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Izaya's point of view

I groaned my eyes lids drooping when I opened my eyes, my head hurt like hell, and my tongue felt dry and heavy in my mouth, I tried moving my wrists but something restricted them, the binding digging into my skin, but my legs weren't tied up at all, I was in a small room with a single light hanging from the single on a thin cord, that looked like it was about to snap at any moment.

Thank God, I thought, maneuvering into a sitting position my back leaning against the wall, I felt something wet on my back, and a metallic scent registered in my brain but before I could investigate the door opened.

"Ah finally you're awake, Izaya," Mr. Sasaki stood, smugly grinning, a lit cigar in his hand, I snorted I could already smell the stench of the smoke. "I hope you're comfortable,"a sneer lined every word, I gave a small cheeky grin.

"Oh I'm quite comfortable actually except for this hideous psychopath standing right in front of me," immediately his face went from smug to anger as stormed over to me bending down and gripping my chin a vice grip.

"I would shut your little mouth if I was you," he spat, some spit landing on my cheek, I grimaced on the inside but still held the grin on my lips.

"Me and you both know that's impossible." he left go of my chin, slapping me hard, I felt a burning sensation from where his hand contacted but he didn't stop there instead of another slap he rained down punches, I lifted my arms over my face trying to block them I couldn't see what he was doing but suddenly they stopped, I waited for a few more moments then slowly removed my arms. Big mistake. Like lightning his hand shot out grabbing my hair, he pulled forcing me to stand, my eyes watered as his hand tightened even more.

"Listen hear you little piece of shit," he snarled, bringing our faces even closer till our noses were touching. "You have no idea how hard it is not to kill you right now,"

"Then why don't you?" We both knew I had a point if he hated me with his entire being then he has the power to end me here and now, hell why didn't he just finish me back in that damn hotel room?
He just stared at me, his lips curling into a knowing grin, then he started laughing, it was a cold laughter that sent a feeling of dread down my spine.

"You're so naive Izaya," he chuckled, "As much as it pains me to say I need you just for a little longer until I get what I want,"

I gave him a confused look "Why would you need me?"

That damn smug grin grew even more, "I know about a little friend of yours that does by the name of 'The Black Rider'," My heart froze How did he found out about me and Celty?!

"I've heard about the 'The Black Rider' but you're mistaken if we're friends or anything," I lied.

"You can try and lie all you want Izaya but it's not going to work at all," he let go of my hair shoving me back down on my ass, gritting my teeth I contained the small noise of pain in the back of my throat.

"What do you want with 'The Black Rider'?"

"Experimenting of course she's a supernatural force that no one has ever seen before," his eyes gleamed with excitement. "Just picture want we could learn from her the things that could be done that hasn't been done before!"

I snorted, did he seriously think she'd be that easy to capture? "How do you plan on capturing her anyway?"

He chuckled, tossing his cigar to the ground crushing it with his foot "I would hate to ruin the surprise," turning on his heel he walked toward the door then stopped in the doorway. "Try not to get too comfortable," I had a feeling I knew what he meant,then he was left. I leaned my head against the wall heaving a heavy sigh, I felt the wetness again, furrowing my eyebrows I sat up a bit and looked behind me, regretting it immediately. Blood splattered the wall covering almost every inch of it, the earlier metallic scent seemed much stronger now making me gag, I closed my eyes trying to picture myself somewhere else. I pictured myself in Shizu-chan's apartment laying down in his bed, I could almost smell the cigarettes he always smokes and that scent that's just pure Shizuo. I felt my eyes tear up as I felt arms so real wrap around me.

"Izaya," his voice so real it hurt...I heard the door open, opening my eyes I saw two guys in expensive business suits, but I knew they weren't here just for business.

"You guys better not bore me," one smirked pulling out a knife from one of his pockets the other cracking his knuckles.

"Oh we won't, It's just a shame we can't use our favourite toys," the one on the left said, then they advanced.


Shizuo's point of view

Godamn that damn flea! I cursed, chewing the inside of my lip, Aiko sat to my right watching me also biting her lip.

"Are you ok Shizuo?" she asked concern lacing ever word, Aiko came from a small town a few good hours away from Ikebukuro, I met her about a 5 months ago when I was with Tom collecting debts and she happened to be one of the many who were on his list. She was really quiet and easily intimidated, she also wasn't able to pay the debt at the current moment, usually I would have gone all berserk on any other person, but I felt bad for her so I didn't, I guess she thought I was some kind of saint because just before I left she handed me a piece of paper with her number scribbled on it, and asked me if I could show her the ropes of Ikebukuro some time. We've been friends ever since."Yeah just bothered.." I muttered, staring ahead.

