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Fairy tail's first master was in the guild, taking a look to the third generation, when she suddenly heard a familiar voice behind her.

A light-blue haired fairy was flying to her.

"Ceci, long time no see!" she opened her arms

"What are you doing here? Weren't you at Tenrou Island?" the fairy hugged her friend.

"Yep, but I came to pay a visit to the current guild" she said. "And why are you here?

"I've heard about a mage in your guild who has great affinity with my element" she explained "So I came to take a peek".

"Oh, I see". Mavis looked away from her friend, looking for Juvia. "There" she raised her arm and pointed her index finger to the blue haired woman. "She's strong and an extremely kind person" A proud smile was drawn on her face. "She really cherishes her friends. Oh, and she's in deeply love with that ice mage" As she added the latter, she directed her finger to the black-haired man fighting with a pink haired one.

"She certainly looks like a good person" the water fairy stated with a nod. "And what about the ice stripper?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mavis giggled a little before answering. "Well, let's say he's not at all honest with himself"

Understanding what she meant, Ceci smirked playfully. "Is that so?". With that tone in her voice, the first knew her friend was making something up in her naughty mind.

And she was right.

"Let's see what I can do about that". She pointed her palm to Juvia and a tiny, bright ball of light descended upon her head. But no one in the guild seemed to realized, not even the woman who was just bewitched.

Mavis became a bit worried. Fairy tail was noisy enough without any help from the outside. What did her friend do? She looked at her, asking for an explanation.

Unlike the fairy beside her, Ceci was totally relaxed. In fact, she was obviously satisfied with her work. Putting her hands behind her neck, she said "Just be calm and watch". And smiling with malice she added "Next time they touch, is going to be really funny".

It seemed to be a normal day in Fairy Tail.

Everyone started the day with the usual "how are you doing?" chat and later drinks.

As the day went by, Natsu and Gray started fighting for some random reason no one knew. And when someone tried to separate them, they ended up joining the fight too; like Elfman, who started saying the manhood speech while butting in and a few seconds later was punching the salamander with his beast arm.

Meanwhile, the girls were gathered in one table. Erza was eating her favourite strawberry cake while Lucy was talking with Wendy. Levy was trying to deceive Cana in letting go her third barrel of alcohol for it was still early midday. Juvia was there too, sitting with her "rivals" in love to keep an eye on them but specially on her Gray-sama wrestling near. Since Charla was by Wendy's side, Happy was there too, trying to invite her a fish for lunch.

"Goodbye everyone" the water mage stood up "Juvia is going on a mission with Gajeel-kun". As the others said bye or waved hands, she left the table and looked at Gray for the last time before going out.

She saw him really quick because Gray was sent flying by a kick in the middle of his back and fell over her, pushing both of them to the floor. The next second, something really strange happened.

Juvia was set on... light?

"What the f-?" Gray didn't finish the question. A loud "poof" was heard as the light turned into a dense cloud of smoke, causing everyone to cough until it dissipated.

The entire guild fell in utter silence.

Gray noticed the warmth of his cheeks. But his mind was in blank. Under Gray was lying.. a mermaid Juvia. Her long, light orange tail stretched from her waist and between the man's legs. The edges of her just growth fish ears were razing his hands. Her face denoted confusion as well as the faces of everyone else.

"EHH?" was the general reaction.

Lucy shouted, rushing to them. She pushed Gray a meter from where he was before and embraced the naked chest of her friend. "Something to cover her with!" she asked for help.

Of course, the men didn't lift a finger. Some were really stunned while others were enjoying the view with their heart-shaped eyes. As for the women, none of them had spare clothes. Except for one.

"Ex-quip" she said. Erza retrieved the classical shell-bra for a mermaid from her spacial-wardrobe and started to help Lucy putting it on Juvia.

"How come you have one of those?" asked the blond girl.

Erza smiled. "You never know when it will come in handy" she assured. "Like this time".

As always, her friend's common sense amazed her.

