Chapter 8: Back From the Dead

Tigress raced down the hallway as she passed tons of ghostly figures. None of them was her beloved panda. Fear filled up her body as she wondered if Po had already passed on. She shook her head of that thought and kept running. The hallway seemed endless no wonder it took souls so long to cross over. It would take her nearly forever to find him. But she was not going to give up she was going to find him even if it meant searching till the end of time. She ran so fast she knocked right into a soul and fell on her face. "Are you alright dearie?" asked an elderly goat as she helped Tigress to her feet.

"I am fine I was just looking for someone?" Tigress answered.

"Such a pretty thing you are so sad to die so young. If you are scared about crossing over alone you can walk with us", the goat lady said.

"But you don't understand I am", Tigress began but stopped when she saw who was walking with the goat lady. Standing before her was Po. "Po I found you thank goodness", she cried as she tackled him into a bear hug.

"Tigress what are you doing here? We made a deal Death went back on his word", Po cried when he released himself from the hug.

"Po calm down I am not dead", Tigress assured him.

"Oh good wait, if you are not dead then how did you get here?" Po asked.

"Death allowed me to come and try to stop you from crossing over so here I am and I found you so let's go home", Tigress said happily as she took his paw.

"No Ti I can't if I do then Death will take your soul and I won't have that. I am sorry but I have to cross over", Po told her as he took her paw off of his. He took the goat lady's paw or hoof and walked away.

"No I am not losing you again!" Tigress yelled. She grabbed Po by the waist and pulled him toward the outside of the Realm.

"Tigress, stop being stubborn and let me pass on it is for the best!" Po cried as he fought her.

"You quit being stubborn and come with me!" Tigress yelled back holding him tighter.

"Let go!" Po yelled.

"Not happening!" Tigress shouted. This was pointless she would not be able to drag him back so she spun him around and locked lips with him. Po's eyes went wide with shock as Tigress held him in a protective embrace. When they let go Po couldn't even speak as he gazed into Tigress's eyes. "I love you Po and I am not having you die on me. Now either you come with me willingly or I kick you all the way back. Death said we both can go free if I get your soul back now move it ", Tigress said as tears fell from her eyes.

Po placed a finger over her eyes and wiped away her tears and said, Please don't cry Tigress. I am so sorry if I hurt I just couldn't bear to see you die. I love you Tigress and I want to go back with you".

"That is so beautiful", the goat lady said as she wiped away a tear. "You two get out of here I will continue this journey alone", she said.

"Are you sure I mean I can walk you to the entrance at least", Po said not wanting her to walk down this hall all alone.

"It is okay dearie I see my husband William oh I have to go", the goat lady said and ran down the path and disappeared into a doorway of bright light.

"Come on dumpling let's go home", Tigress said pulling Po towards the other end of the hallway. They reached it and were greeted by Death.

"I see you got him back well a deal is a deal I will send you both home", he said and with a snap of his fingers they were gone.

Tigress awoke to see herself on the ground back at the meadow being surrounded by her family.

"Tigress you are back!" Master Shifu said as he hugged his daughter. Tigress smiled as she hugged her family tears of joy and relief fell from her face.

"Where is Po?" Mr. Ping said looking around with a worried look on his face. Tigress stopped smiling and looked around the meadow and discovered that Po was not there. Fear took her as she searched all over screaming out his name.

"I don't understand I brought back his soul he should be here", Tigress said. Just then a thought came to Tigress. She brought back his soul but his body was still at the Jade Palace. With lightning speed she ran back to the Jade Palace with everyone right behind her. She burst through the palace doors and ran down the hallway towards their rooms. Opening up Po's door she found him still on his bed his eyes closed shut. She walked over to him and whispered", Po can you hear me?" She was afraid she had failed but was relieved to see him open his eyes.

"Loud and clear Kitten", Po said with a smile.

"You're alive!" she screamed and jumped into his arms. Kissing him like a mad person and holding him tight. "Don't you ever scare me like that again or I will tie you to your bed and tickle you or something trust me you won't like it! "She exclaimed as she kissed him on the lips.

"Don't worry kitten I won't" Po said with a chuckle. Everyone saw Po was alive and he was greeted with hugs and tearful happy faces. His dad bawled on his chest thankful his son was alive. They all celebrated by eating at Po's dad's noodle shop and Po ate till noodles came out of his nose. Then later that night he got ready for bed and was startled when Tigress barged in his room. "Hey kitten what are you doing here?" he asked with a smile.

"Just checking to see if you were still here", Tigress stated firmly.

"Don't worry Tigress I am not going anywhere anytime soon", he assured her.

"I know you are not", Tigress said as she pushed him onto his bed and climbed on top of him. She gave him a passionate kiss on the lips and said", Because I am sleeping in your room to make sure you don't go anywhere".

"A bit overprotective aren't we?" Po said grinning.

"Only when I am protecting something I love", Tigress said sweetly.

"Okay kitten you can sleep here for as long as you want", Po told her.

"Oh I intend to and no one more making deals with death unless I am there to stop you", Tigress told him.

"Yes Tigress whatever you say", Po said.

"Good, good night Po I love you", Tigress said with a smile.

"Good night Tigress love you too", Po said and he drifted off to sleep. And Tigress nestled into his fur as she fell asleep making sure Po was safe. She lost him once and she was going to make sure that didn't happen again.

The end

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