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Jack was not feeling well. To say he was feeling sick would have been an understatement, no, he wasn't feeling sick, he felt like he was dying. His body ached and his head was slowly trying to kill him. He always got sick around summer months, but it never got any easier. He would usually travel to Antarctica or any of the cooler areas to ease the heat with in his body.

Jack had to get out of there but the wind wouldn't be able to carry him like this. The wind breezed over Jack. Playing with his hair comfortingly. The wind worried over Jack. He knew that if he didn't get out of there then it would get dangerous. Contacting the guardians was not an option. It was daylight where he was so there was not Tooth or sandy to find him for the next few hours. And getting in contact with North was even harder, he didn't have a globe with him and North lived on the other side of the world, he would never make it flying.

But he could call some one, though his pride was against it.

Jack dragged himself up and using the last of his strength used his staff to strike the nearest tree. He was only able to lash out on it a few time before he crumpled into the nearly liquified snow. Jack laid panting, desperate for cooler air, cooler anything.

Hurry up cottontail before I melt!

The heat racked Jack's body painfully, his breathing was labored and he could barely keep his eyes open. He felt the ground rumble somewhere in the distance but at that point he couldn't think straight and didn't have the energy to even move. He heard shuffling of heavy feet on the ground and someone's voice but couldn't lift his head to find its source.

"Frostbite! Why the hell were you calling me mate?" The voice called. Then the footsteps stopped abruptly and Jack heard a gasp then the feet were running and in an instant he had his head lifted. Jack's eyes fluttered open halfway. Everything was fuzzy and he had to blink a few times to clear his vision and focus. Bunny's furry face came into view and Jack could see the concern on his face as plain as day. He did his best in giving the worried Bunny a smile. It was weak and tired but it seemed to ease the rabbits tension a bit, only a bit though.

"H-Hi Kangaroo, b-bout time y-you showed up," Jack rasped out, his voice weak and quiet, Bunny had to strain to hear. Bunny just shook his head and pulled the burning winter spirit into his arms and lifted him off the ground. Jack whimpered a bit at the added body heat but didn't protest at being lifted, though he was sure Bunny would use it against him later, "Hot"

"Hush, I know, hang in there Snowflake, I'll get you back to the pole and we'll have you cooled down and frosty again," Bunny cooed as he tapped his foot on the ground opening a tunnel. Jack wrinkled his nose at the nickname but he knew it was an affectionate name so didn't comment, not that he really could while slipping into unconsciousness. Bunny wasted no time in jumping into the tunnels and racing towards the pole as fast as he could with the bundle in his arms.

Bunny arrived at the pole in a matter of minutes, as soon as the frigid air hit his fur he shivered. The snow made his feet throb painful from the pain of the cold. Jack, however, sighed in content, the could soothing his fevered skin. He was able to open his eyes with a bit more strength that when he was in the heat of the summer sun. Bunny didn't notice Jack opening his eyes. He ran forward, not looking down at his charge in his arms. He didn't look down when Jack gripped his fur with his empty hand or when he actually reached the factory. He just kept running till he reached North.

"Bunny what is big rush? You run as if you were being chased by greyhound!" North bellowed when Bunny reached the globe room in a dead run. North too one look at the spirit in his arms and his usually jolly expression change to serious in an instant.

"What has happened?" North demanded as he looked Jack over who opened his eyes to look up at him. Bunny just shook his head.

"Lil' ankle' bitta was like this when I found em'" Bunny told him. "I think he over heated."

North looked at Jack's flushed face and glassy eyes and shook his head, he then nodded at Bunny.

"Bunny take Jack to his room, I will bring snow," and with that the jolly man took off in the other direction leaving Bunny with Jack. Bunny looked down at Jack who looked back up at him with clouded icy blue eyes. Jack closed his eyes again and whimpered a bit. Bunny leaned down and nuzzled the boy's hair and temple with his pink nose soothingly and Jack closed his eyes, leaning into the touch. Bunny grinned down at him, Jack was like a kit the way he calmed at the nuzzling. Bunny started towards the rooms.

Jack had a room in every one of the guardians homes since he was a nomad and the others wanted the boy to know he was welcome with open arms. Out of all the rooms that Jack had, Bunny had to admit that the one North had made out for him was probably the best. The room was big, plenty of space for the winter spirit and the walls were all different shades of blues, there were snowflakes painted on the ceiling all different and detailed designs almost as beautiful as the real thing, and on the largest wall was a mural of snow-covered valley. There were a few trees here and there and the shadow on the snow was a light blue. It was perfect for the kid, and honestly it made Bunny want to make the room he had for jack in his warren even better for the kid they all loved.

Bunny quickly laid Jack on the large bed North had made for him. The bed was big, and even tough the kid was a good size for his age (For an 18-year-old), it swallowed him whole making him seem smaller and younger. Bunny pulled the sheets around the boy, unlike regular blankets, the one North had made for him were ment to regulate Jack's body temperature and keep the coldness of his body in and not warm him up. The windows were pulled open and the wind rushed in and curled around the boy worriedly.

Jack stirred a bit and opened his eyes. Bunny cursed himself for waking the boy but smiled down on him. Jack's eyes were clouded with sleep but darted around the room taking in his surroundings. The boy never looked a him but bunny was sure that the kid knew he was there. It was one of the few things Bunny actually understood about the boy, his animal side, Jack had been alone for so long that it didn't surprise Bunny at all that the kid had a wild side. instincts he developed, the boy was very much like a wild animal at times and wild animals Bunny could handle.

It only took a moment for Jack to realize where he was and that he wasn't alone. He turned his head to look at Bunny who was beside his bed on his haunches waiting for him to say something. Jack gave Bunny the best smile he could manage when he was burning with fever.

"Hey there Snowflake, how you feeling mate?" To Jack's surprise Bunny's voice was soft and comforting. Bunny reached over and ran his paw through Jack's snowy white locks.

"I've been better," his voice was raspy as he replied. Bunny chuckled softly as he pulled away, Jack had to hold back a whimper at the lack of contact.

"I'll bet, North went to get some snow to cool you dow a bit," he told the boy. Just as he finished saying that, North busted through the door along with a Phil carrying buckets full of newly fallen snow.

"Jack! you are awake, that is good. Now we pack snow and get you cold then you tell us why you get sick in first place," North bellowed smiling, The way he said it left no room for argument. Bunny took the pail of snow from Phil who grumbled before waving goodbye to Jack and leaving the room. North and Bunny both started to layer the snow on to of Jack's sheets while the boy spoke.

"I just wanted to visit Jamie, it's still suppose to be spring, it sould of been cool enough for me to say in Burguess for a while but summer came early and the heat made me sick," Jack said as they finished packing the snow on top of him. The coldness was comforting and he snuggled into his covers a bit.

"I will have word with summer spirit, you are right Jack, it is still too soon for summer,"North said. He looked a bit angry but Jack couldn't tell why. North stood up and left but not before leaning down and checking Jack's fever and running his hand thorugh his hair, Jack smiled and waved at him. With North gone it was just him and Bunny who was looking to where North just left. When bunny turned around Jack's eyes started to droop and Bunny couldn't help but smile fondly at the sleepy teen.

"Get some sleep Snowflake," Jack leaned down and rubbed his nose against his temple. Once again Jack closed his eyes and leaned into the touch, his breathing falling in time with Bunny's. Bunny smiled down at Jack's calm sleeping face.

Yep, just like a Kid


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