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Kili's night is lonely but it's not like he hasn't spent other nights alone. It's harder knowing Thranduil's in the castle, but Kili's able to handle it. He collapses on his bed almost as soon as he returns to his room and, the next thing he knows, it's morning. Or rather afternoon. The events of last night must have tired him out more than he thought. Kili has to send down to the kitchen for his meal. He's halfway through his third poached egg, when there's a knock on his door and one of the guards' calls in.

"Your Highness, Prince Legolas of Mirkwood wishes to speak with you."

Kili's eyes widen. He's spoken with Legolas before. They're friendly with each other, but not particularly close. The only reason he can imagine the elf coming to his quarters is to speak to him about the impending marriage. As far as Kili knows, Legolas had not known about Thranduil's relationship with Kili. The dwarven Prince doesn't know Legolas well enough to know what to expect. Still, Kili supposes, whatever Legolas wishes to say, might as well be heard now. After all, they'll be family soon.

"Let him in." Kili calls out.

The door opens and the blonde elf enters, a bow and arrows slung across his back.. "Prince Kili." Legolas nods.

"Prince Legolas." Kili straightens up, pushing his plate away.

"I'm sorry." Legolas glances at the food. "I didn't mean to interrupt-"

"No! No! I was...I was almost finished anyway."

"Oh." There's a moment of silence. "My father thinks we should get to know each other."

"He's right. We should."

"I was wondering if you wanted to go down to the archery range. Maybe practice?"

Kili's not sure whether this is an attempt to bond with him or an excuse to get Kili somewhere where killing him could be made to look like an accident, but he decides to take him up on the offer anyway.

"Sure." Kili rises to his feet. "Did you want to go now or…?"
"Now's fine."

Kili rises to his feet and scoops up his bow. "Great."


They spend the next hour at the archery range, taking turns shooting through each other's arrows. At the maximum range that the archery range offers, Kili and Legolas are evenly matched, each being able to hit the inner circle every time. Kili wonders how he'd do against Legolas out in the woods. He's never gone up against an elf.

"Look...uh...I know we don't each other very well…"Kili starts, about fifteen minutes into their game, figuring they should talk about this. "I...don't know how...that is…"

Legolas snorts. "This doesn't need to be awkward."


"I understand. This is a big deal for mortals. You're going to spend the rest of your life as part of our family. But for's a bit less long."

"Right…" Kili's not sure how to take this.

Legolas gives him a small smile. "I'm sure we'll get along great. We both like archery and, according to my father, reading. We're bound to find some other things in common. I'm just saying...I'm not a child. You don't need to be my step-father. We can just be…friends."

"Oh." Kili says. "That sounds good."

They continue the rest of the practice alternating between amiable silence and small talk. Kili decides he likes Legolas. It's easy to get along with him. If this is how the rest of their relationship goes, Kili thinks he can deal with it.


Of course Kili's day can't be all good. That would be too lucky. He's only just parted with Legolas and is heading back to his room when, out of the corner of his eyes, he sees someone walking at his side. He turns his head only to see King Fengel keeping pace with him.

"Your Uncle seems to think that your 'courtship' with the elf has been honorable. But we know differently, don't we?"
Holding back a growl, Kili bites his lip. "I don't know what you mean."

"Maybe you managed to convince him that someone was with the two of you the other night, but I didn't see anyone go down with you."

"They were already there."

"So late at night?"

"How odd."

"Perhaps, but how we conduct our courtship is nobody's business but Thranduil's and I."

"I wonder if others would feel the same way. After all, most people of noble birth would-"

Before Fengel can finish, Kili shoves him up against a wall. Pulling an arrow from his quiver and pushes it to the King's neck. Kili has had enough. He doesn't care that Fengel's his guest. He doesn't care what the ramifications of threatening him might be. Kili's just tired of holding back his frustration.

"You listen to me." Kili hisses, his face mere centimeters from Fengel's. "I don't care what you know or what you think you know. I'm marrying Thranduil and we're going to be happy." Fengel opens his mouth, but Kili digs the arrow in just enough to draw a drop of blood. "You're going to leave us alone. You're not going to come visit us. You're not going to send us any letters. The only contact you're ever going to have with us is if it's to send us a wedding present. Do you understand?"

Fengel tries to push Kili away, but Kili digs the arrow in just a bit deeper."You can't-"

"I asked if you understood!" Kili growls. "And unless you want this arrowed buried deep in your neck, I suggest you think carefully about what you say next."

There's a flash of anger in Fengel's eyes, as if he's about to bite off an angry retort. But after a moment's silence, he just says. "I understand."

"Good." Kili smiles and takes a step back. "Now, go." He gestures down the hall.

"You'll regret this." Fengel tells him.

"No. I don't think I will." Kili replies coldly. "Now leave or I'll have Dwalin escort you to the dungeons for harassing the heir of Erebor." The King turns and walks away. Kili waits until he's sure Fengel's far down the hall before he turns his back and continues to his quarters.