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I was surprised when Anthony and Edward walked to their rooms for the night.

We had organized the mess we had made with the move, so it made sense―we were dead tired anyway.

"Shit", I cursed as the thought that bed was too large just for me crossed my mind. I was a bit disappointed they didn't come lie down with me. The TV was not up on the wall yet, so no movies.

I fell asleep hoping Anthony wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night and freak out because he was somewhere he didn't know. He had been so much more mature lately, though. He had been keeping control of his moods, and I was so proud of him.

"Take his boxers off," I heard someone whispering low and husky as I felt lips touching mine, and a hard body pressing against me. I lifted my hand to his neck and found the mole just below the hairline―Edward.

Moist, warm, slender fingers hooked on the waistband of my underwear, pulling them down. I felt the cold air hit my ass, and felt exposed and so, so good to feel that way.

"We missed'ya," Edward mumbled against my lips, pulling my head closer, my mouth deeper into the kiss, as his hands started caressing my penis and his together.

Anthony parted my cheeks and blew a little bit of air against my crease, following by licking from my scrotum up to my lower back.


My cock twitched non-stop. His tongue kept swirling around my entrance, tantalizing me, making me whimper and cry softly for their attentions.

"Daddy… we decided we're gonna have a new life from now on." I heard Edward murmur in my ear, "We're your partners from now on. You're stuck with us."

"Oh, yeah?" I asked, my eyes rolling to the back of my head, Edward was now biting on my nipples as Anthony was slowly fingering me.

"Hum, hum," he hummed, not letting go of my nub.

"You are ours, now," he commented while going from a nipple to another.

"Fuuuuuckk…" Everything was driving me insane—their ministrations, Edward's words, the idea of having them forever.

"This is our wedding night, Daddy." I heard Anthony say behind me, shooting a jolt of electricity up my spine, making me shiver.

I felt Edward's mouth slide south of my body, his hand still pumping my cock.

"Daddy… you're going to take Anthony now, okay? He's ready for you."

Something inside of me fluttered, I'd never done that. I'd never been inside either of my boys.

Edward pulled me to my knees as Anthony moved to lay face down, where I was.

"I wanna look at him," I whispered.

"This is how he likes it, Daddy."

Edward lubed up my cock and guided me into Anthony. It felt like I was high on something―high on lust, maybe.

As I breached his ring, I felt it so tight, so hot. Edward pushed me slowly, guiding me, showing me how Anthony liked it, "Yeah, Daddy… just like that."

I couldn't think, I couldn't close my eyes―the images were too beautiful to be taken for granted. Anthony's left cheek was on the pillow, his lazy smile spread across his face, his hands fisting the sheets as he moaned and whimpered just for me.

My breathing was erratic, so were my heartbeats. When I felt the intrusion of Edward's cock inside me, I moaned loudly, unable to keep all the pain and pleasure at bay.

"Fuck… your ass is so beautiful, Dad… so beautiful swallowing my cock. I wish you could see it."

Edward's sweet torture, pumping inside me slowly, was already driving me insane. Soon I felt Edward's finger sliding inside me together with his cock. I didn't know what he had in mind, but I loved feeling so stretched.

Edward added another finger every few minutes.

When he got the fourth finger inside me, around his cock, I came furiously! I let out a loud cry and it was difficult to breathe through it; it felt so good!

Edward didn't take his fingers from inside me for a while. Shortly I'd know why.

Sliding out of me, Ed pulled me up enough so Anthony could roll over to his back. Edward laid me on top of Anthony again. Guiding Antony's cock inside me—impaling me on Ant's penis. Edward smirked non-stop, his chin resting on my shoulder, looking down at my torso. He was enjoying this too much, watching me come undone in their hands.

I leaned down and kissed Anthony silly, needing the contact I hadn't had before.

As Anthony pumped inside me from below, Edward's fingers invaded me again carefully.

"Daddy… I'm gonna enter you too, okay?" I heard Edward saying from behind me as he slid his fingers out, and the head of his cock started stretching me even more.

It burned, it ached; it felt like I was being split in half! But both of them kept caressing me, kissing and licking my skin, trying to distract me from the pain.

I didn't care. I had them both inside me. I loved it.

"Daddy… You feel so good… I'm so close. We won't take long," Anthony cooed, and Edward agreed with a hum.

In a few more thrusts, one came after the other, long and hard. Their noises drove me to numbness—they could just be there, inside me, all night for all I cared. Their come mixed inside me, creaming my walls, making their cocks slip out eventually.

Lying on our sides, they held me close, both caressing me, playing with their milk coming out of me.

Fingers went in and out, hands caressed my penis, my balls, spreading sperm all over my pelvis.

