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Final Chapter
The End Comes

Kanako and the important members of the science department were together in the meeting room. The sky goddess was looking sad and had her forehead supported by her hand. Everyone else also had sad expressions as well. The atmosphere of the room was without doubt a very depressing one.

After a while of silence, Kanako sighed and then said, "I'm wondering… This probably wouldn't have happened if we didn't drop the idea of the movie theater so easily…"

"It couldn't be helped…" Nitori told her. "The villagers clearly didn't appreciate us trying to create space for a movie theater, and there was no other place where we can build it… Akemi shouldn't have tried to resolve things herself either. Her actions ultimately led to this tragedy…"

"On the bright side, this incident only happened in this area," Rikako said. "I don't think the villagers are going to appreciate the existence of this place and science as a whole anymore if that incident made its way there… Hoping that tengu doesn't spread the word or at least exaggerate things…"

Kanako let out a sigh again and then said, "Is trying to renovate this place such a hard task? I just wanted to make everyone's life here better and more comfortable… Akemi's ideas are actually great, and I don't mean trying to burn down a flower field and trying to destroy Gensokyo… Her vision for the future of this place is the same as mines, but it seems that our visions aren't going to come true anytime soon… Gensokyo is not ready for renovation yet…"

"The only way we can make the people here accept technology is to introduce smaller things little by little," Nitori said. "Trying to force big things down their throats isn't a good idea."

"I agree," Rika said with a nod. "I remember Akemi saying something like introducing outside world foods to the inhabitants here first to give them an idea on how fun and great things of the outside world are. I actually think that's a good idea!"

Kanako raised her head and looked at Rika. "I was also thinking about that. If trying to shoehorn technology into them won't work, then perhaps cuisine is an alternative way. Does everyone agree with this?" The attendants discussed with each other about this, and after a while of doing so, they looked at the goddess and nodded. "Well, I think we can all agree to this idea after all! Even if it may not have anything to do with science, it is still related to the renovation of this place, so we still have a part in this! So… any suggestions on what outside world food we should introduce to Gensokyo first?

Snow started to fall, and when Reimu noticed this from her shrine's veranda, she said to herself, "Time to take out the kotatsu…"

Suddenly, a gap opened up next to her, and Yukari's upper body popped out from it, and the demon of boundaries leaned against the side of it and said to the shrine maiden, "I'm back!"

"Done delivering her body to the outside world?" Reimu asked her. "Where did you leave it?"

"Since she was reported to be last seen in the area where the outside world version of your shrine is located, I figured that I should leave the body at the entrance to that area," Yukari replied. "It's obvious that the police will investigate the reason behind her death, but I doubt they'll ever learn the truth. How are they going to explain a headless body with no arms and is wrapped in a piece of cloth?"

"Some wild animal took those body parts, and then a passerby who doesn't know what to do wrapped her in a piece of cloth? Anyway, let's hope that what you did better not bring trouble to this place…" Reimu said to her.

"I'm sure nobody is going to suspect a thing," Yukari told her.

"By the way, I wonder how her relatives are going to cope with this," Reimu said. "She went missing from the outside world for a year, and then she was finally found in a… shocking state… Should be a painful blow to her family…"

"The science department looked up on her background, and they found out that her only known relative left is an uncle," Yukari told her. "Her family all died trying to survive in a harsh jungle after the plane they were in crashed, and they were the only survivors of that accident."

"So that's what happened… She said she hates nature because they took away her family and happiness… That explains that…" Reimu said. "I feel bad for her, but still… what she did was unacceptable."

"Traumas and tragedies can drive people to do insane things," Yukari said with a somewhat sad expression. "What she went through must be really traumatizing for her, so I can understand why she wanted to do this… Perhaps if Gensokyo was more advanced, she probably wouldn't have done this… Not being able to live life like in the outside must be very painful for her too…"

"Is life in the outside world really that comfortable and addicting?" Reimu asked her.

"Well, I can't deny that," Yukari said with a slight nod. "That's why my house is basically an outside world house. Why don't you come over and see for yourself? I'm sure you'll have an idea of how life in the outside is like if you come over!"

"When I feel like it… Don't feel like going anywhere at the moment…" Reimu said. "Going to get the kotatsu out now…"

Ran was taking out the kotatsu from the storage room to use it for the winter. While she was doing that, Chen was sitting in front of the television. "Don't sit too close to the TV," Ran said to the nekomata. "It's not good for your eyes."

"Okay," Chen said before getting up to move back.

Ran placed the kotatsu onto the floor and then went to insert the plug, but Chen already went underneath the former, leaving only her head on the outside. While the nine-tailed fox demon was inserting the plug, a news report appeared on the TV.

