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"Friend Cyborg, do you require assistance in the preparation of breakfast?" asked a red haired teenager, who was exceedingly enthusiastic for having just woken up. She watched the half boy, half bot from the other side of the counter as he flipped another waffle onto the pile of countless others.

"Eh, no thanks, Star, I'm almost done," he replied uneasily. As happy as Starfire was to help out with the cooking, her teammates were not nearly as thrilled to eat whatever disaster she always seemed to whip up. "Maybe ask boy wonder over there if he needs some help."

Not at all discouraged, Starfire floated over to her other teammate, who had been bent down at the table, looking over some reports since she had first entered the room that morning. "Robin, do you, perhaps, wish for aid in looking at papers?"

Robin muttered something unintelligible, engrossed in his work. Starfire sighed to herself, bored and hoping for something to do. The only other Titan in the room was sitting on the couch by herself, as focused on her book as Robin was with his work, and it was well known by the team that Raven was not to be interrupted when she was reading.

Seconds later, Starfire was relieved of her momentary boredom when the doors slid open with a whoosh, signaling the entrance of the final team member, Beast Boy.

"Hey, 'bout time you woke up, grass stain, it's breakfast time!" greeted Cyborg, with a very tired Beast Boy waving in mid stretch for a response.

"Glorious! Friend Beast Boy has awoken! I trust you slept well?" called Starfire, rushing to her friend to give his one of her crushing hugs.

He laughed and pretended to try and push her away. "Hey Star, and yeah, I felt like I was hibernating," he told her, promptly shifting into a large green bear to emphasize his point.

"Might as well have been hibernating, to wake up at this hour," spoke the figure on the couch in her usual monotone.

The green boy laughed as if she'd intended it as a joke. "Oh, come on Rae, you know how much I like my sleep. It's good for your skin, and for someone with a great complexion like mine, it'd be a shame not to get some beauty sleep." He pretended to smooth down his hair and wink at Starfire, if only to further his joke.

"You're green," she replied flatly, "And I'm in no way insinuating that you should wake up any sooner. I rather enjoy the extra time I get without you being in the room. And don't call me Rae."

Wanting to change the topic before Raven lost her little amount of patience she had left, Cyborg called everyone to the kitchen. "Alright guys, come and get some waffles before I finish them all myself!"

Beast Boy raced into the kitchen to receive his own strange vegan entrée as Starfire dragged a reluctant Robin to their own seats. "I was almost done," the leader mumbled as Starfire pulled him along.

Raven remained seated, calmly sipping her herbal tea. The four other teenagers sat down and began to devour the mountain of waffles. It would only be some five minutes later before the pile had completely vanished. Beast Boy looked over at his purple teammate as she turned another page in the thick, dusty book propped open on her lap.

"Hey, Raven," he called, still chewing his latest monstrous bite, "Why don't you eat with us for once? I won't bite," he added with a food-filled grin.

"No, you wouldn't. Your mouth is too distracted at the moment." She didn't even look up from her book to answer him. "And there's no point in me sitting with the rest of you when I wouldn't be eating anything."

He still wouldn't give up. "Why don't you eat what everyone else is eating?"

"Why don't you?"

"My breakfast is way better than that." He said, taking in another mouthful to prove it.

"So is mine," she deadpanned.

He rolled his eyes at her. "Tea is so not breakfast." She ignored him after that, taking another sip of her tea and obviously deciding not to get up from where she was sitting. A few moments later, Beast Boy decided that his effort was wasted so he turned back to his other friends, joining in on their conversation not at all hurt by what just happened. Raven was like that nearly every time they spoke, after all.

By the time the group had finished their breakfast and cleaned up, it was already the afternoon. Everyone milled about the room, falling into their usual activities. Raven had abandoned her book in favor of beginning her meditation routine, with Cyborg and Beast Boy playing videogames on her right. Robin was back to the reports from earlier that morning, but was joined this time by Starfire, who was determined to help him whether he wanted it or not.

All was normal for the team; a typical Wednesday.

"Aw, not again!" cried a dismayed changeling, sinking down into the couch as Cyborg was completing his victory dance. "Dude, you have to be cheating!"

Cyborg just laughed, used to his friends post-loss arguments at this point. "No way, man. Just admit that I'm way better than you at this."

"Are not! You're just lucky!"

"Lucky to not be you," he retorted, grinning. This made his green teammate groan in frustration. Beast Boy glanced around the room for a new opponent to replace the current gloating champion.

"Robin? Starfire? Either of you guys want to play me?" he called to his friends on the other side of the room. Robin waved him off.

