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Warnings: Strong language

The Meeting

"You sure this is everything? I'm still worried we left something back at home."

"You're always worrying about something or other, just shut up and help me carry these boxes."

"My arms may be full but I can still kick your ass, Kankuro!"

"Bring it on! It's not like when we were kids, I'm a man now!"

"A man? Yeah, right."

"Got something to say, Temari?"

The long-suffering young man, caught in the middle of his two bickering siblings, merely sighed in both annoyance and boredom. Perhaps this would affect him more if he weren't so used to it by now. His brother and sister usually got on rather well, except when forced to work together on something. Co-operation wasn't a familiar thing in the Subaku household.

"Let's just hurry and find my room," the teen muttered out, avoiding eye contact with either of them, as he strolled towards the building. It had been a considerably long journey and calling him exhausted would be an understatement worthy of a smack round the head.

"Sure thing, Gaara." Temari said, smiling sweetly at her baby brother. "Best to get you all settled before your roommate shows up." The three of them, together, started heading inside, carrying one box filled with possessions each.

"Still can't imagine you roomin' with anyone, lil' bro." Kankuro added, shaking his head at the thought. "You won't even let Temari or me into your room at home."

"That's the price for a college dorm. Just hope you don't get a slob."

"Yeah…as long as he doesn't get in the way then co-existing shouldn't be too difficult." He muttered, eyes surveying the campus, trying to deduce which moron he'd have to put up with.

"It ain't gonna easy-going and quiet, bro. This is college- reality check."

"What Kankuro is trying to say," Temari snapped, scowling at the brunette coldly. "is that it's gonna take some adjusting."

"Which may be tough, giving…that you…don't…adjust well…" Kankuro said slowly, trying to work out the best words as he went along. He was well aware by the end of the sentence that he had failed miserably but treading carefully with Gaara wasn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. The glare he received from his brother was proof of that.

Gaara Subaku was an 18-year-old boy from Sunagakure, just about to start his first year of college. Many would describe Gaara as odd, antisocial, a loner and downright scary- but those were all judgements made as a result of first glances. No one had really gotten to know him before and, in a way, that had made things easier. Now, don't misunderstand, Gaara had had friends in the past- even romantic partners! But his tendency to shut them out when it came to his emotions often caused a rift to form and they all, sooner or later, faded away. The only ones who stuck at it were his siblings and he truly did appreciate them for it. Kankuro and Temari put up with a lot of shit from their younger brother, but they never gave up on him. He just wished he could find others like that.

Now, onto his appearance.

Gaara was rather short for his age, reaching just over 5'5, as a result of being born prematurely (though he never discussed the story behind that with anyone) and often felt small compared to others around him. His skin was fair, rather pale, and smooth to the touch- a former partner had compared him to a porcelain doll once…that relationship didn't last too long. He had auburn hair (a shade bordering on red) cut into an array of short, straight spikes and teal eyes with rather pale- almost invisible- pupils. His eyes themselves had dark circles beneath them, as a direct result of his insomnia. Some often mistook him for wearing makeup.

The strangest thing about the young man's appearance was the blood-red tattoo plastered on the left side of his forehead- revealed by his side parting. The tattoo depicted the kanji symbol for 'love.' He'd gotten it done at the age of 15, when going through a particularly troubling and rebellious stage in his life. Everyone had really been shocked by that. But, even now, Gaara didn't regret it in the slightest. Love was the thing he felt he both lacked and desired most.

"This is it," Temari said, snapping her little brother out of his thoughts. Gaara looked up at the, rather unimpressive, door and scowled. This place was terrible. Now pulled out of his deep thoughts, he could fully hear the loud voices, laughter, giggling and other noises young people made echoing through the hallways. Any chance of silence had gone. This was his life now. All of a sudden he was regretting applying for college. He should have skipped it and gone straight into work like both of his siblings but Gaara was an expert at procrastination. College was just an excuse so Temari wouldn't force him to get a job before he was ready- if he ever would be. He lacked any form of motivation.

Pushing the door open, the three of them made their way inside Gaara's new 'home'.

"Not too shabby, eh, Gaara?" Kankuro piped up, hoping to encourage his little brother some. And, in all honesty, the place wasn't too bad. The room had a rather large main room- consisting of the kitchen, living area and the beds- as well as a door presumably leading to the bathroom. It was actually kinda cosy. In fact, it would be perfect for Gaara…if he didn't have to share it…


All three siblings jumped suddenly at the shout, Kankuro almost dropping the box he was carrying, and swerved round to stare in the direction of the yell. They weren't the first ones in the room after all- evident by the figure crouched over by one of the beds, rubbing the back of his head soothingly.

"Goddamn it! What the hell are these beds made out of?!" The figure hissed, slowly clambering up onto his feet.

