Jack and the Wind

Summary: "Besides he hadn't been alone. He had the Wind." When Jack gets hurt the Wind shows the Guardians just how protective it is of Jack. (Sorry cannot think of a better title or summary)

I honestly thought this was going to be a oneshot but you guys wanted me to continued so I've added another chapter. Whether it stays a two shot or turns into a much longer story I don't know.

"Well if it isn't the winter spirit."

Jack spun around. His eyes widened in shock before he set them into a scowl, "You!"

Out of the trees stepped an Autumn Spirit. One by one several more Autumn Spirits stepped out of the trees' shadows, eyes gleaming maliciously as they grinned wickedly at Jack.

"It's been a long time, Jack," The spirit that had announced their presence said.

Jack leaned on his staff, pretending that this was a friendly meeting and ignoring the fact the Autumn Spirits were slowing approaching him, "Yeah, it has been, Auburn. Have you gained weight?"

Auburn smouldered at Jack. Jack returned the glare, his hand unconsciously tightening on his staff.

"What are you guys doing here anyway? You don't normally show your ugly faces until the end of autumn." Jack jibed, trying to get under the Autumn spirits' skins.

It worked on Auburn and a few other Autumn Spirits but the female spirit just laughed.

"Now, now, Jack. You know we aren't that predictable," She leered, "We just couldn't wait to see you."

"Are you lot still mad at me for taking down your 'artwork'?" Jack rolled his eyes and shot an small ice blast at the female, smirking when it made a mess of her long red hair and she screamed angrily, "I've told you again and again; I'm just doing my job okay! At the end of autumn I have to start covering everything with frost and snow in order to prepare for winter. You guys know that!"

"We work hard for a whole season, painting leaves red, amber and brown, only for you to destroy it all!" The female yelled, the fact that her hair that she had styled so perfectly was messed up by the stupid frost boy making her forget to keep her cool.

"And as we've told you again and again, we like to hold grudges." Auburn smirked.

They all sprung at Jack, trying to attack him. Jack, who was already prepared, threw them off him and blasted them with his ice, knocking them down to the floor in one clean swipe. He backed away from them, slowly, as they laid on the ground groaning, before running off into the woods.

Jack wished frantically that the Wind was here. While he could still fly, a little, while she was away, it wasn't enough for him to escape. So he kept running instead, hoping to lose them.

He hadn't realised that there might be more Autumn Spirits about.

He was grabbed from behind suddenly, his staff yanked from his hands and chuck to the side. He struggled with the person holding him, trying to get away, but the person held him by the neck and was bending his arm, so much so that Jack swear it was going to break. The Autumn Spirit smiled wickedly at him as more Autumn Spirits appeared, joined by the Autumn Spirits that Jack had attacked in the clearing. They were still trying to brush off the specks of ice off them but they were grinning when they saw the winter spirit had been captured.

"Excellent work, Blaze," Auburn said to the Autumn Spirit holding the struggling Jack by the throat.

Blaze smirked as he threw Jack into a tree. Jack let out a painful cry as he whacked his head on the tree, falling to the floor. He tried to get to his feet, only to be held back down as Auburn place his foot on his stomach, preventing him from moving.

"Aw, does poor Jackie need a hand?" The female spirit snickered. Jack glared at her.

"He's too bigheaded for that, Scarlet. Ever since he became a Guardian after all," Auburn said.

Jack froze, his eyes widening, "How did...how did you know about that?" He asked, cursing himself for the stutter.

Auburn grinned and reached down, grasping Jack's hair. Jack couldn't help but cringe as he was yanked up into a standing position by his hair.

"Oh, news travels around quite fast. We were told by a Summer Spirit, who was told by another Summer spirit, who was told by a Spring Spirit who was told by another Spring Spirit who was told by-"

"Are you done?" Jack cut him off rudely. Auburn seethed, gritting his teeth, trying not to let the boy infuriate him so much.

"As you can probably tell, we were shocked by the news. You, a Guardian? The Man in the Moon must have lost his marbles," Scarlet cackled cruelly, "The other Guardians as well, probably."

