I do not own Harry Potter. I wish I did. My wish was not granted.

I do not own Harry Potter. I wish I did. Joanne "Jo" Rowling does.

Lockhart's First Class shortly after he flees the room.

Harry whistled loudly, gaining the attention of both student, and pixie.

Lifting the fringe covering his scar, getting "eep" from the pixies when he did, "you recognize who I am and what I did?"

Surprising everyone, all the pixies nodded the heads.

"Good. Now I want you all to get onto the front center table in a single line facing me."

And still surprising, they followed Harry's order. And as Harry walked around to the side of the table where the cage was sitting, the pixies turned so they were always facing him.

"Now I want you all to walk forward and get into the cage."

This time however, none of the pixies moved.

Thinking for a moment, an idea came to Harry.

"You think I am powerful to do what I did right?"

Again, a nod was received.

"Well you see a few of your friends stuck in the air above us?"


"Must have been me that did it to them right?



Shocked expression.

"I'll let you in on who did it, but I have to warn you, she can be do right scary to even me when she is upset. So I would not move when she comes up her,understand?"

Still in shock over someone that scared Harry Potter, the nodded.

"Hermione, come up her next to me."

Hermione, catching on to what Harry was up to, but mad at him for dragging her into this, walked up next to him and wacked him in the back of the head.

"See what I mean," he told the pixies as he rubbed the back of his head, "scary. Now if she is able to do that", pointing to the pixies frozen in the air, "and be able to smack me in the head without fear of what I would do to her, what do you think she would do to all of you lined up in a neat…little…row?"

The classroom erupted into laugher as the pixies all scrambled as fast as they could to get themselves in the cage, hoping that the one who scared the defeater of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, who leave them be if they were in there.