DISCLAIMER: I do not own pjo Rick Riordan does. This is an alternate ending to the last Olympian including a suicide note…

The yellow left Luke's eyes and they turned blue. Percy had history with Luke and couldn't belive he survived. He wiped the tears from his face and went to hug the older boy. Before he had the chance to get within 5 feet of him Annabeth his best friend ran up and kissed Luke, his ex, the one he was still in love with. Luke's face melted with hers and Percy gasped. Of course no one had known about their midnight kisses and hm hm "other activitys" but it still hurt him a lot to see . and bam you know what felt like a punch in the gut? Luke was declaired the hero of Olympus and percy was completely forgotten.

The note.

I've been strong for really my whole life, so I think now I should be aloud to be weak. To take the easy way out.

Nico, you cared. You tried to help when you noticed me slowly drifting away this last year, when I would Isolated myself you would try to get me outside. Really this has nothing to do with you, it has to do with them. I love you Nico, I havn't been able to tell you because your still only 13 I am 16 and last time I checked that was illegal.

Everyone, yes I'm gay. Your little perfect target add picture boy helped me realize this.

Annabeth, you didn't realize anything was going on between me and Luke. But it was, so when he sticks "that" in you remember that it was in ME first.

Luke, acting like nothing ever happened between us… and I saved Olympus YOU did not. Your one of the biggest reasons I'm doing this.

Chiron, I looked up to you. As soon as Luke came back you excepted him with open arms and forgot all about me.

Mom, I love you. This in no way has to do with you. Don't you EVER think it did.

Dad, I understand you were to busy to notice how depressed I was, I love you.

Paul, thanks… for excepting me and treating my mom like the princess she is.

Grover, you are away right now and by the time you get my message it will be to late. Thanks bro for being my friend.

Dionysus, I know somewhere inside you care a little bit. You said my actual name before.

Everyone else, either I forgot about you or you didn't matter enouph to me.

Good bye cruel world.

-Percy Jackson.


Percy's pov

I vaguely remember pools of blood swarming around me and then I blacked out, there was nothingness, nothing like I expected death to be.

A blinding white light brung me to my senses.

"where am i?" I asked unable to see anyone or anything except the white light.

" the infurmary." Nico's cracking voice awnsered.

The white light began to fade and was replaced by the worried, beautiful, tear streaked face of Nico Di Angelo.

" I'm not dead?" I asked no one in particular.

I felt the needles in my arms sewing together my wounds.

" everyone read the note, Luke feels quilty."

"y-you read the part for you." I blushed

"YOU NEARLY JUST DIED, AND YOUR WORRIED IF I READ THT PART OF THE NOTE!" Nico yelled and started crying again.

" Percy, your all stitched up, we'll uh.. leave you some privacy." An Apollo camper said and the rest left the room leaving only Nico and Percy.

Nico and Percy's eyes met.

Emerald on onyx,

Then lips met.

Peach on scarlet.

And soul mates were brung together by tragedy.

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