To You and Only You

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Chapter One

Without Inu-Yasha

            A drop of sorrow ran down Kagome's cheek.  She caught it, staring at it in surprise.  I can't cry.  I am NOT supposed to cry…She looked around at her surroundings, spying the Bone-Eater's Well, the gateway to her true home.  It could be so easy.  Just jump into the well and never return…just that easy.  Kagome had run far from what she had seen in the clearing.

            Inu-Yasha…I thought…

            More tears came down as she relived the sad scene in the clearing.

*          *          *

            Inu-Yasha looked dazed, his eyes half-closed.  He could hear a distant voice, but the only thing he could see was Kikyou…she was the only thing that mattered, now.  Her arms were wrapped around him as she pulled him farther and farther into the ground.  She watched with a smirk on her face as Kagome tried to break through the barrier surrounding the two.  She was forced back, slamming into a tree.  When her energy was spent, her spirit broken, Kagome took one last, sad look at Inu-Yasha.

            I'm sorry, Inu-Yasha.  You have chosen your fate.

            Kagome turned and ran, knowing that Inu-Yasha would be sucked into Hell with his one, true love.

            Kikyou smiled as the ground closed up above her.  I can rest in peace now that I have you, Inu-Yasha.  Her arms wrapped tightly around him.  With you, Inu-Yasha.

*          *          *

            Kagome's face was blank.  She didn't see the purpose of living without Inu-Yasha.  She loved him…why did he choose Kikyou?  She climbed the nearest tree to its tallest branch and leaped.  Kagome examined her now sprained ankle.  Not enough to kill myself.

*          *          *

            "Sesshoumaru-sama!"  Rin called happily.

            Sesshoumaru landed soundlessly in the field of flowers next to his castle.  Rin wrapped her arms around his waist adoringly.  She pulled back and showed him a flower she had picked, which happened to be a weed.  Sesshoumaru looked down at her and patted her head absently.

            "Rin, I need to go somewhere.  Stay here."

            Rin nodded and waved to her guardian as he flew through the air, away to an unknown destination.  She shrugged and continued plucking out every single plant in the endless field.

*          *          *

            Sesshoumaru flew effortlessly through the skies.  He would again attempt to take the Tetsusaiga, taking his brother's wench and trading her for the precious fang.  It was a simple plan.  He did not know what inspired him to do this now, but his youkai instincts told him to take her, if anytime, now.  He flew over the Western Lands, his domain, trying to smell out his hanyou brother.  However, Sesshoumaru could not sense him anywhere.  But, he could smell his brother's wench.  He noticed her climbing a tree near the Bone-Eater's Well.  What is she doing?  His breath caught when he saw her jump from the tree, landing painfully on the ground.  He perched himself in a nearby tree and watched her with interest.

            After that fall, Sesshoumaru thought that the girl would cry and yell for Inu-Yasha, but surprisingly, she didn't.  Instead, a look of disgust crossed her pale face, and she stood up quickly.  What's her name?  Sesshoumaru thought for a moment.  He knew it began with a "K."  Kikyou?  No…um, Kikyou…I don't think so…Ka…Ka…  Ka-something.  He watched the Ka-girl curiously.  He could smell the salt of tears all around her.

            Kagome stood up painfully after jumping from the tree.  She crossed the clearing and stopped at the well, slumping down next to it.  Her blue-gray eyes flickered as she began to feel a demon aura.  Oh well, it doesn't matter.  I'm going to die in a minute, anyways.  Inu-Yasha… Kagome took out an arrow, examining it for a moment before plunging it into her heart.  She winced at the pain but did nothing more.

            Sesshoumaru stared at the girl.  She sure has guts.  She didn't scream or cry out in pain.  She just sat there, breathing heavily, with an arrow plunged into her chest.  He decided to make his presence known.  Appearing in front of her, he examined the Ka-girl, amused.

            Kagome was slipping out of consciousness.  Her eyes blurred.  A figure had appeared in front of her.  Long, silky, white hair flowed in the wind.  Inu-Yasha?  Her hand reached up to him, but he just looked down at her in amusement.  Kagome saw him take up a sword and hold it above his head, ready to strike.  Then, she fell out of consciousness.  Goodbye, cruel world.