After a minute, Lucy said "done", as she took the mermaid by the shoulders. "God, Juvia, what had happened to you?". But the answer never came.

The blue haired woman seemed puzzled. She was looking everywhere, turning her head from side to side, and when she heard the question, she simply froze in confusion. The growing fear in her eyes was almost palpable; she didn't seem to know where she was or who were the people around her, staring at her so intensely.

"Apart from a mermaid, did she become somewhat stupid?" Natsu was leaning over her with his hand under his chin, which caused Juvia to move a little trying to gain distance between them.

"Don't be so rude" Lucy punched him in the back of his head. After that, the guy put his hand where he had been hit, complaining and asking what had he done to deserve that.

They were arguing, but Juvia was no longer looking them. Suddenly, she seemed to had gotten interested in something.

Or someone.

Gray noticed she was staring at him and a few seconds later he realized that she was over him. "O-oe" he said, trying to stop her but she was already too close. Her index finger was running all over his abs and stopped over his guild mark, amazed by his body. The rest of the guild was laughing thanks to his awkwardness and the delighted Juvia. "H-hey, do something!" he demanded looking at Lucy and Erza. The proximity of the beautiful creature made him really nervous, especially when her finger tip was on his lips.

But the said girls didn't need to move, because Juvia had already moved apart from him.

"What's she doing?" someone asked as they observed her.

She had put a hand over her chest before putting both of them behind her fish-ears. She seemed desperate for some reason.

And Levy guessed what it was. "She can't breathe!" the petit mage realized horrified.

After hearing her, panic went through the guild. "What do we do?" was the general yell.

"Reedus" Erza shouted. "Water, NOW!"

The artist was surprised for being called out but he quickly draw a tank of glass full of water in the air, which become bigger after a few seconds. Gray threw Juvia into it, forgetting any kind of softness in the middle. She entered the water noisily, with a loud "splash", making a lot of bubbles raise to the surface. Her desperate face suddenly turned into a calm one as she realized she could breathe again through her gills. The entire guild sighed in relief.

The mermaid started swimming from one side to another, happily. She smiled thankfully at everyone and they smiled back.

"Now that there's no danger" Natsu began "what the hell happened?".

No one knew.

Mavis was startled by the scene.

"Hahaha" Ceci was laughing really hard. "She became such a cute mermaid".

Mavis turned to look at her friend. "Why did you do that?!"

Ceci smirked. "Come on Mavs, you must admit that was funny".

The first couldn't help but smile. "It certainly was" she giggled. "Gray's expression was the best".

"Told you! And things are going to become better... Oh! I forgot something" and she went flying to Gray's side. "You are the only one who can turn her back to normal" she said with a smooth voice in his ear.

"Huh?". Gray turned around looking for the person who had just whispered in his ear. But no one seemed to had said anything, and finally thinking it was his imagination, he came back to the ongoing conversation.

"So, we don't know why she became a mermaid" Erza stated.

"And the only thing we know is that she has amnesia" Lucy said.

"To the point of not being able to talk?" Wendy asked worried.

The silence was the affirmative answer.

"What if she had been cursed?" Gajeel inquired. Even with his usual iron façade everyone knew he was really worried for her best friend.

"That is the less likely possibility, I mean, it's Juvia!" Lissana was there too.

"Whichever the case, we'll be able to do something" Levy and Freed stepped forward from the multitude. "Leave it to us!"

But a week went by without any progress despite their efforts. The script-mages spent the all day trying to solve the situation but couldn´t come up with anything. They couldn't sense any spell cast on her because Ceci made it that way; the magic of a real fairy was much more powerful than theirs.

During that time Juvia stayed in her tank in the middle of the guild. She welcomed everyone with a bright smile every time the door was opened.

But just like the usual Juvia, she reserved a special smile for Gray.

Every time it was Gray who entered, she would have that smile. The widest smile she could make, in which her eyes closed and her cheeks went a bit pink. Soon after that, she would place her hands on the glass wall and try to be the closest she could to the ice mage who went by her side, saying the usual "hey" for greeting with a smile on his face.

