into him.

"Lucky bastard, isn't he?" Naruto said lightly. He glanced at the woman in his arms. "Look at that ass..."

The figure instantly leapt to his side, gaining distance between the two of them and at the same time drawing his tanto. Now up close could see his outline more clearly and deduced he was a man. The male spread his legs a bit, keeping his knees bent and his body poised. Naruto noticed it was a perfect act of balance, giving the unidentified man movement to suddenly attack or flee if necessary.

"You might as well drop the jutsu," Naruto stated calmly. "I can see you perfectly."

The figure did not do as requested only choosing to stay poised, his mask faced never straying from Naruto's relaxed form. The figure turned his head slightly, as if weighing his options. Naruto hand came to rest on the hilt of his sword, slowly drawing the blade with the sound of sliding medal.

"Why are you following me?" The figure didn't react but Naruto could see his fingers tighten on his small tanto.

Every distinct shift of his muscles, every twitch of tension in his body, the image of his next movement was visible clear to his eye. The figure stayed coiled but his hand discretely went to his pouch. The tomoes spun rapidly before slowing in his eye and he blitzed forward, sword poised for a strike before the figure could throw down the smoke bomb in his hand.

His sword strike was blocked, but his free arm lashed out to halt the arm that held the bomb. If any passerby took time to look, they would see the strange sight of Naruto seemingly grabbing nothing but air.

Naruto ran lighting chakra through his arm and the figure let out a hiss as his chakra flow became disturbed and the Camouflage Jutsu around his form dropped. Momentarily stunned he wasn't prepared for the hand that latched around his neck. Naruto's eyes narrowed and with an impressive display of raw strength flipped the now identified Root agent and smashed him into the ground. The smoke bomb in his hand exploded from impact and the thick cloud enveloped the entire rooftop.

Naruto could feel the rapidly closing chakra signatures coming to investigate as the smoke spread out into the air. He glanced at the stunned Root agent and waited for the seal he had planted on his neck to solidify. Stomping on the man's neck harshly he held up a hand in the ram sign and focused his chakra, ignoring the way the agent struggled against the foot crushing his throat.

He had to close his eyes in concentration as he felt his chakra finally grasp out to seal he had placed and in his mind the picture of a room appeared, the seal placed on the wall pulsing as his chakra connected with it.

An Anbu patrol quickly appeared on the scene as the smoke evaporated, staring in confusion at an empty rooftop.

"What was that?" Riha questioned glancing at the rooftop that had suddenly exploded into smoke. Seconds later a team of Anbu appeared as the smoke evaporated.

Naruto glanced at the roof in question with a lazy eye. "Maa, just some kids playing a prank."

Riha didn't respond only staring at the roof curiously before she turned her attention back on the streets, idly watching people walk by. "So how was your mission? Naruto asked, wrapping an arm around her. Riha lightly hummed to herself in thought, absently stroking the arm around her shoulders.

"Just a plain-old B-rank." She sighed. "It was so boring. Had to lead a squad of Chunin on a Miltary Base patrol –you know the one near the capital?"

Naruto nodded stroking his chin. "That does sound boring."

She clicked her tongue. "I don't know what was worse; the mission itself, or the whole squad of Chunin that were constantly trying to flirt." She shook her head, lightly resting it on Naruto's arm.

Naruto just chuckled lightly. "Flirting eh? Can't blame them – I mean have you seen your ass? "

Riha giggled. "They can look but no touching is allowed." Her baby blues glanced up at him. "Only one person gets that privilege."

Naruto grinned. "Lucky me." He leaned down and pressed a kiss against her lips uncaring that his mask was still on. Not that Riha minded anyways. They continued on in silence before Riha perked up.

"Where are we heading?" She questioned.

Naruto glanced down at her. "Well I'm heading to the Sarutobi Clan compound. I don't know where you're going."

She pouted at him. "Can't I come, Naru-kun." Rolling his eye he slowly shook his head before nodding in acceptance causing her to grin. Soon enough the large gates of the Sarutobi Clan entrance came into view bearing their distinct clan symbol.

The kanji for 'Monkey' was bared proudly as the two blondes stood before the impressive gates. Respectfully greeting the gate guards Naruto bowed politely. The two guards saluted his greeting before they gestured him passage.