"This is your new roommate?" Temari whispered under her breath, staring at the stranger.

"I'm not one to focus on first impressions but, dude, seriously?" Kankuro muttered back, cocking an eyebrow as the figure approached them.

This was gonna be a long day…

"Sorry about that," the stranger mumbled. "I was dumping my stuff under the bed and you guys made me jump- smacked my head on the bed." He explained bluntly, offering up a smile. It was then that Gaara decided to observe him and try and come up with an analysis- to judge how difficult it was gonna be to live together.

He had to admit…he was taken aback.

His roommate was taller than him and larger in general. He was obviously into some sport or another as his build consisted of lean and well-sculpted muscle (from what could be seen) covered by tanned skin. He was donning a pair of plain cargo shorts and a sleeveless top- either purposely making the most of his physique or just throwing on lazy-day clothes. He had bright, blonde hair arranged into much longer and messier spikes than Gaara's own and the deepest, bluest eyes anyone has ever seen. Gaara didn't give a damn who you were or who you knew- there's no way you've ever met anyone with eyes like these.

"No worries, man." Kankuro spoke up, placing the box he was holding on the floor carefully. "Didn't mean to barge in, didn't think anyone was here yet."

"Yeah, got here pretty early- lucky me, huh?" He grinned widely, showing off a wonderful smile which would attract any woman…except maybe Temari, whose fussiness and wariness betrayed her. "So, you my new roomie?" He asked, still staring into Kankuro's face. Gaara cringed…he loathed eye contact and it was obvious this new roommate of his sought it out.

"Nah, not me."

"So then…" The stranger's eyes moved over to Temari, lighting up at the sight of her as his smile widened. "No way, they've put me with a chick?!"

It was at that moment that one could easily tell Temari and Gaara were related. The glare she gave this moron rivalled even her little brother's and was enough to scare the life out of the blonde.


"Dude, use ya head. This is your roommate." Kankuro cut in, seeing his sister bubbling up inside, waving a hand towards his younger brother.

"Oh." And finally Gaara was noticed. He knew he was a little short but failing to see him when he was right there was ridiculous! But still the stranger stared at him, brow furrowed slightly as his eyes darted to the tattoo. His smile faltered for a moment before making its comeback. "Hey there!" He shouted happily, extending a hand. "Sorry 'bout all the confusion, I'm not that observant."

'No shit.' Gaara thought to himself, glaring at his roommate's hand impatiently- trying to convey the point that he couldn't exchange a handshake while holding a box. The blonde eventually got it, mouth forming into an 'o' as he retracted his hand.

"Hold on, lemme just help ya." And with that Gaara was relieved of the box's weight as the, surprisingly helpful, blonde took it for him.

"Thanks." He muttered bluntly, watching him carry it over and dump it on one of the beds. He really had to share with this guy? Kill him now…

"I'm Naruto, by the way." He said, rushing over to extend his hand again.

'He doesn't give up…Naruto, huh?'

"Gaara," he offered back, taking the hand. He desperately avoided eye contact but he could feel Naruto's eyes on him, studying him. He hated it. Not to mention the physical contact. Sure, it felt nice to slip his hand into Naruto's own, but that didn't mean he approved of it being forced. So he was quick about it, giving a curt shake and pulling his hand away- no prolonging, no unintentional signs that he wanted to be friends. The blonde noticed…Gaara knew he did.

"Gaara," Naruto repeated, rolling it off his tongue experimentally. "Nice to meet ya!" He grinned again, practically radiating optimism and positivity…

'We're not gonna get on.' Gaara surmised, finishing his analysis at that instant.

"You need any help with any more stuff?" The blonde offered, glancing at the three siblings.

"Nah, that's all we've got." Kankuro said, keeping his eye on his little brother in case things weren't going well. If Gaara truly was pissed, he was hiding it well. "We best head off and leave you to it, lil' bro."

"Yeah, thanks for the help."

"Not a problem. Call us if you need anything," clapping his hand on his brother's shoulder, Kankuro offered an encouraging smile, knowing how hopeless it was. Gaara sharing a room with this idiot? Not gonna work. Kankuro guessed it would go smoothly for about two days- no more.

"Bye, Gaara. I love you." Temari said, pulling the reluctant teen into a tight hug.

It took a few minutes for the goodbyes to finish and for his siblings to leave but, finally, Gaara was left alone at last. Well…almost alone. There was the problem now known as 'Naruto'.

"They seem nice," said blonde said, smiling fondly. "Wish I had siblings."

