This story was a product of boredom, a case of writer's block, and the thirst to inexplicably combine Rise of the Guardians and Harry Potter. So, if you're interested… here you go.

Chapter One: Magical Discoveries

Jack Frost loved surprises. The feeling of excitement coursing through your veins, the anxious wait for their expected surprise. The shocked looks on people's face when they came face to face with their sudden gift. Over the last three hundred years, Jack and witnessed hundreds of surprise parties. The anticipation was what made it fun- and, as the guardian of fun, it was kind of a given that he would enjoy surprises.

But, as he had come to discover, some surprises were just too large and unexpected to wholeheartedly enjoy.

The guardians were gathered in North's office, talking and relaxing after a hard day's work. Jack lounged on one of the sofas, on the edge of the circle of heat and light given out by the fire. If he wished, Jack could join the others, who were grouped around the fire. But the heat made him uncomfortably warm and stuffy, so he preferred to hang back a bit.

Baby Tooth sat perched on his shoulder, keeping him company. North was seated in his huge red armchair, sipping a mug of hot chocolate. Tooth fluttered nearby, chatting amiably to Sandy, who simply nodded as he listened, a small smile on his face. Bunny sat right next to the fire, messing with one of his boomerangs.

"And little Mari Levine lost her first tooth today," Tooth said eagerly, her wings flapping at high speeds to keep her off the ground. Sandy watched her with something akin to amusement on his golden face. "She's such a good girl, always brushes-"

"I can't wait to brush myself outta here," Bunny muttered, sheathing his boomerang and tipping his head back.

"Ah, come on, Bunny," Jack called from his vantage point on the sofa, beaming at the Pooka. "We're the best company you could have! Why would you want to leave?"

"What about you?" Bunny shot at the winter spirit. "Aren't you supposed to be out causin' a blizzard or something?"

Jack stretched out, wiggling his pale toes. "I'm taking a vacation," he said, leaning his head back. "What do you say, Baby Tooth? Wanna head over to Hawaii?"

Baby Tooth chattered eagerly. Bunny rolled his eyes. "You'd melt, kid."

"I don't melt!" Jack protested, furrowing his eyebrows.

Bunny snorted. "Sure you don't."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"So, how was everyone's day?" North said loudly, stopping the bickering before it could take off. Having had much experience with the two's spats, the Russian had learned when to interrupt to stop them.

"Someone froze my feet to the floor," Bunny said indignantly, shooting a look at Jack.

Jack laughed. "Is that what you're so hacked off about, Kangaroo? Honestly, you'd think you would have gotten over it by now."

"You did it three hours ago! I'm supposed to have gotten over it by now?"

"Holding grudges is proven to be detrimental to one's health," Jack said wisely, petting the top of Baby Tooth's head lightly.

"I'll bet you don't even know what detrimental means," Bunny accused, glaring at the teen.

Jack rolled his eyes. "Do too."

"Then what does it mean?"

Jack opened his mouth to make a witty response, then froze. He frowned, racking his brain for the information he was looking for. He distinctly remembered reading the word off of one of Jamie's vocabulary sheets, but the actual meaning of the word was just out of reach. "Um… hold on a second, I've got this…"

Bunny smirked. "Nice, Frostbite."

"Bunny, don't be mean," Tooth scolded, looking up from her conversation with Sandy. She had taken Jack under her wing, in a sense, and was quick to jump in when anyone threatened to even make him slightly unhappy. The way she fussed over the teen, you would have thought that she was his mother, and an overprotective one at that.

Jack stuck his tongue out at Bunny when Tooth wasn't looking. The Pooka's jabs never really hurt him; they rarely even managed to annoy him. But that was something he had conveniently forgot to mention to Tooth, preferring instead to watch Bunny struggle with the disapproving fairy.

Bunny spluttered indignantly, glaring at Jack. "But-"

"No buts, Bunny," Tooth said firmly, her feathers shimmering in the light crackling off the fireplace. "Go on, apologize."

Frowning sharply, Bunny glanced over at Jack. "I'm very sorry," he said sincerely. Then unable to help it, he added snidely, "That you're unable to fight your own battles and must rely on Tooth."

Eyes narrowing, Jack clutched his staff and lifted himself lithely to his feet. "Why, you little-"

"Boys, please!" Tooth said as Bunny got to his feet as well.

"Not again," North sighed, leaning back in his seat and taking a long sip of his steaming drink. Sandy observed the battle preparations with raised eyebrows, too used to Bunny and Jack's arguments to react too strongly to this one.

Suddenly, a loud pop resounded through the room. Everyone jumped, and Jack was momentarily distracted from the mock-battle to search around for the cause of the noise. His staff was clutched protectively in his hands, his icy blue eyes laden with suspicion and confusion.