Lips kissed and tongues licked, making a mess of saliva on our faces.

Since we had a wedding night, I decided I would make "honest men out of them". That thought made me chuckle.

I went to a jewelers store and bought three matching platinum rings. Inside each of the boy's rings, I had the message "I belong to Carlisle" engraved; inside mine, "I belong to my boys."

I didn't make a fuss about it when I gave them the rings. They just slid them onto their fingers and went on with their day.

I liked it. A lot.

At night, Anthony was already asleep when Edward was laying half on top of me, his back on my chest as I was leaning on the headboard. Playing with my hands between his, he started a conversation.

"Dad… Should we call you Carlisle, now? I mean… You mean a lot more than just a Dad to me."

I thought that my suspicions were confirmed―the boys were probably not my biological sons and they knew it.

"Would you like that?" I had to ask.

"I'd love that. You look too young to be called Dad at the supermarket isle anyway." I didn't have an answer for that. I looked way too young to be their father. "Sometimes I wonder how our lives would have been if we hadn't met you… If you hadn't found us," he continued.

"Really? And how do you think it'd have been?" I was curious.

"I think we would have killed each other." He chuckled. "You deal with Anthony so much better than I do, Dad, I mean Carlisle." He paused for a while and went on, "Your life would have been so much better without us, though."

"Hey!" I pinched him on the arm, "Where did that come from? Why would you even think that?" I was surprised with his statement.

"Dad… I loved you since the very beginning. I loved being taken care of by you. I loved the idea to live with you and be around you all the time. You had to change houses, change jobs, break up with your girlfriend and choose carefully who you could be close to because of us. You had to change stuff that was working. We got this great life and you had to adjust to us, and what do we do, then? We seduced you in return. We make you go against everything you believe is right to satisfy our needs."

"Jesus, Edward…" I let out a sigh as I combed my hair with my fingers, "you couldn't be more wrong, son. I love you two; my life could never be better if it wasn't for you. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not just like your first adoptive father—"

"Don't say that, Dad!" Edward huffed and puffed, and when he calmed down he went on, "I understand now what you and some other people said about him, including the psychologists. I took a few lectures at the psychology department and I get it now. He couldn't have awakened our sexuality. Besides us being too young for that, he was an adult who should be protecting our innocence and not lighting the fire. He couldn't have touched us, not even if we had asked him to. We were children… we didn't know what we were asking for."

I caressed his hair thinking Edward finally accepted the truth. I knew I would never be able to convince Anthony of that, but having Edward know what their Papa had done was wrong made me feel a relief I never thought possible.

I waited quietly; he wasn't finished.

"Don't ever say you are anything like him. He seduced us, made us feel safe with him and then took advantage. He was sick, completely out of his mind. But you… you would have never made a move on us. It took years and a lot of begging for us to have you as we wanted, as we needed you. We are adults now. We know exactly what we are doing, exactly what we want."

"Anthony is still a child in―"

"No, he's not. Not anymore. Thanks to you. Thanks to the patience you always had with him, and the tenderness and care… He grew up because he knew you'd be there for him. He's a man now, Dad."


Carlisle would never know how great he's always been to Anthony and me. Our lives turned around completely after we met him.

I couldn't imagine what would have happened to us both if he hadn't shown up and adopted us.

He became our angel in so many different ways.

I used to think things would turn out okay because Anthony and I would have one another once we needed to leave the home. I really didn't have the first clue on how life could be hard on you once you were on your own.

I always liked Miss. Olivia, but I knew she was there because it was her job. Someday she would just leave and we'd be missing a piece of our hearts all over again if we'd let our hearts really love her.

I never remembered much about before being adopted that first time. My first memories stuck when Maman arrived to tell us she was pregnant and we'd have a little sister―she was so sure she'd adopt us and we'd be hers like the baby she had in her belly.

When it all came to the ground, we were lost for so long, and so scared. Fear was always our companion.

When Carlisle started coming to the home, I used to look at him from a distance, before having any contact with him, before that time I got sick. I used to get goose bumps every time our eyes met. He was beautiful. His dark hair, and his blue eyes… the shape of his face, his straight, long nose.

I already knew I was gay. I'd never wanted to touch a girl in the home, but Carlisle… I almost prayed so I would get sick for me to feel his caring hands on me.

But when I finally did get sick, I felt like what having a parent was like, with him sitting by me all those days in the hospital. But I never wanted him to be my parent.

I wanted him to be mine.

I tried hard to play the "son" part. I'd do anything he'd ask me to, needing his attention and whatever kind of love he was willing to give me.

