Author note: For the guest who reviewed that Emma needs to be alone for a bit. Or that Zig needs to get his priorities straight? Here's the thing: This story is based on the show SHAMELESS. It's about teenagers who needed to raise themselves with no parents around and the reality of that is: with no parents or any guidance, some kids are left slightly damaged, a little less than perfect, but that's ok. Because that's life. I prefer stories and shows that are REAL. Not just some fairy-tale. You know? They have flaws. They are human. But at least they have another still after losing the most important part of a family that holds them together. I'm QUITE happy with how my story is turning out and with my 2,300 views.. I'd like to think so are many others! (I fixed that slight error from last chapter though).

Also Zig does not fear more for Maya than his family/Emma? I literally just wrote and I quote, "Zig hid behind Jay though.. still a little scared. Not just for him though, for Emma now, his whole family… what if they even came after Maya?" . .. so he was scared for his family first, then his girlfriend who he is falling for. So? . .I don't know what you mean.

Other than that thankyou all for your lovely reviews and encouragement ! It's you guys who make me keep going. I'm glad there are still JEMMA shippers! I wonder if any Zig/Maya fans are reading? I'm thinking of turning the other spot light on Manny. Got ideas who you want her with? I want someone different for her. Give me ideas!



Emma tilted her head watching Jay excuse himself from the guys who he was with. It wasn't like he was talking much anyways, she had caught him watching her a few times and she cornered her eyes watching him go back into the kitchen.

"Emma, have you met Lucas?" Mia introduced as he stepped behind her and then nodded at Emma, extending his hand.

Emma snapped out of her trance and tried to smile as she shook his hand. "Emma." She glanced back to where Jay left and noted, "I'll be right back."

They nodded and turned to Manny and their other friends. The party wasn't too crowded, just enough people to have a good time.

Emma walked into the kitchen and Jay glanced up and grabbed a beer before looking back up at her from behind the counter. "Want one?" he asked gruffly.

Emma rolled her eyes and leaned on the front of the counter he stood around. "If you don't want to be here, why don't you leave?" she could tell he didn't want to be here.

Jay just clenched his jaw as he opened his beer. He sipped it as he shrugged and lied, "I'm having fun." Emma gave him a knowing look and he just looked down at his beer and smirked a bit. She knew him too well.

Emma then looked down and tapped her fingers a little on the counter gently. She couldn't look at him as she brew up some courage to ask him, "Where have you been lately?"

His eyes burned into hers when he looked up. He looked away and struggled a bit to say, "I've been around."

Emma shook her head, "No you haven't." she snickered sadly and admitted, "I don't know. I thought maybe we were friends.. then you just.. disappeared."

Jay looked down hard at the ground. "..Maybe I can't be friends with you."

Emma waited for him to look back up at her, she waited for him to say he was just joking. But he wasn't. His face was serious. He was serious. She swallowed the lump in her throat and hoped her voice didn't crack.. "Okay..." she looked down, hurt.

Jay looked back up and his face twisted in a bit of guilt seeing Emma looking down sadly and he opened his mouth but Lucas came on in next with an empty beer. Lucas glanced between and raised his eyebrows. "Hey you two."

He noticed he walked in on something. He didn't even know these two knew another. He eyed Jay as Jay just scowled back at him and Emma looked awkwardly around the room. Lucas grabbed another beer and squinted his eyes as he swore he thought Jay had a girlfriend but he could sense the chemistry between these two.

Emma finally bolted for it, "Emma." Jay said and walked around the counter quickly as she left while rolling her eyes. She walked fast herself over to Manny and pulled her away from some friends.

Emma raised an eyebrow at her, "I'm going, ok? This was a stupid idea." With that, she turned, charging towards the door.

Jay had just come out and Manny's mouth fell as she turned towards him and glared, "What'd you do!?"

He didn't do anything! At least he didn't think he did. He raced again after Emma and when she was outside, she saw Peter and Darcy who were dating now. Hell, she was desperate.

"Are you guys leaving?" she asked. They turned and shared a look before Darcy nodded, "Yea."

"You need a ride?" Peter asked, a little hope on his face. He still had a sweet spot for the girl.

Emma rolled her eyes but she had to get away from Jay. "Yea." She admitted and he nodded to come join them as they opened their car doors. Emma went to the back door but Jay got to her just in time and grabbed her back from leaving. Peter rolled down the window to see what the hold up was but shut up when he noticed he did NOT want to interrupt Jay Hogart.

"What, Jay?" Emma hissed.

He didn't let go of her arm and snapped back ,"What's your problem, Emma?"

"Why's it matter?" Emma laughed out loud, "We're not even friends. You said it! So leave me alone." She yanked her arm back but Jay shut the door when she tried to open it. "Stop it!" she yelled.

