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As for the mutts, Dmitri used these things called the Fireys. In the movie, they sing and dance and their heads come off. At the end of the scene they almost took Sarah's head off, and Dmitri found potential. When you meet them ,they'll sing and dance. You better join in, or they'll take your head off.

Shine Helios's POV- District 1 Female

Oh my god this is SO not a good idea. It's nasty and bloody and dirty in here. I want to go home! I didn't even grab anything from the Cornucopia, I just ran away when the first person died. I am just trying to get out of this stupid maze!

This is going on forever! It's been 20 minutes and I'm like, really craving food. Gawd what won't those sponsors just hurry the fuck up? I'm like hungry!

Finally I reach an opening. It's a shimmering forest. Glittering cobwebs, crystal clear ponds, and absolutely no bugs! I love it here! I can make this work. I will follow the footsteps of my sister, but I'll do it better.

I walk through the forest, amazed at what I'm seeing, when I hear a noise. It's a loud tapping noise. What the heck is that?

Suddenly, a creature jumps out in front of me. I scream. It was disgusting! It has wild red, orange, yellow, and white feathers all over its body. It laughed.

I ran away from it, only to run into another one! "What do you want?" I yelled, scared.

"Hehe, we just wanna have a good time!" It screeched. I whipped around, only to see five more appear. They were hideous! One of them lite a fire with their feet.

Ain't got no problems

Ain't got no suitcase

Ain't got no clothes to worry about

Aint got no real estate or jewelry or gold mines to hang me up

Wait, they're singing? Why the fuck were they singing?! This isn't Hunger Games The Musical!

I just let go of my head

With the chilliest bunch in the land

They sure look fine

They sure chilly chilly

They positively glow glow

Chilly Down with the fire gang

Let loose with the fire gang

Ain't no bad news

When you're so hot chilly down chilly down

Before my eyes they all raised their heads and tossed them to one another! I watched in disgust as one of them took their eyes out of their sockets and swallowed them. Moments later they rolled back into the sockets. Ew!

I wanted to leave, but how? These things are going to follow me anywhere I go. I quickly got an idea. I grabbed each one of their heads and threw it as far as I could. Then I quickly ran away.

As I got back to the entrance of the maze one of them appeared in front of me, reheaded.

"Hey Lady you can only take off your our head!" It told me.

"It's against the rules!" I heard from behind me.

Suddenly they were all atop of me, pulled at my head. Oh hell no.

"Hey, her head don't come off!" One of them noticed. I pulled away from them.

"Of course it doesn't!" I exclaimed.

"I know, let's take off her head!" One of them suggested, as if that was the ultimate solution. My eyes widened and I ran away, only to get knocked down by the creatures.

They dragged me over to the fire that one of them lit. They took the throwing knife I had in my back pocket and slit my throat.

But...but...what did I do wrong? I thought I had it all.

Fae Finch's POV- District 3 Female

I heard a cannon boom. That makes 10 people dead in one day. I really don't care, less people to worry about killing me.

I look around. I have been walking in this same path for hours. HOURS! My attention span lasts 5 seconds!

Suddenly a little silver parachute floated from the fake heavens above and landed by my feet. A sponsor gift! People actually do like me!

It was a map of some sorts. No, it was a map of the arena! Hallelujah! I look at the note attached to it.

Here you go, the map automatically knows where you are. Good luck.


Well that's a fancy map right there! I look at where I am. Apparently I ama few paths away from an opening. Well yay. I quietly follow the map to the nearest opening.

I walk into it and….I'm screwed.

Coy Salome's POV- District 5 Female

I kept on running, not caring where I went. I am not prepared for something like this. I was expected an outside arena, with trees and plants and stuff. Right now I'm just aimlessly running through I maze that all looks the same.

I kept walking for ten minutes before giving up. I slump down against the wall.

"Hailo." I looked around. Wait, who said that? I looked around, and my gaze rested on a little worm that laid on a tiny ledge in the stone wall.

"Did you just say hello?" I asked, knowing that it won't really answer me.

"No I said Hailo, but that's close enough." The worm said. I gasped. Worms don't talk! Fearing it might be a mutt, I quickly got up and started running.

"They always ran away eh." The worm mused. "It's not like I'm gonna hurt em or anything, the worst I could do it gum em to death."

I kept on running until I ran into an opening. I looked around. Its 13 houses, all placed to form a semi-circle. There was a shed in the back of all of them. I cautiously walk over there to check it out.

The shed was full of weapons. Every weapon you could ever imagine was in there. I silently grabbed a knife that was on a rack. Now I have a weapon.

I quickly go into one of the houses. There is no one inside, I run upstairs to find an attic door on the ceiling. I pull it down and climb up to the attic. Once there I pulled the stairs up and locked the door.

I'm safe, I think. I pray that no one comes and finds me.

Asher Stevens' POV- District 2 Male

After a few hours of walking, we decided to sit down and look to see what we got from the Cornucopia.