Naruto continued forward but Riha was stopped by one of the dark haired guards. "Sorry ma'am, but I cannot allow you entrance." She frowned and her eyes met Naruto's as he sheepishly scratched his cheek.

"Maa, my bad Riha-chan. They don't allow strangers and I'm short of an honored guest." He chuckled at her narrowed eyes. "Just chill out here for a bit, I won't be long."

She pouted but nodded in acceptance nonetheless. Crossing her arms under her chest, she watched Naruto continue forward into Compound.

Walking with his hands shoved his pockets Naruto took in the scenery of the beautiful clan grounds. Spanning nearly three kilometers the Sarutobi Clan was one of the largest in Konoha, second in size only to the Hyuuga. Trees layered the grounds and in the distance Naruto could see a large jungle forest, seemingly home to some of the Monkeys that the clan bred.

His sight-seeing was halted as he came before the Main House. A large mansion ingrained with the clans symbol, the Main House stood proud and imposing, its deep history rooting all the way to the times when Konoha was first built. Its beauty was truly magnificent as the red oak glistened in the afternoon sun. The wood was personally made from the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju himself as a gift to clan.

What had caused him to halt were the shouting voices that were audible from all the way outside.

"I don't give a fuck! You hear me… I don't give a fuck!" That sounded a lot like Konohmaru. But Naruto had rarely heard the young Sarutobi so angry.

"Watch your mouth boy! I am the leader of this clan. If you don't like that then leave!" Now that was the grizzled voice of the Third shouting back in equal ferocity. His voice even louder than Konohamaru's.

The front doors of the mansion was kicked open and a furious Konohamaru stormed out. "Fine old man!" The Third trailed behind him, clad in his Hokage robes but missing his distinct hat.

"This conversation isn't over boy! Konohamaru!" Hiruzen made to grab his arm, but was pushed back and nearly sent to the ground from a furious shove. Red eyes glared back at him as Konohamaru bared his teeth.

"Don't fucking touch me old man!" Their loud voices were causing quite a scene and soon clansmen were surrounding their form. Guards tried to help compose the Third but he waved them off.

He pointed a finger at the angry Jinchuuriki. "Listen here, and listen well. I will not be made a fool of in front of my clan." He pointed to the house. "You can either go back inside, and we can finish this conversation civilly or you can throw a tantrum like a child and be forcefully restrained!"

Konohamaru stared numbly at him before his red eyes seemed to glow and his form began to shake. "Listen to yourself old man! You make it sound like the bullshit you're sprouting is the actual truth!"

Hiruzen sighed. "Listen Konohamaru, I do what I must for this –

"No you listen old man." Konohamaru marched right up into his face, causing those around the Third to back up in fright. "Fuck you! Fuck Danzou! And fuck this piece of shit VILLAGE!" He emphasized each word with a finger poking against his chest and finally exploded with another shove that the Third was prepared for as he only stepped back.

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes. "Take care my young grandson. I won't hesitate to charge you with heresy."

Konohamaru smiled humorlessly. "Yeah of course you would treat family like that." His voice broke. "N-no wonder dad left!" He turned on his heel stomping away from the Third, missing the way the old man flinched. Sarutobi members hissed at the display of disrespect and looked ready to intervene but the Third simply held up his hands stopping them.

Konohamaru caught Naruto's form and he slowly walked to stand before him. His eyes were no longer red but teary eyed and his body was shaking. Naruto wordlessly wrapped an arm around him and the young boy rested his head agianst his vest crying.

Naruto glanced at the Third seeing the old man watching the duo before their gazes locked. They stared at each other for a few seconds before the Third broke eye contact and made his way back into the main house.

Naruto wordlessly directed Konohamaru forward to the gates before glancing at the crying boy. "You want to talk about it Ko?" Konohamaru wordlessly shook his head in response using his long scarf to dry his tears. They walked in silence eventually arriving before the clan gates. The guards quickly became alarmed seeing the clan heir in such a state but their concerns were waved off by Konohamaru.

Riha was patiently waiting leaning on the Clan walls for support but quickly perked up at seeing the two. "Hey Konohamaru-kun, how's it going?" She walked up to the two but quickly lost her smile as she saw his teary eyes. "What's wrong Ko-kun?"

The young Genin didn't answer only vainly trying to wipe away his seemingly endless tears with his scarf. Riha glanced at Naruto, but he could only shrug. 'What happened?' She questioned telepathically.

