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Summary: Voldemort has won the war...Harry's dead, and Ron might be too. Hermione's all on her own as mudbloods are being sold as slaves to rich purebloods. It's Hermione's time, and Draco buys her for his own.

Warnings: Cursing, non-con, abuse

Draco was milling about the crowded building, waiting for the auction to start. He glared at a man who ran into him, a disgusted look appearing on his face as a man bumped into him. He dusted off his clean robes, looking appalled. He was really only coming for one reason. Her. He took a seat and crossed his legs casually, ordering a drink as the bidding started. He took a sip of his drink and nearly choked at the stale taste as a scantily clad red head was dragged out. She had some fight left in her. She was gone in seconds for a 435 galleons. Draco wasn't interested as a tall blond, a medium height brunette or a short ginger girl were pulled out and sold. He had only one interest. He looked up with interest when he heard her number called, and smirked to himself when he saw her dragged out. She looked worse than he thought. Her frizzy hair was tangled and she was covered in cuts and bruises. Her clothes were torn and dirty, barely covering her skin and bones frame. Hermione Granger. She was definitely wanted now. The best friend of the former Boy Who Lived? That was the grand prize... He smirked as the bidding started.

"500 galleons!" someone shouted. Draco rolled his eyes. This was child's play.

"550 galleons." he called in a lazy drawl.

"675 galleons!" another fired back.

"700 galleons." Draco shot back easily.

The bidding continued for nearly 15 minutes when Draco called out,

"2,000 galleons!" and the bidding was over. He was hers. The man latched a collar onto her and pushed her into the back. Draco smirked, getting to his feet to go pick up his purchase.

Hermione's head hung low, causing her knotted mane to cover her dirty face. Every inch of her body ached, but it was nothing compared to the empty feeling she felt inside. Even after she stopped putting up fights, she was still beat. Beat worse and harder than any of the other muggleborns. She knew why. It was only too obvious. She was Hermione Granger. The late Harry Potter's best friend. Part of the Golden Trio. They all knew who she was. They all knew she was more intelligent than them. That angered them. Her kind was not allowed to be smart any longer. They were lower than dirt, here to please the purebloods.
A large man with yellow teeth dragged her out of the cage she had been stuffed in and into a spacious room with many hollering voices. She did not look up. She did not have to look up to know where she was and what was happening. It was her time to be auctioned.
She did not know how long she stood swaying on the stage. The voices calling out made no sense to her. She could not hear them, could not understand them. Nothing made sense anymore.
Before she knew it she was again being hauled away by the dirty man with rotten teeth. Her hands were shackled, leaving nasty indents in her flesh. Her feet were bare and badly sore. She could feel grime all over her body, desperately wishing she could wash up to spare herself the infections that were bound to come to her open wounds.
The man left her there, standing back stage. She knew she was waiting here for her new 'master'... For her new life.
Her parents had been killed...even though she had done all she could to protect them...
Erasing their memories just wasn't enough. Voldemort wanted to make sure none of the muggleborns had an escape so he ordered for their families to be killed gruesomely. Hermione remembered the photos she was forced to look at...all the blood...her mother's pained eyes.

Draco came into the back with a smirk, strolling past the cages of mudbloods. He was being very careful to avoid getting his robes dirty. He would hate to sully his robes with this filth. He smiled to himself as he approached the back. He saw Hermione being looked over and smiled kindly at her. As he approached her. "Hello, Granger. I believe it's been awhile since I've seen you last. You look utterly horrible." he said with feigned sweetness as he snatched the collar and leash from the man and put them tight around her neck. "I hope you're worth what I paid for, otherwise I'd hate to have to put you down." he said with a happy tone in his voice. He smiled, but it didn't reach his cold, hard eyes.

Hermione strongly believed that nothing more in this world could surprise her, but when she heard the cold, drawling voice, that familiar voice, she knew was wrong. She lifted her head, her tired, puffy eyes meeting his instantly. Draco Malfoy was the one who 'bought' her? She was utterly stunned; shocked. He quickly slapped the tight collar around her neck, making her gasp for air and claw at the device, trying to peel it away from her flesh. How could he do this?! Participate in this?!

