Katherine was accustomed to his presence now. She sensed it as she entered, dropping her things on the small round table just inside the door.

"Do you have it?" he asked, hands in his pockets as he gazed out onto the street.

Shadows deepened around them. Katherine said, "Yes."

"Jeremy Gilbert?"

Her heels clicked on the floor as she descended the steps. "Dead."

"Did he suffer?"

From his tone, it wasn't clear which answer he wanted. She shrugged. "Less than Kol did."

Glancing at her, Elijah drew further into the room.

"Let me see it."

"There were complications," she said from the sideboard, pouring her usual glass of wine.

He narrowed his eyes. "Such as…?"

"Silas is awake. I had to give him Jeremy to get the cure."

Elijah's brow furrowed. She sipped her wine. "I hope your brother was… wrong."

"Kol was often impulsive but not usually wrong."

Waving her glass in the air, she said, "Then that means… what? Silas will kill all of us?"

Elijah crossed the room. "What Silas desired most as a human was to be with the woman he loved. Several centuries of imprisonment won't have changed that. Still, the cure is useful." He held out his hand for it.

Silence fell. Katherine eyed him and put down her glass.

"I know you're not so foolish as to keep it from me, so where is it?"

Brown curls tossed over her shoulder. "It's in a safe place."

"I could compel it out of you."

She stepped nearer. "I want your assurance that you will broker my freedom with Klaus, and that he will not use the cure on me, to have another human blood bag so he can make hybrids."

This brought a faint smile to his lips. "You have given this some thought."

"I had nothing else to do while tracking them across the island."

Searching her eyes, he said, "You have my word, you will not be given the cure."

Katherine nodded and backed away from him. "I'll get it for you, but first I want a shower. You have no idea how disgusting it is to pretend to be her."

She left him, stripping off her sweater and dropping it on the floor. Elijah considered for a moment and then followed. He leaned against the doorjamb, watching as she unzipped her boots. Tossing her long hair over her bare shoulder, she asked coyly, "Do you mind?"

"No, I don't think I do," he answered.

Katherine smirked and drew her shirt off over her head. By the time it hit the floor, she was in his arms. He nipped the skin of her throat, his fingers running up her spine. Their mouths captured one another, her feet leaving the floor as he joined her on the bed. His suit coat flew across the room. Katherine flipped them over so she could straddle him, brushing her hair out of her face. Irritated, he sent them both crashing to the floor. They smashed into the bureau, knocking over books and breaking glass ornaments. He pinned her against the wall, the tip of his tongue sucking on her earlobe. Showing her teeth, she shoved him away and tore his shirt open, scattering buttons.

"Armani," he hissed, and she laughed at him before landing on the carpet.

Flowers scattered, drops of water falling around them as a vase smashed into the casement. Teasingly, he caressed her throat with his mouth. She snarled at him, forcing him to lift his head. She flipped them over—and he landed her on her back again. Her head tilted back, her fangs appearing as five hundred years of desire gave way to lust. Their bodies moved together, her fingers digging into his back and causing him to bleed. He bit her, eliciting another snarl, and her grip on him tightened. It was nothing like the last time, when she'd been human; he'd been so cautious of harming her; now there was as much anger as desire in their lovemaking. She liked it. Her body stiffened and collapsed in his arms, her eyes opening to find him looking down at her. His fingertips trailed across her face, his thumb caressing her lips. Lines wavered around his eyes as he licked the blood from his fangs, which she had not seen until now. Even his frightening countenance had its own particular grace.

"You shouldn't have run away from me, that night," he whispered. "I would have saved you."

"I know that now," she said, and hungrily drew his mouth to hers.