Rosa's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I did Pokemon's Hilda farting, and I infamously did Pokemon Bianca's farting... but I didn't do Pokemon's Rosa farting. Or Mei, but that's a pretty meh name. Anyway, there's already a drawing of Pokemon's Mei farting, but not a fanfic, so yes, this odd association of mine continues. I have no idea why I'm too slow on these things, but enjoy.

Rosa was in the middle of Castelia City, ready to head into the sewers as she was alongside her Mareep and Purrlion, pumping her fists up with joy.

"Are you two ready to go in and beat up some nasty common Pokemon?!" Rosa exclaimed to her two Pokemon currently on her hand as she was voiced by the 4Kids version of Amy Rose, "Because I'm ready to get down and dirty!"

Rosa's stomach growled, with Rosa simply giggling as her Mareep and Purrlion eyed each other oddly, neither feeling confident in each other or their oddly cheerful trainer as Rosa merrily skipped into the sewer, smelling in the dank sewer air as she sighed.

"Ahh... it stinks so bad in here!" Rosa admitted as she giggled, clapping her hands together. "I love it! I can appreciate the sewer's unique stinkiness!"

Suddenly, hordes of Zubats appeared as they flew towards the new intruders. Mareep and Purrlion screamed as they held onto each other, trembling with fright as Rosa turned around, moving her hands about.

"Don't worry, guys, you can deal with these bats!" Rosa exclaimed as she tried encouraging her Pokemon to fight. "In fact, I'll make them easier for you, watch!"

Rosa took in a deep breath as she glanced at her yellow skirt, her tight black skin pants underneath revealing her black striped panties that covered her big butt as the horde of incoming Zubat came closer, screeching as they prepared to use Confuse Ray. Suddenly without warning, with her butt aimed at the Zubat, Rosa farted loudly, her deep pitched poot echoing throughout the sewer as the Zubat screamed in pain, Rosa's loud flatulence piercing their ears. Rosa let out another raunchy toot as all of the Zubat fell in the disgusting green sewer water, with Mareep and Purrlion glancing at the unconscious bat Pokemon as they frightfully glanced up at Rosa, who giggled as she patted her butt twice with both of her hands, letting out another gross fart.

"See? I told you that they're not so bad!" Rosa remarked, obviously referring to the weakened Zubat and not her farts as she giggled, farting again. "Now go on, go and attack them while they still have some form of conscious left!"

Mareep and Purrlion cautiously jumped into the sewer water, being disgusted that they were in the sewer to begin with, let alone the gross water full of gross substances as Rosa cheered them on while farting, her gas echoing throughout the sewer.

Clearly this wouldn't bring any trouble to her...