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"You called for me Dad?" Said Naruto, standing in front of Minato's desk.

"Yes, since your normal team is down right now, I need you to take a team of chunin and go scout the border of Fire Country and Kusa. We have received reports of increased traffic of Iwa shinobi within our borders. They are still bitter about the war 13 years ago and I fear they may be up to no good." Replied Minato.

"Okay who is the team?"

"You will be the leader of course, along with Shikamaru, Ino, Hinata, Kiba and Rock Lee. I suppose you know that you will have to be careful because you have a target on your back just by being related to me."

"Yea, they all hate and fear you for winning the last war. I'll try to stay low, but what if I find intruders, am I to engage?"

"No, not right now. Only engage them if they attack you first."

"Yes sir. When are we to leave?"

"Your team should be here any minute for their briefing, then you will leave within the hour."

"Understood." Said Naruto as there was a knock on the door.

"Enter." Said Minato as the door opened and Ino, Shikamaru, Kiba, Hinata, and Rock Lee walked in.

"Reporting for troublesome duty, Hokage-sama." Said Shikamaru.

"Damn you're too much like your father…" Mumbled Minato before he relayed the mission information to the newly assembled team.

"Okay guys, meet me at the west gate in 1 hour. Pack for 2 weeks."

"Troublesome."/"Yes Sir." They all chorused before leaving to pack.

"Well Dad, I'm gonna go talk to Sasuke before I leave since I'm already packed. See you in a week or 2." Said Naruto as he disappeared in flash of red light.


Konoha Hospital

Sasuke was currently laying in his hospital bed reading a scroll that Itachi gave him about the Mangekyo, contemplating suicide because he was bored to death being cooped up in this room, when a red light illuminated the room. He smiled knowing that it was at least a temporary relief to the boredom.

"Hey Sasugay what's up?"

Sasuke smirked at that "Fuck off. Break me out of here it's boring as shit!"

"No can do, Aunt Tsunade said you needed to stay for a few more days."

"Ahhh!" Grunted Sasuke as he began to look for something sharp enough to end his existence.

"Oh come on its just a couple more days you'll be alright." Said Naruto as he grabbed Sasuke's hand just before he reached for his IV catheter, intent on blowing air into the tube. The foresight of a sharingan was helpful in more than battles.

"Remember, with these" Said Naruto as he activated his Rinnegan "I can bring back the dead, so if you were to have an 'accident' in here, I'll bring you back and kill you again. 3 times." Sasuke laughed at that and ceased his suicide attempt.

"Like you could kill me anyways."

"Wanna find out?"

"Any day."

"As much as I'd love to kick your ass, I just came by to check up on you. I've got to go on a border patrol for a week or 2. So you better be ready for when I get back."

"You're the one who better be ready." Replied Sasuke with a smirk.

"Yea right. I gotta go now, see ya Sasugay."

"You're the homo, bitch."

Since Sasuke was in the hospital complaining of boredom, Naruto knew his senses would be lax, so he decided a little prank would help ease his pain.

Just as Naruto thought, Sasuke never noticed when his Rinnegan turned back to a 3 tomoe sharingan, slowly spinning as they said their farewells. Naruto walked out the door to his room and stood in the hallway a few feet away just waiting.

"And 3… 2… 1…" Naruto counted to himself before he heard "AHHHHH! HELL NO! Naruto you bastard!"

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at his newly invented-on-the-spot technique Demonic Illusion: Gay viewing technique."


Sasuke's POV

"You're the homo, bitch." He said as Naruto turned and walked out the door.

"That's odd. He never walks anywhere…"

He didn't think on it too long before a male doctor walked in his room.

"That's odd too, Tsunade and Shizune have been my only doctors so far…"

Again he didn't get to ponder it for too long when the doctor looked at him with a creepy smile.

"Time for your checkup, Sasuke-kun." Said the doctor as he licked his lips and moved in closer.

"Huh? What is this?" Said Sasuke, beginning to worry.

"Don't worry, it'll only hurt a bit." Said the doctor as he began to rub up Sasuke's thigh.

"AHHHHH! HELL NO!" Sasuke screamed as he subconsciously activated his sharingan, allowing him to see through the low level genjutsu.

"Naruto you bastard!" He shouted for the world to hear as he realized he had just been pranked.


Back with Naruto

After sticking around to see the results of his prank, Naruto disappeared from the hallway in a swirl of leaves headed for the gate to meet his team.

Once he arrived he found that all 4 of them were already there waiting for him. "Alright, is everyone ready?"

"Yes sir!" they all chorused.

"Okay first of all, cut the honorific crap. I'm the same Naruto you all went to school with. Now lets go." He said as the all chuckled at him and then ran out the gate before taking to the trees.

It took them about 4 hours to reach the station they would use as headquarters during the mission. It was a very uneventful (troublesome, if you were to ask Shikamaru) trip. The group made small talk while they ran along which was the high point of the trip.

"Okay we'll rest here for a couple of hours and then start doing scouting shifts for 4 hours each; Shikamaru, you and Hinata will go first, followed by Myself and Ino, and then Kiba and Lee for the final shift."

"Understood." Came another chorus. Naruto then proceeded to hand each group one of his Hiraishin kunai so they could alert him if they found anything. After that he dismissed them all for a short break while he went and sat down on the roof with Ino to catch up.

"Don't you dare try to butter me up now Naruto Namikaze. I'm still pissed at you for almost dying!"

"But Ino-"


"Come on Hime I'm sorry. It's not like I knew that 4 S-ranked criminals would jump me!"

"Well… Well! Dammit I was worried sick when I learned you got injured!"

"I'm sorry Ino-hime, I'll try to be more careful next time."