'He and the old man were having a serious argument.' Naruto answered back. 'It was quite nasty.'

Riha only nodded before she enveloped the young boy in a warm hug, lightly stroking his brown hair as he began shake with silent cries. Tenderly his arms came to rest around her waist and his form seemed to treble in her arms. She soothingly hushed his cries, softly running her fingers through his hair holding him tight against her.

She bent her head, whispering low enough for only his ears. "Let it out Ko." Her hand rubbed small circles in his back.

Soon enough his cries settled down and his shaking stopped. Over the top of his head Riha caught Naruto's raised brow and she silently giggled at his confusion. 'A woman's touch' she conveyed.

She felt Konohamaru stir slightly and he loosened his grip around her waist withdrawing himself from her warm embrace. She gently smiled at him before stroking his cheek. "You feel better now Ko-kun?" The Genin blushed despite his embarrassment but nodded nonetheless.

"You want to talk about it Konohamaru." Naruto repeated his last question watching the young Genin silently enjoy Riha's soft ministrations.

"The old man." He started with a whisper. "He wants me to start my duties as the heir for the clan."

Naruto frowned underneath his mask. The young Sarutobi was in fact the Clan Heir. His young age and his status could only mean one thing. "He wants you to marry." Naruto finished.

Konohamaru nodded "He wants to set up an arranged marriage for me when I turn sixteen. Even more, he wants when I become a Chunin to quit Shinobi life and become a full time clan heir." He gritted his teeth. "That's when I told him to go fuck himself."

Naruto sighed painfully resisting the urge to march back into the Sarutobi Compound. And then he thought about it. Konohamaru's body couldn't contain the Kyuubi. Something that couldn't be contained would eventually break out.

'His mind is strong but his body is weak.' He remembered the Kyuubi's words from inside his mind-scape. The Third knew that the inevitable would happen and was probably trying to make his life worth it. Naruto could …understand that. He had to watch his grandson slowly die and he wanted him to experience life before his demise. The suffering he was soon going to be subjected to would be torture. His mind remembered vividly the amount of pain the young Genin was in just from accessing the chakra shroud.

But from his expression it would seem that Konohamaru didn't even know about his condition.

"Kono –"Naruto stopped himself. He didn't have the heart to tell him. At least not right now and so openly exposed.

Gazing at those wide brown eyes his resolve hardened. He wouldn't allow it. Glancing down at his stomach he could picture the seal his father had sacrificed his life to place on him. All he would need to is the key from Jiraiya. Naruto made a silent promise that very moment…Konohamaru would live. He would make sure of that.

Rubbing the top of the boy's spikey hair affectionately he eye smiled. "Cheer up Ko. Don't worry about that stuff, I'll take care of everything okay." Konohamaru tenderly nodded before a small smile began to form on his face.

Naruto grinned. "Now, let's head to the training ground. We're already late for a team meeting." Konohamaru nodded before he turned to Riha who had been respectfully quiet the whole time. "You coming Riha-chan?"

She smiled before she gestured to Naruto. "I don't know Ko-kun, you'll have to ask your Sensei."

When big brown eyes turned to him, Naruto sighed. "Fine." He acquiesced

The Genin grinned up at Riha who returned his smile and to Naruto's amusement bent down to press a soft kiss against his cheeks, giggling when his face turned red.

They all began to walk together, Naruto reading his book, and Konohamaru holding hands with Riha who giggled as he told her some jokes. Naruto stared at them out of the corner of his eye smiling fondly at the pair. It would seem Konohamaru did indeed need a woman's touch. The young boy had lost his mother during the Kyuubi attack, his file indicating he had watched her get crushed under their collapsing house.

His father had been missing for years after venturing off to the lands of his summons. He had questioned the Third previously over the subject, but the old man wasn't ready to talk about losing another one of his sons counting the fact that his last one had little respect for him. And for what he had overheard, the man had left because of his father.

Even though he had his clan, Konohamaru's status no doubt provided him with hidden scorn and rejection. He had seen the way some of his own clan members were looking at him. That look of fear was strong in their eyes.

"Sensei." Naruto focused on the young Genin. "Weren't we suppose to talk about the…"He trailed off glancing at Riha who smiled softly at him. 'Don't worry I know Ko.' The young Genin jumped at the voice in his head but returned her smile.