Jack growled, "Don't you dare speak about them like that!" He yelled.

Scarlet laughed harder, "Sticking up for your Guardian friends are we now, Frost?"

She elbowed Auburn out the way and her hand wrapped around Jack's throat, pulling him up to his feet and pushing him into the tree. Jack hissed in pain and she smirked, before leaning in so her lips were close to his ear.

"Do you really think they'll do the same for you?" She whispered, "They don't even care about you. You're just a little screw up, creating a mess wherever you go. Yes, you might have been useful against that boogeyman but, really Jack, that was just pure luck. They've defeated Pitch Black a dozen times before, without your help. Just because they needed a little help this time, doesn't mean they'll need you in the future. One day, Jack, the Guardians, and even Manny on the Moon, are going to wake up and see the huge mistake they made by letting you in. And then they'll throw you out and you'll be poor little all alone Jack again."

Jack sucked his breath, and turned his head away, not saying anything. All the Autumn Spirits let out a snickered, knowing what Scarlet had said had made an impact on their victim.

"Now then," Auburn asked stepping closer, the other spirits following him. Scarlet tightened her grip on Jack's neck, making him choke, "Are you going to stop ruining our autumn?"

Jack tried to prise the fingers off his neck, but Scarlet's grip was too strong. He was struggling to breathe, black dots swarming his vision.

"Well, Jackie boy?" Scarlet asked.

Jack looked at them determinedly and shook his head.

"Wrong answer," Scarlet cackled.

She threw him to the ground and started attacking him. Auburn, Blaze and the others joined in. They all kicked and punched him, laughing as they did so.

All Jack did was curl up into a foetal position and hold his arms in front of his face to try and protect himself. He couldn't fight back. The words had taken a blow to him and he felt too weak to push any of them off. Besides, this happen often. He knew from experience that it was better to just take the beating and be over and done with it.

Eventually they were done. They stood off and wiped away the blood that had gotten on themselves during the beating.

"Well see you around, Frost," Auburn said, waving at Jack as if this had been a normal meeting.

"Or perhaps not. You might die from your injuries this time." Scarlet commented.


The Autumn Spirits all cracked up laughing and strolled off, disappearing into the trees. Jack groaned in pain, feeling a few frosty tears stream down his face. He tried to lift his hand to wipe them away but gave up and just cried.

Jack was never the one for crying; he hated it. It made him feel vulnerable and helpless. But there was only enough beatings and abusive words a child his age could take, and Jack had long past that stage. He broke down, sobbing, resting his head on the muddy ground. He didn't deserve this! He was only trying to do his job, for once, and he got beat up for it! Was he really that much of a screw up that when he actually did what he supposed to do, he ended up angering people? Maybe the Autumn Spirits were right. Maybe the Guardians and Manny had made a mistake by letting him in.

No, he scolded himself, pushing himself up into a sitting position (wincing at the pain it caused). Don't let what they say get to you. Do that, and they win. You're not going to let them win.

Jack sniffed, and wiped at his nose. Blood came off onto his fingers and he realised one of them must have punched him in the nose. He tried wiping the blood away but then wiped away the tears instead, giving up on his nose. It wasn't like anyone was going to see it anyway. Jack had felt his eyes and nose and knew they were all bruised. So he lifted his hood up over his eyes. He couldn't let anyone see. Not even Wind. She would just blame herself.

Counting to three, he pushed himself up to his feet, letting out a strangled cry as agony shot through him. He held onto the tree to stop himself from falling down again. Then, using the branches for support, he started limping back to the clearing.

His bare feet soon came across his staff and Jack picked it up, sighing with relief. Even without the Wind nearby, he felt safe with the staff in his arms. Hopefully she would be back soon.

Jack carried on walking and then stopped short when his foot stepped on something, a loud crack echoing through the wood. He lifted his foot up to see what it was.

Eggs? Jack's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Wha- He stopped short as he noticed a trail of shattered coloured Easter eggs. Eyes widening in horror, he quickly followed the trail.