I knew Anthony wanted, needed him too. I knew he loved us, and I made an effort not to lose him as a parent at least.

After a long while, everything fell into place, and Carlisle was ours.

I could never be happier.

The new house was spacious and light. Our lives became lighter too.

The neighbors were all new. We hardly had any time to socialize. If any of them were snoopy bastards, they could check our mail and find out we all had the same last name. I bet they'd think we were brothers.

I'd been trying to take the load off Carlisle's back a little; I did house work and shopping, and managing the cars. I've been trying to be helpful, and Anthony had been in it too. We were partners after all.

I still laughed at the first time someone tried to tempt me after our commitment to each other.

There was this med student, Jasper Whitlock, who I used to see before moving and committing to Carlisle for good.
The first time he'd chased after me was when I still dated Riley.

He followed me around for so long, trying to catch my eye―it was even funny.

Once I broke up with Riley I decided to give the cowboy a chance.

Yeah, he was from Texas, and wore a Stetson and boots too.

The guy was all sorts of delicious with his southern drawl, his baby blue eyes and honey skin.

The first time we attempted to be physical, he tried to top me and I fled.

He ran after me for weeks, trying everything in his power to convince me to bottom for him, but I wouldn't budge, until he caved in and offered to bottom for me.

I had never fucked a man with long hair. I liked pulling on his wavy strands a lot! He was such a bottom for someone who claimed to be strictly a top. He enjoyed it way too much! And so did I!

We fucked some times and when I asked Carlisle to move back home I was fed up with him already.

We were living in the new house, with the new resolution for three months when Jasper decided to chase after me again.

He was the first person I ever told I was married.

He wouldn't believe me.

A few months in and he asked to be my friend. I was suspicious he was not convinced I was married, despite the ring and the addition of Carlisle's last name to mine. The latter happened when we were adopted, but he wouldn't know, would he?

One night he offered me a ride home. It was cold as Hell. I ended up accepting because I was afraid of not finding a cab, having to walk home in the cold weather―my car was in the shop.

Once we got home, Jasper asked me if he could get in and warm up a little. I said it was okay.

As we walked in, he was flustered by the image of Anthony at the door―he didn't know I had a twin brother.

I introduced them and called Anthony on my way to the kitchen, asking him what he was making that smelled so good.

Arriving in the kitchen, I whispered to Anthony my request―to pretend I was Carlisle's husband, just me, because the man in the living room wanted me and I didn't know what else to do to prove to him I was married.

Anthony agreed opening a huge naughty smirk—he'd always loved role playing.

Carlisle came home an hour later and welcomed Jasper, inviting him for dinner.

I whispered the plan to Carlisle who nodded.

It was so fucking funny!

Carlisle started calling me sugar, winking at me during dinner, smiling like a fool at every stupid thing I'd say.

We left Jasper and Anthony alone as we collected the dirty dishes and took them to the kitchen.

We were quiet, trying to overhear what they were saying:

Jasper: "So, your brother is married to Dr. Cullen?"

Anthony: "Yeah… But Edward won't let me move to my own place to leave them alone."

Jesus! Anthony was really into this role play thing!

Jasper: "And do you like living with them?"

Anthony: "It's cool… when Carlisle is not home. Because when he is, they fuck like rabbits."

I gasped! Anthony had quite an imagination!

Jasper: "Really? So… you have to hear'em and all?"

Anthony: "Yeah… I do. They are screamers, you know."

Anthony's voice was so nonchalant, so natural. He was not only a great painter, but seemed to be a wonderful actor too!

Jasper: "I'd never tell, you know."

Anthony: "Yeah… I bet they're touching in the kitchen. I bet someone's hand is down the other's pants."

Jasper: "Ya think?" pause "Let's have a look?"

Playfully, Carlisle pulled me behind him, opening his pants. My hand flew into his boxers and the motherfucker was hard already. I forgot to inform him that Jasper was a med student and could be Carlisle's student one day.
Oh, well. At least he'd know to not make a move on my man.

I pulled up his shirt a bit so I could pinch his nipple. When I could see the reflection of Anthony's and Jasper's heads popping in at the door to the kitchen on the stainless steel refrigerator door, the scene was there for them to see―Carlisle fucking my fist, moaning and gasping at my touch, his head leaning on my shoulder; me humping him from behind.

When we got back to the dining room, Anthony was laughing like a maniac.

"He left! He got so nervous he left!" he informed us in between giggles.

"He must be masturbating somewhere close… Let's hope the police don't catch him." Carlisle smiled amused.

That night, though, a little before bed time, Anthony came to Carlisle and asked him for a spanking.

"Please, Daddy. I deserve it."