Draco hooked the leash onto her collar and dragged her roughly along. "You're being quiet for once, Granger." he sneered, purposely jerking on the collar to make things rougher for him. "I know I can get you to be louder." his voice was threatening, but it had a bit of a playful tone. He frowned when he noticed her clawing at the device. "Now now, Granger. Don't try to take your collar off. After all, how would they know who owns you then?" he said sweetly.

Hermione glared at him, absolutely livid. "Own me?" she panted out, trying to breathe properly with the collar crushing her throat. "Nobody owns me." she hissed through barred teeth. She knew things were different now, and a few moments ago she was ready to give up and face facts...but not now. Not knowing Malfoy had been the one to 'purchase' her.

"Oh sweetie, I do own you. I have the paperwork and everything." he said innocently, jerking brutally on the collar. He grabbed her and pulled her against him, smirking down at her. "But don't worry. Behave and I will be quite kind." he said in a soft menacing voice, suddenly apparating back to the old Malfoy Manor.

Hermione stumbled once her sore feet hit solid ground. She eyed the large room, instantly knowing where she was. She had been here once before and she still had the scar to prove it.
She glanced over at Draco, her flashing eyes never once leaving his face. Draco cheerfully tugged her along to his bedroom. "It's a shame to see you all covered in dirt. Would you like to clean up?" he said sweetly, pushing her towards the bathroom.

Hermione frowned at him as he pushed her into a room, again causing her to stumble. With her body aching, she didn't have the best balance. She saw the bathroom however and found herself forgetting the pain in her feet. It was beautiful! Lovely! Luxurious! The floor was all marble, along with the walls. There was a gorgeous, glass shower and a large porcelain jet tub. Draco lightly pushed her against the wall, pinning her there and pressing his lips against hers in a bruising kiss. She was easily trapped. She was thin and practically starved. He broke away after a few moments, a smirk on his face. "Now, you can use whatever you want in here as long as you properly ask for it." he said kindly, though his kindness was obviously feigned.

Hermione's slight excitement instantly faded when she was pushed to the wall and kissed by Malfoy. She gasped angrily, wanting nothing more than to slap him. "It would be nice if you'd give me some privacy in here." she hissed.

"You don't have to be so prudish, Granger. Just ask me kindly, and then you can go use anything you want in here." he offered her, making it seem like the deal of a lifetime. "Otherwise I'll chain you down in the dungeons."

Hermione frowned at him, looking away and staring at the elegant tub with a hunger in her eyes. A hunger for warm, bubbly water. A hunger for cleanliness.
"May I please take a bath?" she asked in a innocent voice, still gazing at the tub. He grinned smugly.

"Of course you can." he chuckled, pushing her back a step towards the tub. He made absolutely no move to leave the bathroom though. He instead leaned against the wall and adjusted his robes to make himself more comfortable.

Hermione stood there, a ghost of a smile touching her lips for the first time in months. She was just about to turn the water on until she realized Malfoy hadn't left the bathroom yet. She turned around to meet his gaze and frowned, crossing her arms and making no further moves.

"Do you mind?" she finally said after a long pause. Draco grinned.

"I don't mind at all." he said with a smirk, leaning himself comfortably against the wall. "I might bring a chair..." he mused aloud for Hermione to hear. He made a little gesture for her to continue. He rather enjoyed being in control of her now...

Hermione's eyes narrowed.

"Would you please leave?" she asked almost desperately. She wanted nothing more than a long, hot bath and he was ruining it! There was no way in hell she was undressing in front of him.

Draco shook his head.

"Either I stay in here, or I take you down to the dungeons. Which would you like? There's plenty of rats down in the dungeons to keep you company. If you obey, I'll even give you a nice warm bed." he feigned a kind smile. Hermione tore her eyes away from him, too angry and disgusted to look any longer. The bastard! She mentally cursed him in her mind as she started the bath, adding hot water and making sure to add many bubbles so he couldn't see her once she was in. She waited for the tub to fill halfway before slipping out of her torn jeans. She stared down at the floor, pretending he was not there. She ripped her old shirt off as well, leaving herself in nothing but a bra and underwear. She remained staring down, hesitant to remove the rest of her clothing. She had never been this vulnerable in front of a man before. And this was not just any man. This was Draco Malfoy!

Draco growled in frustration, pushing himself off the wall and walking over to her. He roughly tugged her bra and underwear off, looking over her naked form and getting a bit hard.

"Damn, Granger. I didn't really realize how much those school robes hid from me." he smirked at her, giving her a bit of a shove towards the tub.