What was Bunny doing here? Did the Autumn Spirits attack him too? No, they weren't that stupid. But then why were there Easter eggs shattered in the floor?

Jack soon made it to a clearing, momentarily confused on why the surroundings looked like it was spring rather than autumn. However, he pushed that thought away as he saw Bunny, North and Tooth in the clearing. The broken downtrodden expressions on their faces made him forget to wonder why Sandy wasn't there, as he hurried over to them.

"Jack, where were you?" North asked. Jack cringed in shock. For some reason the Russian Man sounded angry.

"I was..." Jack wasn't sure how to explain what happened. He was stopped as Tooth suddenly gasped, staring down at something in Jack's hand.

"Jack, where did you get that?"

Jack followed her glaze, confused. He froze in horror when he saw a golden memory box, his golden memory box, in his hand. But how...?

"What have you done?" Tooth whispered, staring at Jack with utter sorrow and betrayal on her face.

"That is why you weren't here?" North asked, a betrayed look also flashing across his face.

"No...I..." Jack wasn't sure what was going on. His mind was suddenly bombarded of memories of being in Pitch's lair, Pitch throwing him the memory box, Jack losing Baby Tooth and a child walking through Bunny; the memories bombarding him so fast he couldn't make sense of the situation, "I'm sorry," He said.

"He has to go."

Jack froze. His heart clenching so tightly that he almost couldn't breathe; he spun around to face Bunny.

"What?" Jack asked.

The Pooka hopped right in front of him, tears and anger raging in his eyes, "We should have never have trusted you!" He screamed his Australian accent thickening.

Jack took a step back, shaking his head slowly. No, this couldn't be happening.

The three Guardians crowded around him, backing him into a wall. Behind them Sandy appeared, also looking angry, not even making any symbols above his head as he glowered at Jack.

"You are just mistake!" North yelled, shoving Jack backwards. Jack tripped and stumbled to the ground in shock.

"No," He whispered.

"And you'll always will be!" Tooth shouted, raising her hand angrily as she prepared to strike Jack.


Jack bolted upright, panting in shock. He frantically looked about, expecting the Guardians to lunge at him. However instead of the clearing, he found himself in a room at the North Pole, lying in a bed.

It had just been a nightmare.

Trembles shook up and down over his body. While most people sweated after a terrifying nightmare, Jack ended up shivering instead, as if he could suddenly feel the cold his body was so used to.

He suddenly felt a presence and looked up. Hovering over the bed was black nightmare sand. Jack huffed; he should have known that it was the cause.

The nightmare sand floated above his head. It didn't say anything; rather, it repeated what Jack had heard in his dream: They don't even care about you. You're just a little screw up. He has to go! One day, Jack, the Guardians, and even Manny on the Moon, are going to wake up and see the huge mistake they made by letting you in. We should have never trusted you! You are just mistake and you'll always will be!"

Jack glared and swatted the sand, "Go away, Nightmare," He ordered.

The sand didn't move, not wanting to take orders from a winter spirit. Jack was grateful when Wind swept through the black sand, causing it to finally disappear.

"Thanks, Wind," Jack sighed.

The Wind flew over to Jack, brushing against his cheek, worried. She hadn't understood what the images the nightmare had produced while Jack was asleep but she figured whatever they were, they weren't good.

"I'm fine," Jack said, though it sounded as if he was anything, but.

The Wind brushed back a lock of white hair from Jack's eyes, gently. It took five seconds before Jack burst into tears, burying his face in his hands as he wept, his body still shivering. The Wind wrapped around him, pulling him into a hug and rocking him.

"Sorry," He said when he calmed down, rubbing his eyes fiercely.

The Wind sighed, knowing how much Jack hated to cry. She helped him wipe the frosted tears away from his face, Jack flashing her a grateful smile, before she held him in a hug again.

After a few moments, Jack felt a breeze brush his forehead (the Wind kissing him on the forehead) before she flew out the room. Jack sat up, wondering where she was going. She returned shortly with Sandy and Tooth in tow.

