So here is my second attempt at a Valkubus fanfic. i hope you enjoy. P.S. I don't own the characters unfortunatly but i don't :(

Tamsin's back arched off the bed in ecstasy as she felt herself heating up under the pressure of Bo on top of her. Bo was leaving trails of kisses and nibbles on the supple skin on her neck down to her collar-bone then to one of her nipples. She could feel the faint moans rip through her throat as she became hotter. Bo made it all the way down between her legs, her tongue made contact with her sensitive flesh and Tamsin moaned again.

Tamsin sat up wide awake as the sound of her actually moaning woke her. She could feel herself shaking and was covered in sweat, not to mention the ache between her legs. She laid back down and groaned, staring at the ceiling, thinking about the Succubus. She couldn't deny it to herself any longer, she had defiantly grown intimate feelings toward Bo. It started the day they spent together out in the woods looking for the real Kenzi. She's gotten to see Bo's true heart for the people she cares about the most. Then the day in Brazenwood just confirmed everything. I mean she kissed Bo out of nowhere basically and she didn't hold back, it was full of emotion.

She finally got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She quickly showered and brushed her teeth before going into the kitchen and checking her phone. There was a text from Trick It was dated from last night.

'Bo has passed her Dawning! Please come celebrate with us!'

Tamsin smiled, relieved Bo passed. She hadn't seen Bo since she left Lauren's apartment quickly the night after Brazenwood. It was to awkward for her and she didn't want to face Bo incase she wanted to ask any questions about the kiss. She wished she could go celebrate with the gang, but she had locked herself in her house to keep the confrontation at bay. Bo had texted her and called a hundred times but she ignored all of them.

Not only did she not want to tell Bo her feelings, but she shouldn't be having them at all in the first place. She can't love the girl she's supposed to deliver to HIM. Not the girl she's got to betray and rip from her friends and family. Her head started pounding. The thought of all this always caused headaches. She pounded her fist on the countertop, just as a knock echoed through the tiny empty apartment.

"I don't want whatever it is that you're selling so just go awa..." she started before she saw who it was, "Oh my god! Bo, what happened?"

Bo stood there shivering from the rain that was coming down in sheets outside. Her left arm was bleeding and her face was covered in scratches and cuts. She limped into Tamsin's apartment losing her balance and falling onto the tiny couch.

"Bo!" Tamsin yelled rushing up to Bo kneeling next to the couch. "Bo, hey. Hey, hey, Bo, stay with me!"

"I'" Bo said pausing between each word.

"Bo, listen to me! I need you to feed off of me, okay?" Tamsin said leaning in kissing Bo. NOTHING "Come on Bo, work with me here."

She kissed her again. She didn't think Bo had the energy to even feed right now but she wasn't going to give up. Suddenly she felt Bo kiss her back and a strong pull in her center. Bo was feeding! She kept feeding until her bleeding stopped and the cuts on her face disappeared. Tamsin sat back gasping for air and looked at Bo

"That tasted just as amazing as the first time." Bo said back to her normal self

"What happened to you!" Tamsin demanded

"10 guys cornered me in the alley behind the Dal. They had bats and knifes. I fought most of them off, but i started getting weak. They got the better of me in the end."

"Jesus Bo! Did you walk all the way over here from the Dal?" Tamsin asked

"Yea, it's a haul."

"Why did you come here?" she asked confused "Isn't Lauren's closer?"

"I...I felt drawn here." Bo said smiling, "Seriously though, your chi tastes incredible! Why?"

"I don't know," Tamsin said standing up walking back into the kitchen for a drink.

Bo followed her, walking up behind her quietly. When Tamsin turned back around she was face to face with Bo. Bo had a smirk on her face.

"Honestly, I can't get enough of your taste."

"Well, you've had enough for now, you're healed," she said.

"Come on Tamsin, that kiss in Brazenwood...that wasn't a feed. You kissed me first AND there was some heavy emotion behind it."

"I don't know what you are talking about." Tamsin said walking around Bo avoiding eye contact

"Do you have feelings for me?" Bo asked sincerely.

"NO!" Tamsin snapped trying to keep her nerves under wraps.

"TAMSIN...what happened to our honesty?" Bo asked in front of her again. "I can tell you do, you know. You've been really nervous around me lately and more friendly."

"Again, I don't know what you're talking about." Tamsin repeated looking down again. "So you think yo can read my feelings, but you can't read Dyson's at al..."

Bo leaned in and placed her lips on Tamsin's and waited. Sure enough Tamsin was the first one to continue the kiss, deepening it. Tamsin tried to fight it, she knew she shouldn't be doing this, especially with Bo, but she couldn't stop. In no time they were in her bed, cloths flying off in every direction.

there is the first chapter of 2. i think it came out like crap. what do you guys think?