"Good evening," the news reporters said. "Our top news for today is a peculiar thing that happened at Akihabara. A mysterious rectangular-shaped device appeared all of a sudden there. No cameras and mobile phones managed to capture the moment it showed up, but according to eyewitnesses, a light blue vortex appeared several meters in the air all of a sudden, and then this thing fell out of it."

The box was then showed up on the screen. It was gray in color, the size of an iPhone, and had lines and circles all over one side of it.

Ran looked at the TV after inserting the plug and said, "That's something you don't see happening in the outside world everyday…"

Because trees do not grow in winter, it was decided that the clearings created by the robot near the base of Youkai Mountain would be left like that until spring arrived. The fallen trees would be cut up and then sold as timber for people who needed firewood to go through the winter.

While the kappas and fairies were doing the aforementioned work, Shizuha was sitting on a tree stump, watching them work. The goddess watched in silence and with an expression that showed sadness, and then Minoriko approached her from behind and touched her shoulder to grab her attention. "Are you all right, sis?" the goddess of harvest asked her older sister.

"I really wished I could've helped her, but in the end… she just had to choose this path… Throwing away her life so easily…" said Shizuha, ignoring her question.

Minoriko noticed tears slowly coming from the corners of her eyes. "On the bright side, sis, she's finally with her family again!" she said to her older sister. "However, I know that it's still painful to see someone throwing away his life right in front of your eyes and not being able to stop him. It almost as if you killed him yourself…"

"The end will always come… and it's only a matter of time…" Shizuha said. "However… it's not her time yet… If only she tried to find a better way to fulfill her lifelong dream… If only…"

Shizuha then stood up and walked in the direction of her and her sister's house, and Minoriko soon followed her. Just then, white stuff started to fall from the sky. Minoriko looked up with a surprised and excited face, "It's snowing! Winter is coming!"

"Thus the end of autumn has come…" Shizuha said. "But at the same time, it is the beginning of happiness for some people." She then took a deep breath. "I'm heading back home. As much as snow is fun to play in, I usually feel under the weather during this time of the year."

"We're the autumn goddesses after all," Minoriko said. "Still, I'm not missing the opportunity to build a snowman and celebrate Christmas! Liven up, sis! They say being positive makes you feel energized, so you should be happier if you want to have a happier winter!"

"Not sure if I can do that, since I'm a negative person," Shizuha told her. "You should know that better than anyone else."

"I'll pretend that I don't know and will try to make you go through this winter with a smile on your face at all times! Heehee!" Minoriko said as she spun around to the front of her older sister and grabbed her hand. "You're probably feeling hungry now, sis. I'll whip up something warm and tasty back home, so let's go!"

As Shizuha followed her younger sister, she looked up into the sky and then smiled a bit. "Please rest in peace, Akemi!" she said in her head.

Ending Theme
Love of Autumn Showers
(vocal remix of Romantic Fall, by Seventh Heaven MAXION)

Reimu and Ruukoto were setting up the kotatsu together.

Aya was working in front of her computer, typing up an article regarding the incident that happened. In order to keep her from exaggerating things and ruining the reputation of the science department, the squad leader of the group of white wolf tengus that played a part in the incident was told to keep an eye on her while she worked.

Kanako and the members of the science department were still in the meeting room, and the goddess was showing everyone a picture of a pizza through a projector.

Hina was watching from the side as the kappas and the fairies cut the trees into smaller pieces, tying them up in bundles, and then loading them onto pickup trucks, and when a truck was full, it drove away in the direction of the Human Village.

Minoriko and Shizuha were back in their house, and the former was preparing lunch, while the latter prepared the table.

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Theme Ends

Nue and Mamizou were sitting on a tree branch at the forest at the base of Youkai Mountain, watching the kappas and the fairies cutting up the fallen trees. "Heard that someone from the outside world who has been living here for a year did this," Mamizou told Nue.

"Yeah, and that she built robots to destroy all the trees here," Nue continued for her. "Apparently, she has a grudge against nature or something like that…"

"If it's because she grew up in the big city and has been surrounded by televisions, cars, video games, computers, and such for so long that she can't separate herself from them, then I can understand why she can't stand nature," Mamizou said. "After all, those things pretty much define life in the outside world nowadays. Life in the outside can be addicting, and I can testify to it before you brought me over here to live. Still, it's not like I crave going back out there, though it would still be nice to get back out there and have fun."

"Life in the outside world really is that fun and addicting?" Nue asked. "I only went out there once to bring you over, so I didn't actually get to interact with the things out there. After hearing what you said, I really feel like…" Then an idea came to her. "I just thought of a great idea!"

"Yeah?" Mamizou curiously said.

Nue turned to her and asked, "Why don't we go to the outside and spend the winter there?"












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