Emma's point of view..

How should I even start? Everyone knows me as Cause girl, the goody two shoes.. or ravine girl, but I've actually put that nickname well into the ground and behind me, I've earned my very good reputation back! Anyways, ahem, I'm the one with the perfect grades and life. How little they knew my life wasn't actually perfect and I busted my ass off for my grades and reputation..

Some people wonder why I'm so controlling

None of them understand what I do at home, who I take care of.

Some people use to think I was the only child between my parents up until a few years ago. Before my mom fell for Snake, there was just me, her and Drew. Drew is my little brother, he is more than a few years younger than me.. guess you could of called him my real Dad's last chance at redemption with my mom.. but that didn't work out well.

Incase you're wondering where my real dad Shane is.. he's in a mental home now. If you remember, I ran away one day with Craig Mannings to go find him. Oh the old days.. Getting off track.. anyways, Shane ended up in the hospital because he tripped on acid and fell off a bridge. You also know my mom got married to another man and also my teacher and her old highschool friend Archie.

Archie is also called Snake. When he moved in so did his two kids, KC and his older daughter Holly J who also had orange flaming hair like her fathers, but not KC, he was blonde. Reminded me of Sean with his 'bad boy' like attitude but really just a softy at heart. He was the same age as Drew, and Holly J was just 2 years younger than me.. so when our familys got together and we all hit highschool, everyone found out we were family.

A Big dysfunctional family.

Than of course, after my ex Peter's disgusting stunt, Manny moved in with us because of her 'sex' tape. She's my best friend, and I'm happy she moved in, she's been helping a lot! Usually it's just me.. specially when Snake's cancer came back and he passed away from it. That was almost two years ago, his death was hard because naturally it was hard losing a father, but also because it took my mother away from us too. Sure she's here now and then when she needs to sleep or get money .. but it didn't count. She wasn't herself anymore, she was always mildly depressed, could sleep for days if she wanted to. Drank a lot too. It felt like her own mother had died too when Snake did and now she took care of some alcoholic stranger

What else do I have to tell you about myself? . . Boyfriends? Romance?... well, you remember the boy who once called me 'the nurse' and 'the babysitter'.. yeah, I'm dating Sean again. It's our Senior year and things are tough..specially when he found out I had a thing with his best friend, Jay. You know Jay and how I got my Ravine girl nickname a few years ago? But everythings fine again, normal.. as normal as it could ever be between me, my boyfriend, and his best friend.


"Time for school!" Emma hollered up the stairs in her pajamas. She sighed when she heard running around upstairs and turned to walk to the kitchen. She couldn't believe she worked, went to school, took care of everyone and still this house hadn't burned down to the ground.

It was hard being a Junior and 16 year old girl, paying rent and going to highschool but she was just few months away from finishing Grade 11. But at least she was always mature and a control freak, organized

Manny was putting peanut butter on a bunch of pieces of bread and groaned from in the kitchen, "My fingers are aching." she said

Emma went into the fridge and shrugged, "It's our normal routine." she simply said, bringing out apple juice boxes and setting them up into lunch pales

Manny's shoulders dropped. Snake died two years ago, right after Spike had Baby Jack.. she swore if that baby wasn't born, Holly J and KC would of left, but they stayed, it's what brought them together to realize they really were the only family they had left.

Spike was never home, there really wasn't ever a parent, Emma was as good as it got.

"Ugh, peanut butter again?" Drew asked, disgusted as he leaned over Manny and cringed.

KC followed in after him and grabbed his brown paper bag and put his black hoody over his head. Before he took off the back door, Sean came inside and as he did so, took off KC's hoody.

"Trust me kid, I use to run that look, not so in anymore." he taunted him.

KC rolled his eyes but just nodded, taking his sweater off to a simple white shirt as Emma leaned on the kitchen counter giving him a look, "Soo..." she drifts.

"What?" he asked her.

Emma huffed, "How's grade 9 going? It's been only two months..you haven't really spoken about it." she urged him to talk.

He was never a talker...but after Snake he really stopped talking, it was only this year she saw him come around just a little bit more.

