Hello all of you curious potatoes, this is my first SYOT and I am SO excited. The form is on my profile along with the sponsor point system and tribute list and such. So here we go! I know this beginning kinda sucks, but it gets better I promise. Seriously you all will think I am high once I start writing the actual Hunger Games

"You can go in Ms. Morrell." The peacekeeper said. I nodded and grabbed my folder. Today was my meeting with President Mayerson. We were going to discuss the game maker's plans for the arena.

Wait wait wait, hold up. Before we go on let me tell you a little bit about myself, so you don't get confused. My name is Hala Morrell. I am 21 years old and the newest head gamemaker of The Capitol. Panem has suffered two rebellions and another one is just waiting to breed. Since I'm the newest gamemaker, it's my job to make sure the districts know that we are in charge.

I'm about to show Mr. Mayerson an arena he, and everyone else for that matter, will never forget. Before I go in I look at myself. My platinum blonde hair falls down to my ribcage. My dark purple corset bordered with black lace. My black baby doll skirt that falls below me knees. My black arm sleeves. Very dark makeup surrounds my blue eyes. People call me Goth, dark, fallen angel, and shit like that. Can't say I blame them. But hey, I like it, and that is all that matters.

I walk into the president's office, my heels clicking away. I see the president at his desk. He's all smiles, but I know he is just waiting for the chance to fire me; just like he fired the last seven gamemakers. I sucked in a breath. If he didn't like this arena, I'm screwed.

"Greetings Ms. Morrell; please take a seat." The president said. I sit down in the chair.

Damn I want a chair like that I thought. He has a big, comfy chair while I have this little brown, hard square of shit.

"So how are you enjoying being head gamemaker?" The president asked.

"It's really nice. I love my work and love the other gamemakers as well." I replied. Mr. Mayerson nodded, obviously not caring.

"So, tell me, what do you have planned for the arena?" Mr. Mayerson inquired. I took a breath.

"Mr. Mayerson have you seen any movies made before the apocalypse?" I asked. Before the apocalypse, films were made. They were about anything. Some were good, and some were bad. Panem saved about 100 of them before the apocalypse. They were never shown to the districts, for the fear that they would get ideas about rebellion. They were kept in the Capitol, were only a few people are allowed to watch them; including gamemakers.

"I've seen a few, why?" Mr. Mayerson leaned over, suddenly interested. Great, now I have his attention. I smiled.

"A week ago the gamemakers and I watched a movie. We all loved it and get a great idea for the arena." I opened my folder and pulled out Elena's drawing for the arena. I handed it to him and continued talking.

"The movie was made in 1986 B.P. The movie gave us ideas for the arena, mutts, different ways of death, and other things." I finished. I watched Mr. Mayerson's eyes scanned the page. He flipped the pages, more intrigued by each page. I smiled.

He finally looked up at me.

"This is insane." he said. I looked at the ground, knowing that I was fired. President Mayerson was not the one for insanity.

"I love it." I looked up, surprised. "You do?"

"Hala, I have never seen something so unique, but has all the same aspects of an arena. This is impressive." I smiled at his words.

"Tell me, what movie is this based off of?" The President inquired. I told him.

We talked some more and then I stood up. I felt wonderful. This is the year everyone will remember. This is the year that no one will be expecting. The tributes won't even know what's coming.

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