The seventh night since her transformation, Gray went to visit her.

It was past midnight and there was no one in the guild. He went up the platform Reedus had created for the people who wanted to talk to her, and put his arms on the edge of the tank, leaning over it to see the sleeping beauty. She was resting with her tail near her chest.

She was definitely the same Juvia, for she woke up thanks to her gray-sama radar a few minutes later. After opening her eyes and looking side to side, she looked above and saw him. With her special smile on her face she swam to the surface.

"Hey" he greeted. "What's up?"

As always, there was no answer. She simply stared at him smiling. But she did spun happily, telling him she was glad he came to see her.

Gray sighed and made a sad smile. "You are the only one who can turn her back to normal" those words echoed in his head. Were they true?

If so, how did he do it?

After a while he said "You know, I miss you". Then he corrected himself "I mean, your old self". Juvia inclined her head to the right, puzzled by the weak smile. "I never thought I would miss your madness or sick imagination. It's really strange not having you stalking me". His tone was nostalgic and even though she didn't know what he was saying, Juvia didn't like seeing him like that.

She jumped out of the water and tackled him down to the platform floor. Gray made a surprised sound as they fell. "What is wrong with you?" he asked a little frustrated while looking down at her.

She was hugging him around the neck, her face a few inches apart from his. She gulped.

"You should go back to the water, before-"

"G-gray" was the trembling sound that came out of her mouth.

The boy's eyes widened. "Did you just-"

"Gray". She said with more confidence.

"Hey! That is gr-"

"Gray" She modulated perfectly.

He put a hand on her waist. "Okay, that's enoug-" but he was interrupted again. This time, with a kiss.

When their faces where apart again, the girl could see the blush on his cheeks. She giggled while smiling. She had washed out that sad expression from his face and placed instead a really funny one.

Before Gray could do or say something, Juvia started glittering. She saw amazed her lighting skin and raised her eyes to his while the same "poof" from seven days ago was heard.

After the smoke dissipated, his eyes confirmed what his body had been feeling.

Looking down, he found a naked Juvia over him, her bare skin over his bare chest.


"So, Gray, how did you do it?" asked Natsu for the tenth time.

Gray seemed pissed by the question. "I already told you, I didn't do a thing" he said.

The guild was having a party after finding out Juvia returned to her old self. But just like why she had become a mermaid in the first place, how she turned back to normal was a mystery too.

However, Gray seemed to know something. And he didn't want to tell about it; every time he was asked, red stains appeared on his cheeks because he didn't like to think the spell dissipated with a kiss like in fairy tales. So the men gathered around him in order to interrogate him.

As for Juvia, she was surrounded by the girls too, two meters apart from the first ones.

"You don't remember anything from being a mermaid, Ju-chan?" asked Lisanna.

The blue haired woman shaked her head.

"How come? You were soooo cute back then!" A drunk Cana passed an arm around her shoulders.

Levy puffed her cheeks. "I'm sorry Juvia-san, I tried my best but couldn't do a thing".

"Please, don't say that, Levy-san" Juvia pleaded. "I'm really thankful for your help".

"But it is really strange" said Erza.

"Uh-huh". Lucy agreed. "What happened last night that made the difference?".

"When she was back to normal, Juvia was a bit dazed". She looked down at the floor and suddenly blushed by a memory. She raised her arms and put her hands on her cheeks. "The only thing she can remember is being naked over Gray-sama" her shy voice was almost impossible to hear.

Despite that, the entire guild had hushed while she said those words.

"GRAY, YOU JERK" shouted the crowd.

Erza had a kill aura around her. "Gray, you are going to die now" she stated solemnly grabbing her sword.

"Wait, Erza, before that" Natsu rushed to the ice mage side "how did you fuck with a mermaid?".

Gray looked with incredulity to him while shouting "YOU ALL GOT IT WRONG!"

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