Jack let out a small groan, quickly checking his face to make sure the tears were completely gone. He didn't really want the Guardians to see him in this state, not when they had already seen him earlier when everything had been revealed. But, knowing Wind and guessing she trusted the Guardians a little now, she would want to get them involve when Nightmare Sand paid him a visit.

"Jack are you alright?" Tooth asked. Baby Tooth flew over onto his shoulder, tweeting in question.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jack said, trying to shrug the whole thing off. He purposely ignored the Wind as she gave him a nudge, "Just had a nightmare, that's all. No big deal."

It was the wrong thing to say. Worry and fear washed over Tooth's face and Sandy shot him a stricken glance.

"What do you mean you had a nightmare? Oh no, is Pitch back?" Tooth cried, flying frantically over to Sandy, "I thought you and North said it would be years before he would be able to regain his powers!" She yelled at the Sandman who was just as confused as she was.

"No, no, no, it wasn't Pitch," Jack said quickly, hurrying to reassure them.

A question mark popped up over Sandy's head; who else would have given Jack nightmares?

"It was just Nightmare Sand." Jack explained.

The two Guardians blinked, not understanding what he said. Jack sighed.

"Alright, listen. Pitch may have shown off his sand during the battle, but, to be honest, he doesn't actually have that much control over it. He doesn't know that, obviously, but, yeah, like the Wind and Sandy's sand, Nightmare has a mind of its own. It often bothers me, at times, probably because I'm the only one that can understand it. Apart from the bad dreams it gives, it's actually harmless. Well, at least, it's never attacked me before, not on its own accord anyway."

Tooth and Sandy shared a glance as they process this new information. They hadn't realised that Pitch's sand could act out on it's own. They would need to keep an eye on children's, and Jack's, dreams more; just in case. While Jack said it had never attacked him, it still didn't mean that the dreams it gave weren't harmful.

"What was your dream about?" Tooth asked, sitting down on the bed. Sandy did the same on the other side.

"Nothing," Jack said. "Just...about the Autumn Spirits attacking me the other day." He wanted to leave it at that but the two Guardians and the Wind sensed there was something more so they waited, "And...and about the Easter incident."

Sandy, who hadn't been there, looked confused. However Tooth's eyes widened and she covered her mouth.

"Oh, Jack, I'm so sorry. We shouldn't have been so harsh on you!" She cried, tears brimming in her eyes, as she flew over to Jack's side..

Jack blinked in shock, not expecting to see that response.

"It's okay," He tried to reassure the tooth fairy.

"No, it's not. We shouldn't have jumped to conclusions like that. It was wrong of us." She said.

"Tooth, honestly, it's fine. I...I would have done the same thing. It really did look bad."

His voice faded out and he glanced down at his lap, fiddling with the hem of the duvet cover. He felt the Wind wrapped around him and he leaned into her hug, thankful for the comfort.

"Even so," Tooth said, "We should have listened. We were just so worked up and scared that Pitch was winning...we weren't thinking straight. None of us meant what we said."


Tooth blinked in shock at the surprise in Jack's tone. Did he really think they meant it?

"Of course not. I know you would never give up Baby Tooth so willing. Bunny was just upset; it was the first time he had experience a child walking through him. But he genuinely cares for you. We all do, and we all know you would have never betrayed us. Again, it was just the heat of the moment; none of us meant anything we said."

"Really?" Jack asked, sounding unsure, a slight bit of disbelief in his tone. Tooth sighed, but she knew just her words wouldn't get Jack to fully trust her yet. She would have to prove to him she and the others all cared for the winter spirit.

"Really," She said, even though she knew Jack wouldn't believe it just yet. But, still, he smiled anyway.

Suddenly a glow of golden sand shot out of Sandy, who had been watching the scene quietly. Tooth looked at him in surprise to see the Sandman was just as equally shocked as the tendril of sand swoop over to Jack.

The smile on Jack's face widened and he reached out to let the sand graze his fingers tips, "Hey, Goldie."

Hello young Jack. It's good to finally talk to you, The Golden Sand murmured in a deep yet calming voice.

