Important note for readers to know: This is set end of season 6, going into 7 without Sean gong to army. Sean and Emma are together at start (Not for long, don't worry), and Craig/Manny are on the rocks too.

The only thing to know that has never happened on Degrassi but is in this story is that Holly J and Zig are actually Snakes kids, which make them Emma's step siblings and also Jacks half siblings. Everything else in Degrassi has happened. Oh and KC is Emma's brother who is now home from private school now that he's a teenager.

Emma's point of view..

Where do I even start?

Everyone knows me, Emma Nelson, as Cause girl- the goody two shoes.. or The ravine girl, but I've actually put that nickname behind me. I've earned my good reputation back! I'm the one with the perfect grades and, somewhat, perfect life.

How little did people know though how much my life wasn't actually perfect and I busted my ass off for all of this.

Some people, minus my closest friends, wonder why I'm so controlling? None of them understand what I do at home, or who I take care of. They all know Snake, our computers teacher, had married my mom a few years ago. They didn't know much of the baby they had together though, Jack, or how I actually have another brother who was away in private school. His name is KC, and he's smart, like me, but troublesome and going through a rough patch since moving back home due to 'new changes'.

People also didn't know that Snake had other kids named Holly J and Zig, who didn't come to live with us until 2 years ago when their mother died of cancer. Now they go to Degrassi with us too.

Then, something horrible happened.

Snakes cancer came back, and he died just a year ago. And my mother should of died too along with him. I know that sounds terrible, but she broke when he died. Not even raising Jack could bring her back, so she left that to me. Not like I'm new to that.. but.. losing my mom and best friend was hard.

So, Snake was dead. And my mom? Was now a dead beat. She changed, drastically, when he died. She drank, went on pain meds, always slept, or went missing for days that soon turned into weeks when she went on her benders. She never called, or cared to even leave money or food in the fridge when she left. And when Spike was home, I wished to God she wasn't. When she was drunk, she said things, did horrible things. Frankly, we were better off.

So now I run this house alone because I'm the oldest in it, along with the help of my best friend Manny who also moved in when her Dad kicked her out more than a year ago. We work part time after school in order to pay the bills. Thank god the House was already paid for, we just needed internet and hydro all paid each month. Groceries too. And other accessories..

So it was me, KC, Jack, and our step siblings Zig and Holly J, all looking out for another like a real family. Manny was in for the ride too.

Sean too was always around, but he hated the new crowd in the house. Or atleast, he acted like it but insisted he loved them. I knew he just couldn't accept it because it meant less time for me and him alone. We had just gotten back together this year when he came back. He knows a lot of my life, and things like Snake and Spike, and KC, but we were always so on and off. Even Holly J and Zig were getting the picture that we weren't the most stable couple.

I was getting the picture too.

Anyways. It's our Senior year and things are tough..especially when Sean found out I had a thing with his best friend while he was gone. Jay Hogart. You know the one. The guy who every girl should be warned about. I was stupid, and should of known better, because I should know above all how bad Jay Hogart could be, no matter how charming he could act. We were anothers favorite enemy after all.

But, I did what I did with him. I can admit I made a mistake. We fooled around, a lot. But it has truly been over for like, over a year!

Sean now has this idea on the back of his mind that I'm going to leave him someday for Jay or something. He barely even leaves us alone for more than a few minutes with another.

As if though. I mean, Jay didn't even like the word 'commitment' . Trust me. He probably couldn't even spell it. I'm SO over him. I.. think I am at least. Now, we're just good friends who might fight sometimes quite heatedly unless Sean or someone broke us up.

So now, I am just trying to focus on me, and my new family. .

Jacks the youngest, and I get him to daycare every day before I have to go to school. Then there was KC at 14, and Zig at 15, who shared a room together and got into a lot of fights but at least helped out a lot with cleaning. Then comes Holly J, at 16, who wasn't really home alot due to her 'popular and busy' schedule. We still have yet to 'bond'. Then comes me and Manny at 17, who both live together in the basement; but she's usually at Craigs.

They seem to be on the rocks though too.

This was going to be an interesting year. . . .



"Time for school!" Emma hollered up the stairs in her pajamas. She sighed when she heard running around upstairs and turned to walk to the kitchen. She couldn't believe she worked, went to school, took care of everyone and still this house hadn't burned down to the ground.

It was hard being a highschool senior paying bills for a house her drunk mother owned who had abandoned them. But at least Emma was always mature and a control freak, so she was organized and quite good at this.

Manny was putting peanut butter on a bunch of pieces of bread and groaned from in the kitchen, "My fingers are aching!"

She wore her Degrassi cheerleader outfit.

Emma went into the fridge and shrugged, "It's our normal routine." she simply said, bringing out apple juice boxes and setting them up into lunch bags.