"You want to talk about it?" Naruto questioned. He had almost forgotten but if the young boy wanted to he wouldn't deny him. With his nod, Naruto walked closer to Riha and intertwined her free hand with his allowing her to link their minds.

'Okay lets talk.' The image of all three of them walking hand in hand painted the picture of a small family but nobody seemed to notice.

'So do you remember what happened?' Naruto started. Konohamaru slowly shook his head, his form slumped as he remembered the events

'I remember some parts but not everything. I was fighting that boy – wait how did he have the Kyuubi's chakra?'

Naruto narrowed his eye. 'His father sealed some of the Kyuubi's chakra into him the day it attacked.'Konohamaru mouth was open in shock before his eyes seemed to grow distant in memory. Naruto gently nudged him seeing his look.


'Oh right –where was I? Angry. I was getting angry. Really angry. I could feel so much hatred, so much malevolence. I was going to kill him. ' He glanced at Naruto with wide eyes. 'And then you came and you used those chains –you can suppress the Kyuubi's chakra!?'

Naruto nodded. 'Yep it's a special ability of mine.'

Konohamaru looked star struck. 'Wow, that's so cool Sensei.' A frown marred his face. 'Everything after that went black. I can't remember anything. What happened? '

Naruto sighed. 'You went to a four tailed state. You lost all sense of rationality and control and attacked me.' Konohamaru flinched.

'Did…did I hurt you.' Naruto stared directly in his eyes before he decided to be truthful.

'No. You didn't hurt me, the Kyuubi did. Hands nearly got corroded off.'

Konohamaru smiled nervously at his words before he lost his expression and his eyes swelled with dread. 'What about Sora?'

'You killed him.' The young boy being emaciated was forever burned into his mind. Konohamaru slumped against Riha and she wrapped an arm around him in support.

'Don't forget Konohamaru, you had to kill him anyway.' Naruto stated. 'He would have died that night either way.'

Konohamaru looked miserable 'I know. But I know the destruction I'm capable of in my four tailed state. I mean…I almost killed you, didn't I? '

Naruto stroked his chin in thought. 'Maa, it's nothing worse than what Riha-chan can do.' He said smugly meeting her narrowed eyes. 'Talk about vicious…I'll take on a tailed beast any day, rather than having to come home and deal with 'that'.' He pointed at Riha for emphasis

Konohamaru laughed and Riha's eyes narrowed to slits as Naruto continued. "I mean you should see her in the morning…that's a sight I wouldn't wish on my most hated enemy" The telepathic conversation was broken as her anger began to rise. Konohamaru slowly began to edge away from the furious looking blond.

"I always thought rumors of women looking terrible in mornings was untrue, but the first time I saw it for myself I thought hot damn!; Did a severe case of fugly take a shit on your face while I was asleep" He eye smiled at her. "Had to scramble for some toilet paper to get that stuff off, right Riha-chan."


Two figures instantly appeared from a dimensional void, one hitting the ground harshly and other stumbling on his feet. Naruto's shadow clone took a few seconds to steady himself before he lightly shook his head. "Jeez, I'm still sloppy on the landing."

The agent he had transported used his momentum to roll to his feet. His hand reached for his tanto, but he realized he had dropped it when Naruto had slammed him to ground on the rooftop.

Naruto sheathed his sword, ominously cracking his knuckles as his sharingan glowed in the darkness that enshrouded the room they were in. "Well now it's just me and you." He bared his canines under his mask "No interruptions." The agent took time to survey his surroundings seeing they were in a large room that resembled something of an apartment.

The grey walls were bare and they were no visible windows or anything to identify their location. In the center of the room were sets of plain couches and a small coffee table. Behind Naruto he could see a small kitchen.

"Where have you transported me?" The agent finally spoke his voice unidentifiable by the voice altering software in his mask. He knew that whatever jutsu the Jounin had used had been space-time as they entered a dark void of some sort and were transported here faster than the blink of an eye.

Naruto slowly walked forward. "Wouldn't you like to know?" The agent slowly stepped back with each step Naruto took and was suddenly stopped as his back hit a door. Naruto chose to stop walking and that was all the agent needed to open the door and leap out.