Carlisle pulled him to sit on his lap, his legs dangling on Carlisle's side, his head on Carlisle's shoulder.

"Why, sweetie? Tell me." Carlisle's voice was soft and forgiving, as usual.

"I… I was hard for Edward's friend, and I shouldn't have been," he murmured.

The whole scene was endearing. My brother had never been so calm and centered. He had matured a lot and most times we could almost forget he had any mental developmental issues.

Right then, though, we could see how much he still needed guidance, comfort, grounding―just like a child.

"Baby, it's out of your control. It's your body responding to the sight of someone you found attractive."

"Daddy, please! I need it! I feel awful. I need to be punished. Please…"

Carlisle looked at me, and I nodded.

"Where, baby? In your room?" Carlisle almost chocked the words.

Anthony shook his head no, saying "Here…"

He wanted me to see. He was probably feeling like he betrayed Carlisle and me.


Anthony stood up, turned around, pulled down his pants and boxers and leaned on Carlisle's legs.

"How many, baby?"


As Carlisle spanked his ass, Anthony tried to muffle his moans and gasps. His eyes poured the whole time.
It broke my heart.

It was weird how Anthony responded to spanking. It was almost as if he had his soul cleansed after that.

When we were seven we'd both be spanked. Anthony would make messes and get in trouble, but I would never tell Papa it was him, so we were both punished. I hated it. It was the only time I'd feel angry, wishing to be back at the home. But Anthony…

After the last stroke, Anthony wouldn't let Carlisle hold him. He was still crying. He stood up and went to his room.
We gave him some time alone, but followed him there. He was still crying on his bed when we reached his room.

I wondered how come he had never had an erection for someone else before. Maybe he had never imagined himself with someone else before.

Shit! I got hard any time Jasper was around me, even now that I didn't really want to fuck him again.

We lay down on the bed where Ant was laid on his side. I attached myself to his back, Carlisle to his front.

"Baby, it's natural to be hard around a cute guy, okay? This will not be the last time it happens." I heard Carlisle saying.

Ant shook his head no, but said nothing.

"What's important is that you didn't try to seduce him, you didn't act following your body's will. You were fine the whole time. You behaved like a gentleman." Carlisle went on.

"I wanted to. I fucked him in my mind," Anthony spoke. Carlisle chuckled and responded, "We all did, baby."

I lifted on my elbow to look at Carlisle with scandalized wide saucer eyes.

"Oh! Don't tell me you didn't!" he spat at me.

Well, I hadn't, not that night. Maybe, because I had done that in real life, and he didn't star on any of my fantasies any more.

"Anthony, Jasper is all kinds of beautiful. The cowboy look, the way he talks, his eyes actually sparkle…" he trailed off. "We are men. Men like fucking. What we need to understand is that we are safe if we only make love to whom we really love. And I really love you and Edward."

"I really love you and Edward, too." Anthony answered—my brother was so adorable.

Carlisle moved closer to him and held him tight. I did the same. He was the meat in our sandwich.

Soon, Ant fell asleep; he wasn't crying any more, which was good.

We let him sleep there that night.

Lying in our bed in the master suite, holding each other close, I relished in the contact I had with Carlisle's body. My hands roamed every inch of skin I could reach. I was a little agitated at the thought of Carlisle feeling attracted to Jasper. I was a little jealous and needing some reassurance.



"I need you to be my Daddy again," I whispered feeling a little shy.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I have a fantasy with you I want to come true now."

"Tell me. Anything dirty?" He chuckled.

"Sort of… yeah… I want you to prep me the way you did when you treated me."

I felt his cock twitch against my hip.

"Go on," he instructed.

"But… but instead of placing the dilator, I want your cock in me."

Carlisle tensed a little. I knew he had always been afraid of being inside me.

"It's going to be okay. You won't hurt me. Anthony never did."

"Lemme think." He took a deep breath and went on, "I'll place the dilator, but I'll make love to you when I take it out."

"Even better. But I wanna role play."

"As you wish, Edward."

"I need you to play your role, too. You're my Daddy, okay?" I smirked, feeling all kinds of naughty. We had never role played together.

As Carlisle stood up to get what he needed, I prepared to act as I would in my fantasy.
"Roll to your side, baby." I heard him ask.

"Daddy, is it gonna hurt?"

"Just a little, sweet pea. Just a little."

I felt his tentative finger lubing me up, invading my hole slowly, and spreading the cold gel inside me. He swirled his finger around before pulling it out.

"Ohh… It hurts, Daddy, it hurts!" I gasped at the intrusion of the dilator.

"Ssssshhh… It'll stop hurting, sweetie, you have to wait a while."