Hermione cried out in anger, quickly slipping into the bathtub and sinking below the bubbles.

"Bastard..." she mumbled, glaring at him as she pulled all the bubbles closer, even covering her cleavage. "You didn't have to do that!" she spat. "Now, would you please go? The show is over." she hissed.

"Oh the show is just beginning, Granger." he said with a soft chuckle, tousling her hair. "Now clean up." he turned and nearly floated away back over to the wall. He leaned against the wall, making himself comfortable as he watched her. She really was quite gorgeous. If she got back to a healthy weight again, she'd be very good looking.

Hermione frowned at him, but the hot water was all too soothing to ignore. She leaned back, closing her eyes and relaxing for a moment.

"If you insist on staying, I can't stop you." she spat, hardly moving a muscle. "But I'm going to relax first. I'm sorry if you get bored." she said, rolling her eyes to herself. She needed this and she was not going to rush for anyone.

Draco got up, walking over to the tub. He grabbed her by the arms and hauled her out, bringing her onto his lap. He didn't care that he was getting his pants soaked. he moved her around so she was straddling him, his hard member pressing against her.

"You want to be like that, be like that." he hissed coldly, leaning over to kiss softly at her neck. He'd rather her enjoy it and feel worse later.

Hermione squealed, instantly slapping him as she struggled to get lose. "Get off of me!" she shouted, smacking at his chest repeatedly. "Let me go!" she cried in a panic.

He held her tightly so she couldn't leave and nipped at her neck, bringing her down to grind against his crotch. He knew he would break her eventually.

Hermione tensed, pushing at him, trying to pull away. She wanted to be back in the warm water, away from contact with him.

"Stop!" she squeaked, trying to claw at his face. Draco grabbed her hands to stop her and started to undo his jeans.

"Just relax, beautiful. You can enjoy this." he laughed, grabbing her hand and bringing it down to grip his hard member. He groaned quietly.

Hermione froze when she saw he was undoing his jeans. She quickly put up a fight, terrified. She felt him place something long and hard in her hand. She instantly turned her head away and squeezed her eyes shut.

He dug his nails into her thigh with one hand and reached to stroke her clit with his other hand so he could get her wet.

"Now relax." he ordered her harshly, slowly sliding one finger into her. He'd done this before and knew if they enjoyed it, they'd feel even guiltier later.

Hermione gasped, her back instantly arching and her body beginning to shake. She held her breath, squeezing her eyes tighter.

"No, stop..." she breathed out, leaning into him as he mind began spinning. Draco smirked and held her against him, slowly sliding his finger in and out of her. He made especially sure to carefully stroke her g-spot.

"See? It isn't so bad." he said in an almost singsong voice.

Hermione was already beginning to pant. No! No she wanted him to stop! This was not right! He had no right to do this! She was breathless and her back arched further, a quiet moan escaping her pale lips as her head relaxed against his shoulder.

"Don't, Malfoy..." she murmured hazily.

Draco smirked and pulled his fingers out, grabbing her hips and slowly sliding his rock hard dick into her now wet pussy. He groaned in pleasure, burying his face in her neck.

"Fuck, Granger...you're tight..." he mumbled softly, grabbing her hips and starting to bounce her up and down on his member to make her ride him.

Hermione's eyes snapped open. This didn't feel very good. She cried out, beginning to struggle again, trying to push him out of her. He was huge! She had never done this before!

"No!" she shouted. "Stop it!"

He grabbed her and forced her still.

"Granger, sit still!" he barked at her, his nails digging into her back. He wasn't kidding about this. He carefully reached down to stroke her clit to get her wetter.

Hermione squeezed her eyes closed again, limply falling against him. She gripped onto his shirt, trying to relieve some of the pain.

"I h-hate you." she whimpered, clenching her jaw and trying to breathe evenly.

Draco held still, allowing her to adjust.

"Oh I know you hate me. That makes it all the better." he said softly, leaning down to gently kiss and nip at the girl's pale neck, licking and sucking to leave a bright red mark.

Hermione wanted to hit him like she did in third year. Third year when he was just another annoying school boy...before all of this monstrosity hit the wizarding world. She kept her forehead on his shoulder, her womanhood beginning to adjust and the pain beginning to subside.