"Not now, Beast Boy, I need to finish these before tonight, and I need Star's help," replied Robin. Star, who most likely would have been happy to play videogames against her teammate lit up at "I need Star" and after that moment nothing would convince her to leave, not even the begging of a disheartened Beast Boy.

"Star? Please?" he pleaded.

She looked over at him, not comfortable with the word "no". "I am sorry, friend Beast Boy, but if Robin requires my assistance I should not leave."

Beast Boy sighed, but instantly lit up again when he remembered there was still one titan left in the room that he had yet to play against. "Rave–"

"No." She wouldn't let him finish.

"Oh, come on, please!"


"Why not?"

She opened her eyes from where she floated, making sure he knew that he was disrupting her meditation with one of her infamous glares. "Because," she said, "videogames are stupid, and have no point other than to blow up your enemies, which we already do on a daily basis. The only advantage they possess is the entertainment of small minded children, like yourself."

His pointed ears folded back slightly, visibly hurt. "Ouch, Raven. Cut the little guy some lack, he was just asking you to play a game with him," said Cyborg.

"He should have listened the first time I said no," she replied, unaffected.

"Yeah, sure, but he wasn't trying to irritate you, he just wanted you to have a little fun, too," said the half-bot.

Not one for apologies, she gracefully floated to her feet, picked her book back up from where she'd been sitting, and prepared herself to leave the room. "I'm going to find somewhere that I can meditate in quiet," she informed the two sitting on the couch, almost hissing the last word.

Before she could even make it to the door, the alarm went off, echoing in the room. It was battle time.

"Or not," Raven muttered to herself, irritated with how her day was going.

Robin was already on his feet, reports forgotten. He glanced at the scanner on his communicator. "It's downtown, corner of Main St. and 5th," he informed the team. They left the building quickly, known for being the fastest and most reliable respondents to every crime scene Jump City had. Today was no exception.

They arrived at the scene to find the streets suspiciously quiet. It wasn't hard to figure out why– sidewalks and stores were littered with people, all fast asleep. Cars were all stopped, engines still running, with their drivers and passengers completely unconscious as well. There was no sign of what caused it.

"Perhaps they were all very tired?" asked Starfire innocently, never one to assume the worst.

"No," replied Robin, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought, "Whoever we're looking for is probably the one who did this." He scanned the street they all stood on, and one of the pedestrians who slept, slouched on a bench at the bus stop by them seemed to catch his eye. The team leader walked over to the man, who looked to be in his late forties, and gave him a quick shake on the shoulder.

The man blinked slowly, and let out a long yawn, as if he was waking up from a very comfortable nap. "What's going on?" he asked, not fully aware of his surroundings.

"You're in downtown. Someone made everyone in this part of the city fall asleep. Do you know who's responsible?"

The man groggily looked to his left and then his right before remembering that he was asked a question. "Let me think for a second," said the man, resting his chin on his hand like he was trying hard to remember something. It wasn't before the man started making snoring sounds and his eyes had drooped shut again that the titans realized that he'd fallen back asleep.

"Hey!" yelled Robin, causing the man to jump back awake. "Please just tell us if know where the person responsible went."

The man scratched his head for a moment. "Um, yeah, I think he went over there, behind that blue building," he said, pointing behind the five heroes.

Without another word, the team ran in the direction the man had given them. They rounded the corner of the building and raced into its adjacent alleyway. At the end were two figures. One, a boy in his teens lay on the ground, sound asleep. The other, a peculiar man with a blue robe with assorted colored pouches tied on, nightcap, and fuzzy slippers, bent over the teen, his ear over the boy's forehead, a smile painted on his face.

"Um, dude, that's just weird," said a disturbed Beast Boy, with the rest of the team nodding their heads in agreement. This was not usual criminal behavior for them.

"Get away from the civilian!" demanded Robin, his staff already out and battle ready.

The robed man, seeing the titans, laughed and climbed to his feet. "Hey now, no need to get your feathers ruffled, Robin, I was only tuning in for some afternoon entertainment."

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" the titan growled back.

"The Teen Titans are fairly well known, aren't they? Your names are common knowledge. As for myself, I am called the Boogieman." He was still smiling, making the entire team very uncomfortable.

"What were you doing to that kid over there?" asked Cyborg, his sonic cannon aimed and ready.

"I already told you, but if you insist I will repeat myself," answered the Boogieman. "I was only listening in."

It was Starfire's turn to ask a question. "What do you mean by this 'listening in?'"