Carlisle lay behind me, holding me close for the minutes we needed to wait. I cried softly, letting out the tears I'd always held before. That shit hurt like a bitch before you start relaxing. It was hard against my walls and I hated it.

"Shhh… baby, don't cry," I heard him coo, as he ran his fingers through my hair.

I felt vulnerable and sad―my mind going way back, when I wanted all I had at this point, but thought I'd never have Carlisle as more than just a father figure. Suddenly I felt scared. I needed to be reminded I had him as my lover, so I pulled his hand and shoved it down to my cock.

"Caress me, Daddy… distract me from the pain." He stroked my cock softly, kissing my shoulder. His hips started moving against my ass, and I instantly relaxed my anus around the dilator.

"Daddy… it's time… please," I pleaded for him to take the thing out. I couldn't wait to have Carlisle inside of me.
He pulled himself up, touched my butt cheeks, and slid the thing out of me.

Carlisle's fingers caressed my hips, his lips brushed my shoulder, and the head of his cock pressed against me.
It felt so good, I could hardly breathe.

Carlisle felt so thick inside me, sliding carefully, until I felt his hip touch my ass.

"Oh, Daddy! You feel so good inside me," I whispered. I heard him gasp behind me.

"You're such a good boy… such a good boy." His voice was tentative—he was trying to play the role but was still a little self conscious.

"No, Daddy, I'm a very naughty boy... I think you should spank me." The idea of bending over and being spanked by Carlisle made me grow even harder.

"Really, what did you do, sweet pea? Tell Daddy what you did." Carlisle's voice was husky, his thrusts became painfully slow as he gave me time to answer him.

"You know that boy I brought for dinner?" I murmured, he nodded against my shoulder, "A few months ago… I… I let him touch me, Daddy." I felt him thrust hard, deep into me at my confession. "I let him suck my cock…"
Carlisle stopped his movements and waited.

"I fucked his tiny pink ass hole too."

Carlisle slid out of me and I suddenly panicked.

He sat on the bed and pulled me to bend over his knees.

"Boy, what did Daddy tell you about boys you don't know?"

"That I shouldn't let them touch me, Daddy."

"Why did you let that boy touch you, angel?" Carlisle's cock was pulsating against my side; my ass was up in the air as Carlisle rubbed circles on my skin.

It should be weird, given my past, that I would have this kind of fantasy with him. But this was only with him. Since he said he could be my father, I dreamed about being with him this way; being his naughty boy. The wish to be spanked was new, but everything else had been boiling inside me for a really long time.

"He looks so good, Daddy… he begged—" I felt the first slap against my ass. It burned. His hand was so strong.
Instead of slapping me again, he thrust his finger in my hole and pumped it slowly.

"I know he looks good; it's no excuse, though." He removed his finger and slapped my butt cheek again. I gasped at the strength of the blow. The ache irradiated to the rest of my body. I had never thought that it could be this good.

I wanted more; I needed to provoke him.

"His skin tastes so good, Daddy, so sweet—" Slap! "Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…" Slap!

"Promise you won't do it again, boy." His voice was commanding, harsh.

"But, Daddy… he likes me." Slap! "Fuuuuuuuuck!" Slap!

"I promise, I promise!" I rushed to say.

My ass should be red and raw. It was hot, aching. I loved it.

"You are a naughty, naughty angel. You didn't know what you were doing. I forgive you, baby. Now lie in bed, face down, legs open."

"You're gonna make me feel good, Daddy?"

"Yeah… because you're my sweet pea and I love you."

We didn't exchange any more words. Carlisle thrust into me hard and fast as he knew I liked. His lips were attached to my skin as he bit and kissed me.

He pounded me fiercely, driving me to ecstasy as he hit my prostate repeatedly. I cried loud, so fucking elated for what was happening between us. It was refreshing, liberating, exhilarating.

He came a few moments after me, his seed warming me inside, soothing the burn, the ache I had for him.

When he laid his body on the bed, pulling me to his chest again, he whispered, "I'm not your—"

"No." I already knew what the question was. "Sorry, Carlisle, but you're not our father; not our birth one."
He sighed but pulled me closer. I don't know if it was a sigh of relief, or something else.

"Does it change anything?" I asked.

"Yes… and no. I love you both the same way. I still feel responsible for taking care of you and making you happy and safe. But I feel better about what we've become. I hoped I wasn't."

"Our mother deceived you."

"I don't care. I've got you, she doesn't." Carlisle kissed me softly.

"EEEEEEEWWWWWWW… you fucked my mom!" I suddenly realized!

His response was so nonchalant it made me laugh.

"I was a child… I didn't know what I was doing."

The End.

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