Persona 4: The Darkness of Hope

Chapter 1: Strange Dreams, No Memory.

"Welcome to the velvet room." A voice called out. As the image got clearer the young man saw an elderly man with an extremely large nose, his hands together under his large nose and his elbows on the blue table in front of him. He had pointed ears like an elf, a bald skull with white hair parting at the sides; he was sitting at the opposite end of some sort of limousine we were inside of that was devoured in blue. He was well dressed with a suit on and had a woman with light blond hair in her mid-twenties to the right of him, she held a book of some sorts and wore an attire of completely blue; her golden eyes which were slightly eerie because of the unnatural color made him feel uneasy with them gazing upon him.

'Is everything here color coded' the young man thought to myself in sarcasm as he glanced the room.

"Oh my, it seems our guest here today is quite an unexpected one indeed. Hmmmm , it seems you have quite an intriguing destiny. My name is Igor, and I am delighted to make your acquaintance. This place exists between dream, reality, mind, and matter…. It is a room in which only those who are bound by a "contract" may enter it may be that such a fate awaits you in the near future. Now then why don't you introduce yourself?" Igor looked up with his bulging eyes at the young man expectantly and spoke with a very polite manner despite his appearance.

"I … I don't know what my name is" the young man answered lost in thought as the two exclaimed expressions of shock.

"hmmm that is indeed troublesome and yet truly interesting. It seems as though many mysteries and adventures lay before you. If my instincts are correct you may just be the one with the greatest potential we've seen yet. Now let's take a look into your future, shall we?" Igor laid his hand on the blue table that sat in front of him and suddenly a blue light emanated from his hand and a deck of cards appeared underneath. As he laid out the cards in rows with just a wave of his hand he spoke again. "Do you believe in fortune telling? Each reading is done with the same cards, yet the result is always different…*chuckle* Life itself follows the same principles, doesn't it?" he pointed at the card in the top left corner and it flipped on its own. The card depicted a town being struck by lightning being destroyed as people fell from it to the ground. The guest couldn't believe what was happening before him anymore as his eyes widened in shock.

"Hm…. The tower in the upright position represents the immediate future. It seems a terrible catastrophe is imminent." Igor spoke about the revealed card

"The card indicating a future beyond that is…." The card in the upright corner flipped now revealing a crescent moon.

"The moon in the upright position, this card represents hesitation and mystery… very interesting indeed. It seems you will encounter a misfortune at your destination, and great mystery will impose itself upon you. In the coming days you will enter into a contract of some sort, after which you will return here. The coming year is a turning point in your destiny… if the mystery goes unsolved your future may be forever lost. My duty is to provide assistance to our guests to ensure that does not happen." As Igor waved again, all the cards disappeared.

"Ahh I neglected to introduce you to my assistants to you. This is Margaret she is resident of this place, like myself." Igor spoke as he motioned his hands to the women sitting beside him.

"My name is Margaret. I am here to accompany you through your journey." Margaret spoke very monotone-like.

"Nice to meet you two" The young man responded politely

We shall discuss the details later…..Until then farewell." The image faded into black. Soon the young man felt water quickly consume his face; as he awoke he gazed up at a storm in the sky as blue lighting struck the sky.

'Was it all just a dream, if so that was one weird dream.' The young man gripped his head as he rose from the ground.

"There you are Minato!" the young man heard a man yell in his direction from far away. As the man ran closer to he got a better look at him. He looked as if he was in his thirties; he wore a blue shirt with a red tie and a brown jacket, His face was unshaven and he had a stern look in his eyes.

"Minato we've been looking all over for you. You just got here from the city and you decide to go for a walk and lay down in front of the school for ours?! Geez, what's with kids today?" The older man lectured him "We were really worried about you" The little girl spoke holding onto the older man's underneath his umbrella. Her brown hair was in pigtails, and she wore a pink little dress. She had a very shy expression on her face and only seemed only about 5 or 6 years old.

Minato… that my name? … Wait…..why can't I still remember anything? ... and who are these two? Minato stared up at the man with his eyes wide open not sure how to respond.

"Don't tell me you forgot our names already? I mean we're family after all. But then again you haven't seen me since you were about nanako's age or maybe younger. Well I'm Ryotaro Dojima your uncle, Try not to forget it from now on, ok" Dojima said while rubbing the back of his head while a faint smile formed on his face.

"I…. umm I'm sorry I worried you" Minato responded unsure how to respond

"Forget about it, let's head home. Just don't do it again." Dojima slightly laughed as he started walking back. As he followed a girl passed him by when he heard her say he dropped something; he turned around to see a girl; she seemed to be about 16 or 17; she had pale skin, chin-length black hair, and gray eyes. Her face is slightly made-up, having shadowed eyes and light pink lipstick. She wore a sleeveless white shirt, a short black necktie with various safety pins and a checkered skirt along with matching red protective sleeves that extended up to her forearms. Her legs were covered in black and white striped stocking with tall black boots on her feet. Judging by the discontented expression on her face she didn't seem too friendly. She was holding what seemed to be holding a sort of flip lighter; a zippo. It was gold and had a picture of some sort of skull on the front of it.

Could this be a clue to my identity? Do I even smoke? Minato stumbled on the thought as he smiled and politely said thank you to the girl.

"Whatever, All I did was pick it up" The girl spoke as she continued to walk towards the school. The slightly cold response slightly threw him off a bit but he had to quickly run after Dojima before I lost sight of him. As he took off I heard the girl say to herself "So this is a school, huh"

Not too long after leaving the school in Dojima's car they stopped at the local gas station. Minato stepped out to look around at the surrounding curious of the town he arrived in.

"What can I do for you sir?" The gas attendant spoke to Dojima as he stepped out the car.

"Fill her up for me, thank you" Dojima responded when suddenly something tugged at his pant leg it was Nanako looking up at him with a slight expression of worry

"Dadd… I gotta go to the bathroom."

"Alright I'll walk you there…..Minato I'll be right back so don't wonder off again ok." Minato merely nodded in response.

"You're new here huh? Came in from the city? Sorry it's just new faces don't come very often here and everybody pretty much knows each other around here" The Gas attendant asked curiously at me.

"Yeah" Minato responded trying to avoid any unnecessary conversation of information he knew nothing about.

"Well it gets pretty boring out here in Inaba; so if you're ever looking for a part time job or anything we're always hiring even if you're a student." The gas attendant spoke as he extended his hand out for a handshake

"Just give it some thought k? Welcome to Inaba"

'So Inaba is the name of this town' Minato thought to himself as he replied with a thank you and shook his hand. As the gas attendant walked away Minato looked back out on the roads and the buildings along the road when suddenly his head started aching a ringing noise was blaring in his head as his hands began to shake and all color was flushed from his face; He gripped his head as his condition slowly returned to normal.