An old man straightened up on the other side of the room. He appeared to have simply appeared out of nowhere, and Jack surmised that he must have been the source of the popping noise. He had a long, silver beard that caught the light of the fire in a way similar to Tooth's. It trailed down his chest and over a set of deep maroon robes that just barely brushed against the hard wood floor below. His bright blue eyes, hidden behind a pair of wired spectacles and surrounded by wrinkles, shone with amusement and wisdom. The nose protruding from the center of his face was long and crooked, although it had been broken a couple of times over the course of his life. A small smile was curved across his face as he swept his gaze across the assembled guardians.

Jack stared back at him, not lowering his staff from where he held it at the ready. "Alright," he announced to the silent room, "please tell me I'm not the only one who's seeing this."

Suddenly, North let out a booming laugh, clambering to his feet. "Albus!" he said in apparent joy, coming forward and wringing the old man's hand. "How good it is to see you!"

The old man inclined his head, his smile kind. "A pleasure as always, Nicholas," he said in a quiet voice. He turned to the three other guardians, not yet sparing a glance for Jack. "Toothiana, Bunnymund, Sandy," he said, smiling at each of them in turn.

Tooth fluttered excitedly, smiling broadly. "Albus!" she said happily, not seeming to be the least bit confused by the strange old man who had flashed into the room.

Jack, on the other hand, was completely bewildered. "Pardon my intrusion," he said, drawing attention to himself, "but, um, what's going on?"

North let out another laugh, walking over to clap Jack on the back. The teen stumbled forward a few steps, shooting the large man a disgruntled look.

"You haven't been introduced, yes," he said, nodding. "Jack, this is good friend of mine, Albus-"

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore," the old man interrupted, smiling at Jack. "You may call me Professor Dumbledore. And you are, of course, Jack Frost, spirit of winter?"

Relaxing his arms ever so slightly, Jack gave a hesitant nod. "Yeah," he said, shooting a look at North. "Er… it's nice to meet you and all, but… yeah, still not really clear on exactly who you are."

Dumbledore chuckled softly, not seeming to be bothered by Jack's blunt inquiry. "No, I haven't exactly explained myself, have I?" he asked good-naturedly. "I'm here on a business call, I'm afraid."

"A business call?" Bunny asked, frowning. "What sorta business?"

Dumbledore sighed. "Business of the grimmest kind, I fear," he said solemnly. "But, I suppose an explanation is needed for your newest addition," he continued, his eyes twinkling as he took in Jack's confused expression.

"That would be helpful, thanks," Jack said, leaning on his staff casually.

Dumbledore nodded. "Very well. I will not beat around the bush, Jack. I'm headmaster at a school for wizards."

Whatever Jack was expecting, it was not that. The other guardian's watched Jack expectantly as he stared blankly at Dumbledore.

Suddenly, he burst into laughter. Throwing his head back, his laugh fluttered from his mouth easily. It was musical, like wind dancing through frozen icicles.

"He's joking, right?" he laughed, looking around at the guardians with tears of mirth brimming in his blue eyes. When he saw their serious faces, however, his laughter petered off, a frown tugging on the corner of his lips. "Right?" he asked again, doubt tinting his voice.

"I am pleased to say that I am not," Dumbledore said patiently. He seemed to have been expecting Jack's initial reaction. "There is an entire community of witches and wizards with magical powers, hidden from the rest of the world."

Jack raised his dark eyebrows, nodding slowly. "Wizards," he said slowly. "Alright, I think I'm following. So you're headmaster at a… school for wizards and stuff?"

"Yes," Dumbledore said, nodding. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Suddenly, Jack spun on the other guardians. "And I assume you all knew about this?" he demanded, eyes narrowed.

Tooth gave him a nervous smile. "Well… yes," she admitted.

"And you never told me?!" Jack asked. Cold wind fluttered in from the open window, gently lifting him a few inches off the ground as he stared down at the guardians.

"Well, excuse me," Bunny said sarcastically, "but how exactly were we supposed to tell ya something like that? 'Oh yeah, Jack, have we told you about the secret society of witches and wizards'? That's not something that really comes up in a conversation."

"It would have been useful information," Jack said stubbornly, jutting his chin out slightly.

"We were sworn to secrecy," North shrugged. "Besides, it did not concern you. At least, until now," he said, turning to Dumbledore, who was examining the empty space under Jack's feet with polite interest. "I'm guessing that your business has something to do with Jack?"

"Yes," Dumbledore said again. "I suppose you recall the… unfortunate events fifteen years ago?"