Only for his eyes to widen and his mouth to open in a silent scream as he fell into a void of endless black. He glanced backward and saw the rapidly fading visage of the blonde poking his head out of the door for what seemed like an apartment unit seemingly floating in the endless darkness.

He saw a brilliant golden flash and a chain of pure gold wrapped around his ankle. The agent palmed a kunai and ran his chakra through it trying to cut the metal, but it seemed virtually unbreakable.

His attempts were in vain as the chain began to shorten and the floating apartment came closer and closer.

Soon enough he was hauled up to doorway left hanging by his ankle watching a smug Naruto glance down at him. "Well to answer your question we're in a pocket dimension. I must say you're the only bastard who ever jumped. Most poor bastards were just thrown out the door." He tilted his head "The void is infinite…so sometimes I hear them scream for a long time."

The agent threw his kunai but Naruto simply tilted his head allowing the blade to fly by harmlessly. His sharingan narrowed as he saw the burst of chakra and he turned in time to block the strike to his head, as the agent finished utilizing a Replacement with the kunai he had just thrown.

"You're good." The agent replied in form of gripping his arm and returning the favor flipping Naruto and using the momentum to throw him out the door. Naruto threw his hands forward, two chains flashing out and attaching to the ends of the door.

Underneath his mask the agents eyes widened as Naruto propelled himself forward with his chains, and didn't have time to react as he was speared, knocking the breath out of him. They both tumbled into the apartment Naruto rolling the agent with his momentum and sliding to his feet tossing the man against the wall.

The agent hit the wall feet first reinforcing his legs with chakra before he rocketed off engaging Naruto in a fierce battle of taijutsu.

The agent jabbed forward, Naruto ducking under the blow, rocketing upwards with an uppercut that sent the man flying. Using the force of the blow the agent flipped himself landing on his feet. He didn't have time to react as Naruto was suddenly in front of him lashing out with a kick that sent him crashing against the stone walls.

Beneath his mask the agent's eyes widened and he ducked in time to miss the fist that smashed straight through the wall where his head had been. He palmed a kunai and struck forward but a hand halted the appendage. Naruto's knee lifted to knock the knife out of the man's hand into the air and he smashed a fist against the pale mask and finished with a spinning kick that sent the man crashing into the couches.

Without a pause he held up his hand catching the knife as it fell into his open palm and twirled it lazily watching the man as he struggled to his feet.

"As I mentioned, you're good. Really good. But I'm better." The agent couldn't disagree as fingered the long crack that had formed in his mask.

With a flick of his wrist Naruto sent the knife flying and the agent ducked in time to miss having his head pierced. Naruto watched the man slowly rise to his feet, his form panting from the exertion.

"Why don't you just give up? You can take off your mask and let me torture you or you can continue this fight resulting in me kicking your ass sideways. Then I torture you."

The agent knew he was fighting a loosen battle and quickly reached for his utility pouch. When he felt nothing he saw Naruto hold up a small brown pack shaking it innocently back and forth.

"Missing something?" The agent blitzed forward and Naruto readied himself but his eyes narrowed as the man turned at the last second and made a mad dash for the door. The bastard wanted to suicide.

Naruto's speed was simply too great and a chain shot out of his hand ensnaring the man before the man could reach it. Using his own momentum against him Naruto pulled on the chain with all his strength rocketing the man towards him. The man didn't have time to gasp as a fist smashed against his mask, shattering it from the force, and he was sent sailing through the air before he hit the concrete walls with a crack.

Naruto lowered his arm retracting his chain, lightly dusting himself off, and slowly began to walk forward. He stood before the unconscious looking man, lying face first on the ground. Another chain slowly snaked out of his arm and wrapped around the man's neck hauling him into the air.

Auburn locks spilled downwards as his head hanged downwards. His face was bruised and his lips busted dropping blood from his previous blow. Naruto's eye narrowed to slits and he had to rein control of his chain less the man's neck snap.

"Danzou's number one lackey."

He wordlessly turned on his heel and began to head for his torture room, uncaring of the mess that had tarnished the living room. The chain kept up its grip bringing Fu with him as he came before a large door and pressed his hand against it letting his chakra flow. A seal materialized on the door and it opened revealing a dark room filled with only small chair highlighted by a single swaying light bulb.