"Are you ok? Are you sick?" Minato turned around to see Nanako was the one asking the questions.

"Yeah I'm fine…I just need to relax for a bit" Minato smiled as to not worry the little girl.

"That's understandable. It must have been a long trip for you." Dojima said as he came back with a freshly lit cigarette in his mouth. He must have sent Nanako back to the car first so he could take some time to smoke.

When they arrived back at the house Minato took a look around a bit to get a feel for the house; it was covered in the shade of brown. The kitchen was simple; a table that was somewhat cluttered in close to the counters and refrigerator but there was still enough room for a few people to get to the counters and cook without a problem. The floors were made with a light and brown title and the windows were over the counter which seems to have a very nice view of the outside neighborhood. The kitchen led into the living room witch was a simple brown three seat couch and a traditional Japanese low table with a T.V over in the corner. The hallway to the right of the entrance led to the bathroom, Nanako's bedroom and a stairway leading up to another bedroom. There was also a hallway leading to Dojima's master bedroom and bathroom. He didn't choose to enter either bedroom simply out of respect and not to be nosy.

He took some time to relax and eat dinner with Dojima and Nanako. It was a nice greeting into the home of Dojima and Nanako as they had mention that as long as he's here he's part of the family. Dojima also asked about his family to which Minato responded with somewhat vague answers to avoid them catching on about his memory loss; though he had gain some insight on his life, it seems his parents are working overseas and they moved him here for a year. Though it troubled him somewhat how he suddenly got sick, is it possible that maybe he has some sort of medical condition. He dwelled on the though till he decided to dismiss it for now as nothing serious. A little while after dinner started Dojima received a call to which he informed Minato and Nanako that he had to leave and that he'll be back later.

"What's his job? To be going to work this late it must be pretty important huh" Minato began to play with his chopsticks a bit.

"He…. Ummm investigates crime scenes and stuff. He's a detective." Nanako glanced down at the table

"That's really cool, trying to solve crimes, and arresting the criminals." Minato grinned

"Yeah I guess" somewhat sadly, she grabbed the remote and paid attention to the T.V.

'Well that was a failed attempt to lighten the mood.' Minato drew a blank stare of disappointment.

On the T.V the local news network was discussing about some affair some big idols boyfriend had with a news anchor. A side from the names Minato didn't rly pay too much attention to the story but got the jist of it.

'I guess I'm not really into news or idols' Then he heard the little girl repeat something from a commercial

"Every day's great at your Junes" Nanako sung. Minato couldn't help but slightly smile for a bit then continue to eat.

After dinner he immediately went into the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. He was a bit shocked of what he saw but at the same time he wasn't sure of what to expect in the first place. He immediately noticed he had a full head of short, unruly, spiky pitch black hair, he had sharp angular green eyes and was fair skinned.

'So this is what I look like? Huh' Minato rubbed his chin. He estimated he stood about 6ft tall; He patted his hands down his upper body and sensed something weird under the dark blue shirt he was wearing. He took his shirt off to notice aside from being pretty well build, that there was a big scar etched across his heart. As he got closer to the mirror he examined that there were three small circular scars just underneath the huge one.

'What the.. It's as if I was shot and then slashed by a sword! Just what did I do before losing my memory! Well at least I have an estimate on my physical abilities.' Minato quickly ran up the stairs to his room.

He scowered rapidly through the boxes of his belongs. After emptying almost every box on the floor in a mess he found a small notebook. The book was full of math problems and other school related stuff at the top of the pages was the name "Minato Tenma". Underneath the book he had just picked up was a picture; it was of him, an older woman, and an older man. Judging from the way they're arms are around him and similarities in facial features he knew these had to be his parents. Judging from the parents he must be of American-Japanese decent because the father clearly looked American while his mother was Japanese.

'Dammit… ok so I know my name, and I know what my supposed parents look like but why can't I remember I damn thing? Maybe I should just tell Dojima I have memory loss and get help somewhere…. No that won't cut it, I'm not just gonna sit on my ass in some facility for who knows how long. I don't know if it's because I'm in an unknown area or the amnesia, but I have this uneasy feeling that this is unnatural for me. This body, these people, and even my name, but … why? I need to get to the bottom of what happened to me before I awoke on the ground in front of the school. Until I find some clues about this I have no choice but to live out this pseudo feeling life for now.' He flipped his lighter in his hand looking up at the ceiling before finally falling asleep.

Minato found himself standing on red plated path surrounded in a deep creepy fog. Minato looked down as he felt his hands were already wrapped around something; he was shocked to see he was holding two katanas firmly grasped in his hands. The Tsuka (handle of the katana) of the right katana was covered in blue Ito(braid) and had black Same' (ray skin) underneath the Ito, the Tsuba (guard) was white, and had a very intricate design of what seemed like wings engraved in the circle. The blade was a bright ivory color matching the Tsuba, was made of sturdy metal, seemed brand-new and there was Japanese writing in gold on the Shinogi-Ji (flat section), the words read "Kami no Ikari" meaning divine wrath. The blade in the left had was almost inversive in color; the tsuka was covered in a red Ito and a black Same' while the Tsuba was black with spikes jagging out from the circle and engraved with snakes on it; The blade was pitch black with red almost blood looking Japanese writing on the Shinogi-Ji reading "Kurayami no naka de ushinawareta" roughly meaning lost in darkness. Minato was wearing a blood red jacket outlined in black with gold kanji on the back forming his name written with the kanji to stand for demon. Underneath he had is Yasogami High uniform with the black jacket open revealing his white buttoned shirt.

"Do you seek the "truth"? Well if you seek it then come find me!" a deep muffled voice shouted across the fog in a mocking tone. Minato continued down the path that lye before him. Hearing the same voice mocking him get louder and louder; he sprinted down the path with the thought he was getting closer. He arrived at a door of some sorts this door was completely overlaid in a spiraling black and red design. "Well what are you waiting for?" the voice spoke as Minato put his hand on the door unlocking it.

"So you're the one seeking me?" What appeared before Minato was puzzling to him; it was a silhouette of a giant man standing before him.

"Well try all you want, but how can a man who doesn't even know the truth about himself ever hope to find the "Truth" through this fog?" The giant said in his mocking tone. Minato quickly lunged at his opponent swinging both his arms down to slice his opponent but his blades seemingly phased right through him. Noticing the shadow was still behind him he proceeded to rapidly swing his blades on silhouette but to no avail. The fog quickly grew thicker erasing all sight of the opponent.

"So you could still see me, despite the fog. Hmmm Interesting" The silhouette suddenly wasn't visible at all. Minato tried a few more time attacking through the fog but to no avail.

"Everyone sees what they want to… and the fog only deepens. Hmm will we meet again? In a place other than here; I look forward to it." The silhouette's voice got farther and farther as Minato seemingly lost consciousness.

