A/N: A response to Deb a.k.a. BHG's challenge issued at NWP... Requirement: Alec gets shot in the ass and the bullet's still in there. Who would he go to for help? Something short, which you rarely see from me.

Timeline: Well, clearly before FN, and probably sometime before HG.

- It's Pretty Obvious -

"Hold still."

"I'm trying, damnit, I'm trying."

"Then try harder."

"Easy for you to say. You're not the one whose ass is being used a fishing hole for bullets."

"But I am the one doing the fishing. And believe me, a three-inch long piece of metal is not enough of a barrier between my hand and your ass."

"… Could ya hurry it up a bit there?"

"I'm working as fast as humanly possible, which would be considerably faster if you would stop squirming."


"Was that a… whimper?"

"Um… no?"

"What kind of soldier are you?"

"The kind without an immunity to pain."

"I thought Manticore was supposed to teach you that too. Isn't that what the extra ten years were for?"

"Actually, they were more for those pesky, but still rather useful things, such as social skills and verbal communication… Damn, you have a worse bedside manner than Max. I didn't think that was possible."

"While you were blathering on, I removed the bullet."

"Oh. Uh… thanks. I guess."


"What was that? Was that supposed to be a 'you're welcome'?"

The would-be response was interrupted as the apartment door opened, and a voice called out, "Hello? Logan?" Footsteps came next, pausing at the entrance to the kitchen, where their owner froze suddenly upon viewing the sight within.

"Alec?" Pause. Gaze turning from Alec, lying prostrate on Logan's kitchen table, to… "Zack?!"

"Hi Max."

"What's going on here?"

Alec rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. "Isn't it obvious? I got shot in the ass, came to Logan's place hoping to find you, Roller Boy, or Asha, but instead ran into Zack here, who'd recovered his memory and come back to Seattle looking for you and ended up at Logan's when you weren't at your own apartment. Seeing as I needed the bullet out of my butt and I couldn't reach it by myself, I asked him to remove it for me."

Zack nodded, confirming the story.

"Oh. Okay."

And when she thought about it, it really was kind of obvious.