Manny's shoulders dropped. She knew it was routine, and something they had to do, because if anyone found out it was basically just Emma running this house and not a parent, who knew who would show up at the front door? Child services? Cops? Then think what could happen! Foster homes, and being ripped apart from another.

A figure walked into the kitchen in his ever growing state. Zig was becoming quite a girl magnet at Degrassi.

"Ugh, peanut butter again?" Zig asked, disgusted as he leaned over Manny and cringed as he looked.

"Do you have money to pitch in for groceries?" Emma taunted him but continued putting snacks in bags as he just chuckled.

KC followed in after him and grabbed his brown paper bag and put his black hoody on over his head. Before he took off the back door, Sean came inside and as he did so, took off KC's hoody.

"Trust me kid, I use to run that look, not so in anymore." he taunted KC. He wore his usual wife beater and jeans, his buff arms showing off.

KC rolled his eyes but just nodded, taking the hood off but scoffed as if standing there with them was wasting his time.

He was like some rebel without a cause these days. Or maybe, with a cause, since probably feeling so parent-less, but come on! It was better than living in a foster home without your real family.

Emma leaned on the counter, and tried to make conversation with her brother, "How's grade 10 going? It's been only two haven't really spoken about it." she urged him to talk.

"Just dandy." he said in sarcasm, going to leave.

Even Zig snickered, still eating his 'lunch' for school. Usually he was the 'troubled' teenager but not these days. KC took the cake.

"He's just mad Claire Edwards won't go on a date with him." Zig teased.

KC snapped back, "I haven't even asked her." he charged out the door, embarrassed, as Manny and Emma both giggled.

Emma almost looked as if she didn't even notice Sean's arms as they wrapped around her. She gave Manny a look, "Whose Claire?"

Manny giggled and shrugged as Holly J skipped downstairs, Holly J heard what they were talking about and happily chimed in, "Darcy Edwards sister?"

Manny nodded and Emma looked like it finally clicked in, "ohhhh."

Sean..who felt ignored once again from Emma, sighed and let go.

Emma watched Holly J go out the door, "Don't forget lunch-"

"I don't take a lunch, I buy it." Holly J said with her Queen B attitude and closed the door behind her. Even Sean snickered.

They heard a honk and Manny gasped grabbing her lunch. "There's Darcy pickin me up, need a ride loser?" Manny asked Zig and then gasped, seeing him already eating his sandwhich for lunch, "That's suppose to be for lunch!"

"You're not my mom." He taunted with a smirk but grabbed his bag, happy to get ride.

As they walked out Manny passed Emma a look, "No one is."

Emma smiled sadly and listened to the door shut, then Sean's forehead leaned on the back of her neck, taking a deep breath and sighed, "Finally, alone." he joked.

Then, came a baby cry. Emma didn't want to look THANKFUL, but she was. Ever since getting back with Sean and giving him her virginity, he'd been looking to have sex like every minute of the day. Honestly the night they had sex, she had been drunk, and there was a party. She made a mistake but now she couldn't take it back. Whatever though, Sean was a good guy.

Emma sadly gave Sean a look who groaned and leaned his head back, watching Emma run up the stairs to go get Baby Jack.


"Ok, everyones at school, I have my project, and we just dropped Jack at day care." Emma said to Sean as he drove them to school, "I have everything right?" she asks him, her face not looking so sure.

Sean just nodded, clenching his jaw and driving around the corner. School wasn't too far.

Emma looked at him and then down sadly with a hesitant look. She got this vibe from him a lot. Actually she even got it from him in grade 9 when Snake FIRST got cancer and Sean called her a nurse..and babysitter. She couldn't help it, she knew she had a head on her shoulders and who else was suppose to take responsibility and take care of these kids? And she knew Sean was bitter about it. Maybe it was because his family weren't really .. close. .

When the car stopped they sat in the car and Sean turned his head to look at her, "We still on for our date tonight? No interruptions?" he raised his eyebrow.

"Ofcourse." Emma insisted, giving him a hopeful look but her gut turned..could it be because she hated promising things knowing the kids always needed her almost every second of the day?

Sean moved in and kissed her, and leaned his hand up her thigh going to her-

"Sean." Emma said between the kiss and he tried to get between her legs until she stopped him and closed them tightly, "Not now.. I'm already late for school."

She sadly watched him take his hand off her and glare ahead, not even moving. She bit her lip, not wanting to leave like this, but she really had to get to class to do her projects presentation.

Wait, why was SHE always feeling bad? Why was he always like this!?

Emma just then rolled her eyes and got out, "See yeah."

When she closed the door, his red car shrieked out of the parking lot and sped away. She looked after it, and shook her head. Sometimes she wished they'd just stayed friends.

She loved him, she did. Maybe just not 'in love'.