The next day Minato awoke and figured out what he saw was just a dream. Two strange dreams in a row; he can't shake this uneasy feeling that these dreams might mean something important as he gets ready for school. Minato buttoned his white shirt and threw his school jacket over it he refused to button it as he felt uncomfortable with it that way. He stared in the mirror in his room realizing this is pretty much going to be what he wears for the rest of the year.

'Hopefully the teachers won't be pissed about the slight wardrobe change'

The weather said it would be foggy outside for the majority of the day today. He looked at the calendar for the first time to see what month it was it read April 12th 2011. He got down stairs and noticed Nanako was cooking breakfast but no Dojima in sight. The table was set with two plates, with fresh French toast, eggs and bacon. The aroma of the freshly cooked breakfast was enticing.

"Good morning" Nanako said cheerfully.

"Where's your dad Nanako-chan?" Minato asked.

"There was some sort of trouble, he won't be back." Nanako seemed disappointed. Minato took a seat before he could think of anything to say Nanako spoke.

"Today's you're first day of school right? My school is in the same direction let's walk to school together." Time passed as they ate and Nanako walked with him about halfway until she had to stop and go to her school.

On the rest of his way to school he heard someone sounding like they were panicking from a distance behind him. When the sound caught up with him he noticed it was some kid struggling to ride what must be a broken bike. The kid ended up crashing into a pole and took a pretty hard hit to his groin area as he hunched over in pain. Minato just continued to walk without a second thought as there was nothing he could do to help.

'Soo… High school starts now,huh. Well I can take it's a caste system somewhat, given students always like to pick on other students and then there are always arrogant stuck up ones that think they are better than everyone else, judging everyone….man I hate that the most. Almost all people are two faced some I will admit some are better than others but the worst of the worst are the ones who walk over others, two faced to many, and do what they want and have to in order to get there way, in other words spoiled to the bone; I'm not surprised that many people are like that. With this society built around social networking have a Pseudo-celebrity complex built on by the attention of others, the more people want to focus only on the materialistic and vanity of oneself the inside will decay leaving a broken corpse inside a lovely coffin. Though this does not apply to everyone I can't help but see the broken path human kind is slowly following down.' Suddenly a feeling of emptiness overcame him.

'This feeling it's slightly familiar to me…..hmm soo this is apathy. Ok maybe I'm being a bit more pessimistic than I'd like to be; still I'd like to go spend time at school isolated and unnoticed for now' A permanent scowl appeared on his face as he was consumed with irritation

He arrived at the large steel gates of the school in which Minato took a second to look up at the three story building he was going to from now on. The building was a tan-ish white color, the windows gazed into the class rooms filled with desks. The front courtyard was spacious, with cobblestone walkway surrounded by greenery.

He arrived to his classroom, He looked down at his paper one more time to make sure he got it right; His teachers name was Kinshiro Morooka. When he was presented to the class he got a good look at his teacher. He looked about in his 30's or 40's and his black hair extended down to his ears and looked like he was slightly suffering from balding on the top of his skull. He stood just over 5ft but it was hard to tell how tall he really was because he was hunched over in his navy blue suit; His buck teeth obscenely protruded from his mouth and his face had a horribly irritated look.

"Awright shut ur traps! I'm Kinshiro Morooka your home room teacher from this day forward. First things first just cause its spring doesn't mean you all can suddenly go in heat and swoon over each other like love-struck baboons. As long as I'm here you students are gonna stay as pure as the driven snow! Now I hate new students never the-less introducing them. This fugitive has been thrown out of his grand city to here, the middle of nowhere; geez figured this town would get the lowlifes of whatever the city tosses away. And he's just as much as a loser as he was there, so you girls better not get any ideas on hitting on him. You hear me! Tell em who you are and get it done with kid." spoke in an obviously irritated tone. Minato had a feeling he wouldn't like him; his little speech not only validated that but pissed him off as well.

"Well I'm Minato Tenma…. But I'd like to ask you who the fuck do you think you are calling me a fugitive?" Minato Tenma green eyes glared and his face expressed deep anger that would probably strike a bit of fear in anyone.

"What the hell did you just say to me? You're on my shit list from now on, so you better watch yourself! Now listen here, this town is miles away from you city full of convicts and perverts. You better not even think of getting involved with the girls here, let alone abusing them!" continued his rant

"Whoa! You're accusations are based purely off of stereotypically bullshit and opinions. Congratulations I believe I just lost a few brain cells from listening to you speak, and you're supposed to be a teacher? Fucking nut-job." Minato gritted his teeth, clenched his fist as his began blood boiled.

"Wh-why you son of a bitch!" shouted waving his arms and just as he was about to reprimand Minato some student interrupted.

"Excuse me, but is it ok if the new student sits here?" A girl towards the back of the room raised her hand. Minato wasn't sure how to take this; he was slightly irritated by the fact that now he feels like he has to associate with someone, but he was relieved to get away from this arrogant teacher.

"Fine….. I'll disregard your little outburst for now. So hurry up and take your seat dammit!" Mr. Morooka ranted a bit more as Minato walked to his seat. He overheard two students talk amongst themselves.

"He doesn't have the tattoos or the piercings but he's just like that first year… what was his name Kanji Tatsumi! That was it!" Minato had no idea who they were talking about but I guess his statement made him more of an attention grabber than he expected.

"Just remember how much of a forgiving kind teacher I am, you won't be getting it again though you little prick!"Mr. Morooka shouted as Minato took his seat.

"Self-righteous, egotistical fucking bastard." Minato mumbled under his breath in his seat.

"It sucks that you got thrown into King Moron's class, but I've never seen someone stand up to him like that." The girl next to him spoke with a smile trying to lighten the mood. She had brown eyes, brown bowl cut hair and fair skinned. She wore a green, high collared, athletic jacket over the normal uniform.

Wow, she's kinda cute. Still I need to remember to keep people at arms-length for now Minato resisted any show of emotion except a slight smile.

"Yeah I can tell. He's really got to improve his people skills, but I think his buck teeth would shatter at even the thought of being a bit nicer to people." They shared a bit of a laugh until King Moron got on their case. For the rest of the day Minato paid strict attention to school; as much as it pained him listening to King Moron's rat like voice rant on and on. The thought of punching him square in the face brought sweet bliss to Minato as a small smirk flew across his face.

When school finally ended an announcement came over the loud speakers.

"Attention students, but we please ask you to remain in your classes till further notice. Teachers please meet in the principles' office for a brief meeting" The voice echoed.

