A/N: I do not Own Alice in the Country of Hearts/Clover/Joker. This is not based on game plot (that I'm aware of since I haven't played) but picks up the plot at the end of the current manga stop point. I'm going certifiably nuts waiting for The Cheshire Cat Waltz 5 to come out, and since I have three months to wait, I thought I'd stretch my imagination. I haven't written fanfic for years, and this is my first Alice fic.

Rated "M" for violence, rape (that may get graphic), and possible consensual sex.

BorisxAlice (obviously)


Alice Liddell opened her eyes slowly, aware of the aches and pain all over her body. It felt like she had fallen and bruised most of her body on the way down. She stared, bleary-eyed at her surroundings, trying to remember what had happened and where she was but all she came up with was fuzziness.

Wait, what is wrong with my arms?

She realized that her arms felt numb and were also…bound above her head? What the…

Then she began to remember things. She was at work and then she was trying to find the new store that had opened. She had gotten lost, wandered off the main street and down a back alley and then…A pain in her side made her wince, and she felt a small trickle run down her rib cage.

Blood!? That's right! Someone grabbed me and…

A door cracked open and two faceless walked in wearing suits and carrying guns.

"Hn. It seems the little girl is awake."

"Make her talk."


Boris Airay was frustrated. Beyond frustrated. He had gone to meet Alice after work, and somehow his girlfriend had managed to slip by him again.

It's always the same. I can never find that girl.

He sighed, blowing a puff of air through his fuchsia hair, making it re-settle a little more across the left side of his face. He knew, from people's reactions to him, that he could have had any girl in Wonderland, but he didn't want any of the faceless. Among the role-holders, there was only one female, Vivaldi, and while beautiful, her unpredictable temperament made her too dangerous to be a possible partner. Until Alice had come to Wonderland, Boris had never been interested in any girl like that. He had never considered being someone's boyfriend and certainly not a monogamous, caring one. He meant it when he said he loved her though, so much so that he would wait around, frustrated or no.

Maybe she had gone on home, to the Hatter's mansion. Try as he might to talk her out of living there, she had insisted on staying. She said it was rude to just pick up and leave, especially since Blood Dupre was still refusing to take any money from her for rent.

That damn Blood! He's just doing it to keep her aroundu and piss me off!

He felt that she was making excuses for why she wouldn't leave the mansion, but he understood her reticence to not move in with him. They were moving pretty fast already, but he was pleased with the progress they had made. After all, she had let him closer than anyone ever before.

Hn. Closer than anyone else indeed.

He brushed aside such thoughts. Couldn't start thinking about that now, or he would definitely need to find Alice immediately. He couldn't get out of his head though the way the blood came to her cheeks, how she squeezed her eyes together and tried to cover her mouth so those delicious little sounds wouldn't come out.

"What are you doing? I…just…my voice. You'll hear…"
"I wanna hear."

Boris shifted uncomfortably as his pants grew tighter. God, she was so hot like that, writhing beneath him, the first time she had let him go all the way. He savored that moment, the moment she was finally fully his; she had claimed to be his before that , but he felt in that moment, it was finally true.

He had been so distracted with his thoughts that he hadn't realized he had arrived at the mansion, and the grinning faces of his friends, Dee and Dum, greeted him.

"Hey, Boris! Why didn't you bring big sis with you?"

"Yeah, we wanna play with her! We haven't seen her all day?"

Boris frowned. "You mean she's not here?"

"No we haven't seen her since the tea party last night."

"Is she not with you?"

"No. I went to her work, but she had already left. I figured she may have come home."

The twins looked confused when suddenly there was a flurry of action from the mansion. Elliot March came running outside toward the gate. He skidded to a halt when he saw Boris talking to the twins, eyes wild and furious.

"What have you done, cat?"

"What are you talking about?"

Elliot sighed, looking more agitated. "Then you don't know?"

"Know what, you hare-brained idiot? Make some sense!"

"You brats come with me. For once, I'm ordering you to abandon your posts." The three of them started to walk toward the mansion, and Elliot glanced back.

"You too. Blood will probably want you there as well."

Boris looked confused as he walked in the gate and shut it behind him. The Hatter's was enemy territory technically, but he had been invited in once before. Granted since they had left the country of Hearts and entered Clover, it's not as if he was really breaking territory rule, since his territory was gone and he was more of a mooch than a permanent resident there anyway.

He followed Elliot and the twins into the mansion and to Blood's study, where Blood stood pacing the floor. He looked up when Elliot and the twins entered, eyes settling on Boris for a second. His mouth pressed to a thin line, but he let it pass. He supposed that Boris did have a right to be here, especially given the news he was about to impart on the group.

"Hatter, what is going-?"

"They have Alice."