"His dreams, my dear, I was listening to his dreams. It's much better than anything on T.V., and without any pesky commercials!"

"What kind of psycho criminal are you?" demanded Robin, angered even more at his pet name for Starfire.

"Psycho? I'm offended, really. I'm not even doing anything illegal, not technically, because there's no laws about it!"

Raven stepped forward to ask, "And you knocked out half of the city because?"

"Because I can!" replied the Boogieman, before nearly falling over in a fit of hysterics.

"Okay, I don't know how you were able to do any of this, but I've heard enough talk. Titans, go!" called out Robin, setting the team in motion.

Starfire and Cyborg were the first to take aim and fire at the man, the blasts of the cannon and energy bolts landing around the man in a flurry of motion, though they were careful not to hit the boy behind him. A cloud of dust and smoke concealed the bizarre villain, but Robin never gave it a chance to settle. He leapt into the mess, staff raised above his head. He disappeared into the smoke just as a loud smack could be heard as the staff connected with something solid.

A few moments of silence stilled the rest of the team as they waited for their leader to reappear, and when he did, he was jumping out of the way as the Boogieman threw a handful of something from one of the colored pouches that were tied at his waist. They exploded dangerously close to the titan, and his teammates leapt to his defense. Beast Boy shifted into a kangaroo, taking a gigantic leap into the air in the villain's direction before shifting into a tiger, claws unsheathed and ready for the attack. Just as he was about land, the Boogieman took and handful of one of the other pouches and threw it at the ground. Almost instantly, the entire alleyway was covered with smoke, limiting the visibility of everyone. In the confusion, Beast Boy missed his target, unsure of where the man went.

The man popped up just behind Raven, who, quickly sensing his presence, threw a blast of black energy in his direction. It made contact, sending him flying into the nearby brick wall.

"Ooof!" he grunted at the hit, sliding back to the ground. Starfire, who was closest at that point, sent blast after blast of energy at the man, relentlessly. After she finally did stop, they realized that the Boogieman had pulled his robe over himself so that it completely covered his body, and to everyone's amazement, it had no signs of damage. Robin, deciding it must be fireproof of some sort, raced in with his staff, prepared to end the battle with a more physical approach.

Before he could land his blow, the Boogieman rolled away, throwing more the mysterious smoke-making powder as he did so. By the time the titans could find him through the smoke again, he was half a story high, standing on one of the building's fire escapes.

"Well, I assume that you children won't give up until you've caught me, and as I truly don't want that to happen, I'll just have to give you a distraction," he called down to them, reaching into a red pouch on his side.

Too late, Robin realized what he was doing. "Titans, move!" he called, but the Boogieman had already thrown the red powder. It hit all of the young heroes before they'd had any time to get out of the way. It threw them into a coughing frenzy, and left them unable to do anything but try and hack the stuff out of their lungs, giving the villain plenty of time to escape.

When they were finally able to breathe easy enough, Robin scanned for the Boogieman, with no results. "Alright, team, we need to find this guy before he does anything else. I don't care if it's not technically illegal; it's just plain wrong. Everyone split up and search the town except Starfire, I need you to take him–" he pointed to the teen still unconscious on the ground, "–to safety. Titans, go!"

With their orders, the team immediately spread out, leaving Starfire alone. She quickly walked over to the civilian, picked him up, and carried him bridal style out of the alleyway. Strength was not an issue in this case; she probably could have carried a bus in the same way if needed. As she walked on the sidewalk surrounding Main St., trying to find somewhere safe to put him, she realized that some of the other people were starting to wake up. Cars began to pull forward and return to their usual route while other pedestrians pushed themselves off the sidewalk and back onto their feet. As always, Jump City quickly returned to its usual activities.

In the other parts of town, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven patrolled, searching every building they came across and looking for any signs of the Boogieman. By the time the sun was setting, to their frustration, they were no closer to finding the villain than when they first started out.

Glancing at his watch quickly, Robin stopped on the current rooftop he was racing across to pull out his communicator. He hit a few buttons and spoke into the device, "Okay, titans, that's enough for today. Head back to the tower."

Cyborg was the one to answer first. "Actually, why don't we stop by pizza on our way home? It's past dinner time and I'm starving from this goose chase."

Robin considered this for a moment. "Alright, sounds good. Everyone meet there in five minutes," he said before hitting a button to stop transmission.

Exactly five minutes later, Robin arrived at their usual pizza spot to find the rest of the team already there. The exhausted team collapsed at their table and ordered twice their usual amount of food. The pizzas, two pepperonis, two mushroom, tomato, and olive, and one vegan order, arrived fifteen minutes later. The teenagers crammed their mouths full before they began their usual debates on which pizzas were best. Only Raven remained quite, silently reprimanding herself for not bringing a book with her.