'He's trying to start up conversation…not interested…'

"Hm." The red-haired teen hummed in response, heading toward the box Naruto had taken for him. He could tell his roommate was bothered by his lack of response and slightly uncomfortable ,but tough. If he truly planned on sharing a room with Gaara, he better get used to the awkwardness and silence. Gaara wasn't about to pretend to be something he wasn't and leave Naruto confused later on down the road when that front was dropped. But still, Naruto persisted. He followed Gaara over to the bed, that goofy smile remaining on his face.

"I already chose my bed, hope you don't mind. There's not much difference, I just like sleeping near the wall." The blonde explained, sitting down on his chosen bed and bouncing experimentally. "Not bad. Should do the job, huh?"

"Hm." Gaara hummed again, opening up the first moving box to begin sorting his belongings. Naruto's watchful gaze was really starting to get to him.

"Need any help unpacking?"

"No." The redhead muttered sharply. The thought of someone else going through and sorting his own personal possessions irked him. He was a very private person- not that he had much to hide- and opening his world up to this weirdo was the last thing he wanted, despite Naruto's good intentions.

"You don't talk much, huh?" The blonde asked curiously.

'No shit.' Gaara thought, for the second time since meeting his roommate. He was stood with his back to the other, trying to avoid looking at him at all. But it was hard to ignore such a persistent and talkative guy. Was this how it was gonna be from now on? Or would Naruto give up soon?

"I like silence."

"You're screwed then!" Naruto shouted, chuckling childishly. Gaara glanced over his shoulder briefly, shooting the blonde a quick glare to shut him up.

"So…" Naruto began. "What's your last name? Mine's Uzumaki!"

'Naruto…Uzumaki…?' Gaara repeated, wondering why it sounded so right.


"Gaara Subaku? That suits you." The blonde said, a little too enthusiastically. God, he really was a positive bundle of energy. Not get on? At this rate Gaara would end up killing him for the sake of some peace.

"How old are you?"

"What's with all the questions?" The boy snapped, looking over his shoulder again. He instantly regretted it once his eyes laid sights on the adorable, curious and slightly hurt face of the damn guy. It instantly became clear why Naruto hadn't been killed for his annoying personality- that face could melt anyone's heart…except Gaara's.

"Well…we're rooming together so…I just wanted to get to know you…" He said innocently, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout that could easily rival a 5-year-old's. Was he goddamn serious?

"You're telling me that you genuinely care? That this isn't just the pleasantries to try and make me think you're a polite and caring guy when, in actuality, you're just sizing me up to determine if I'm a potential threat to your dominance?" Gaara shot at him, determined not to falter in the face of that cursed pout. Either this guy was truly innocent and childish, or hugely manipulative and devious. Unfortunately, the redhead suspected the former.

For now, however, Naruto just stared at him with wide and shocked eyes- clearly taken aback.

'Yeah, that's right you bastard. I know you're game. Shocks you when someone figure it o-'

"For someone who doesn't talk much, that was a lot of words." Naruto said, that smile returning. That knocked Gaara off his pedestal. He thought he'd gotten one up on this guy, exerted his dominance in this living situation, but his comment had only shocked Naruto because of the amount of words he used…

'Touché, Uzumaki. Touché.'

"Anyway, hold old are you?" The blonde asked again, undeterred by his roommate's short outburst. Sighing in slight defeat, though still not willing to yield, he answered.

"Eighteen." The boy responded coldly, deciding to get it over with.

"Ah, cool. I'm nineteen."

'A year older? Like that'll help you in this tug-of-war of dominance. Stop looking so pleased with yourself.' Gaara thought to himself, scowling at the older teen's wide grin. Damn, he was immature.

"So what course are you taking? Or are you on more than one?"

Gaara inwardly groaned as he proceeded to empty the box's contents and place them under the bend in the most organised manner possible. This conversation was getting tedious but remaining silent wasn't an option with this guy; he was far too persistent and possessed some motivation Gaara had lacked all his life. They were complete opposites and they certainly did not attract.

"I'm doing Philosophy to start off with, may switch to a course involving Social Care later on- depending on how it goes." The redhead explained. "Why would you think I was doing more than one so early on?" Gaara instantly slapped himself mentally, realizing he had asked a question and thus truly contributed to the conversation.

"I dunno, you just look like the intelligent kind so I guessed you might have applied for more than one." Naruto said thoughtfully, instantly snatching Gaara's attention. That sounded like a genuine compliment…not something someone did while demonstrating dominance. Now Gaara was intrigued. Getting out from under the bed, he plopped onto the mattress, across from Naruto, and stared directly at him.

"Thanks, I guess." He mumbled, trying to work out if this guy was genuine without looking into his eyes. He couldn't bare eye contact. "What course are you on?"

"I'm doing an advanced Sports and Fitness Training course." He said with a grin. So Gaara had been right- he was a fitness fanatic.

"Two courses or all one?"