'Hmm is there some sort of problem in the school? Why would they hold us late?' Minato pondered to himself. Other students took free time to let out their complaints about King Moron when suddenly sirens were heard outside. A couple of students went to look but saw no vehicles thanks to the thick fog, but they sounded pretty close. Minato knew the sirens probably had something to do with why they were being held from leaving. 'Was someone hurt in a fight?' Minato continued to ask questions to himself curious of the situation. The kids talked about the announcer that was on the news yesterday about her being attractive and that one of them saw them as their true love on some midnight show.

"Yukiko is it true that the announcer is here in this town and is staying at your inn?" One of the students from the window asked a girl wearing red a couple of seats in front of Minato. To which she stated that she wasn't allowed to answer. Most likely due to customer confidentiality which some if not most businesses have especially if said person was famous.

"There has been an incident near campus. We ask that all students hurry home immediately. It is best that you go in groups and please be safe." The Principal announced as students stepped began stepping out of class.

"You're going home by yourself? Why don't you come with us? Oh that's right I forgot I'm Chie Satonaka and this is Yukiko Amagi. It's nice to meet you" Minato was caught off guard yet again by Chie when she had asked this. Yukiko the girl standing next to Chie; had long, straight black hair, a red hairband, and grey eyes; wore a Yasogami High uniform along with a red sweater and black opaque tights. He could clearly see how she could get a lot of attention from the guys considering she was quite pretty. He introduced himself to them and agreed to go. He also noticed Chie had a tendency to put both her hands on her hips and Yukiko would have the tendency to put both her arms behind her back with her school suitcase in hand.

'So much for trying to keep distance from people….damn it I can't diffuse a situation when people are being friendly towards me' Minato let out a slight sigh and accepted the offer.

"Satonaka! Uhh… Thank you for letting me borrow your Trial of the Dragon DVD. It was really awesome how they fought and everything and uhhhh I'm really sorry." Some Student was bowing in apology at Chie. Minato then realized it was the kid that crashed his bike in the morning. He had slightly unkempt mahogany hair, and brown eyes. He wore the mandatory Yasogami High Uniform, along with a white V-necked with long sleeves and a pair of red headphones hanging around his neck.

"Wait a sec….What did u do to my DVD?!...Y…You cracked my Trial of The Dragon DVD!" Chie exclaimed as she opened the DVD case of the classic kung fu movie to gaze upon a disc with a tree of cracks around it. Minato looked up, saw the student quickly yet casually trying to escape when Chie suddenly ran up and kicked him in the groin. The impact of the blow was hard enough to make Minato cringe and feel the telepathic pain of the student who was just hit. 'Sheesh, I don't think I want to get on her bad side'

As Minato stepped outside the classroom, He noticed down the hall, there were these two bigger students picking on a smaller one wearing glasses.

"I'll catch up with you guys in a few minutes. I have something I need to do." Minato smiled to reassure them as he walked down the hall. Minato knew the power expressions can have over a situation. Similar to poker if you give the right expression and give off the right mood to the person you can reassure them of a situation that would otherwise be worrisome. That goes the same for this situation he didn't want to trouble them with a bad situation, though he hated wearing masks to hide behind, but he knows the usefulness of them and their necessity at times.

As he got closer he assessed the situation. There weren't two but three seniors deciding to pick on a first year. The seniors stood about 6ft 5inch each and they were considerably muscular to match their size; the two on the sides of the victim were wearing baseball caps, the center one had tattoos up and down his arms, had tan-ish skin, short black hair, and carried his jacket over his shoulder. Judging by the smug look on his face and the atmosphere he commanded over the other two he was clearly the leader. The victim stood just a bit over 5ft wore classes short black hair, probably was one of the students who studied hard and wasn't too social, judging from the amount of books he carried.

"Hey, fuck heads! Doing shit like this really pisses me the fuck off!" Minato shouted out angrily at the bullies. He didn't know why they were bullying him nor did he really care, just seeing it made his blood boil. The reason why it pissed him off wasn't too clear to him but he wasn't going to let this go and besides he needed to test something out.

"huh…Who the hell are you?" The leader shouted irritably.

"Pieces of shit like you don't deserve to know my name" Minato stopped a few inches away from the leader as they exchanged a mutually pissed off expression.

"huh, Where the hell is he?" Chie mumbled irritably as she looked around for Minato but he was nowhere in sight.

"Hey did you hear? That new transfer kid just started a fight with three seniors. Man what a way to start off the year… getting pummeled huh, we should probably go watch. They're behind the school I heard" Two students nearby discussed

"Wha….no way…we need to do something Yukiko and quick!" Chie remarked in urgency as she took off followed quickly by Yukiko. They arrived to where Minato was he was surrounded by three older students. Chie knew those guys they were in their third year in high school and were exclaimed to be the strongest in high school and feared as much as Kanji Tatsumi the first year short tempered student who beat up a biker gang in middle school.

"You think you're tough talking shit to us!" The older student in the center slammed his fist into Minato's stomach making him hit the wall. The senior held his head against the wall and continued to mock him and inflicted one more blow into his gut making him spurt out blood. Chie without thinking ran into the center of the group, stood to defend Minato though her heart raced and fear crept up on her she wouldn't let herself run, no matter what.

"Leave him alone you hear me! Or else you'll have to deal with me!" Chie shouted confidently as she bounced back and forth on her toes. Minato knew by the way she took her stance that her smooth, slender legs would be quick and powerful not someone he'd necessarily want to pick a fight with himself but still he wasn't about to let someone defend him with the possibility of them getting hurt. Besides he needed to finish what he started.

"Th..thanks, but please leave, I can handle this. Plus I need to prove something to myself and I can handle these guys trust me." Minato spoke with a smile as incentive to try to let him handle this; Blood was flowing down the corner of his mouth though which probably didn't help his case.

"Wha…But there no way you can.." Chie spoke shocked at what Minato was saying when he decided to interrupt.

"Listen!..I know how you feel, but I feel the same way, and I won't let someone else get hurt because of my actions! Now please get out of here, I promise I'll handle these guys. Trust me" Minato glared with a strong emotion of anger mixed with determination; though the smile he gave Chie was unfitting of those eyes. His smile spoke with a sense of happiness that she was willing to defend him but it also presented itself with confidence. Chie reluctantly would not budge from her position in the group and that's when the leader pulled swung a punch at her. Minato in a split second shoved her out of the way, out of the group, blocked by grabbing his fist and landed a strong punch into the leader's jaw knocking him back.

"You know what I hate most about pathetic bastards like you. You think you can walk on top of anyone, that you're the hierarchy here? You really are the scum of the earth, and I'm going to wipe the floors with your ugly ass faces." Minato said irritably with a burning hate glaring through his green eyes and a disturbed smile on his face. He formed a stance positioning him sideways, his right fist raised near his chin while his left fist was positioned near his waist; the stance came instinctively to him. The leader of the group became infuriated as he swung his fist at Minato's face.