"I promise." Said Naruto as he leaned over and gave her a quick kiss.

"Good, cause I'll kick your ass if you ever get hurt again." She replied with a smirk before she leaned over and returned his kiss, with a bit more passion. The pair stayed there in their make-out session for a while before Naruto finally broke it off and stood up to go wake up Shikamaru and send them out for their shift.


4 days later

As is to be expected from a border patrol mission, even one that is specially assigned, this one had been rather boring. (or as Shikamaru would put it, GREAT!)

For the past 4 days, they hadn't seen anything of interest while patrolling. At least it allowed Shikamaru plenty of nap time, and Naruto and Ino got a chance to hang out more than normal, which was nice, they figured.

During his down time, Naruto had kept up his training on a small scale, practicing some on his new Rinnegan techniques by pushing and pulling a boulder. He also managed to practice some of his less destructive Ninjustu, such as creating and dispelling his several Rasengan variants.

At the scheduled time, Shikamaru and Hinata returned back to the camp, with nothing to report, as usual.

"Well Ino-chan, lets get this over with." Said Naruto as they set off for their own shift. They went on like normal in a sweeping motion that covered a 30 mile stretch for about 2 hours before Naruto finally noticed something moving towards their location.

"Get down, someone's coming." Whispered Naruto as they made their way into a small cave nearby to see what was happening.

As the chakra source grew closer, Naruto activated his Rinnegan to see more precisely what they were up against.

"It appears to be a 4 man squad, with 1 Jonin and 3 Chunin. I can't tell yet if they are Iwa or not." Naruto whispered to Ino, who just nodded. The team kept getting closer until finally they were only 40 yards away from the cave, and Naruto could now see that they were indeed Iwa shinobi.

"Jiro, hold up. I can feel someone nearby." Said the lone kunoichi of the group.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed under his breath. He didn't figure them to have a sensor on a scouting team.

"Where at Keiko?" Said the man that was called Jiro.

The girl closed her eyes for a minute searching the area as Naruto looked at Ino and said "Stay here and remain hidden if possible." Before he flared his massive amounts of chakra to draw the groups attention away from her.

"Well you sure made that easy. Go ahead and show yourself!" Said Jiro.

Naruto walked out of the cave and looked the 4 Iwa shinobi down, trying to formulate a strategy.

"Holy shit! If it isn't the Second Flash himself. This will make things a whole lot easier if we can kill you before the invasion." Said one of the other Chunin in the group.

"Well, you know too much now. We definitely can't let you live now!" Said Jiro with a twinkle in his eye as he started going through hand seals before slamming his hands to the ground "Doton: Earth Dragon Bullet!" he yelled out as the head of a dragon appeared and started firing volleyball sized balls of rock towards Naruto.

Naruto for his part dodged all the projectiles with ease, using his 3 tomoe sharingan, before doing his own set of hand seals as he said "Raiton: Lightning Dragon Missile!" A large amount of lightning chakra then started pouring out of his hands until it turned into the shape of a dragon and bolted towards the Iwa group.

"Doton: Mud Wall!" Shouted one of the Chunin as he finished the hand seals and slammed his hands down. The wall of mud barely served to slow the dragon down, barely giving him time to jump out of the way. The dragon then proceeded to turn around and cause the Iwa nin to dodge once more before it dissipated.

"Come on Namikaze! Show us that feared jutsu of yours!" Shouted Jiro still in his rage mode as both he and one of the Chunin began doing hand seals. "Doton: Earth Flow River!" Said the Chunin as the ground beneath Naruto gave way and began sliding him towards the group. "Doton: Multiple Earth Spears!" Shouted Jiro as he slammed his hands down, causing several spears made of rock to shoot out towards Naruto.

Seeing no other way to go, Naruto smirked and said "Well, you asked for it!" before he pulled out one of his 3 pronged kunai and tossed in straight into the air before disappearing in a flash of red. He reappeared directly above his last position just long enough to grab his kunai and throw it again, this time straight towards the Iwa group. They didn't even have time to react as there was a flash of red and the sound of a thousand birds chirping right beside them all. Naruto grabbed the kunai and pivoted his body, allowing him to drive his Chidori through the chest of the Chunin who used the Earth river jutsu, effectively blowing him in half. Naruto then spun around and dashed towards Keiko with speed that was untraceable to the normal eye before slashing her throat open with his kunai.

"Got you now Namikaze! Yelled Jiro as he once more slammed his hands down and shot Earth spears towards Naruto.

Naruto simply smirked and disappeared again in a flash of red light, having easily seen the attack coming. He reappeared above Jiro and spun his body around for an axe kick that connected with Jiro's face, knocking him out cold. With the leader now down, Naruto looked around for the fourth member of their group and couldn't find him anywhere, even with his Rinnegan, so he figured he must have took the chance to run away.

"Good, maybe now the bastards will think twice about their plans." Said Naruto with a smirk as Ino ran out to him. "Good job Naru-kun! I've never seen you really fight before, that was amazing!" she said as she glomped onto him and kissed him, getting a bit hot below the belt at watching him in action.

He simply kissed her back for a moment before the other 4 members of their team arrived.

"Is everything okay? We felt your chakra flare and came as quick as possible." Said Hinata as they walked up.

"Yea, there was a Jonin and 3 Chunin, I took care of it easy enough. So I guess after we clean up here we can move out since we know all we need to know now. You guys head back to camp and start packing, I'll catch up."

The rest of the group complied, and started back towards the camp. Once they made it a half mile away from Naruto they heard a loud 'whoosh' and could see the forest light up behind them. A good way to remove evidence, they supposed. Once they were almost back to the camp Naruto caught up with them.

They got back a few minutes later and quickly packed up all of their supplies before setting out towards Konoha again.


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