"It's all one." Naruto replied, somewhat relieved and happy that he was actually getting a decent response. Having confirmed that this wasn't a typical battle for control, Gaara found himself willing to dabble in small talk- as long as it didn't become a regular thing. Yeah, he was so lacking in willpower that his mind tended to change quickly. "You got an interest in a course to do with Social Care? Where does that come from?"

Gaara tensed, unsure how to answer without revealing anything personal.

"I…I would like to help kids going through the system." That was a pretty good response- revealed nothing personal or his true motivation, just short and sweet. Naruto, however, was staring at him with a whole new look. Still avoiding the guy's eyes, Gaara could still tell that his answer had changed Naruto's opinion of him.

"That's…really nice, Gaara."

"Hm." He resorted to humming once more.

"I mean it. I…I've been through the system so…"

'Okay, that's enough.' With that, Gaara was up again, returning to his unpacking quickly. The conversation was getting too personal now. Exchanging basic details about one another concerning age, courses, etc. was fine but there would be no discussing of past, no soppy moments, no opening up. They were not friends. Just roommates. Nothing more. Gaara didn't want to hear a backstory.

Behind him, the redhead could hear a heavy sigh and could tell Naruto was feeling angry with himself for overstepping the mark. There was a moment when his heartstrings quivered and he felt bad for making the blonde feel bad- if that made sense. But Gaara wasn't about to apologize for being himself or upholding his own morals and standards. No one was gonna guilt trip him out of being simply 'Gaara'.

"Hey…I didn't mean-"

"Yo, Naruto!" A sudden voice interrupted the blonde, acting as Gaara's saving grace. "We got a game going on downstairs and I'm down a man. I am not losing to Sasuke so get your ass down right now!"

"Erm, Kiba, I was just helping my roomie settle," Naruto began, eyes glancing between his brunette friend at the doorway and the redhead he'd just met.

"Go." Gaara said immediately, not even glancing Naruto's way. Right now, the thought of having the charismatic blonde out of his way sounded heavenly. He just wanted to unpack in peace- without distraction.

"Alright! C'mon, Naruto!" The 'Kiba' yelled, sprinting off down the hallway quickly. His departure was followed by a terribly tense and awkward silence.

"So…er…you alright by yourself."

"Yeah, go." Gaara said bluntly.

"O-okay. I'll see you later then." And with that, Naruto headed out the door without a single look from his new roommate. His final statement only reminded Gaara that this wasn't their final farewell and he would definitely have to continue dealing with the sociable blonde in the future- most likely on a regular basis.

Sighing heavily, Gaara pinched the bridge of his nose.

He'd wanted to unpack without distraction but Naruto was distracting him…even when absent.

His mind was going through all the facts and information he'd gathered about his roommate over and over and it was getting the way of any useful thought.

-Naruto Uzumaki


-Doing a Sports and Fitness Training Course

-Didn't have siblings

-Had been through the system

-Was exceedingly good-looking

Now, that final point shouldn't raise suspicion. Gaara wasn't lusting after his new roommate, or even slightly interested in him. Yes, Gaara was gay but he considered himself asexual- Kankuro called it his excuse for being a virgin. He didn't feel strong feelings of arousal or attraction to any fit-looking, hot guy who smiled his way and asked a few questions. Naruto was fucking hot, but it took more than looks to get Gaara's interest.

Besides, the question of whether Naruto was gay or not had already been answered. The way the blonde had looked at Temari, the way his smile had changed and his eyes had flashed when he thought she was his roommate proved he was straight. More than straight- excited by the thought of sharing a room with a girl he'd just met. He hadn't even noticed Gaara at first, not that Gaara considered himself all that attractive. In fact, why he was even considering the idea was nonsensical.

'This guy is really gonna get on my nerves…'

"You think Gaara's gonna be okay?" Kankuro asked worriedly, already a little way from the college. "I mean, he's not exactly gonna enjoy college life but, will he actually be okay?"

"He'll be fine, he'll just get pissed off a lot." Temari assured, resting her head against the glass. She was tired and it was quite a way back to Sunagakure.

"What about that roommate of his? What did you think of him?"

"He was hot." The woman mumbled, earning an amused look from her brother. If she wasn't tired she would have hit him for that expression but for now, she tolerated it. "He may have been a bit dim but you can't deny he was hot, Kankuro."

"Whatever." He said, rolling his eyes. "I meant how do you think him and Gaara will get on?"

"Oh," she smiled slightly. "Gaara's gonna kill him- three days tops."

"I'm betting two."

"How much?" Kankuro smirked at the thought of a bet he might win.


"You're on." The two shook hands tiredly, not bothered by the fact that they were betting on whether or not their baby brother would be committing murder soon. But that was just how the Subaku family were- always seeking a way to pass the time and find meaning in day-to-day life.

Gaara was no different…

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