Ch. 18


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The months pass more swiftly than Kili imagined they would. It seems like one day they're accepting congratulations on their engagements and the next they're sending out the wedding invitations. It's decided that they'll have the wedding in Mirkwood. Thorin's not thrilled (Kili thinks that, were it up to his Uncle, they'd spend their whole life right under Thorin's nose). But Thranduil's a King and he should be married in the eyes of his people. Besides, the two kingdoms are so close together that the trip won't take long for anyone who wants to attend. Thranduil leaves the rest of the decisions up to Kili. Kili, for the life of him doesn't know what to do with most things. For all he's dreamt about being married to Thranduil, Kili hasn't given much thought to the actual wedding. And he has to say, he doesn't have much preference in things other than what food is served. In the end, Kili ends up going with the first things the Wedding Advisors suggest. It's all big, fancy, and expensive, anyway, so it's not as if anything could be underwhelming.

Before Kili knows it, it's the day of the wedding. Pretty much everything important is delegated to other people. He doesn't need to make any speeches. He doesn't need to make last decision about the food or seating arrangements. The clothes he's going to wear have already been decided on for months (although Kili doesn't see why the Advisors made such a big fuss). All Kili has to do is show up and go through with the ceremony.

It shouldn't be hard. Except he'll be the center of attention. And everyone will be watching him. And hanging on to every word Kili says. In the end, Kili decides that the best way to get through it is to concentrate entirely on Thranduil. They've rehearsed the ceremony enough times that Kili could say his lines in his sleep. All he needs is his future husband to look at him and keep him grounded.

Kili doesn't need to walk down the aisle. That role would usually be assigned to either the female (of which, in this case, there is none) or the partner of lower class. Usually that would be Kili, as he's the Prince and Thranduil's a King, but while the alteration might raise a few brows, Kili's not about to spend five minutes walking at a ridiculously slow pace just so people can watch him. He begins the ceremony up at the altar, standing across from Thranduil. Thorin stands on his one side and Fili on his other. Legolas occupies the respective position on Thranduil's side with some cousin or friend of the King of Mirkwoods, who Kili's only briefly met. Glorydell? Findlgor? Glorfindel! That was it! The Priest stands at the front of them as the rest of their friends, family members, allies, and subjects fill in the seats behind them.

After what feels like an eternity, things settle down and the Priest clears his throat. "We are gathered here today to witness, not only the joining of two Kingdoms, but the joining of two individuals. We-"

Kili swallows and focuses on Thranduil's eyes. The Elven King looks back at him calmly, the picture of collectedness. Kili wonders if he ever gets flustered. But, Kili supposes, Thranduil's done this multiple times. Kili will only have to do this once. The Priest reaches the part where it's Kili's turn to speak, so Kili recites his vows and waits for Thranduil to recite his. And then the Priest pronounces them husbands and Kili all but throws himself into Thranduil's arms, pressing his lips to Thranduil's.

Chuckling into the kiss, Thranduil pulls back slightly. "I thought you were nervous about everyone watching?"

"I am." Kili whispers. "But the hard part's over. Now…"

"We have the rest of our lives." Thranduil smiles and, taking Kili's hand, he turns, the two of them facing the world together. Like they will from now on.