Age is Only a Number, but Love is Much More

Snarry, Snarry, Snarry

Composed by: Koffeeholic


I just got bored...

Ageless Ageless Ageless Ageless Ageless

There the day came. It was finally Severus Snape's fiftieth birthday. Verily, he'd be too old to be in love at his age, the hairs on his head would be gray. But that wasn't true, neither was it completely false. He brewed a potion each month to keep his locks that regular silky black and his face wrinkle free.

Then the last thing he forgot to account for was the trust of his lover—Harry.

The boy was less than half his age, twenty years old. And oddly, his love for him grew with age.


Harry didn't like it when Severus kept secrets from him, even half ones. This half secret is simple yet hurtful: telling your birthday but never your age.

Severus hoped to spend the day alone, no company, not even Harry. Not having Harry around was something he hadn't wished for in years and he felt no regrets.

"Oh, Sev. I know what today is!" the green-eyed youth chirped, making the elder grow sad. Harry couldn't stand it. "What's wrong, love? Did I do something wrong?" As the man forced his lips shut to conceal any whining, the air grew cold.

"Severus, the air doesn't chill like this unless you're really upset," Harry came closer. "Please tell me what's bothering you. I'm sure I could help." He sat himself gently onto his lap and placed a kiss on his cheek.

Unable to withstand the build-up of emotions, Severus released icy tears.

"Harry..." he sniffed. "I didn't want you to know..."

Now equally crying, "Know what?" asked Harry. "What've you been keeping from me?"

Severus cried harder and talked softer. " age, Harry. I'm fifty years old today." Harry simply gasped. He couldn't believe it.

"I knew I shouldn't have told you. You'd just throw me away because I've expired!" Now Severus started to shout. His tears just wouldn't stop.

But Harry didn't want to toss his lover aside because of his age. "No, Sev. I don't care how old you are. I love you for you. I love you for us!" He then brushed kisses over his face to lighten the mood. It brightened Severus somewhat; nevertheless, he still remained depressed. He now felt silly that he kept that secret. Harry was the most tolerant young man anyone would meet. He just forgot that.


"Yes, Severus. Age is only a number, but my love for you is much more." Harry pressed his lips against his lover's, who happily accepted with open arms and mouth. The elder of the two had never felt such relief. "I love you, Harry," he said.

"I love you, too, Sev," chuckled Harry, entangling his fingers in Sev's silky, black and silver hair. "And remember, you're ageless to me, forever."

Ageless Ageless Ageless Ageless Ageless

iKoffeeholic's Word:

Doesn't Harry seem cute, chasing after the father figure he never had?