'Yes this is familiar feeling; this sense of urgency, adrenaline and tension. The heat of a fight is what is natural to me!' Minato he quickly reacted to the opponents swing, ducking beneath his arm and slammed his fist as hard he can into his opponent rights side; accurately hitting the opponents rib cage knocking the air out of his lungs. Judging by the shock wave Minato felt from the impact he may have broken some of his ribs. In mere seconds the senior was gasping for air, Minato took this opportunity to get low sweep his feet which also provided for a successful dodge as the other two seniors tried to punch him at the same time. The Leader fellow over on the ground in pain as Minato rose back up and quickly kicked both of the other two opponents coming at him in another failed attempt to strike a blow on him. Though they recovered quickly and continued to assault Minato. Minato skillfully dodged each strike without even breaking a sweat and slammed their two heads together with a content smirk on his face.

"You fucking bastard!" The leader rose back up with a knife in hand and quickly lunged at him with the blade. Minato instantly reacted by doing a sideways backflip; his left foot came up to knock the knife out of his hand and he rotated quickly in mid-air so that his right foot would hit him with force in the face also providing a stable landing. When he landed he proceeded to jab his stunned enemy all over his upper body and finishing it with a forceful right hook in the head, knocking him out.

"Wha…He's a…. Monster!" The two other opponents shouted as they recovered from earlier and quickly bolted off in fear. As Minato looked around and noticed two students that were filming the fight from a far. "Get the hell outta here!" Minato shouted at them irritably not wanting to deal with anything else.

"Now if I ever see you bully on anyone again or even dare to try and harm me or people I know, I swear I will kill you!" Minato shouted at the man he just defeated. He looked over at the two girls that were watching; their jaws were wide open and completely shocked. 'Guess it's understandable why they're speechless, hell not even I knew I could fight like that!' Minato thought to himself as he smiled and rubbed the back of his skull.

"THAT WAS AWESOME! Are you like some kung-fu master?! Where'd you learn this stuff?" Chie shouted as she ran towards me followed by Yukiko. The excitement in her eyes was blazing she was really ecstatic about the fight. Minato had forgotten the blood was still on his chin from the fight and quickly wiped it away as to rid evidence of his involvement in the fight. He certainly didn't want any trouble from the school or any law enforcement from beating them up.

"haha, I'm not really sure how I did it. I guess it was instinct." Minato didn't know how to respond to the questions so he just smiled and continued to rub the back of his head. He didn't know how to deal with being praised from the two girls but he kind of liked it.

As they returned to the front of the school a kid stood there with a smile on his face.

"I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble! And …Thank you for defending me! If there's anything I can do to repay.." The student proceeded to bow.

"Don't worry about it kid…. Just glad I could help. I made sure those guys won't ever mess with you again." Minato smiled as he gave him a thumbs up.

"Again Thank you sooo much! You have no idea how great my gratitude is! I can't help but wonder what made you randomly come help a kid like me." The first year was fighting holding back his tears. Minato knew from the student's reaction that those seniors must have been tormenting him for a long time and knowing he helped him like he did put a big grin on his face.

"It's simple, I'm not one to sit and do nothing when I see other people getting hurt. I'll see you tomorrow in school, alright" Minato smiled from tooth to tooth as he turned back around and walked with the two girls' home.

"Ah I get it now, so that's why you got into that fight. That was very kind of you, Minato" Yukiko said as they left the school

"Yeah but if you could fight like that how come you let them hit you like they did?" Chie spoke curiously

"I just wanted to see how hard they could hit" Minato laughed as both girls were speechless.

A mysterious kid walked up to them at the school gate; He stood roughly just under 6ft, wore a black suit with a green tie and some emblem of a shield checkered with orange and green. He had shaggy greyish black hair, pale skin, and had a seemingly tired expression about him as he had a pronounced slouch. The thing that made Minato on edge immediately about this guy was his eyes; they seemed to be dead, engulfed in blackness. It gave a vibe that his mind wasn't all there and the way he walked was lightly comparable to a zombie.

"You're Yuki, right? Y-You want to go hang out somewhere?" The kid stated with a slight nervousness as he approached Yukiko at the gate.

"What…Who are you?" Yukiko responded shocked.

'So they don't know this guy either huh. He suddenly just walked up outta nowhere giving Yukiko a nickname and asking her to go out with him…..this guy must have a major crush, and be desperate to do this without even knowing the person. Also though it could be a much worse scenario like a stalker or something, I'll step in if things get worse I guess but for now I'll see if they can handle it cause it's not exactly my business, I guess' Minato observed the strange kid. A couple students were talking in the background about how desperate the guy seems and how he tried to pull the "Amagi Challenge" just outta nowhere and how impossible it is.

"So…Are you coming or not? " The kid said irritably.

"I'm…I'm not going…" Yukiko answered shyly and confused of the situation.

"Damn you." The kid mumbled as he took a few steps forward towards Yukiko, when a flash flew in front of his eyes.

"You make any movement besides of that in the other direction and I won't hesitate for this fist to make your face all bloodied." Minato spoke as in a split second his fist came just a few seconds away from the students face. Minato's hostility in his face frightened the student making him stagger back sneering before running off mumbling to himself.

"Thank you Minato" Yukiko slightly bowed towards Minato.

"No problem, there was something wrong with that guy. The last thing I wanted to happen was another incident." Minato glared into the distance the student ran off in.

"That was awesome, just like a kung-fu movie! You really gotta teach me how to fight like that!" Chie became overcome with excitement once again. Minato still unsure how to deal with praise, lightly laughed at the notion.

"But, just what did he want from me?" Yukiko interjected towards Chie completely clueless of what the kid was trying to do. Minato's right palm firmly placed itself on his forehead in reaction to the question. 'Maybe she's a bit naïve, I guess. Plus judging from both verbal, and body language these two are practically polar opposites.'

"What did he want….? Obviously he was trying to ask you out on date." Chie's tone was notably laced with jealousy. The girls continued to talk about the creepy student when the student that broke the DVD walked up to them with his bike.

"So… Yukiko turned down another love struck fool, huh?" No doubt the student must've observed it from a far like the other students.

"Man you're cruel you got me the same way last year" the student continued.

"Really, I don't remember that" Yukiko said surprisingly.

"Whoa…so would you want to hang out sometime?" The student asked just to get politely shutdown from Yukiko.

"Well….that should teach me to get my hopes up. Well you two don't go picking on the new transfer student too much." The student quickly brought his mood up after being disappointed from the response.

"We're just curious that's all!" Chie defended irritated as the student took off on his back.

"U…Um I'm sorry for dragging you into this." Yukiko apologized to Minato sincerely.