"Just dandy." he said in sarcasm going to leave, "the girl I like at school doesn't even notice me." he vanished out the door.

Emma's mouth hung as she even ignored Sean's arms as they wrapped around her. She gave Manny a look, "Who does he like?!"

Manny giggled and shrugged as Holly J skipped downstairs, Holly J heard what they were talking about and happily chimed in, "His little girl friend is Claire Edwards, you know, Darcy Edwards sister?"

Manny oh'd and Emma just nodded, Sean..who felt ignored once again from Emma, sighed and let go.

Emma watched Holly J go out the door, "Don't forget l-" she was answered with a door slam and nodded, right. Ofcourse, Holly J didn't 'take' lunches, she bought them.

They heard a honk and Manny gasped grabbing her lunch. "There's Darcy pickin me up, need a ride loser?" Manny asked Drew and then gasped, seeing him already eating his sandwhich, "That's suppose to be for lunch!"

"You're not my mom." Drew taunted with a smirk but grabbed his bag, happy to get ride.

As they walked out Manny passed Emma a look, "No one is."

Emma smiled sadly and listened to the door shut, then Sean's forehead leaned on the back of her head, taking a deep breath and sighed, "Finally, alone." he joked.

Then, came a baby cry. Emma didn't want to look THANKFUL, but she was. Ever since getting back with Sean and giving him her virginity, he'd been looking to have sex like every minute of the day. Honestly that night she had been drunk, and there was a party. She made a mistake but now she couldn't take it back. Whatever though, Sean was a good guy.

Emma sadly gave Sean a look who groaned and leaned his head back, watching Emma run up the stairs to go get Baby Jack.

"Ok, everyones at school, I have my project, and we just dropped Jack at day care." Emma said to Sean as he drove them to school, "I have everything right?" she asks him.

Sean just nodded.

Emma looked at him and then down, she got this vibe a lot. Actually she even got it from him in grade 9 when Snake FIRST got cancer and Sean called her a nurse.. she couldn't help it, she knew she had a head on her shoulders and who else was suppose to take responsibility? And she knew Sean was bitter over it.

If anyone found out Spike was always gone, not raising them and didn't even take care of them? They'd be split apart . Emma couldn't have that.

Emma had one more year til she was 18! Then it would be legal to be what she was doing right now but this was a lot better than her family going into foster care, especially baby Jack.

When the car stopped they sat in the car and Sean turned his head to look at her, "We still on for our date tonight? No interruptions?"

"Ofcourse." Emma insisted, giving him a hopeful look but her gut felt twisted..could it be because she hated promising things knowing the kids always needed her almost every second of the day?

Sean moved in and kissed her, and leaned his hand up her thigh going to her-

"Sean." Emma said between the kiss and he tried to get between her legs until she stopped him, "Not now.. we're already late for school."

She sadly watched him take his hand off her and glare ahead, not even moving. She bit her lip, she really had to get to class to do her project presentation.

"Are you coming?" she whispered, looking down. Wait, why was SHE always feeling bad? Why was he always like this!?

"No." he bittered, waiting for her to get out.

Emma just slowly nodded, going to say sorry but shut her mouth. It only made him madder sometimes..and she DIDN'T really feel sorry. She rolled her eyes and got out.

When she closed the door his red car shrieked out of the parking lot and sped away.


"Emma it's a B!" Manny exclaimed, holding Emma's project paper as they walked into the Dot, Liberty and JT following after them.

Toby sat at their table and waved them down.

Emma grumbled, "It should of been an A"

"Oh Emma." Jt sighed, "The rest of us wish for a B, be grateful and stop rubbing our nose into it."

Liberty shook her head, "She's right though, I know those methods and what you presented Emma was a fine project. Kwan was way harsh on you."

Emma fell into her seat while scoffing, "It's because I'm always late, isn't it?" she looked around at them

They all tried not to look at her because it probably was, but as IF that's her fault!

"I'm going to get some coffee." Emma sighed helplessly and got up, walking over to the counter.

Spinner turned and smiled, "Ah, Emma Nelson."

"Spinner Gavin." Emma said in a mono tone, "can I just get a coffee?"