I zipped open my dark blue backpack. Inside I found a blanket, two packets of dried fruit, a full box of matches, and some rope. I pulled out all of the items and set them down on the ground.

I watched as Conner and Nemesis pulled out their loot. Conner had a small black sleeping bag, 7 iodine tablets, a small first aid kit, and a book. Nemesis had a small tin of poison, a blanket, night-vision goggles, and a lump of cheese.

Between us we have the stuff in our packs, three spears, five throwing knives, and a sword. Damn, the gamemakers were generous this year. I've seen past games where the Careers have a sword and a packet of fruit.

"Ok." Conner started. "Here is the plan. Tomorrow we start hunting for people to kill. We will rotate night watch. I'll do it tonight, Asher you will do it tomorrow, and Nemesis you will do it the next night. We rotate from there. We will ration the food that we have, and hopefully not die of thirst in the meantime." Nemesis and I nodded.

"We will eat when it gets dark, lets pack up and keep walking." Conner said. We pack up our things and stood up. We began walking. It seems like the perfect plan now; but when the time comes we will have to kill each other. We all know it, but we all know that together we can eliminate the rest.

In the Mentor's Viewing, 12 mentors silently watched the abandoned Cornucopia. Blood was everywhere; on the walls, on the grass, on the Cornucopia. Like a canvas stained with scarlet.

Only two of the mentors lost both of their tributes; Nola and Mackenzie. Seven of them had one tribute alive; Platinum, Videa, Avalanche, Feliciano, Hamm, Tanner, and Patch. And the rest had both of their tributes alive; Trytenia, Kaya, and Aden

Mackenzie quietly got up and left, for she had no reason to watch anymore. Nola just stared at the screen, tears streaming down her face, shuddering from time to time. A few minutes later, one of the gamemakers came in. He went over to Nola and whispered something in her ear. She got up and reluctantly took his hand. Together they walked out, Nola still crying.

Katri Selkirk's POV- District 9 Female

I walk into the first opening I have seen in a very long time. It is an orchard filled with trees filled with fruit and bushes dotted with berries. They look so delicious, but something as plain as this must be poisonous.

Open closer examination I find out that all of bushes are growing nightlock. The only reason I know that is that when I was five I almost at one. Yeah, that was interesting. I also found out that the trees were climbable, so I know my sleeping location.

I took a deep breath and then started climbing. I climbed until I got stuck. Well I guess I'm sleeping in this spot tonight. God I hate my hair. It is getting snagged in the branches around me. I zip open my bag and began to look in it. Let's see; two half liter water bottles, night vision googles, some matches, iodine, and some dried fruit. Good enough for me.

I wonder what time it is. I must be around 8, because it's started to get dark in this artificial mindfuck. I ate a little piece of dried fruit and drink a little water.

I hear a noise from above me. Grabbing my scythe in reflex, I look up. It was a small silver parachute, sitting snuggly atop of the branches of the peach tree. Well how the fuck am I supposed to reach that. I use my scythe to poke it a little, resulting in it falling through the branches and plopping down on my lap. I look at the note.

Go ahead


I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion as I opened the case and picked up the shiny object.

They were scissors, but not just any scissors. They were barber scissors. I smiled. Goodbye hair, no long will you cause so much annoyance from me.

Colton Winston's POV- District 10 Male

I look up at the sky, waiting for the bloodbath count to appear. I am lying on my back, surrounded by a bunch of trees.

I feel dead without her. We were going to go far together, and then she was going to win. What could I have done to save her? She was her own kind of special, not the sharpest needle in the haystack but also sweet and kind. We were not really friends in the past, more like enjoyable acquaintances.

Finally the ever-annoying anthem is heard and the sky comes to life.

First up is the District 1 girl; I think her name was Shimmer or something like that. She seemed okay, not really Careers like. But I'm not at all surprised she didn't survive.

Next up was Glitch from District 3, so that means that the boy from one, both from 2, and the girl from 3 are still alive. I saw what Glitch did, and it was amazing. The famous Katniss Everdeen would be proud.

The boy from district 5 appeared on the monitor. He was always high and always out of it. Not surprised at all that he didn't die.

Next were the two tributes from 7. I was genuinely surprised that the girl died, she looked smart enough to make it pass the bloodbath. The boy I felt pain for. I saw his little sister, and I would never want Lyric to have to leave me.

The District 8 boy was shown. He never really stuck out to me, and I expected that from the start.

The District 9 boy followed. I also kinda expected him to escape the bloodbath. He looked capable, but appearances can lie.

After than followed the girl from 11 and both tributes from 12; then the artificial sky returned.

So I have to go through the boy from 1, both tributes from 2, the girl from 3, both tributes from 4, the girl from 5, both tributes from 6, the girl from 8, the girl from 9, and the boy from 11 to win? Great.

Hold up! I began to realize who's face I didn't see in the sky: Havana's. But she is dead, is she?

A little slip of paper tied to a parachute floats onto my lap.

She is alive, go and get her. I am rooting for you both


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