Hey everybody, when looking through my reviews I found that a lot of people wanted a sequel arc to Caged Bird, in finding out about Jack's true connection to his staff and his connection to nature so I'm going to put them into one story arc.



The meeting was a quiet one, the four older guardians were all lounging in the globe room. North sat in his big chair, Sandy and Tooth shared the love seat directly across from him and Bunny sat on the couch set in the middle. The guardians talked quietly not wanting to wake the tuckered Winter spirit that was lying, sprawled out on the couch beside Bunny, his head cushioned in the large rabbit's lap. Bunny usually would complain about Jack falling asleep during a meeting but he didn't have the heart to now, not when Jack had been working so hard the past few weeks.

Jack had arrived in the meeting after bring snow at different locations all over the earth and the kid was beat. Jack usually rested at the top of his staff during meetings but he was too tired and plopped himself down on the couch beside Bunny.

The poor kid tried to stay awake, he really did. but every one of the guardians knew it wouldn't last so they talked purposely quiet and about boring things till Jack had drifted off. Bunny pulled him down till he was lying down, his lap as a pillow. Jack simply curled up and nibbled on his knuckle and sighed sweetly in content.

Bunny bent over to snuffle Jack's temple with his nose. Jack hummed and snuggled closer to Bunny, continued to nibble away at his knuckle, completely relaxed. Bunny smiled fondly and ran his paw through the boy's white locks.

"Jack seems more like child when sleeping, no?" North asked no one in particular, his eyes twinkling with fondness and love and the boy. Sandy nodded, smiling as he sent Jack into a new dream of Jack having a snowball fight with Jamie and the other kids from Burgess.

"'least the ankle' biter is cute when sleeping, he clutches that staff like a teddy bear," Bunny commented. It was true, that hand that Jack wasn't nibbling on was hanging off the couch a bit, his staff held in his lax grip but now letting go.

Tooth fluttered from her seat and kneeled in front of the sleeping boy and studied his face. She pursed her lips in thought.

"You know, I always wondered about his staff, it looks like an ordinary branch," she stated lightly pressing her fingers to the twisted, old wood. Sandy nodded in agreement and then formed an image of Hollow above his head.

"Sandy is right, remember when Hollow captured us?" North asked, when the others nodded he continued. "Do you remember how when he scratched the staff it hurt Jack? Why does scratching staff hurt Jack?"

"And how did Hollow know about it when we didn't?" Bunny finished gravely. images of Jack curled up in his cage, separated from his staff, sick from the heat and hurting. The thoughts still made him shiver.

"Do you think Manny will know?" Tooth asked. Her mouth was set in a thin line, seems she also was haunted by the memories of that Halloween night two years ago. Bunny's ear twitch in irritation at the mention of Manny. He had heard from Jack of the first guardian's silence towards the lost spirit and couldn't help but feel angry at Manny. He had ignored jack for 300 years and even now the poor boy hadn't fully recovered from the many years of neglect.

All the guardians were well aware of this and none of them have spoken to the Man in moon since they found that out. North took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, Sandy shook his head vigorously, he was one Manny's oldest friends but even he couldn't forgive him for what he did to Jack. The boy had only been with them for three years and already became the heart of their group, their family, Jack was their baby.

"I know Sandy but if anyone would know anything about Jack that he hasn't already told us it would be Manny," North sighed as he stood and walked to the open sky opening in the roof just above the guardian insignia, now with an image of Jack's staff to represent him as the new guardian.

"Manny can you tell us about Jack? The boy is family yet we know almost nothing about him," North pleaded. The other guardians, except for Bunny who had Jack sleeping in his lap, crowded behind North and waited for a response. After a few moments all that was heard was silence.

North stomped his foot in frustration, The sound echoed around the large room making the elfs resting by the fire jump and scamper about. Tooth drooped to the floor in disappointment. Sandy sighed sadly, then just as the guardians were turning away a shadow cast itself in the moonlight over the guardian symbol. Bunny gasped and the others turned to see what he was looking at.

The silhouette of all the guardians standing in front of Pitch showed itself. Tooth, like the others, stared at the shadow image for a long moment before comprehension dawned on her and she gasped.

"He has to be kidding right?" she asked, her eyes wide with disbelief. Sandy who also understood the meaning, nodded. North groaned at the thought of what they would have to do. Bunny on the other hand was totally lost, and a little ticked off that he was the only one who didn't understand the meaning of the quickly fading image. He growled in frustration.

"What are you all yapping about?" he whispered harshly. Jack stirred in his lap, mumbling incoherently, not liking all the sound or the tense atmosphere. Bunny winced and checked to be sure the kid was still sleeping. Finding that Jack was still dead to the world he glared up at the other guardians, his eyes demanding an explanation.

The other three guardians all shared a tired look. Tooth was the one to speak first.

"Manny basically told us the only way to get answers is for us to go to Pitch."

Bunny stared, what the heck did that mean? What did pitch know about Jack that they didn't. Somehow Bunny knew that he was not going to like the answer, and form the looks form the others, they felt the same way.

All the guardians looked down on the sleeping winter spirit, his face smoothed out in sleep. What did it all mean. Bunny sighed gravely.

"This is going to be interesting."


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