Naruto walked forward and willed his chain to set the unconscious man in his custom made torture chair. Using the chakra-reinforced medal arm and leg straps he bonded the man to the chair securing him in place. He glanced at him momentarily before his hand flashed out slapping the man harshly into consciousness. Fu stirred slightly before his eyes snapped awake and instantly focused on Naruto.

"Hope you had a nice nap sunshine." Naruto eye smiled. "Cause I'm about to fuck you up."

Fu's amber eyes were blank, his face void of any emotion as he stared his soon to be torturer down. Naruto lost his smile and he fixated the man with an equally blank glance. His sharingan glowed in the dark all the more menacing by the swaying bulb that highlighted his features momentarily before allowing the dark to shadow his face.

"You know when people torture, they always tend to get physical." He started slowly, beginning to circle around the chair . "They usually start with the little parts: Fingers, toes, eyes, mouth –roughly all the small stuff. That's usually to soften them up. I can personally say its always the weak minded that have the loose tongues."

His stride was slow, ominously circling around the helpless man like a stalking shark.

"Then there's the strong willed type. Those who you would classify that don't break under conventional means."

He smirked seeing the man's eyes flicker. "Those types can go through days of physical torture and they still won't talk." He stopped standing infront of the man. " It's quite simple really. It's a testament to their power of will to endure and turn suffering to their own advantage. That's why most prisoners are simply killed because they simply can't be broken. The worst mistake a torturer can ever commit is starting with the body."

You're at your most dangerous when you can subject people to great suffering without ever using physical torture. Complete and total knowledge of human psychology Naruto; by attacking a person's mind, you gain control over their spirit.

Ibiki's words ran through his mind as he remembered his brief time under the man's tutelage.

A finger tapped Fu's head. "I on the other hand do not rely on such crude physical measures. I start with the mind. The body can't exist without the mind." His smirked. "The mind breaks, the body will follow."

"You Root are said to be strong willed, having the mindset of perfect tools." His sharingan glowed. "Well let's find out how much you can endure."

Fu didn't react but Naruto could see the sweat that was beginning to form on his brow. His sharingan glanced down at his wrist seeing the elevated pulse. He smirked at the man before he gestured to walls around him.

"These walls are layered with seals that heighten genjutsu." His sharingan slowly twirled. "With my sharingan you could almost say that in here I have my very own …Tsukuyomi." Fu snapped his eyes shut at the mention of the word but Naruto just slowly smirked.

"A little too late." They had already made eye contact.

Fuu's eyes snapped opened and his body went still as both men stared at each other. Naruto's brow furrowed as Fu's body gave a jerk. He was a Yamanaka eh? This would be a little challenging.

There staring contest ensued for a few minutes, Naruto eyes occasionally twitching and Fu's body giving a slight jerk. The more time passed the more Naruto's eyes twitched and soon sweat was beginning to form on his brow. Not to say Fu was in any better condition. Despite his blank features his body was soaked with sweat and his eyes were dangerously twitching.

An hour passed and the mind penetration battle was still going strong. Fu's mind was resilient, trained to block out all intrusions. Naruto had tried to do things the way of a certain Uchiha, copying his style trying to be fluid, carefully picking apart his mind. But Itachi had always been a master of genjutsu and Naruto knew there was no comparison.

So he did it his way.

Fu didn't make a sound but his mouth opened in a silent scream as his mind was viciously attacked. His mental fortitude couldn't withstand the raw brute strength of Naruto's attacks and he began to shake as his mental foundations began to crumble.

Naruto's sharingan glowed and his eyes tightened as he continued his vicious assault. Almost. He could feel the man breaking. Being subjected to his will. A little longer was all it would need.

The agent gritted his teeth, his features were no longer able to keep up the blank state. A stubborn one he was. Admirable but foolish. Tired of keeping this up for so long Naruto nearly overload himself with his chakra as he sent a final attack at the man's mind.

Fu's eyes widened and his nose began to bleed as he let out a scream of pain as his mental blocks were broken causing a blood vessel in his brain to burst.

Naruto grinned as the man slumped into unconsciousness.

Fu slowly opened his eyes before closing them in pain as he remembered the vicious mental assaults he had just been subjected to. His form was panting and his body felt like it had just gone through a marathon. He slowly lifted his head glancing around at his surroundings. He was still in the chair but he was in a completely different environment. Glancing around in confusion he stared at the empty room he was in before loud voices caught his attention.

"No! I won't allow it!" The voice sounded familiar but he couldn't place it.

