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But on the other hand, you need sort of a child's mind to survive in the arena…

Hala's POV

I walked into the control center to find half of the gamemakers asleep. Elena had drifted off with her head on her desk, Andy had went to his floor, gotten his pillow and blanket, and then came back down here. He was sleeping on the floor, snuggling with his pillow.

I walked over to Enrico and Dmitri.

"I go on a coffee run and this is what I come home to?" I asked. Enrico shrugged. I looked over at Dmitri. He was looking through photos of him and Dani. I sigh.

"Dmitri, I know you miss her, honey I really do, but right now we have the entire Capitol depending on us." I reminded him. He looked at me.

"I love her so much Hala." Dmitri said quietly, shaking a little.

"I know you do, and the minute we are done with all of this we will go to District 3 and find her. Alright?" I told him. He nodded.

"Good. Now coffee for you." I placed a cup in front of Dmitri.

"Coffee for you." I place a cup in front of Enrico. I walked over to the other side of the circle.

"Coffee for you." I banged the table to get Elena up. Once her head was up I placed the coffee down in front of her.

"And wake up call for you." I took a nearby glass of water and dumped it on Andy's Head. He shot up.

"AH I HAVE MY SHIRT ON!" He shouted. We were all in silence for a moment and then I handed him his coffee. I walked up to my place.

"Ok! Day 3 of 13! Let's get this done!" Hala called.

Havana Axton's POV- District 10 Female

I opened my eyes and groaned. The pain was worse today. I had gotten impaled in the stomach at the Bloodbath and stumbled into the Cornucopia. I clenched my teeth pain, tears streaming down my eyes. So maybe this is the day I am going to die. Yeah, dying sounds wonderful right about now.

I crane my head to see how my wound looks. I gagged. It's is disgusting, a mix of dried blood, drippy flesh, and pus. Oh God just let me die.

My eyes focus past my wound to the opening of the Cornucopia. Normally I would get a wonderful view of a brick wall but now I see someone. I see Colton.

He shouldn't have come back for me. He should have gone on and went home. I am going to limit him.

"Why are you here?" I asked weakly.

"I-I thought you were dead, but I didn't see your face in the sky. I got a note saying that you were alive." Colton said, he voice full of relief that the note was true. I smiled weakly, which was quickly replaced with a cry out in pain. He quickly knelt down beside me and unzipped his backpack.

I touched the side of his face. "You shouldn't have come back." I said quietly. "I am going to limit you."

"You need to go home Havana. You need to win." Colton said, taking out a medical kit from his backpack. "And I don't leave my friends behind."

"Well you need to go home too Colton, I know for a fact that you made a promise to Lyric to come home." I pointed out. Colton didn't respond.

A few moments later he looked at me. "This is going to hurt. " He warned. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth. Colton took my hand into his and held it as he cleaned my stab wound with the other hand.

The pain, oh god the pain was excruciating. I couldn't help but cry out. Colton shushed me softly.

"Think of something else Havana. Play your piano, your fiddle, you violin. Play your favorite piece in your mind." He told me.

I started to play Incognito. The smooth Jazz notes, the sharp staccatos, the soft pianissimo, it was like drawing a beautiful line of a melody.

I was so entranced with my piece that I didn't even notice Colton patching up the wound in the fresh bandages. He got his stuff together and picked me up bridal style. I snapped out of my phase.

"Where are we going?" I asked. He took a breath.

"I have no idea." He admitted. I frowned and my gaze drifted. Together we walked (well, he walked) out of the Cornucopia and into one of the openings.

Fae Finch's POV- District 3 Female

I can't believe what I've gotten myself into.

Two days ago I walked into this place and I haven't found my way out. I am running low on food and water and I am getting weak.

I guess it's safe to say that I'm screwed.

This place is unreal. It is full of stairs that lead to nowhere and ledges that defy gravity. Seriously I got up a set of stairs and the next thing I know I'm on the ceiling.