He nodded and as he took another person's order another figure leaned next to her, "Hey! Spin!" called that too familiar voice, "Grab me a muffin and chocolate milk."

Emma tried not to look at him but already knew he must of known he stood right beside her as he was leaning on the Dot's counter and shouting in her ear.


"Greenpeace." his greeting even SOUNDED like he was smirking, and as Emma turned her head to look at him, he was.

"Didn't Sean tell you to stop calling me that?" Emma taunted, raising an eyebrow. She barely saw Jay around well because she was never really out anymore, and he didn't go to Degrassi anymore either. He was a mechanic now, and wore his dark blue jump suit with his famous backwards hat, a small grease stain on his forehead that somewhat looked cute and Emma wanted to rub off for him.

Word from Sean is that he worked at the same Auto Shop as him and even got Sean the job. But Emma knew Jay well, it was her closest enemy of course! He was still evil! He had to be, it was in his blood! So why was he so nice lately?

"Sean can't tell me what to do Gp." Jay said in a tone as if reminding her as he smirked again at her.

Emma rolled her eyes, "Whatever, Spinner? Coffee?" she begged, waiting for him to get it. Her palms were sweaty, and Jay's emerald eyes pierced through hers

"What? You sound moody." he teased in her ear once again, his tall and lean body almost up against the side of hers.

She felt goosebumps and just cornered her eyes at him to glare and his eyes just twinkled when she did. She swore he got off on making her angry.

"what? Is it that brady bunch family of yours?" Jay asked her "How is pretending to be Mama bear to everyone?" he was joking, but his face actually did seem to look curious and worried as Emma looked somewhat tired.

Emma just sighed, she had no energy to even fight with Jay and that was sometimes her favorite thing to do.

"Next time Sean tells you about my life, tell Sean I said it isn't any of your buisness, or his to be telling people." she reached her for her coffee and grabbed it when Spinner came back.

Jay watched her charge off. Sean had said SOME things, but nothing about home being bad. But, looked like it was.

"Did you get me a donut?!" JT asked happily and lifted his hands in defense when she madly looked at him to not start.

Emma closed her eyes when she heard a chair pull up next to her when she sat down back in the booth, Jay dragged it over and sat on it backwards.

He leaned his arms on the chair and gave Emma a look, "It hurts you don't want to be friends anymore Greenpeace."

"We weren't ever friends Jayson." Emma gritted her teeth as she spoke. God, why was she EVER attracted to him ? I mean yes, he had a good lean body, killer eyes, a smirk to die for, a witty mouth that made her even smile .. but the way he drove her mad? UGH!

"Em." came a voice and the table looked up at Drew, he dug his hands into his leather jacket, "I shouldn't of ate my lunch at breakfast."

"No you shouldn't of." Manny insisted happily, being the one who DID warn him.

Drew gave her a look and pouted to Emma who looked kind of down, she wished she could help him out but..money was running SO low. Her and Manny both did part time jobs and she was TRYING to pick up as much night jobs as she could but..

Meanwhile, Jay looked between them, and he saw the look on Emma's face. If anyone knew Emma going through something rough, it was him, he saw her at her worst before...and he didn't like the numbness in her eyes when she was like this.

Jay suddenly dug into his pocket and threw some bills on the table, "Go wild." he told Drew.

"Sick!" Drew went to grab it but Emma did first.

"You're not a charity case." Emma snapped, giving Drew a look. And from all people, they did not take it from Jay Hogart.

For some reason Drew loved when Sean came over and brought Jay, it pissed her off they got along. It was bad enough KC was just like a younger Sean.. now Drew was going to take lessons from Jay Hogart himself?

Drew frowned deeply, and looked away as Jay looked between them and then clenched his jaw looking down.. everyone was staring at Emma.

Emma felt their eyes and then felt.. embarrassed. She quickly pushed the money into Drew's hand as she got up and then walked out.

Manny tried to smile at Jt, Liberty and Toby to get the awkward situation by. Jay sat there looking out of it and Drew coughed awkwardly, "Do I buy some food or not?"

Jay stood up and just nodded at him before walking around and out.