Draco started to bounce her up and down on his cock again, bringing her down on him. He groaned in pleasure. She was still extremely tight around him. He slowly made her ride him, making sure to hit her g-spot, wanting her to enjoy this.

Hermione gripped onto his broad shoulders for support. She didn't understand why the pain had stopped or why she was beginning to go along with this. But the longer she thought about it, the more she realized she was starting to enjoy this. That thought scared her silly. This was not willing, this was rape! How could she possibly be enjoying this?

Every time Draco's long finger stroked her clit, she shuddered, her woman juices leaking out and making her lower area wet. The more he did this, the better all of this became. She tossed her head back, letting a soft moan erupt from her.

Draco smirked when he heard her moan, and started to bring her down on his dick harder. It'd been awhile since Draco'd been with really anyone. No one really measured up to his expectations these days. Hermione was everything he could've wanted though. She was that perfect mix of broken, but still fighting.

He buried his face in her neck to muffle a groan as he brought her down, thrusting his large cock up into her whenever he brought her down so he could go deeper into her.

Hermione bit her lip, trying to stiffle her moans. She was disgusted with herself. She was giving in, showing weakness. Her hips began to willing lift, only to slam right back down on him, feeling his shaft hit her core. Shuddering, she gripped his shoulder hard enough to leave bruises. She couldn't believe she was liking this. She could not believe she was actually riding him without a care.

Draco smirked, not even having to do any work now. This was almost boring how easy it was. He tilted his head back and groaned in pleasure, his body relaxed. He kept his grip on her hips tight so she couldn't run off, but she was the one doing all the work. He did however help slam herself down onto him. It was totally silent except for the sounds of Hermione's panting breaths, the sound of skin slapping skin, and Draco quieter groans and gasps for breath. Within her loud moans, there were tiny whimpers. Whimpers for help, whimpers of confusion. She was confused. Confused with herself. Why was she doing this?

However, these wonders did not slow her down. She continued to ride herself up and down his large cock, her breasts bouncing delicately as she came down hard, crying out. Her hands tangled in his hair, pulling it angrily. She was indeed angry in the mix of all her emotions.

Draco cried out in pleasure as she came around him, her walls collapsing and tightening around his member. He thrust brutally into her for a few more minutes before he released into her, spasming for a moment before stilling. He kept her on top of, breathing slowly. He finally lifted her off of him and set her into the tub.

"I knew you'd enjoy it, Granger." he said with a smirk, pulling his trousers up and kissing her hair.

Hermione collapsed in the tub, the water still warm. It stung her sore lower area. Her heavy lids shut as she inhaled large quantities of air, trying to take a proper breath. After a few minutes of silent breathing, she opened her eyes and looked up at him as he dressed.

"I didn't want that." she hissed breathlessly. Draco grinned and let out a bark of laughter.

"You certainly seemed to like her." he snorted, grabbing her chin and making her meet his eyes. He brushed his lips against hers and nipped at her bottom lip. "Now finish cleaning up, beautiful." he crooned, turning and drifting out of the bathroom.

Hermione glared at the door, feeling absolutely livid with herself. How could she?! She was so stupid! This wouldn't happen again...she would makes sue of that. She closed her eyes again, deciding not to dwell right now as she drifted off into a light, relaxing sleep.

Draco came back after nearly 45 minutes and saw her asleep. He smirked to himself and picked her up, lifting her out of the tub. He grabbed a fluffy towel, starting to dry the girl off.

Hermione nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt someone touching her.

"No! No! Leave me alone!" she screamed, beginning to swing her fists. She was shaking and pale, absolutely terrified. There were tears seeping from her closed eyes. Suddenly she opened her eyes and found herself looking at Malfoy. She was still in the luxurious bathroom. "Ohh.." she breathed out, instantly stilling and dropping her hands at her side's.

Draco raised his eyebrows and shook his head at her.

"Idiot." he grumbled, finishing toweling her off. He grabbed a pile of clothing beside her and started to dress her. He pulled the bra and underwear on first; they were lacy and black. He'd bought them especially for her. He then tugged the dress on over her head. It was sheer cloth and completely see through. It barely even covered her arse.

Hermione said nothing as he dressed her. She wondered if she would always be like this... The death eaters had ruined her, making her fearful. Whenever she slept in her cage, they would toy with her ... Ripping her out to beat and torture her. The often threatened rape but they were not allowed. All the girls sold at the auctions were mostly virgins, and cost more for that reason.

