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Chapter 6

The twins were lethal inside the tight hallways, giant axes blocking bullets and not allowing any of the mobsters escape around them. They were splattered with blood and smiling as they cut a path through the barrages of gunfire.

Blood was in his element, gun firing at anyone that was reachable through the twins' axes, bringing down only a few less than the twins combined. They had seen Ace run in earlier, followed closely by Peter, but they had taken a different route into the building. They had been given the same instructions regarding the mob boss by Elliot, but Blood wasn't particularly worried about them.

Elliot joined them moments later, having given all the other arrivees the instructions. Gun already drawn, he paused long enough to tell Blood that Vivaldi was waiting outside in her carriage to spirit Alice away as soon as they obtained her.

Blood was immaculate. Elliot could never understand how he kept so clean during these altercations, but his white coat was usually spotless in the end. They worked quickly, killing their way into the building, until the bullets stopped and all around them lay the bloody faceless they had killed.

Dee and Dum spun, big grins on their faces, until they heard Alice's scream pierce through the silence, and they began to run toward the back of the warehouse. Elliot didn't hesitate kicking in the door when they arrived at it, but they came to a stop quickly once inside.

Boris was on the floor, blood trickling from one side of his mouth, unconscious or already dead no one was sure. The rival boss was on his side, hands between his legs, but all eyes were on Alice. One of the faceless had a knife to her throat, and he was caressing her ear with his tongue. Elliot's eyes locked on Alice's and shifted to Boris then back to hers.

The uncertainty in her eyes told him all he needed to know; she had screamed because she didn't know if he was alive or if they had killed him. Elliot started to move toward him, but then stopped when Alice squeaked as the blade was pressed into her neck, causing a small rivulet of blood to run down her neck.

"Now that we have you where we want you, I think you should put down your weapons," said the faceless with the knife.

"There's four of us and one of you. Why should we do that?" Blood said calmly.

Elliot could see the only thing that betrayed him was his eyes, which burned with anger, but everything about him seemed cool and unruffled apart for that small detail. The faceless smirked.

"Because if you don't, I'm going to kill this girl, just like her little friend over there."

"What makes you think we care?"

Alice's eyes widened, and Elliot tried to shake his head slightly to reassure her. Alice always thought the worst of herself and was very easy to believe everyone. She probably bought the lie more than the mobster did, which made Elliot's blood boil more. He never understood how she could think so little of herself, the girl who valued everyone's life in Wonderland, save her own.

"And even if we do care about her, if you kill her, you have nothing. Think carefully," Blood said, as his gun changed back to his cane which he leaned casually on.

Seconds later, a black clad arm emerged from the darkness, pulling the knife away from Alice's throat and snapping the faceless's wrist backwards with a sickening crunch. Out of the darkness stepped Grey and Nightmare, satisfied grins on their faces. Nightmare lifted a booted foot and placed in on the faceless's shoulder, pushing him back away from Alice.

Elliot was there to catch her as her legs gave way, and moments later Grey found the key that would unlock her wrists from the heavy shackles. Blood affirmed that the mob boss was still alive, and Elliot turned to him as he chuckled quietly.

"Seems are kitty cat bit him in a sensitive area," Blood responded to Elliot's unanswered question.

"B-Boris. Elliot, is he a-a-live?" Alice sobbed into Elliot's chest as he held her.

Nightmare swept across the room and dropped to a knee beside Boris, long white fingers moving deftly across Boris's prone body.

"He's alive. He's just unconscious, Alice," Nightmare reassured.

Ace and Peter arrived at that momtent, surveying the scene, eyes both stopping to rest on a bleeding and bruised Alice.

"I think we should take Alice back to Heart Castle," Ace spoke first, eyeing the others uncertainly.

Now that Alice was safe and the villains responsible dead, or mostly dead, the peace was sure to dissolve quickly. Ace had cast the first die by speaking, but everyone else soon joined in, clamoring about the best place for Alice to be. Soon weapons were drawn again and pointed in various directions while the squabbling continued.

Alice trembled in Elliot's arms, but he remained quiet while the others continued to disagree with each other. Suddenly a new voice volunteered his opinion, surprising everyone.

"I don't care where Alice goes, but she's staying with me," Boris muttered, pushing himself to a kneeling position as he struggled to stabilize his vision.

Getting hit repeatedly in the head was something he didn't care for he had decided, and it happened far too much in the past few hours. He nodded at Elliot briefly since he still held Alice in his arms, and then locked gazes with the rest of the room.

"Mansion," Alice whispered almost inaudibly.

Heads turned toward her as she spoke, and Blood gave the others a self satisfying smirk. He had won the young lady yet again, and it pleased him that she hadn't wanted to go elsewhere after the incident that had almost cost her life.

"Elliot, take her. Dee, Dum, you're to remain here. I'll let you play when I'm finished with this one," Blood commanded, nudging the mob boss with his boot, who groaned in response. 'And call Pierce before you go. We may require his…skills now."