"Sorry Goldie, it's just usually when I see you, I fall asleep straight after," Jack said, laughing.

No need to apologise, I suppose that is what happens when your job is to send people to the land of nod, The Sand said as it flew over Jack's head, I see my master now knows that you can understand us sands.

"Yeah. I'll teach him how to understand you, if you like?" Jack queried.

I would like that very much, Jack. It would nice to converse with him, I don't get the chance to talk to people often enough.

"Well you are sand. Usually no one suspects you can actually understand them."

Quite, The Golden Sand commented. It then flew up into the air, So how are you and the lovely Wind doing?

Jack grinned as he felt the air around them start to grow slightly warmer as the Wind blushed, "Me and Wind are fine, thank you, Goldie."

That's wonderful to hear. Now I must go, I believe my master and the Tooth fairy wish to speak to you. The Golden Sand gestured to the shock and confused faces Sandy and Tooth had, Oh, before I go.

The Sand shifted and then form into a bouquet of golden roses, For a wonderful lady, He said and if he had a face he would be smiling at the Wind.

The Wind wrapped around the roses, careful not to blow the sand pieces away. The rest of the sand formed into a top hat being raised above a gentlemen's head before it then flew back over to Sandy and disappeared again.

"Wind, you're making it too warm!" Jack complained.

The Wind stopped blushing and sent a cool breeze at Jack's face in an attempt to wipe the smirk of Jack's face. It only made Jack's smirk spread wider and him to laugh as she let out a puff and, if she had eyes, would have rolled them.

"Um...care to explain what happen?" Tooth asked in confusion.

"Oh yeah," Jack said, forgetting both she and Sandy couldn't understand the Wind, "Well Golden Sand just wanted to say hi. I haven't talked to him in a while, most of the time I've been too tired. Oh, and he's been love with Wind ever since we met him; I believe he's courting her. Wind, you're making it too warm again!" He cried, causing the Wind to stop blushing and send a icy breeze at him for being so cheeky.

"She likes him too but won't admit it." Jack said, dodging the breeze.

Sandy looked over at him, a question mark forming above his head.

"I thought I could teach you how to understand your sand, if you like." Jack said. Then he shifted awkwardly, "Um, I mean, I could help you understand what it says. You already understand how it works, it's your sand after all."

Sandy raised his hand in a stop motion. Jack creased his rambling. Sandy then smiled, sand images appearing above his head to show he would be delighted.

"Really? Awesome!" Jack cheered.

He then glanced over at Tooth, "Do you want to learn too?"

Tooth grinned and nodded, she and Sandy moving over to sit down on the bed to listen to Jack. As they sat down, they both shared a smile, glad to see the fun spirit in Jack had returned.

Jack started to explain how he learnt to understand the Wind and the Sands when he stopped, realising something.

"Hey, where's North and Bunny?"

"For eight thousandth time Bunny, no we can not go round beating Autumn Spirits up."

"Why not?" Bunny growled, eyeing the Autumn Spirits with a menacing look.

North whacked him upside his head to get him to face forward, "We already decided. We would have a civil conversation with Fall first before we do anything rash."

"That's what you, Tooth and Sandy decided. I didn't decide on anything." Bunny grumbled.

The Autumn Spirits – the ones that jobs were more focused on the seasons, like painting the leaves for example, not the holiday autumn season spirits – all lived in a large woodland forest out of sight of normal humans. Here, the season never changed, the leaves staying a beautiful amber, red and brown, chestnuts and acorns all ready to pick and used in a game of conkers. The temperature was nice and cool, not as cold as winter but a respite from the hot summer that usually happened before it.

To Bunny, who was a spring spirit, it wasn't that grand. The temperature was pretty much the same, more or less, but in his opinion Spring was much more beautiful. For starters, while he would admit the trees looked pretty, he found he soon got tired of the same red, orange and brown. In spring not only did you find luscious green but also the daniest pink blossoms and all sort of dirrent spring flowers blooming in the field like yellow daffodils and bluebells. That was another thing, you didn't get many flowers in Autumun. Sure you got mushrooms but honestly, what was the appeal in that.