This is one of the greatest fears: mazes. I've heard stories of people getting lost in mazes and never returning. Things can happen in mazes, never good things.

This could also lead to possibly my biggest fucking hear I have ever had:

Dying alone.

Dying alone, and in pain, and cold. I would want someone to be with me, ya know to share my last thoughts with. I don't see that happening in the near future.

I will hope for the best and see what happens.

Adeline Hanran's POV- District 6 Female

After about a day of walking, Reef and I finally found a place to rest our feet. It was a beautiful forest, filled with shimmering cobwebs, dazzling rays of light, it was simply marvelous.

Reef and I, enchanted by this, walked into its beauty in awe. If only I had my sketch pad with me right now.

I looked down at Reef, and immediately got concerned. He was shaking and wobbling with each step he took. He had lost too much blood, and we don't have the medicine to help him.

I was just about to sit him down when I heard a noise. It was a tapping sound, tapping a rhythm. I slid out my dagger in reflex.

"Who's there?" I demanded to know. Suddenly something pooped out behind us and laughed.

It was a mutt. But not the kinda mutt one would normally find in an arena. Oh no sir, this mutt was standing, had a blazing mane of colors, and looked sort of like a love child of a fox and Falkor from Neverending Story 3.

"Reef run." I told him. Reef shook his head.

"I'm not leaving you Addie." He told me. I glared at him and watching horror as more mutts appeared from different nooks and crannies of the forest, laughing and howling.

"What do you want?!" I screamed.

"Hehe! We just wanna have a good time!" One of them exclaimed. And then they did something that I thought would never happen in the Hunger Games.

They started singing.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of this happening. I dreamed that one day everyone would just break out in song and forget about killing each other. But now it's happening, but the things singing are not the tributes, but the enemies. This is the villain song.

I was about to stab one of them when Reef stopped me

"Addie don't!" He cried.

"Honey, they are going to murder us!" I quickly explained to him.

"No, don't you see? They just wanna have a good time! They want to 'chilly down'." Reef explained. What the fuck?

I watched in awe as the mutts took Reef and started have fun with him. They weren't hurting him at all. So this was the Head Gamemaker meant by 'you need a child's mind to survive'? You need to play with the mutts? Um…

I awkwardly sat on a nearby rock, wondering how to handle this odd situation. Finally the mutts stopped singing.

"I like this boy!" One of them said.

"He ain't nothing like that other girl!" Said another.

"She wouldn't chilly down with us."

"And she threw our heads!"

Suddenly Reef collapsed.

"REEF!" I cried. I pushed past the mutts and knelt down beside him.

"No no no no, Reef wake up, come on baby, you gotta wake up." I said desperately.

"Reef? What's a Reef?" One of the mutts asked. I glared at the mutt, no longer afraid of it.

"That's his name, Reef." I said quickly.

"Yo Smokey, didn't dat thing that came earlier had the name Reef on it?" One the mutts asked the other.

"But there wasn't any Reefer in it! All it had was this stupid metal needle thing." Said Smokey.

"But it could have been for Reef. Blaze go get it!" The mutt. In a couple of seconds the mutt came back with the thing.

A sponsor gift for Reef.

I wasted no time ripping in open and injecting him with the solution. We all waited a few second and then he opened his eyes.

I sighed in relief. We were okay for now.

Coy Salome's POV- District 5 Female

As ironic as it is, I am really bored.

I am sitting in this house, and have nothing to do. I don't eat a lot, I don't drink a lot, but I am going strong still.

I don't really know how much longer this will be. Rumor has it 13 days at the most, but I don't know for sure. It's very odd, this arena. It caught me off guard a little, but it's sort of…fun.

By fun I mean interesting. I have watched the games since I was ten and I have never seen anything like this. This arena fits me, because it gives me seclusion.

I want to win. I really do, but I hate fighting, and I hate getting hurt. But the look on everyone's faces when they see me come out alive would be worth it. Me, the little nerd that no one would be friends with, would come out of the Hunger Games victorious.