"How can you say that?" demanded a very defensive Beast Boy, "you've never even tried the vegan option!"

Cyborg rolled his eyes. "I don't need to taste it, when I can smell that stank all the way on this side of the table, BB. That's not real food."

"Don't knock it 'till you try it," the changeling insisted, but neither one seemed ready to give up. "Starfire said she liked it," he added finally.

"Starfire likes anything, some things that I'm not even sure are edible included," replied Cyborg, saying the last part quietly so that the red-haired girl might not hear. Luckily, it seemed she was too distracted by a side-conversation with Robin to notice.

Beast Boy pouted, he really just wanted someone to try his food. He turned to Raven, hoping she was worn out enough from the day that she wouldn't have sufficient energy to yell at him. "Rae, can you please try my pizza? Pretty please with a weird shaped chocolate candies you like on top?" he asked.

She glared at him a moment before replying, ignoring the fact that he remembered such a small detail that she forgot she ever mentioned before. "It's Raven, not Rae, as hard as that seems to be for you to remember, please try. And nothing on this planet would ever compel me to eat some of that over-processed garbage on your plate."

Smart enough to know not to push her further, Beast Boy changed the subject. "Okay then. So, um, Cy, how'd the repairs on the T-Car?" He knew that was all it took to make the teen talk for an hour, and in an instant he was rambling on all about his baby and how he was going to "kill the punk that broke her right after he fixed her the last time."

An hour later the Titans all arrived back at the tower. It had been unanimously agreed upon that in the disappointing direction their day had taken, they would have a scary movie night, something that always left everyone but Raven laughing when the credits rolled on. Having gotten over her previous ordeal regarding her feelings and their physical manifestation after an earlier scary movie, she felt that it was safe enough to try and watch another one.

The team fell into their usual seating arrangements quickly, with Raven on the far left, then Beast Boy, then Robin and Starfire who moved very close together the moment the lights flickered off, and finally Cyborg, who lounged across his side of the couch only after slipping in Grave Encounters 2. All conversations ceased the moment the movie switched on.

The movie ended roughly two hours later, and flicked back to static. A brief moment of complete silence and stillness ensued, with every titan privately processing what they'd just seen. Starfire had become so frightened that she'd burrowed herself far beneath Robin, occasionally peeking out from over his shoulder. He seemed not to have noticed. Beast Boy had shifted into a dog near the end, and was using his floppy ears to shield his eyes. Cyborg sat paralyzed in his seat, eyes wide, unable to move out of shock. Raven, learning from her last experience at horror movies, allowed herself to scream to a small degree at the occasional horror scene, and now sat quietly with her cloak wrapped tightly around herself.

Seconds later the group save one member were beside themselves with laughter. They poked fun at each other's reactions and facial expressions and subjected particularly humorous instances to imitation.

"I do believe that you are now to be named after the tasty flightless bird," said Starfire, pointing at Robin as she giggled.

"Hey, if anyone's a chicken, it's Beast Boy," he said, laughing through the accusation.

Beast Boy shifted into a chicken, for his own personal comic effect, which seemed to have the desired result as his friends burst into another fit of laughter. He shifted right back into his normal green self and elbowed Raven, trying to get her involved in the conversation for the third time that day.

"I dunno, Raven might have me beat there," he said, still poking her. She only glared back. "Oh, come on, Raven, I heard you scream, just admit it. You were totally freaked out."

She quietly stood up, smoothing out the newly made creases of her cloak as she said, "Yes, I was afraid. So were you. And if you insist on bothering me any more today I'll give you something else to be afraid of." Raven knew she couldn't deny her fear; that only caused problems. That did not mean, however, that she had to be nice about it. Without giving her teammate a chance to the respond, she spun around and began briskly walking to her room. "Goodnight," she muttered.

Beast Boy, irritated that he'd struck out for the full day when it came to conversation with Raven, frowned as she left. "Dude, what is her problem? I was just joking around."

Robin placed his hand on his teammate's shoulder. "Don't worry about her. She just does things in her own way," he assured him. In all the time that's he'd known Raven, he knew to respect her boundaries, something that Beast Boy was not too clear on.

Not long after that the rest of the titans dispersed for their own rooms, finding themselves very tired after such a full day. Despite their exhaustion, none of them slept very well through the night, as if their dreams had been less than pleasant, but none could remember what they were.