Bunny had never been a huge fan of Autumn. He hadn't hated it, it just wasn't his favourite season. Summer and Winter was the seasons which bugged him, summer being too hot and winter being too cold.

That was before he found out what the Autumn Spirits had done to Jack. Now he was certain that Autumn was his most hated season ever.

"I still don't know why we going to see this Fall guy." Bunny said as they picked their way through the leaves scattered on the path. The four Guardians – well three Guardians, as Bunny said, he didn't agree on this – had decided to visit the Autumn Spirit King, Fall, to inform him on what his spirits had been doing to Jack for the last two hundred and fifty years or so. "What's to say he knows all about it and is fully on board with his spirits beating Frostbite up?"

"Then we beat them up." North said, his eyes flashing darkly at the thought of Fall being aware and actually allowing his spirits to hurt Jack.

"Can't we just skip the 'civil conversation' and get straight onto the beating?" Bunny asked.


"Urgh, why not?!" Bunny asked, throwing his arms in the air in frustration.

"One thing, we do not know for sure if Fall is aware of situation. If he is not, we would be beating up an innocent person; we would be just as bad as his Autumn Spirits."

"I disagree," Bunny argued, but he understood what North was getting at.

"Also, I believe, once he is aware of the situation, then it should be down to him to decide what punishment his spirits should get, being their king and all."

"What if his punishment isn't good enough? What if they attack Jack again?"

"I will warn Fall that if Jack is hurt by his Autumn Spirits again, we will not take responsbilty for our actions. If Jack comes home with just one scratch after this meeting..."

North lifted his fist and punched his opened palm, his knuckles hitting the flat surface hard, the sound made showing he meant business. Bunny lifted an eyebrow.

"You're quite intimating when you're angry, you know that?" He told North.

"Be grateful that I am not usually angry then," North replied.

Bunny nodded. He opened his mouth, but before he could comment on anything, the two heard the wind whistle loudly. A breeze swooped down and surrounded them. It was much too cold to belong to the Autumn Wood.

"Thought you chose to stay behind with Jack," Bunny said, grinning slightly, "How's the snowflake doing?"

The Wind drifted around them quietly, circling them both, before she decided to answer in the language they understood. "He's awake. Tooth and Sandy are with him."

"Good to hear," North said. The Wind must have started to trust them after their conversation, if she was to leave Jack alone in the care of Tooth and Sandy. She still didn't trust them all yet, from what North could tell, but it was a start.

"Why are you here then?" Bunny asked.

The Wind didn't reply in words, she had used up her energy do to so, what with her big speech just the other day and all. So instead she chose to express herself in actions instead. She flew straight at a tree, which leaves had been painted rather delicately, and punched it, hard, knocking all the leaves off in a simple swoop.

The two Guardians got the message quite easily.

"Easy, Wind, we are not beating anyone up yet." North said.

"Speak for yourself, mate. I'm with her." Bunny said. He turned to the Wind, his arms folded, "What else can you do; besides knock a few leaves of a tree?"

The Wind huffed. But before she could demonstrate just exactly what she could do, North put his foot down.

"Enough. Let's focus on why we're here first, shall we?" He said.

Bunny and the Wind sighed. "Fine," Bunny said and judging by the way the Wind calmed a little, she relented as well.

They reached a clearing standing in the middle of the forest. In the clearing was a large dining table, carved out of a fallen oak tree. Several Autumn Spirits were sat around the large table, even more flying about and serving food to those that were seated.

At the high end of the table, in a tall throne decorated with pine cones, was the man they wanted to see. The Autumn King, Fall.

Despite the table being so long, the king spotted the two Guardians easily, probably because they were the only figures without red or brown hair.

"Is that North and the Easter Bunny?" He asked the spirit sitting next to him. He stood to his feet, "Why, what a pleasant surprise! Come over here, have a seat, there's plenty of room!"

