The Dragon cat

In a land know as Skyrim, in the far north reaches of Tamriel, there was a man. His name was Shabaza. Shabaza was an average Skooma dealer. Little did he know that his dealing would lead him to an ultimate destiny. A destiny that would end the war between the Stormcloaks and Imperials.

One day Shabaza was doing his usual rounds in Solitude. "Shabaza has many goods yes? Would this one like to purchase some of Shabazas fine goods?" "Listen Shabaza, this is your last warning, that life is behind me now, try and tempt me again and I will tell the guards about you!" Shabaza looked shocked, Hoag was usually calm tempered but today he seemed agitated, and on edge. "What is wrong Hoag friend? Has Shabaza done wrong?" Hoag stared blankly for a short while then spoke "Yes there is something wrong. Recently while I have been out hunting I have been seeing strange flying figures in the sky. I'm scared to go out now after I saw one kidnap a goat." "Ahh yes, Shabaza has seen these. Shabaza will go hunting for you today yes? For money hmm?" "Yes Shabaza, that would be nice. Please, watch yourself out there" So Shabaza departed.

2 hours later, Shabaza was skinning a deer when suddenly, a huge screech could be heard. Shabaza looked up, and saw one of the flying beasts. Shabaza froze in fear as it landed infront of him. It stared into his eyes, and he stared back. Something clicked and Shabaza walked closer. Shabaza slowly caresed the creatures face, with a warm feeling in his heart, Shabaza put his head against the creatures. "Shabaza has not felt love like this for many years" The dragons tounge fell out, and slowly went up his body, brushing his penis. Shabaza looked shocked, but he also enjoyed it. "Do it again" and it obeyed. Shabaza dropped his breaches and let his furry penis go free. the dragon put its mouth around it and started moving forward and backwards slowly. Shabaza was screaming with joy. Shabaza then proceded to go round the back of the dragon, and insert his penis into it. The fucked for 5 min straight untill shabaza ran round the front of the Dragon and cummed all over its face "AHHHH YEEESSSS" shabaza screamed. after a few minuets the dragon groaned, shabaza went to put his penis in for more but the dragon bit it, lifted shabaza into the air, then ate him. The dragon licked the cum off its face, then flew back into the mountains.