"Be reasonable. This is for the greater good." This voice was quieter but had a deadly tone to it. Fu instantly recognized his masters voice.

"They're just children Danzou! How could you want to do this to innocent lives!?" He heard what sound like a scoff before he heard a sigh.

"I understand your concern, Inoichi. But these two are very promising. Their talents would be wasted in the academy. Root will allow them to flourish and become perfect soldiers for Konoha."

Inoichi sighed. "Kami, Danzou listen to yourself for one second! Does the Hokage even know about your child soldiers?"

It was quiet for a few moments.

"Namikaze will soon be dead in a few years. He won't be a threat."

"W-what? What the hell are you talking about? Is Minato's life in danger!? Answer me!"

"You have no need to worry." His voice was smug. "Namikaze is a thorn in both of our sides and I gave him some information that he needed."

"Wha- …What have you done Danzou?"

"I did what I had to do survive. It was either my life or his."

"What the fuck are you talking about Danzou!"

Fu felt a build of chakra and realized that the Yamanaka Clan leader was preparing to fight.

"Are you threatening me with lethal intent Inoichi?" Danzou's voice was quite.

"Answer me!"

There was a shuffling of movement and he felt a brief chakra spike. This time from Danzou. His limited sensing abilities felt Inoichi's chakra become disturbed. Almost if he was…

"Forget about this conversation. If we're lucky things will go smoothly and the master will have the Kyuubi under his control."

There was another rustle of movement.

"Good. Now call the children."

Inoichi sighed before his voice rang out. "Fu come here please! And bring your sister too!"

Small feet were heard running and the sounds came closer before they stopped.

"Inoichi-sama." Fuu flinched at the sound of his voice. "Who's this?"

There was an intense silence again. "Just follow him children." Inoichi sounded broken. Their footsteps came closer to the room he was in and Fu flinched as the door was opened and man followed by two small bodies entered. Amber eyes stared in shock at his seven year old self as the young boy seemingly walked in his direction. His younger sister hesitantly traveled behind him.

Fu's eyes widened as the both siblings phased through him like he was intangible making their way to lean against the wall behind him. A younger looking Danzou closed the door behind him, retying the bandages around his head. His younger form didn't suffer the limp that plagues his older years. Standing beside him were two unidentifiable figures, the trio all cloaked in black.

"Hello children. My name is Danzou." He greeted.

Fu nodded before he returned the greeting. "I'm Fu." He gestured to the blue eyed blonde beside him. "This is my sister. Say hi."

The young girl seemed to curl herself onto her brother's shirt. "H-hi."

Danzou resisted the urge to frown. Such behavior would have to be quickly disciplined. Nevertheless he smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet the both of you." He tilted his head, his lone eye roaming over their faces. "I have come before you two today, to recruit the both of you to my private Anbu faction."

Fu glanced at his sister before his eyes narrowed at Danzou. "Why would you want us? We're just starting the Academy," His brow creased. "I mean, we're only kids."

Danzou smiled thinly. "Yes you are just children. But in time you will grow. I will train you till you stand as adults, perfect soldiers unmatched in all areas of the Shinobi Arts. True soldiers of Konoha. You would be doing your village a great service."

Fu had his eyes wide and seemed to be star struck. "Wow that sounds so cool." He turned to his sister. "What do you think sis?" The young girl only nodded hesitantly staring at Danzou as he smirked.

"Splendid." He gestured for them to follow, his two guards travelling behind him. They exited the room to see the red eyes of the Clan Head staring at them with emotion they couldn't identify. "They have agreed Inoichi. I'll be taking them."

He wordlessly walked pass the silent man but was stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Take care of them…they're my sisters only children." Danzou wordlessly nodded and moved forward when the hand dropped from his shoulder.

The imposing agents followed their master out the house, but Inoichi's soft whisper caught the attention of the two children. "Fu, watch out for your sister." The young boy nodded. The young girl seemed conflicted before she ran up to him and gave him a hug. "Bye Uncle. I'll miss you."

Inoichi bent down to hug the girl, softly stroking her hair as tears spilled down his eyes. "Riha-chan…"

The world suddenly shifted and Fu gasped as he found himself back inside of Naruto's torture room. Before he could take time to gasp for air a hand crushed his throat. Naruto's form was shaking with fury as lighting sparked around him. His sharingan burned brightly and his normal eye took on an icy hue.

