"Merry," Pippin said, "I'm bored. Frodo is about to die or something, which I know even though no one bothered to tell us, and Sam is just sitting there like a lump of limestone."

"Okay, what do you want to do?" asked Merry.

"I dunno. Let's go wander around." Pippin and Merry tiptoed out of the room and ran down the corridor. They followed the pathway for some time until it reached the ground floor and they were right in front of the stables.

"Hey Pip," Merry said, "let's go look at the pretty horses." They ran inside. There were some Elves in there stabling up their horses, but none of them paid attention to the hobbits. In fact, they didn't even notice them.

"I hate being short," Merry remarked as they walked past a very tall (actually all the Elves were very tall to him) and blond Elf who was brushing down a really big horse (or so it seemed to him).

The Elf looked up from his horse and looked all around, but he didn't see anything. Then he heard a call: "Down here, mister Elf." He looked down and to his surprise saw two short little people.

"Children!" he exclaimed. He picked one up with each hand and held them at eye level. "How delightful! I love children."

"We're not children," Merry said indignantly. "We're hobbits."

"All of you mortals are children to me," the elf laughed.

"Yeah," Merry whispered to Pippin, "but he wouldn't pick up Strider and Boromir and call them children, would he?"

Meanwhile Pippin was looking around. "Mister Elf," he said, "Can we sit on your horse?"

"Of course," he said. "But stop calling me Mister Elf. My name is Legolas." He set Pippin on the horse and Merry behind him. Pippin giggled and bounced up and down happily. The horse snorted impatiently.

"Don't do that Pippin," Merry whispered. "You might make it mad."

"It's okay," Legolas replied. "He won't buck or run. He's very well behaved." The horse slowly stepped out of the stable and walked around the pavilion. "Will you two watch him for just a minute? I have to tell Elrond that I'm here."

"Sure," Merry said. "We'll be good as gold." Legolas left and the hobbits looked at each other. "Move up Pippin," Merry said. "I'm about to fall off the back." He pushed his cousin a little.

"Don't push me," Pippin mumbled, but he scooted forward on the horse. Merry moved up a bit and asked for more room. Pippin purposely leaned backward. "I can't scoot up any more, or I'll fall off the horse."

"Don't be daft Pip, you can't fall off the horse. The head's in the way." And Merry shoved Pippin, a little harder this time.

Pippin grabbed at the horse's back. "Stop it, I'm going to fall off," he cried, wildly flailing his arms and legs in an attempt to stay on. One of his feet connected with the horse's face, and although Legolas's beast was a good-natured creature, this was a bit much.

He reared back on his hind legs and then, trying to get the little things off, tossed his head back and forth. Unfortunately, this only caused Pippin to grab tightly onto his mane, and Merry to grab the sides of the horse.

Whinnying in exasperation, it took off, running out of the pavilion at breakneck speed. When Pippin finally felt brave enough to open his eyes, he saw, despite the wind rushing in his face, one rider still on the road in front of him. One short, bearded, already-uneasy-at-the-prospect-of-getting- on-a-horse rider named Gimli.

"Watch out!" Pippin yelled at the top of his lungs. The dwarf looked up. He yelled at the top of his lungs and tried to turn his horse aside, but only succeeded in making it rear up in fright.

~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~

Legolas and Elrohir walked out to the stables. "Hey," Legolas said, frowning. "Where's my horse? And where are those short, child-like little people?"

"You mean the hobbits?" Elrohir asked.

"Hobbits. yeah, that was what they called themselves. So where are they?"

"You mean, when you told father someone was watching your horse, you forgot to tell him they were HOBBITS?" Elrohir screamed the last word.

Legolas looked slightly put out. "Well, I didn't think it really mattered. I mean, sure, they were small, but there were two of them."

"Two of them. Very good, Legolas. And if they had not been two of the most mischievous, young, irresponsible hobbits Father has ever laid eyes on, your horse might have been safe with about ten of them!" Elrohir muttered with his teeth clenched. "Your horse could be anywhere."

"What." Legolas said.

"These Mirkwood Elves," Elrohir muttered to himself. Out loud he said, "think, Legolas. Two short, childish people walk up to you for the first time and you leave them with your horse?"

"I didn't say childish, I said child-like," Legolas protested. "So now what do we do?"

"We? You, I should say, would be well advised to go look for your horse. Now. Father would be a bit upset if anyone GOT KILLED." Elrohir rolled his eyes and went back to tell Elrond what had just happened, leaving Legolas to stand there looking quite puzzled and unsure of himself.

~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~

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