Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Kingdom Hearts, I just play in the sandbox.


A cinnamon-haired little boy in red shorts bounced eagerly up and down in his sandals on the front porch. The Mayor with his big happy loud laugh was talking to Mom, but he was staring at the open door behind the man. The Mayor's Wife was going to get her. Get the new girl to the island.

The girl with red hair.

The girl who fell from the sky with all the stars the night before last.

The girl who he saw in his dreams for weeks and weeks before she arrived, wearing a little gold crown in front of a castle with a funny waterfall that went up instead of down.

He wanted to show her the ice cream shoppe and the pier and the little island and the cave he and Riku explored. Maybe Riku would like her too, all the new games they could play.

Where was she?!

Finally, the Mayor's Wife came back, a little girl half-hiding behind her legs.

The boy shook free of his mother's hand, bounced forward, and grabbed the girl's hand with a big smile. Her blue-purple eyes widened in surprise as they met bright blue.

"Hi Kairi, I'm Sora. Wanna play?"


Hope y'all enjoyed.