I hear someone climbing up the steps. My heart starts beating and I retreat to the far corner of the room. I hear a voice.

"Coy Salome, I am not an enemy, I am from the Capitol. Someone has sent you a gift, and I am delivering it. It will be on the steps, and I will be leaving now. May the odds be ever in your favor." A female voice said.

Should I believe it? Well, there is only one way to find out. I peer out and look at the steps.

Sure enough there is a purple backpack for me. I quickly get it and come back up the stairs. I unzip it.

Inside there is some night-vision goggles, two half liter water bottles, iodine tablets, and some dried cherries. I breathe a sigh of relief.

Nemesis Sieve's POV- District 2 Female

I am so fucking thirsty.

Combined the careers and I have all of this stuff to help us survive, but not water. Really, really. We have iodine tablets, but we haven't found any water in this stupid place.

It's my turn to stay awake, and it's fine. I run on about 3 hours of sleep a day normally.

It seems like hours I get a sponsor gift, hopefully with water. I open it.

It is a fucking pile of sand.

What the fuck is I supposed to do with a pile of sand. I look at who sent it.

To quench your thirst. For Killing Glitch

-From District 3

I angrily toss the gift aside. When I win, oh boys just wait till my victory tour. District 3 will pay.

I lean against the tree and look up at the sky. This is what I have trained all my life for, to win, to join the elite group of victors in District 2. That's what we both wanted, Avrica and I.

Avrica. I never let myself ever think about him, because thinking about the past distracts me from the present and the future. But since I have gotten this far…..maybe just this once….

He was my best friend, and my only friend for that matter. We met at the Academy, and became fast friends. I remember after practice sometimes we would go to the shortcut and just play there. Not like play like little girls and boys are supposed to. We played the Hunger Games, and we always won together. We reenacted what we were going to actually do when we won. That is how we bonded.

He talked me how to have fun I guess. My parents had raised me to think about one thing and one thing only: winning the Hunger Games. Nothing else is important and they would hate me if I didn't. But when he came…..he kinda taught me how be 'normal', er. I laughed for the first time when he was around.

But then…..

I was practice my spear work when I heard a commotion on the other side of the Academy. I dropped my spear and ran over to where it was going on, as did all the other girls in my group.

Someone had died. This was not common yes, but it's kinda expected. They say if you can't run with the big dogs then stay on the porch. I squeeze my way through to try to see who it is.

It's Avrica.

No. No no no no no this isn't happening. He can't die, he is my only friend.

"AVRICA!" I screamed, and I throw myself on him. His neck had been snapped. I knelt down beside him and started sobbing.

"Avrica wake up, wake up! I need you! WAKE UP!" I screamed in desperation. I put my ear to his heart, and heard a dying heartbeat.

"I love you." I whisper. I don't know what love is, being only seven years old, but it's probably the feeling I get when I'm with him.

I feel his hand shakily take off his ring, and placed it in my palm. I take his hand.

"Please." I say. "Don't leave." Tears started coming down harder and harder.

"Never." I heard his last words escape from his lips. And then he left. He died. His hand went limp in my own. I broke down. I didn't care who was watching.

It seemed like a minute later a pair of hands roughly grabbed me. I squirmed and cried. It was my father, the instructors had called him. He took me home and hit me. A lot.

"Nemesis Lenette Sieve, you are forbidden to EVER cry over someone again. Anyone in your way of victory deserves to die, and should. You will focus on your training, and that is it. If I EVER hears about you crying over someone again, you will not be provided with food for a month. Do you understand me?" He asked sternly. I nodded.

"Yes Papa."

I looked down at the ground. That is the way it went. I focused on nothing but training and anyone in my way are considered dead one way or another. Avrica is dead to me. I think.

I look at my pinky finger. On it laid his ring. The ring his gave me with his last moves.

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