The autumn wind blew gently through the changing leaves. Ayoko sat under the old oak tree with her book, lost in the world of magic.

"Are you warm enough?" her mother called from the patio.

"I'm fine," Ayoko called back.

Erza was so concerned; her daughter had been under that tree since the early morning. "If you need me, just call, okay?" Erza called out again. Her daughter gave a nod before burying her head in her new book once more. Erza slowly cleared the wooden bench before returning to the house.

"Well done, this time try using a different hand position," Jellal encouraged his son.

Erza placed the dirty pots in the sink before leaning on the door panel to watch her baby boy. The living room was filled with small, shining rainbows; each surface was bathed in beautiful glowing reds, pinks and blues. Kiyoshi had been training with his father all afternoon. With each pattern he created, the confidence within him grew.

"I want to make a really big one!" Kiyoshi stretched his hands to show how big he meant.

Jellal smiled at the change in his son.

"I'm going to make one as big as this room! Will you watch me?"

Jellal nodded as he sat himself on the sofa, allowing his son the full space of the living room.

"Mum, are you watching…?"

Jellal offered his hand to Erza, who slowly left the entrance to the kitchen and sat side by side with her husband. Kiyoshi moved to the very end of the room, looking at his parents who were holding one another's hands. All their attention was on him; this was his moment to be something greater.

He slowly bent down, placing his palms flat, a sudden rush of light poured from his hands, creating a starting point to his rainbow. Kiyoshi allowed his thoughts to take over as he slowly formed a circle with his fingers from both hands.

Ayoko encouraging him to do be someone better, her arms holding his body when the nights got scary, and the sounds of laughter that he shared with her skipped through his mind. She was always there, by his side. She was almost like the beats to his heart, the air in which he breathed. The bond between them ran deep, so deep.…

The rainbow was half the length of the room now, and Erza held her breathe as she saw the change in his tattoo. Though his hair was still brushed over his right eye, she could still see the end shining. Erza nudged Jellal's side.

"Can you see that?" Erza whispered through her hands that covered her mouth. Jellal nodded with a smile.

The rainbow was almost at its end; Kiyoshi felt the excitement mount inside him. I've almost done it, this is it. I'm going to be more powerful than her, stronger, better. I'm going to surpass Ayoko.

Before his hands touched the other end of the room, the light from his tattoo began to fade. His rainbow shattered into small balls of light, disappearing before his eyes.

"No!" He bit his lip as each rainbow he had created that morning vanished.

Erza rushed to the young boy's side, offering him comfort.

"Where did they go, why didn't it work?" he questioned as he looked around the room.

"You have been training all morning; every wizard needs a rest, sweetheart." Erza pulled her son closer.

"You've done really well. You can even make your rainbows leave the palms of your hands," Jellal encouraged from where he sat.

Kiyoshi lay his head on his mother's shoulder, lost in thought. Had the changing of his thinking affected his magic? Why had it suddenly stopped? He didn't feel drained, if anything he felt more powerful. But why had he failed again…?

Erza pulled Kiyoshi's body back, brushing her hand through his roughed-up blue hair. She looked into her son's light grey eyes. His tattoo marking had faded, and it was once again barely visible.

The young boy pulled away from his mother's arms. He slowly brushed down his hair, covering his eyes, his tattoo and the tears he knew were close to coming.

"Kiyoshi…." Erza went to grab the boy's hand as he ran up the stairs.

"I hate being me!" he screamed as he disappeared.

Jellal looked over to Erza; both stared at one another as the room drowned in silence.

Kiyoshi slammed the bedroom door behind him. No matter how hard he tried, he would always fail, always! The boy kicked his toys around the room before destroying the shelves and cushions in the book corner. He was angry with himself for not trying harder, for being so weak and useless. Why was he not like Ayoko, why was she so much better than him?

He breathed out in frustration before noticing the words that his father had written on the wall for him. It was the nursery rhyme, Twinkle Little Star. The boy frowned as he read the words. He rushed over to the wall, gritting his teeth as he read the words out loud to himself. His fists clenched as he repeated the lyrics over and over.

"I don't want to wonder what you are!" he screamed. The boy's small fists pounded into the wall, each hit intended to erase the words. "Tell me why you call to me; tell me.…" The warm, salty tears poured down his cheeks as he fell to the floor and curled up, crying for answers.

The bedroom door swung open, and his parents stood in horror as they saw the blood stains that covered the wall. Erza cradled her crying boy in her arms as Jellal raced to the bathroom for the first aid kit.

"Shhhh," Erza soothed as she held her tears back. Jellal rushed in with the green box, tipping out all its contents.

Kiyoshi sat on his mother's lap with his head resting on her chest as his father bathed his swollen hands. Then Jellal slowly wrapped the bandages around his son's small, wounded hands. Erza rocked her baby as Jellal finished off, and the room fell into darkness as the sun set.

Kiyoshi slowly began to close his eyes as his mother carried him into her room and gently rested his tired body on the sheets. Erza pushed the curtains aside, allowing the moonlight to spread over the room.

"No," Kiyoshi whispered. His head was turned, the duvet tucked up to his neck. His blue hair covered his whole face, and not even his beautiful light grey eyes could be seen.

"Don't you want to see the stars?" Erza questioned.

"I never want to see them again." His voice sounded broken, almost like the words pained him.

"You have always loved the stars…." Erza rested herself on the bed, beside her boy. She slowly brushed her hands through his hair, removing it from his eyes. His gaze lingered on her for a moment before drifting to the night sky. Pools of tears formed in the young boy's tired eyes as he looked up at the twinkling lights.

"Why don't you like them anymore?" Erza questioned.

"I just don't." Kiyoshi turned from his mother, from the stars. He closed his eyes as he wished for the whispering voices from the sky to stop calling to him.

Erza sat for a moment, watching him. Then she pulled the curtains shut, sealing away the light from the moon, hiding the stars and the sapphire sky. Jellal tiptoed in front of the bedroom door, and Erza shook her head as she approached him. Both parents were consumed with worry as they gently closed the door to the silent room.

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are….

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