She glanced down once the dress was on, a horrid look coming across her face. "You actually think I'm going to wear this whore costume?" she asked bitterly. Draco just shook his head and smirked at her.

"It's not a whore costume. Believe me, it's definitely not. You are going to wear this and you're going to be grateful. Otherwise, you don't get anything to wear." he snapped sharply at her, glaring threateningly at her. Hermione's eyes narrowed, her lips parting to protest, but she bit her tongue and held it in.

"Very well." she growled, deciding that this tiny bit of fabric was better than nothing.

Draco picked the collar back up and latched it on her neck. This one was slimmer and made of black leather. He looked her up and down, smirking.

"You look absolutely stunning." he mumbled.

Hermione hissed when the collar was slapped on, digging into her skin. She ignored his compliment. She really didn't care what he thought of her. She hated him.

"Do I really have to wear this ridiculous thing?" she snapped, tugging at the irritating leather. "I'm not a dog."

"Of course you have to wear it, pet. Otherwise, how would people know I own you?" he said sweetly, placing his hand on her back and propelling her out into the bedroom.

Hermione felt the urge to hit him. Pet? She despised pet names...especially when they were coming from Malfoy. She said nothing more, too annoyed to speak as she stepped into the bedroom. She eyed the large room, taking in ever elegant feature. Even the ceiling with its high beams and fancy arches was beautiful. Draco smirked at her and grasped her hand, making her do a little twirl.

"You look utterly gorgeous." he chuckled, running his hands absentmindedly over her slender body. "You're a little bit on the skinny side though..." he commented with a frown.

Hermione frowned, pulling her hand from his fiercely. "You'd be too if you were starved for weeks." she spat. "It's because of people like you that I'm 'a bit on the skinny side'." she said, crossing her arms and frowning at him. He sighed and his hand flashed out to brutally slap her across the mouth.

"Now don't be like that." he said sweetly, though his silver eyes had a threatening sheen to them. He didn't like her mouthing off to him. It infuriated him.

Hermione gasped quietly, gripping onto her cheek.

"You...you!" she stammered, searching for the right word. Even after all the beatings she took, she could never EVER get used to the idea that Draco Malfoy could slap her around! It was absurd! She was supposed to slap /him/ around, like she did at school. Tears of anger rose in her eyes and her teeth clenched. "I can't even think of anything bad enough to call you." she hissed, stroking her throbbing cheek. He looked furious and slapped her again, sending her to the ground.

"Now shut your mouth, beautiful. I'd hate to strike you again." he snarled angrily at her, grabbing her arm and hauling her to her feet. He shoved her onto the bed and was on top of her in seconds, pinning her down. "Would you like a repeat of earlier?" he hissed in her ear.

Hermione glared up at him. Tears ran down her face, streaking her cheeks and stinging them. She couldn't believe this... Slowly, she shook her head, her glaring eyes never straying from his. Draco loosened his grip on her and leaned down to gently kiss her tears away. He was treating her with much kindness, but it was on and off. He was treating her more like a pet than a human being. Hermione closed her eyes, turning her face from his direction. Was this going to be an everyday thing? These mood swings? This treatment? She did not deserve this! Why was he doing this to her? All for a school vendetta?

He knew it was getting late and got up off of her.

"Don't try to run. All the doors and windows are locked." he warned her, getting undressed in front of her. He pulled his pajama bottoms on and didn't bother to put a shirt on. He vanished his pile of clothes with a flick of his wand and lay back down beside Hermione, putting his arms around Hermione.

Hermione watched him as he undressed and got back into bed. He wrapped his heavy arms around her, making her want to scratch at his hands like an angry cat who does not wish to be bothered. She didn't thought. Why cause more trouble? What was the point? He would win that battle too.

Draco kept his arms around Hermione in a tight, but relaxed and almost kind grip. He buried his face in her neck, closing his eyes. He intertwined his legs with hers so they were both pressed against each other. His eyes were tightly closed and he started to fall asleep.

Hermione stayed awake for some time, staring around the large room. She almost pulled herself away from him, but decided against it. He was asleep and she would like to keep it that way. She was tired and sore..

Even though she really wished she weren't go close to him, she decided to just go to sleep and forget all this madness...

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