Happy Birthday Roman

"Where are you two taking me?" Roman sighed, a slight smile playing over his lips. Seth just laughed, and reached back to pat Romans knee.

"You'll see," he teased. Roman huffed and rolled his eyes fondly behind the blindfold.

"It's my birthday, and you're just being mean now," he argued. Seth and Dean both laughed at that one, and Roman fell silent.

"Here we are," Dean announced, the car pulling to a stop. Roman grinned and reached for the blindfold.

"Wait!" Seth demanded, rushing around the car to help his lover out.

"Just do as he tells you," Dean sighed, amusement clear in his voice. Roman shrugged and allowed Seth to help him from the car, Seth wrapping an arm around his waist as Dean came around on his other side.

"Just three steps here," Seth coaxed, tightening his grip when Roman took the three steps.

"Is it raining?" Roman asked, holding a hand up.

"Drizzling, stop being fussy," Dean scolded. "Ready?" Seth leant up and removed Romans blindfold, the elder man blinking slowly.

"A beach?" he asked in confusion, glancing from side to side at his lovers. Seth smiled shyly up at him.

"I remembered you saying that your birthday tradition was to go to the beach," he informed Roman softly. "I just thought that even though it's not Pensacola Beach…" Roman smiled gratefully down at his lover.

"That was our first date…thank you," he said softly, kissing Seth's lips gently. Dean settled down on the sand, and Roman and Seth followed. When the rain started coming down harder, none of the three moved except to bring their jackets tighter around them. Roman was happy on his birthday, and that made Dean and Seth even happier with their decision.