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Death's Deal

Chapter 1: A Deal is Made

Po and the Furious Five were traveling down a dusty path heading home. "Okay I spy with my little eye something um green", Po said as he started up a game of I Spy.

"Is it a leaf?" Viper asked.

"Nope", Po told her.

"Grass?" Monkey asked him.

"No it is not", Po said with a smile.

"Is it your eyes?" Crane asked.

"Nope", Po said.

"Is it Viper?" Mantis asked.

"No but you are close", Po said.

"It's Mantis", Tigress said.

"You are correct okay Tigress it is your turn", Po said cheerfully.

"Okay I Spy something big, carrying weapons, and running right towards us", Tigress said. Just then a group of snarling wolves came out them. Monkey took on one while Viper lunged at another. Mantis and Crane tagged team and took out two wolves while Po and Tigress tangled with three wolves. Everything was happening so fast that Po never saw the knife and Tigress pushing him out of the way and let a growl. Po watched in horror as the knife plunged into her heart and he saw her eyes grow wide and blood staining her chest.

"No Tigress!" Po screamed. He ran towards her knocking any wolf that got in his way. As he reached her he held her in his arms. By the time he got to her it was too late she was gone. Tears streaked down his face as he held her. The others were luring the wolves away so Po could get Tigress to safety but they didn't know she was gone. Her golden eyes were closed forever and his tears splashed on her face. "Come on Ti say something anything. You can call me stupid and lazy and I won't say anything. Or hit me come on as hard as you can please open your eyes", Po begged as he held her. But he knew deep down she was gone and it was his fault. He should have seen that knife for if he did then she would still be alive. It should be him with a knife in his chest and not Tigress. "I am so sorry Tigress this is all my fault I am so sorry", Po cried as he gently placed her on the ground and he let a mournful growl. Just then the air got still and very cold and Po looked up to see a tall figure in a black robe. "Who are you?" Po asked.

"I am Death and I have come to collect her soul", Death said in an icy tone pointing a bony finger at Tigress.

"No you can't I won't allow it!" Po yelled blocking Tigress's body from Death's view.

"Silly panda even you cannot stop me it was her time now please stand aside. The balance must be kept in order", Death said trying to sound sympathetic but failing.

"Wait you mean you need a soul to keep the balance going right?" Po asked as an idea came to hm.

"That is correct", Death said.

"Can it be any soul?" Po asked.

"As long as I take a soul with me then yes the balance will stay in order", Death told him.

"Then let's make a deal if you let Tigress live I will give you another soul to take in her place", Po told Death.

"And whose soul will you give me panda?" Death asked with interest.

"Mine", Po said firmly.

"You would give your soul just to save hers?" Death asked in confusion.

"Yes I would", Po told him.

"But it is not your time", Death said.

"You said you need a soul who cares whose soul it is as long as your precious balance is in order", Po stated firmly.

"Very well panda I will take your deal and I will do something I never done before. Since it was not your time to die but you are willingly giving up your life to save hers than I will give you three days' time to get your affairs in order. But once the three days our up I will come for your soul. No stalling, no bargaining, I will come and take your life. Now do you still want to make this deal?" Death asked.

"Yes", Po said.

"You love her don't you?" Death asked.

"Yes, I do how did you know?" Po asked.

"People do crazy things for people they love it is quite touching", Death said. "Let's shake on it", he said.

"How do I know you won't go back on the deal", Po said being hesitant.

"Because I am Death and I cannot break a deal Tigress lives and you go in her place. I cannot say how long she will live since she was meant to die today if that is what you are asking", Death said.

"As long as she gets to live a bit longer I am okay with it", Po said and they shook hands and a white mist circled around them sealing the deal.

"See you in three days panda", Death said and disappeared. The next thing Po knows is Tigress is up with no blood and no dagger sticking in her chest.

"What happened?" she asked rubbing her sore head.

"Tigress you are okay!" Po exclaimed as he picked her up and swung her around.

"Po but me down!" she snapped.

"Oh right sorry", Po said as he put her down.

"What happened the last thing I remember was a wolf was about to plunge a knife into you but I pushed you out of the way and everything went black", Tigress said.

"Oh you grabbed the knife but then the wolf hit you causing you to be knocked out cold and I beat him up and he ran away", Po explained.

"Oh well thank you Po I guess I owe you my life", Tigress said with a smile.

More than you know, Po thought to himself. "It is cool Ti I mean you are my friend you would do the same for me. Come on let's go find the others", Po said as he led Tigress down the road. He could still feel a chill in the air and saw Death standing just a few paces away.

"Po you okay?" Tigress asked sensing Po tensing up.

"What oh yeah Tigress never better. Come on let's get home", he said as they walked together down the path toward the Jade Palace. Po knew he was going to die so instead of fighting it he began to prepare for his death. He still had three days left and he was not going to waste them. As he gazed at Tigress walking and alive he knew in his heart he made the right decision.

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