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In the Great Hall of Hogwarts, Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived, stood having finally defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort. Turning around he looked at the relieved faces of the light forces before laying eyes on Hermione who smiled lightly at him.

"Dumbledore said you would do this Harry," his best mate Ron's voice cut through the silence catching his attention. "He said you would murder someone and when you did i was supposed to stop you."

"Ron, what are you talking about mate," Harry asked his voice catching as he saw Ron raise his wand. "Don't do it R-"

"Avada Kedavra," Ron said maliciously and all in the hall stood shocked as the sickly green spell rocketed toward their savior striking him in chest.


Sitting up rapidly a young boy gulped in air as he looked around a small cupboard with panicking eyes while coated in sweat. Running a hand through his hair he placed his glasses on before listening carefully for the sound of movement. Sighing when he realized his relatives had yet to wake and knowing he would not get back to sleep he laid back down and thought about the strange dream he had.

'I don't understand what exactly was going on in that dream considering it seemed to cover the next seven years of my life and it had magic in it. While it seemed to be too real to be just a dream it can't be true, Uncle Vernon always says there is no such thing as magic.' Harry thought as he stared at the underside of the stairs that made up his ceiling. 'Still maybe there is magic and he is wrong. Perhaps I should try and get Uncle Vernon to drop me off in London and I can look for that pub, the Leaky Cauldron.'

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud knocking followed by his Aunt Petunia's nasally voice. "Up," she said as she unlocked and knocked on his door. "Get!"

This was quickly followed by his cousin Dudley jumping on the stairs while shouting, "Wake up cousin we're going to the zoo!"

Standing up and opening the door Harry was almost into the hallway as his cousin ran past and shoved him back inside before kicking his door shut and slamming the kitchen door shut as well. Standing back up and putting on his best obedient face while trying not to roll his eyes at the overly dramatic attitude his aunt used. Hearing her tell him to cook breakfast and to try not to burn anything he nodded and replied with a curt, "Yes, Aunt Petunia."

"Hurry up," Vernon ordered as he watches Harry begin to serve the food. "Bring my coffee boy."

"Yes Uncle Vernon"

"How many are there?" Harry heard his cousin shout as he poured the coffee.

"Thirty-six, counted them myself."

"Thirty-six, but last year, last year I got thirty-seven." Dudley yelled as outrage spread across his face.

"Yes, but some are quite bigger than last years," Vernon replied.

"I don't care how big they are!" Dudley shouted causing Harry to internally shake his head at how ridiculously unappreciative his large cousin was. Upon hearing his aunt say they would go buy two new presents he almost laughed at her inability to stand up to Dudley.


Having finished breakfast, and finished meaning the Dursley's ate it all and Harry got a slice of bread, they left the house and began to get into the car. Vernon stopped Harry as he was about to get into the car and got in front of him.

"I'm warning you boy," he said while shaking his car keys at Harry. "Any funny business, any at all and you won't have any meals for a week."

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry replied. "However I have different idea. I was wondering of you could drop me off in London so I could get Dudley a gift."

Seeing he had Vernon's attention he continued, "Who knows maybe I will just disappear forever and be out of your hair. The worst that happens is I come back Dudley gets a gift and everything returns to normal."

Vernon stood there contemplating what Harry said and he had to admit what the boy was saying could be very appealing and possibly a way to return to a normal family. "You got a deal boy."


Arriving about a block from the Leaky Cauldron Harry was kicked out of the car by his Uncle Vernon. Getting up he walked down the street as he heard the car speeding away.

'Well this is going better than I expected,' Harry thought. 'If I am correct the Leaky Cauldron should be near...if it even exists,' he added as an after thought.

Turning a corner Harry stopped dead in his tracks as he layed eyes on the very same building from his dream. Realizing that if this building existed than most of the stuff he dreamt about could very well be real as well including his celebrity status. Deciding that he didn't want to be recognized if this was real he cupped his hands together and collected some water from a nearby puddle to use to make his hair lie down and cover his scar. Taking a breath he headed towards the pub and opened the door before making a beeline for the bar.

'Moment of truth,' he thought as he addressed the bartender. "Excuse me sir."

"Yes, yound man."

I got seperated from my parents and was wondering if you could open the gateway."

"Of course," the bartender replied as he walked towards the brick wall and tapped the brick sequence with his wand.

"Thank you sir," Harry said and to make his story more believable he ran towards a group of people. "Mum, Dad."

Halfway to the group he turned around to see the man, Tom if he remembered correctly, close the gateway. Slowing his pace to a brisk walk he decided on first stopping by Gringotts to get his monetary situation settled.


Seeing an empty line Harry approached the goblin sitting at the desk. "Excuse me sir. I have lost my key and would like to request a new one as well as a bloodline heritage test."

The goblin looked over the counter giving a savage grin, "To what vault would that missing key be Mr. ..."

"Potter, Harry Potter," Harry replied inwardly grinning at the James Bond reference.

"Well Mr. Potter if you would follow me we can confirm whether or not you are indeed him," giving another savage grin he continued. "How do you humans say it? Kill two birds with one stone?"

Knowing that this first encounter would decide how goblins treated him later in life he returned the grin. "That is correct...Griphook." Almost laughing when the goblin tripped but recovered.

"I wasn't aware I gave you my name," Griphook said.

"Thats because you didn't."

"Is that so, this way Mr. Potter," Griphook informed him while pointing at a door. "Through that door."

"Much appreciated Griphook," Harry said nodding as he entered the room.

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