There was a few moments of silence then she spoke again in a tiny voice, "Can I ask what it is?" I just shook my head.

"I don't really want to talk about it,"

"Oh..Is it that guy from before?" I turned and looked at her.

"What guy?"

"The guy in the fur jacket that was staring at you earlier,"

"Listen Aiko I know you're trying to be nice but-," she pressed a finger against my lips interrupting me.

"Shizuo I like you I really do but I know you don't feel the same," I open my mouth to object but I closed it, she was right I didn't feel the same in a sense I was just using her to find a way to move on, and she saw that. "And I know the real reason why you got together with me.."

I looked into her hazel eyes, that were filled with hurt, "Then why did you say yes?"

She bit her lip, running a hand through her hair, "I was hoping that maybe you could really have feelings for me one day..But that's not going to happen," the knife of guilt stabbed my gut and twisted, I shouldn't have done that to her but I guess it was too late to fix anything.

"I'm sorry," an apology was all I could offer as she stood up and slung her purse over her shoulder.

"It's fine..I'll see you," she gave me a smile and started to leave but stop and looked back at me "I hope things work out for you..." then she turned and walked away, swept away by the crowd of people.

Nice job Shizuo! I growled at myself, lighting a cigarette and put it in my my mouth taking a long drag, then blowing it out from the corner of my mouth slowly. BEEP! BEEP! I heard and felt my phone go off in the front pocket of my pants, pulling it out I looked at it.

I'm at the park meet me here. It was from Celty I just sighed and texted back.

On my way. I stood and made my way through the crowd, there was a lot more people when it was getting darker than it was during the day but it wasn't a problem people knew who I was and they knew to stay out of my way. It took about half an hour until I got to the park, there was barely any people when I arrived just maybe five or four, but I wasn't interested in them until I saw two teenage boys by the swing set. One had shaggy blonde hair like mine maybe a bit lighter, with amber eyes that beamed with happiness at the other boy. The second boy had black hair and black eyes, a hint of pink shading his cheeks as the blonde leaned down and kissed the other's cheek, I looked away from the scene walking a bit faster even though I tried not to think about it; it still came anyway, it hurt to see those boys that looked so much like me and Izaya, it reminded me of what I didn't have and what I wanted so badly but I couldn't have. I shoved it away locking up the emotions bubbling up as I saw Celty leaning up against a tree arms crossed over her chest, looking down at the ground, when she heard my footsteps approaching she looked up.

"Hey," I said causally, standing in beside her, she continued to look at me for a moment the she took our her phone slowly texting, and when she was done she held it up for me to see.

Shizuo..I think we should talk.

"Sure about what?" I had a feeling I already knew what it was about.

Izaya. Yup I snorted, digging my foot into the ground.

"We don't need to talk about anything ok," I growled slightly, "We can just stand here and enjoy the evening,"

No we can't I know things with you and Izaya have been really tough right now but he needs you.

I laughed Need me? he doesn't need me at all! "Celty that's where-," she shoved her phone in front of my face interrupting me.

Shizuo! For once can't you just see beyond how much he's hurt you just for a moment? I know that's hard to do but just trust me Izaya really does need you and if you don't come right now you're going to lose him forever!

I stared at her eyes wide, I could tell she was being serious, but how much could Izaya be in trouble anyway? I know he probably has made a lot of enemies maybe one of them has decided they wanted a taste of revenge. But if that was all then why did Celty need my help?

"Why can't you do it by yourself? I mean you can control shadows, I would only get in your way," she looked away, clenching her phone in a tight grip then she loosened it, typing.

I can't do this alone..so will you help? she looked up me the sun reflecting off the glass of her helmet, I couldn't say no. Not if Izaya's life was at risk and not even Celty could do it by herself, but I wasn't going to let her know that, even though I had a pretty good guess she already knew that.

"Fine..But don't expect anything to change between me and Izaya got it,"

Anything can happen Shizuo. Her phone disappeared down her sleeve in a blink of an eye, then she climbed onto her motorcycle revving the engine loudly, the loud, wild neigh of a horse hidden in the roar of the motor. Tossing the cigarette to the ground I put it out with my foot twisting it into the ground, the amber light dieing out. I took the spare helmet that she now held out, then I climbed on behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. Revving the engine again she sped onto the road, leaving a cloud of dust behind us, she easily flew past any vehicle that stood in her way, people on the side walks stared mouths gaping in wonder, then soon they became a blur.

I'm coming Izaya...

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