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~Our relationship is nothing more than physical. There's no "I love you's" or "I want to make love". We don't talk with words, but with our bodies. Most might consider our relationship just a casual fuck or boring. But to me, it's none of those things; to me it's the only relationship I want. ~

I sat in my office chair looking at the computer, slightly hoping no was online. The pattering of rain distracted me from the screen. Clicking out of the internet, I got up walking over to the light switch, and turned it off. The dim blue light from the computer's monitor was the only light in the room. Content, I walked over to the window down into the streets below. Usually, I'd be interested in the people without umbrellas scrambling, trying to get out of the rain, but today I was interested in something else. I heard the door to my office swing open with a small squeak and then softly click shut. Grinning, slightly I turned around facing the figure, the blue light dimmed more but I still knew who it was.

I grabbed his bartender vest gently into my fingers. Looking up, I met the gaze of the monster of Ikebukuro. We stood there silently no threats flying out of his mouth or his fists trying to hit me, just silence. Leaning up, I kissed him full on the mouth, his hands that were in his pockets slip out and wrap themselves around my waist pulling me closer, his lips responding against mine. Snaking my hands up his chest I wrapped them around his neck, curling locks of wet hair between my fingers, our kiss deepened his tongue licking my bottom lip slowly, asking for an entrance which I granted him. His tongue slide against mine exploring every inch of my mouth. I moaned quietly, letting him guide me till my ass hit the desk. Taking off his sunglasses I tossed them aside, and then cupped his face looking into his dark golden eyes, he gazed, back his hands sliding up my shirt. Shivering as his hands grazed over my belly and up, I lifted my arms so he could slip the shirt off of me. Still without saying a word we undressed each other, fingers exploring newly exposed flesh. Knowing we couldn't fuck on the desk, Shizu-chan cupped my ass gently lifting me up; I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist and gripped his shoulders as he carried me till my back was pressed against a nearby wall.

"Shizu-chan..." I whispered, quietly into his ear as he entered me. He didn't say anything just continued to bury himself to the hilt. When he was fully sheathed inside me he started leaning down.

"Izaya." my name rolled ever so perfectly off his tongue. Our lips met in a small kiss our emotions all filled in that one simple kiss. I mostly felt his annoyance and rage for me but deep beneath all of his anger I tasted love. I gripped him tighter, pleasure burning hotly throughout my body, as Shizuo rolled his hips, his thick cock hitting my prostate.

"Mmm, Shizuo~!" I moaned, loudly, I only said his real name whenever I was gonna cum and he knew it, he kissed me again, slipping his tongue in my mouth when I moaned again. His thrusts sped up, and I knew he was close as well, his kiss became more aggressive and rough, and so did his thrusts.

"Shizuo-Chan ahh~!" I almost screamed his name, as he nailed my prostate with a well-aimed thrust. I saw white as I came, my cum landing on my chest and stomach. After just a few more moments I felt Shizuo's hot cum fill my insides, I moaned, softly at the sensation. I unwrapped my legs from his waist forcing my tired legs to support myself; we stood there not saying anything. I bended down grabbing my shirt, this is the part where he leaves... a pang went through my heart but I ignored it. When I looked over at him I saw that he only was in his pants and shirt his vest in his hand.

"Aren't you going to leave?" I asked, curious, he rubbed the back of his head, "I was wondering if I could stay..."

I stared at him with shock, "Stay? Why would you want to stay?"

"Well it is raining, and I don't feel like walking in the rain, or taking a taxi home," I opened my mouth to say something, but he stopped me "If you want me to leave then just say so," he growled slightly,

I stared at him for a moment before walking over to him, a smirk playing on my lips. "If you wanted another round you could have just asked Shizu-chan." I teased; he growled grabbing me around the waist pulling me closer.

"Do you want me to fuck your little ass till you can't walk?" he threatened.

"And if I do," I purred, rolling my hips against his, he let out a hiss of pleasure, grabbing me by my hair, yanking my head back my neck fully exposed.

"Then you're gonna get it," He bite into my neck, lapping at the wound with is tongue. I tangled my fingers into his thick blonde locks, closing my eyes. This is the only relationship I want.