Tye jerked back from the computer screen as it was consumed by static, leaving only a blank face peering through. Taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart, he took off his headphones and turned the office chair he was seated in. He grinned at Asami, who had been standing, observing, at his side. She had started out with her arms around his shoulder, head resting on top of his, but had quickly moved after he jumped and smacked her jaw.

So it was not a grin she gave back to him, but an unimpressed stare, hands in the pockets of her favorite vest. Her eyes twinkled though, letting him know she was more amused than irritated.

"Okay, you ready to try?" Tye asked, moving to stand from the chair and pass it to her.

Or he would have if Asami hadn't sat down upon his lap, placing on the headphones as she grabbed the desk to reposition the chair. "No idea!" she sang, selecting new game and leaning forward. Soon she was off looking for notes.

After he had gotten over the surprise of her seating arrangement, Tye watched her play for a little bit. But after only a moment he found himself distracted by her presence, so he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his face between her shoulder blades. The tension in her body relaxed, and they remained that way until...

Asami threw her hands in the air and laughed, "Eight paper! I win!"

Tye pulled away and looked over her shoulder. Sure enough, she had won as best one can. "You aren't scared of anything, are you?" he leaned forward while pulling her closer, placing a kiss on her ear after she removed the headphones.

"Not with you," she whispered with a growing smile, turning as best she could to face him halfway. Lit only by the computer screen, they kissed, grinning. This tended to be how all their conversations ended when they were alone these days...