"It's cool, no need to apologize. After all it isn't your fault." Minato cracked a bit of a smile. Chie took off a head of them as they follow after. On the walk past the Samegawa Flood Plains Chie discussed how there wasn't much too this town. The Samegawa flood plains were flooded with water and small plants sprouted up from the water as buildings next to the plain were used for harvesting the plants.

"Well maybe the few things we have that are novel around here is our dyed clothing from and our pottery. Oh wait! We have the Amagi Inn own by Yukiko and her family. It's brings a lot of people here to Inaba it, it help keeps this town alive and you'll one day own the place all to yourself." Chie spoke highly of the Inn to Minato.

"Chie…It's not that great" Yukiko answered with slight discontent

"Oh come on, your inn is nearly the lifeblood of this town! It's really a great place. Hmmm hey Minato do you think Yukiko's cute?" Chie leaned in towards Minato with a smirk on her face. She wanted to observe any emotions coming from his face to get nothing but the truth from him.

"Wha…What the…Where the hell did that come from?" Minato's eyes widened

'Th….This… girl….I'm not sure how to handle her!' Minato staggered back shock from the spontaneous question

"Well do you?" Chie leaned closer pursuing for an answer

"Well.. um I think you're both pretty cute actually…" Minato's face turned slightly red from embarrassment.

'Shit….well I had no choice…. I got nervous and ended spouting the truth…..guess I'm not the smoothest person when put under pressure with girls.' Minato noticed that both their faces had reddened.

"Wow….. I didn't expect that response…thank you" Chie responded searching for words.

"Thank you, and I'm really sorry we put you on the spot like this and I apologize if this was embarrassing for you" Yukiko spoke very politely.

"It's cool, don't worry about it. Though I was caught off guard a bit by the sudden question" Minato laughed a bit lightening up from the tension in his body. The laughing hurt his gut a bit I guess he was still bruised up a bit from the hit he took.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too, and well the reason I was curious was because Yukiko here is the most popular girl in school and I'm actually shocked she's never has had a boyfriend before kind of strange huh," Chie spoke with a tone of curiosity.

"Hey!... Please don't listen.. I-It's not true that I'm popular or that I never had a boyfriend. W-wait I mean what I meant to say was that I'm not popular and that I never have had boyfriend…. Sheesh Chie I hate when you do this." Yukiko stumbled on her words.

"Ok, I'm sorry, sorry. It's just that you've barely said a word this whole conversation and thought I might get you more involved. Oh yeah..I almost forgot what made you move out to this town in the first place, Minato?" Chie asked as Minato searched rapidly through his head to think of the reason why he's here. Nearly sweating himself when he finally remembered the conversation with Dojima last night. He explained to Chie with the best vibe of certainty he could give.

Up ahead through the decently thick fog they noticed a Police lights at the nearby intersection and ran up to check it out. There were police cars blocking the road with cautioned yellow tape wrapped around the stop light poles on each corner. A few adults were standing in front of the yellow tape discussing something oddly disturbing.

"What are you doing here?" A familiar voice spoke out towards them, it was Dojima.

"We were just passing through on our way home, did something happen here?" Minato asked as his eyes scanned over to the police cars.

"Yeah you could say that I guess,… Oh nice to meet you I'm Dojima his guardian. I don't know how to put this but I hope you will get along well." Dojima smiled slightly as he searched for words to state to the girls. It's clear he wasn't too used to being in fatherly or guardian situations but he didn't do too bad Minato thought.

"Oh my god!" a man with brown hair in a blue suit came running out behind the yellow tape to a nearby trash can holding his mouth firmly readying to throw up.

"Adachi, how long do you tend to keep acting like a rookie? Suck it up!" Dojima shouted

"Yes,….Sir" Adachi responded as he continued to regurgitate

"Well when you're finished come back and help me search for more evidence. You three should head home immediately." Dojima walked back to the scene

"Did you hear what they found?" "Yeah, there was a body hanging from an antenna from the top of that building!" "Who would've thought a body would end up here in this town?" "Wish I could've seen it" were what the adults were saying amongst themselves.

"A body hanging on an antenna?" Yukiko remarked

"That's just creepy, who would do such a thing?... Yukiko maybe we should head to Junes tomorrow." Chie stated as shivers flew down her body.

"See ya tomorrow at school tomorrow Minato, and promise that sometime you'll teach me those sweet moves of yours ok?" Chie exclaimed as her and Yukiko walked off to their homes'. Minato simply smiled and nodded as they left and waved goodbye.

'A body found on an antenna? …. There's no way that could be an accident and if it was there would've been surely away to get help before they died. A murder is logical, but to take the extensive time to tie a body to such a high place like that is highly risky and they would surely be caught doing such an obvious thing. Soo….How did this happen? Well I'm not Dojima or any sort of detective so I guess I'll leave it to him but the notion of the body just gives me a feeling that something's not adding up here.' Minato reflected on the incident the rest of the walk home.

Minato quickly dismissed the uneasy feeling in his gut as he stepped through the door of Dojima's house and was greeted by Nanako preparing dinner. They both sat down and began to eat dinner in front of the T.V.

"Where's your dad?" Minato had noticed the Dojima was nowhere to be found again.

"Something happened at work and he had to stay late." Nanako seemed saddened by his absence as he her eyes shifted from Minato down at the table.

"A dead body was found today in Inaba near the Samegawa flood plains. The deceased has been identified as that of Ms. Mayumi Yamano, she had recently been in an affair with Secretary Councilman Mr. Taro Namatame. The local police station is currently review evidence to resolve whether this was an accident or murder. Unfortunately the thick fog that has blanketed the town until tomorrow has deterred the police from making efficient progress on the case." The T.V reporter echoed over the T,V

'The body was of the reporter who was all over the new yesterday, huh. Well that means the police should be investigating Namatame considering he was closest to her and has possible motive. Though how would someone pull that off bringing the body up that high?' Minato thought to himself

"Luckily we have an interview with a person who found the body." The news reporter spoke with such hype it made Minato sick. A girl appeared on T.V her face wasn't visible on screen but she wore a Yasogami high uniform; the yellow bow in the front of the torso was a clear giveaway as it was on all women uniforms. She also had long brown wavy hair and tan skin. She turned her head slightly away from the microphone as the reporter interviewing her was inappropriately hyped over the story of a possible murder in Inaba. Minato was sickened by this; he hated the thought that people use other people's misfortunes and deaths as a sort of entertainment.

"In other news, there was a big fight at the local Yasogami High school resulting in three third year students being badly injured; one of which was admitted to a nearby hospital with a broken rib and internal bleeding. We have an interview with a student who witnessed the fight. The interview was taken earlier today and he requested that his identity be hidden." Minato's eyes widen, draw dropped in shock from what had made the news

"I don't know who he was but he was like a hero or something. I was being heavily bullied by those guys and he stood up, took the beating for me a bit till he just completely turned it around, and beat the crap outta those guys!" There was the student who Minato helped excitingly praising him for his bravery and skill.