North and Bunny shared a glance. Well the guy wasn't showing them any hostility. The two walked over and took a seat in the places the Autumn King pointed them too. On the table in front of them they found more leaves and acorns scattered, taking up so much space it was a wonder how the spirits managed to place any plates on it.

"Excuse the mess," Fall apologised, "Normally we only have Old Halloween coming to visit us, we don't have that many spirits from other seasons, let alone the great Guardians themselves coming to visit us. It's such an honour! I've always admire the way you all work twenty four seven just to spread happiness and joy to children across the land. Remarkable! Auburn, be a fellow and tidy these leaves, would you kindly? Again I apologise, we're used to the leaves falling down every day or so, so now we hardly ever tidy the table. It just becomes too much of an hassle. Plus I do think it makes the table look much more decorative, usually tables are so plain! Well, unless you have food on it, of course. And I suppose that is the main reason why tables were invented. "

As Fall babbled on, a young Autumn Spirit reached over to sweep away the leaves in front of the Guardians. He froze, however, when he met the calculating eyes of the Easter Bunny.

Bunny didn't know much about Autumn Spirits, but as a painter, he was observant. He saw the way how this Auburn, and a few other spirits, had tensed up as soon as they had spotted the Guardians. Auburn coughed and finished his chore before sitting down again, in the middle of two other Autumn Spirit, a female with long red hair tied in a ponytail and another male. All three of them didn't meet the Guardians in the eye, seeming to be nervous. That, and the fact that he could feel the Wind throwing cold sharp gusts of wind in their faces to make them shiver, made Bunny think that these were the main culprits.

"We are not really here on a social call." North said when he at last managed to catch a break between Fall's words.

The Autumn King blinked in surprise, as he was interrupted from telling them about his friend Halloween.

"Was I rambling again? Sorry, I often tend to do so; many of my subjects will tell you that. Really, even I don't know how I find so much to talk about, I – Hang on, going off topic again. What is it you wish to speak to me about?"

"It has something to do with your subjects, Fall." North explained. He glanced over to the said spirits, noticing the way Bunny was eyeing a certain three, "And our newest member, Jack."

"Jack?" Fall asked, a blank look appearing on his face.

"Jack Frost," North said.

"Oh, Jack Frost!" Fall cried as he recognised who they were talking about, "Why, I never knew he became a Guardian! Fun guy, likes to create snowball fights with kids. Have never met him really, I've only spotted him once or twice and heard about him from other spirits. In fact, if it wasn't for the spring and summer spirits always complaining, I might have thought he was just a fable; kid seems to avoid my season like a plague. Odd, seeing as frost is generally meant to show up in the midst of autumn."

"Very odd." Bunny remarked, wryly.

"Um, your highness, may we be excuse?" The female spirit asked, standing up, only to be forced back into her seat by a gust of wind. She glanced about, stricken, wondering who was creating this wind. When she saw no one, she shivered and not from the cold this time.

"I think it would best if all your Autumn Spirits were to remain here," North said before Fall could answer the female spirit's question.

Fall turned back to him in surprise, "Oh? And why's that?"

"Yesterday, Jack showed up to our meeting, late. At first we thought he had been messing around until we found out he was covered head to toe with bruises and he had a broken arm and broken ribs." North explained. He missed out the part about how the Wind had attack them when she had thought it had been Bunny who had broke his arm.

"Apparently," Bunny continued, smirking at the three Autumn Spirits, who had pale so drastically their skin matched Jack's now, "Your spirits have been beating him up for years, for no good reason."

Once again, the female spirit stood up, the two boys following as they tried to leave. Bunny caught them though, his large paw easily grasping all three of their wrists before they could get away.

"And judging by the way these three look, I say they're the ringleaders." Bunny said, yanking them forward.

Fall stared at his three spirits, shock and horror crossing his face, "Auburn! Scarlet! Blaze!" He yelled, standing to his feet, "How could you?"

"It wasn't our fault!" The female yelled, struggling in Bunny's grasp.

"He started it!" Auburn roared.

"I'm deeply disappointed in you!" Fall growled. He pointed over to a path that led away from the clearing. Where it led to, North and Bunny didn't know, "Go, now! I will deal with you later."