"R-i…Riha is your fucking sister!?" Fu didn't answer. Rather he couldn't as his face was turning purple from the lack of oxygen. He wasn't sure if his neck was going to break or lose consciousness before Naruto released his grip. He heaved sucking in the much need oxygen greedily as his form slumped into the chair.

Naruto paced around the room muttering under his breath. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. Riha. The blonde that he had thought was a gift from Kami was the sister to a fucking Root agent. He pulled at his hair wondering why he never saw the signs. His form leaned against a wall for support. They had been together for as long as he had his team. Doing the math he deduced they've been together for something close to six months.

So how the fuck could he have not seen any signs. Not even his Ninja Hounds had sensed any bad vibes from her. She was a gift in his life, the women he had always wanted. She was loved by his team, his friends, his hounds –she was loved by everybody. She was perfe–

Look underneath the underneath…

Naruto eyes widened before he began to shake so hard Fu thought the blonde was having a seizure. With a roar Naruto punched the wall so hard his fist went right through the concrete. His head thumped against the wall and his form seemed to slump, drained of all energy.

She was perfect. Fucking perfect.

Look underneath the underneath.

He didn't want to. Even if he saw it...all was ignored in favor of finally –finally being rid of the loneliness that had plagued him for so long. He smashed his head against the wall. Not hard enough to cause him to dispel but enough to make his head hurt.

And not only that.

Danzou knew of the Kyuubi attack. And planned for his father's death? With the Kyuubi under someone's control?

His form shook so violently with rage he nearly caused himself to dispel.

Fu gasped when duel-colored eyes pinned him with killing intent so palpable he nearly choked.

"Alright, forget taking my time," Naruto walked up to stand infront of the man. "I need you to start talking. Now." Naruto flexed his fingers before he held up his thumb and index finger. A blue flume appeared on each digit causing the dark room to illuminate in its light.

Knowing what he planned Fuu immediately tried to bite off his own tongue but a hand pressed against his forehead and a seal appeared. His body failed to obey his commands and he found himself paralyzed.

Naruto forced his mouth open and tilted his head back. He grabbed the man's tongue holding the muscle out focusing on the small seal that materialized. Fuu could do nothing but scream as the two flaming fingers pressed against his tongue and began to burn away the curse seal that Danzou had placed.

Despite having no emotion, his eyes burned with an unfamiliar wetness as the excruciating pain reached a new heights as Naruto focused more chakra to his fingers and the flames grew in size, lighting up the darkness in a blinding light.

Fuu screamed from the back of his throat.

After what felt like an eternity the pain subsided as Naruto cut off the flow of chakra to his fingers and removed his digits. He removed the hand holding the man's head allowing it to drop lifelessly to his side. The Root agent was left heaving, his mouth hanging open, tears flowing down his eyes as his mouth steamed.

Naruto flexed his fingers allowing the steaming digits to cool before he dusted his hands off. "Right. I need you to focus on me Fu. " The man was too busy heaving in pain to focus on Naruto's words.


Fu lurched harshly and his back arched as far as the chair could allow him as his scream penetrated the walls around him. His heaving form focused on the kunai buried to the hilt in his knee. So deep was the knife that it had went straight through the bone and cartilage jutting out on the other side of his knee pit.

Naruto tightened the grip on the handle letting the blade slide deeper, ignoring the way the man screamed. He roughly slapped the man seeing him thrash around. "Focus. Hey! I need you focus right here!" He pointed to his face, jamming the knife down, and Fu's teary eyes finally turned to him. "Good."

He raised himself to his full height leaving the knife embedded into the man as he glared at him. "I only have enough chakra to sustain me for a few hours. Roughly Nine to be exact." He pointed to the walls. "But like I mentioned because of those seals, in here is my very own Tsukiyomi."

Fu's broken eyes turned to the walls and he saw the ethereal glow of elaborate seal designs on the surrounding walls.

"Each one of those eight seals alter the perception of time…by about –give or take – seven or eight hours…" He trailed off. "You can do the math?" The question was rhetorical as he gathered chakra to his eye the seals glowing at the excessive amounts of chakra.

"Now let's see how long it takes before your mind breaks."

Fu screamed as Naruto invaded the deepest corners of his mind.

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