"We have this video from the internet of the fight and it is just shocking!" A video played from what seemed like a cell phone. It was a clip of when Minato did the sideways backflip and jabbed his opponent until knocking him out. Minato almost spit out his food from the horror of this.

'Oh god, a fucking video of it all over the internet! Shit…if Dojima even closely finds out this is connected to me, I'm dead for sure.' Minato began to panic a little as he devoured his food

"Hey, doesn't that look like you!" Nanako exclaimed shocked. Sure the image was a bit blurry given quality but I guess she put a bit of it together given the hair and height was the same. Minato almost choked on his food in shock!

"N-Noo! That isn't me. I was outside the front of the school when this was going on. It's just someone who looks similar to me" Minato felt the cold sweat drip from his forehead. He felt as if his life just passed before his eyes, he knew this was a dire situation and needed to avoid any and all association with it.

"Come to your local Junes store! Every Day's great at your Junes!" A commercial for the big shopping store conglomerate played. Nanako cheerfully sang the jingle she just heard.

"Wow you sing really well!" Minato complemented her pleasant sing voice; avoiding any further discussion of the fight.

"Thanks, I'm the best in my class" Nanako smiled.

'So today wasn't so bad besides getting into a fight and dealing with a shitty teacher; I managed to meet some alright people and help someone in need… got indirectly famous for it. So far it looks like it might be alright at this school.' Minato laid down to sleep in his futon

'Hm! No weird fucking dream this time... awesome! Maybe they've ended or something.' Minato awoke relieved he didn't have another crazy dream. He walked down stairs to see Dojima reading the newspaper. Minato could only think that possibly he caught wind of the fight and he could possibly be in deep shit now. Nervousness filled his body and his hands began to shake a little before clenching them to resist it.

"Minato, do you mind if I ask you something?" Dojima asked somewhat sternly as Minato took his seat.

'Here it comes I'm screwed!'

"Sure" Minato luckily kept his composer

"I'm sure you've heard it from the news but there was this fight at your school yesterday and it resulted in three senior students being injured pretty badly. Now other students couldn't recognize the student who did this and from the video the student looks very similar to you" Dojima stated with scowl on his face and stared at Minato for a while during the pause in the conversation.

'Fuck my life, I'm dead!' Contrary to Minato's falsely composed surprised look on the outside; inside he was a wreck preparing for the worse. The wraith of Detective Dojima!

"What I'm trying to say is….was it you who did that to those three students?" The atmosphere got even more intense, it could break bones!

"Y-yes it was me, but I did it because they were picking on some student and I couldn't let that continue. I interfered and they beat me up a bit, but I retaliated out of self-defense the whole time until I had to force them to give up." Minato decided the truth was the best thing right now hoping Dojima wouldn't push any law issues into this and understand.

"Hmmm, well I'm glad you told me the truth even when it was something like this, but it better not happen again do you understand me! You could get in serious trouble for pulling stuff like this off and neither your parents nor I want to see you become any juvenile delinquent like the kid kanji that lives around here. You're lucky there was nothing solid being linked to you on this given no one really knows you and the police are too busy dealing with the murder to focus much on anything else. Though I am glad you have a good moral grounding but trying to be a hero isn't always the best thing to do." Dojima scolded

"Sooo ….should you handcuff me now or anything?" Minato spoke with slight joking tone

"Nah, don't worry no definitive case has been formed from it and the school has just dismissed it as a bad fight no need to arrest you. Though don't go around bragging it was you either, got me." Dojima lightened the mood a bit.

"Yes sir!" Minato nodded in complete relief.

On his way to school he ran into the student on the bike again except this time he crashed into a trashcan head first and began rolling on the ground unable to get out calling for help. Minato grabbed him by torso and pulled him out.

"Thanks man, oh hey you're the new transfer student. I'm Yosuke Hanamura, it's nice to meet you!" Yosuke introduced himself.

"I'm Minato Tenma and like-wise" Minato responded

"Crap we're gonna be late, you want to catch a ride, I'm sure you can fit." Yosuke pointed at his bike and spoke with haste.

"I think I'm good, but I want to avoid being shitted on today by King Moron so I better sprint to class!" Minato took off with a trail of smoke following him,

During lunch Minato paced the school to check for the student he helped the other day but no sight of him. As he made he lap around the building he noticed other students kept a marginable distance from him out of fear. He didn't think much of it except that it was somewhat enjoyable, as long as no one caused problems with him and he enjoyed the sense of power from it.

After school Minato began packing his books in his suit case when Yosuke approached his desk.

"Hey man, thanks again for helping me out earlier and how are you doing adjusting to this town and all?" Yosuke stood with his hands in his pockets.

"Aside from the bullshit yesterday, I'm doing fine and guess I kind of like it here. It's quiet, and peaceful." Minato folded his hands behind his head and leaned back.

'Shit, I guess I am really getting used to the place here a bit, and the people aren't all that bad'

"Yeah, but there's really nothing to do here besides a few places to shop and eat. Oh, that reminds me there's this great place to eat steak at; it's probably the best thing to eat here. I'll treat since you did help me out early

"No, thanks I'm good." Minato didn't want to feel like he was freeloading off of anyone.

"What about me? Huh, No Apologies? My Trial of the Dragon DVD!" Chie spoke irritably

"You always have a knack for come around when I mention food huh?" Yosuke groaned

"How about it, Yukiko? Don't you think he should treat us, too?" Chie turned towards Yukiko who was busy packing her things.

"I'll pass… I don't want to gain any more weight. I need to help out at the inn today, anyway." Yukiko answered

"Wow, Yukiko-san! You started training to take over the business?" Yosuke blurted out

"It's not like that, I'm just helping when it gets busy…Well, I should be on my way." Yukiko had an expression of slight sadness before taking off.

"Oh well. We should get going too" Chie exclaimed

"Whoa….Do I seriously have to treat two people…?" Yosuke hung his head low

Later Minato found himself dragged along and sitting outside in the Junes food court with Chie as Yosuke came back with a tray of food and drinks to the table.

"THIS is the cheap place you were talking about?...They don't have grilled steak here." Chie spoke with utter disappointment

"Yeah well, when you hopped on the free loader bandwagon I couldn't afford grilled steak for two people." Yosuke complained

"Still that's no reason to take us to your place." Chie bickered back

"Dude, this isn't my place or anything. Oh right I haven't told you yet huh, I moved here from another city about six months back. The location for this Junes just opened up and my dad was assigned to manage it. So our whole family moved out here." Yosuke explained

"Here, this is to welcome you to town." Yosuke passed Minato his plate of food.