The elder guardians' faces darkened. A shimmering image in appeared in golden sand above Sandy's head- a glittering skull with a serpent coming from the mouth. Although it was made of dream sand, Jack got a foreboding feeling just looking at it. He somehow knew that this was a dark image, something that held a bad history.

Dumbledore's face darkened. "Yes," he said quietly. Clearing his throat, he continued. "It appears that history is repeating itself yet again, and the Wizarding World is once again threatened."

Tooth gasped. "I thought he was gone!" she said.

Dumbledore sighed as though he held the weight of the world on his shoulders. "We were… mistaken," he said.

Jack frowned at the group, trying hard to decipher what they were saying. "Wait, what happened fifteen years ago?" he asked.

Dumbledore shook his head. "Now is not the moment," he said. "You shall learn with time. I come here today to express my concern for young Jack. The Dark Lord is well known for his hate of anything joyful. I'm afraid he will do anything to crush any and all fun in the world."

If possible, Tooth seemed even more alarmed by this news. "Oh, no!" she said, shooting a worried look at Jack.

Jack gulped. "What do you mean, crush all fun?" he asked, afraid of what Dumbledore was leading up to.

"It means the Dark Lord will try and destroy you, Jack."

Jack's mouth went dry, a sudden wave of heat washing over him. Bunny let out a soft growl. "He ain't gonna touch him," he said confidently, laying a hand on his boomerangs.

"Thanks, Bunny," Jack said quietly, his voice lacking his usual sarcastic tone.

"I understand that you are competent guardians," Dumbledore said, noticing the protective stances the guardians took, their eyes watching Jack with concern. "But you'll have your hands full simply trying to keep joy in the world."

North spoke next. "What are you getting at, Albus?" he demanded, reluctant to admit the man made sense.

"I believe it will be much safer if Jack spent the year at Hogwarts," Dumbledore said.

Jack was quick to protest. "No way!" he exclaimed, crossing his arms. "I'm not going to school, are you nuts? I have winter to deliver year-round, I can't take time off to be cooped up in class. It's outrageous, it's-"

"A good idea," North said slowly, nodding.

Jack's jaw dropped as he turned to the toy maker. "North!" he said.

"It will be good for you to take a year off," North said thoughtfully, more to himself than anything. "Socialize a bit, learn a few things. You've never had the chance to go to school, I think it will be beneficial… and a good way to stay out of trouble for the year…"

"Trouble?" Jack asked, twirling his staff around. "When do I ever get into any trouble?"

The staff made contact with the couch. With a crackle, frost spread across the cushions, completely coating the sofa in a layer of snow.

Jack tugged his staff back, grimacing. "Oops," he muttered.

Bunny nodded. "Yup. You're going to the school."

Jack glared at him. "Traitor."

"Please, Jack, it will be safer," Tooth said, fluttering over to hover in front of him. She looked him head-on, her sparkling purple eyes pleading. Jack could see genuine worry in her eyes, and he felt himself cave in a little bit.

"Well- I have duties," he said quickly. "I can't take a year off."

"We will get you helpers, no?" North asked, nodding.

"If need be, you may always take time off of weekends to spread your snow," Dumbledore said. "As long as you don't draw attention to yourself."

"But- no one will see me!" Jack exclaimed, grabbing at straws. "I doubt I have very many believers at this school."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Magic is a powerful thing," he said. "It will be very easy to make you visible to the magical world, whether or not people believe in you."

"But- but-" Jack said, desperately casting his eyes around the room for another protest to give. He caught Baby Tooth's eye, but the fairy simply shrugged, looking sympathetic.

"Give it up, Snowflake," Bunny said. "You're going to school."

"Excellent!" Dumbledore said, clapping his hands together. "Term starts September 1st, which is in a week, I believe? Nicholas, you remember how to get into Diagon Alley?"

"Yes," North said, bobbing his head.

"I shall send over a list of things Jack will need for the upcoming school year," Dumbledore said. "He will be beginning his fifth year, as he has the appearance of a fifteen or sixteen year old." He turned to Jack, who was watching the conversation with a grumpy expression. "You will have a lot of catching up to do," he warned. "But I think you will find the students at Hogwarts to be very helpful." His eyes twinkled, as if he knew something Jack didn't.

"Whatever," the teen muttered, put in a bad mood by the events of the evening.

Dumbledore chuckled. "It is time I take my departure," he said. "I have much work to do at the castle, especially in preparation for you, Jack Frost." He took a step back. "I shall see you in a week," he told Jack.

"Goodbye, Albus," Tooth said, smiling at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore inclined his head to her. "Goodnight, Toothiana," he said cordially. Shooting another knowing smile at Jack, he turned on the spot. With another resounding crack, he disappeared into thin air.

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