Fall's eyes suddenly darkened, the kind amber turning into a dark fiery red. As he spoke, his voice become darker too, his tone thick with deadly consequences should any of them tried to argue with him. "I said now."

The three fell silent and did as they were told, fear coursing through they bodies as they walked away, wondering what would happen to them.

"That goes to all of you that was involve."

Almost all of Autumn Spirits got up and followed Auburn, Scarlet and Blaze down that path.

Only when the Autumn Spirits had gone, did Fall allowed himself to show shock at just how many spirits were involve. His eyes returning to their natural colour, he was unable to stand anymore as he slumped in his chair, placing his forehead into his hands. The few Autumn Spirits who hadn't been involved, rushed to his side to comfort their sadden king.

"They will be severely punished," He whispered. Lifting his head up, he looked up at North and Bunny, "You have my word."

His glaze sullenly returned to staring down at the leaves on the table in front of him. North placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Fall," He said, "Is there anything we could do?"

"I doubt your youngest member would want to come anywhere near this place." Fall said, his eyes shifting to the path for a moment, "But is there any way you could arranged it so we could meet up one day? I would like to apologise to him in person."

North nodded, "It will be done."

Fall nodded as well, gratefully. Then, as Bunny and North took their leave, he got up and went down that path, ready to deal with his spirits.

Bunny and North walked back the path they came in silence. Neither of them knew quite what to say.

"I feel sorry for him." Bunny said finally, breaking the silent.

North agreed, "It is sad. He seemed to be a nice guy. Is a shame his spirits are not like him."

"You think everything will be okay now? That they'll stop hurting Jack?"

"I think so. Fall seemed to take the whole thing seriously. And from the way his spirits looked, I should think they know not to do it again."

"Hrm," Bunny still wasn't sure but suddenly he noticed something, "Hey, where's Wind?"

Suddenly they heard loud shrieks and a roar of wind a distance behind them. A few minutes later and Wind appeared, acting as though nothing had happened.

"Wind, what did you do?" Bunny asked.

The Wind just blew innocently and hurried away, wanting to return to North Pole, to Jack. Bunny and North shook their heads. They reached the edge of the forest where North had parked his sleigh. Bunny gave him a wave and tapped his foot on the ground to create a large hole. On the way to the forest, he had ridden in the sleigh with North, but now he knew the Autumn Spirits were being taken care off, he wasn't going to go anywhere near that death trap.

He proved his tunnels were much quicker than North's sleigh as he arrived at the pole before North did. Quickly hurrying to the building to get away from the cold, he headed up to the room Jack was staying.

Wind was already there as she wrapped around Jack who was sitting up on his bed next to Tooth and Sandy, the three forming a circle around an orb of sand.

"Sandy, I've told you a million times, to understand Goldie you need to be quiet." Jack said. He received several golden symbls thrown at his face, "And no, that's not quiet."

Sandy blew upwards in annoyance, crossing his arms, trying to ignore the way Jack and Tooth were smirking at him.

For someone so wise, he can be a little impatient. The Golden Sand whispered.

Tooth gasped and clapped her hands, "Oh my god, I heard him!" She cried, her wings fluttering in delight.

Sandy gave her an exasperated 'Oh come on!' look. Tooth giggled and Jack's grin widened, before he noticed Bunny standing at the side.

"Oh hey, Kangaroo. I'm just teaching Tooth and Sandy how to understand what Golden Sand says. You wanna learn?"

"Don't call me Kangaroo, Frostbite," Bunny warned, "And sure, why not?"

Jack grinned and shuffled over, allowing Bunny to join the circle. "Alright. Now all you have to do is..."

A few seconds later North arrived and he joined the circle too, not wanting to pass up an opportunity to learn something new. As they sat there and listened to Jack talk, noticing how less appalling his injuries look now that he had finally rested and the fact that the Wind wasn't pushing them away, instead allowing them to get as close to him as possible they realised that everything was going to be just fine.

I suck at endings. Anyway hope you've enjoyed. :D