"That reminds me, you've made a big impression already dude. That fight was posted all over the internet, I didn't believe it was you until Chie and Yukiko told me, but wow man how'd u get that good at fighting? I mean to pull off a move like that you must have been training since you were a little kid. Honestly I was worried you were going to have some sort of scary guy but you're actually alright." Yosuke seemed perplexed

"Yeah…did you hear what they were calling you around school now? Well you see people figured out it was you in that video, but the guys you fought were too afraid to point who you were out and so the school couldn't do anything. So you've been nicknamed Demon….some stupid student came up with it as a pun after learning your surname" Chie informed

"hmmm, Demon huh? I don't mind that. Hell, I kinda like it I and it could've been worse I guess" Minato laughed at the thought of people calling him that. What Yosuke said interested him, has he been trained since he was a child? How else would he know that stuff? Or is it something else?

"Wow, I'm kinda surprised how well you took it. Usually people wouldn't like rumors or nicknames like that floating around about them." Yosuke was shocked at how lightly Minato took it

"Speaking of rumors, did you hear about that weird T.V show that appears on rainy nights? Supposedly if you stare into a blank T.V at midnight you'll see your true soul-mate." Chie spoke while sipping on her drink.

"Sounds like a fairytale to me. That and physically impossible, but intriguing." Minato said as he rubbed his chin in thought of the rumor. With the strangely supernatural, and interactive dreams he's been having he's been in doubt with what he can dismiss between what's possible and what's not.

"Yeah, maybe so but, it could be worth a shot to check out just for kicks." Yosuke laughed

"It's Saki-senpai, One sec guys I'll be right back." Yosuke left the table and walked towards a girl who was on her break from work at the store.

"Who's that?" Minato asked curiously

"That's Saki Konishi, her family own a liquor store down in the shopping district. Yosuke wishes she was his girlfriend though" Chie laughed. The way the girl looked caught Minato's eye for some reason, she seemed familiar.

"Hey, How's it going? You look beat." Yosuke spoke cheerfully greeting her.

"Yeah, I'm finally on break. What's up Hana-chan? Boosting the family business by bringing your friends here?" Saki slightly smiled but the look in her brown eyes showed that something had been bothering her.

"Ouch Madam you wound me. Kidding aside, you look kinda down, did something happen?" Yosuke was slightly concerned

"Ah, it's nothing, I'm just kinda tired that's all" Saki glanced down trying dismiss the topic

"Hey, if you ever need to talk, I'm always willing to listen. I…" Yosuke concerned and trying to comfort her when he was suddenly cut off.

"I'm okay. Thanks, though. Hey is that the new kid who transferred here?" Saki laughed and changed topic as she glanced over at the table Minato and Chie were at.

"Ah, yeah this is Minato the new transfer student here." Yosuke spoke as Saki rose from her seat

"That guy has supposedly been causing trouble lately around the school especially with that fight, and now half the schools afraid of him." Saki spoke in a quieter tone

"Yeah, I know what you mean, but he's actually an alright guy if you get to know him a bit." Yosuke responded

"I'd just be careful about hanging out without him that's all. Well I've got to get back to work Hana-chan see ya!" Saki took off back into the store.

"Dude, your reputation right now may actually cock block me" Yosuke sat back down at his seat with aura of disappointment surrounding him.

"Why? What happened?" Minato couldn't help but laugh a bit

"Well after Saki found out I was hanging out with you, she bolted back to work a bit early. Thanks man" Yosuke had a spice of sarcasm in his tone.

"Hmph, people are always scared of what they don't know and can't understand. I really don't give a shit what people think about me; otherwise you guys are alright to hang with. If it means anything I apologize for it but she'll get over it eventually, if she's really your friend." Irritation overcame Minato's face.

'I hate it when I'm the problem of shit….still I do feel a bit bad'

"Easy for you to say you don't have a crush on her and trying to date her." Yosuke chuckled a little trying to lighten the mood

"Yeah, you're right about that much but at least it seems you have a chance." Minato grinned

"R-Really? Why do you think? Cause of the awesome chemistry we have or how she seems all over me?!" Yosuke became elated as he approached the edge of his seat.

"Ummm, no but she seemed really happy to see you." Minato chuckled preparing for the disappointment.

"Aww man, that doesn't mean much. There goes my hopes and dreams again." Yosuke hung his head low in disappointment as Chie and Minato shared a small laugh

Later at dinner time Minato sat and ate with Nanako as Dojima sat on the couch. Everything was pretty much silent, but Minato didn't mind. The news was discussing the dead body incident and how the cause of death was still unknown. They continued to speculate on it with Dojima commenting in a tired but irritated tone. Then the commercial came on for Junes.

"Every days great at your Junes" Nanako sang the Jingle once again

"Hey dad, can we go to Junes sometime?" Nanako paused waiting for an answer. She glanced back at a sleeping Dojima and let out a disappointed sigh.

"Hey, maybe I'll take you to Junes sometime ok, Nanako-chan?" Minato smiled not wanting to see her upset

"Really?! That would be great!" Nanako let out a huge smile before realizing it was just about her bedtime and left off to bed after saying goodnight.

Later that night Minato sat in his room lights off and T.V unplugged. He figured he'd check out this so weird show before he falls asleep. He stood closer to the T.V to get a closer look at anything he might see as the clock stroke twelve. The T.V suddenly was filled with static and a slight image became clear as it sporadically flashed images of a girl. The girl was wearing the school uniform and it looked like she was in pain being thrown around! Minato stood shocked, mouth open as the picture faded and disappeared.

'I am thou, thou art I. Thou art the one who opens the door!' A strange yet familiar voice echoed through Minato's head. Minato gripped his head in pain as it felt like he room began to spin. When the voice finally stopped all seemed to be calm. Minato stared back at the T.V. What the hell is going on? Did this really just happen? Was all he could think as he brought his hand up to touch the screen.

As his finger touched the screen, the screen cascaded like a pebble hitting water. As he put his whole hand against it to calm his curiosity his hand was engulfed by the T.V and it began pulling him in further. Thankfully his T.V was too small to fit him as Minato panicked by pulling back.

As he applied as much force he could against the T.V the T.V stopped pulling him in and he landed on the ground banging his head against the table in front of his couch. The noise echoed through his house as he felt a slight uneasy feeling overcome him hoping he didn't wake anyone up. That's when Nanako shouted up the stairs.

"I heard something bang, are you ok?" Nanako shouted

Yeah I'm ok, it was nothing" he replied

"Ok then goodnight" Nanako walked back into her room as Minato laid down in his futon.

'What the hell is happening to me! There's no way the events these past days can't be connected in some way they're too strange. Also I shouldn't keep this a secret, I should probably try to find a way to explain this to Yosuke and Chie, but explaining something like this is gonna be a pain in the ass' Minato gripped his head in ache by overthinking things, this night was going to feel long.

Chapter End