He stepped closer to her looking angry, it almost scared Emma a bit. "You know why I can't be friends with you, Emma? Cause I don't think of you that way. I want more from you, more of you. I want all of you, but I can't. You don't want me that way and I don't want to ruin my friendship with Sean again even though it is fucking tempting and fuck, I'd risk it if you wanted me too. But it isn't like that. Alright!? That's why!"

Emma's mouth hung as Jay panted a little breathlessly after that and stared at her before the anger in his eyes turned into a small panic. Shit.

Emma did something that Jay didn't expect. She took a moment before leaning up and stood on her tip toes while resting her hands around his neck and kissed him softly. Jay shut his eyes and couldn't believe it but on reflex, he quickly wrapped his arms around her and pressed her up against him, kissing her back. Emma whimpered between the kiss and Jay tightened his hold around her.

When they pulled away breathless, for the first time, Emma actually took the time to look into Jay's eyes. They were the exact shade of grey and blue. It was cliché but she felt like she could get lost in them forever. She softened when Jay's hand raised to carress her hair back behind her ear and they continued to stay in the heart pounding moment.

"We probably shouldn't of done that." Emma said with a worried tone in her voice.

Jay swallowed hard and admitted, "It's done." Did this mean Emma wanted him back? Cause if so, he couldn't let her go now. "Em-"

"Um, should we stay or go?" Peter asked, window still rolled down and awkwardly sitting there.

"Shut up, Poin Dexter." Jay just growled, still hating the guy. Peter took the hint and pulled out of the driveway slowly.

Once again alone with another, Emma finally looked down and bit her lip. Oh god. This was a lot to take in. Her and Jay just kissed. And it was a great kiss. Her lips were still tingling and her heart was pounding and she didn't want Jay to let go of her.

He didn't. Jay moved his free hand to rest it on her cheek, his other arm still wrapped around her. Emma looked up a him, still chewing on her lower lip. "Stop worrying so much about this." He teased, "You'll drive yourself crazy."

Emma looked up at the sky with uncertainty. "What about your girlfriend?"

Jay flinched. Oh yeah. He looked down at Emma and raised an eyebrow, "What about Ty?"

"We broke up…" Jay's face nearly lifted right up like he was impressed. Emma even rolled her eyes at him and then pushed him away. "This isn't right." She said.

"What?" Jay asked and grabbed her before she turned around.

She snickered and shook her head, "I'm not doing this again. I won't be some 'secret' behind your girlfriend's back."

Jay tightened his jaw and nodded, looking down. "I know. I don't want you to be. Give me til tomorrow, I'll break up with Mel." His eyes held so much promise when he looked back up.

Emma wasn't so sure though. "And when you get bored of me, will you give me a day notice too?"

"Emma what do you want from me!?" Jay yelled, swinging his arms out. "Do you want to be with me or not?" he bent his head lower to make her look at him when she avoided doing soon. He pointed between them, "And I'm not talking halfway, I mean the whole damn thing. You're mine. And I'll be yours. But you better be 100% mine. No other guys, no more drama with Sean, no guys like Ty around- me and you." He took a breath of air before he tried to count to 10. After he calmed down he joked a bit, "And your crazy family."

Emma bit her lip while slowly a smile spread across her face. "You are part of that crazy family." He had also come to her and Zig's rescue.

Jay grinned a bit down at her and damn, it was so handsome on his face. Within seconds, Emma did not know who began to kiss whom, but there they were embraced in front of Lucas' house kissing each other again. Their kisses were soft and sweet, showing nothing but affection for the other. Emma couldn't believe she could feel so happy and complete with Jay Hogart. She felt secure too, another thing which shocked her but she knew she wouldn't question it ever again. He'd protect her, he'd be good for her. He was different, he did change. They were meant to be together. It just took time to realize that.

They pulled away and their noses softly brushed against anothers and Emma's fingers tangled into Jay's and he gripped her hand tightly. She was his.

About fucking time.


"About fucking time!" Manny said. Zig even laughed while pulling out hot dogs from the fridge. Jack sat in a chair at the table for once instead of his high chair and Emma was cutting up the cheese on his plate for his crackers.

Jay was still slightly hungover from the party last night after him and Emma went back inside after sharing that kiss. He drove them home, and he just enjoyed a night with her, no sex- just them falling asleep in her bed next to another. It was oddly relaxing. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed being back in the house too with the 'brady' bunch, as he called them. I guess he never had a real family either but they were doing a hell of a lot better without parents than he did at Zig's age. I guess Zig should thank Emma for that even though Emma probably wouldn't think it was better either but Jay really did think they were doing good.

"I'm gonna go to work." Jay confirmed with Emma and leaned down, kissing the top of her head and she just smiled a little with a slight blush as she watched him throw his jacket on.

KC had come in from the back door and saw that. "Did I miss something?" he gazed between Jay and Emma and then someone from behind KC stepped out. Jenna.

"Did I?" taunted Emma right back, eying the new girl with KC. What happened to Claire?

"Jay gave up his ego for Emma." Manny announced romantically, "He likes her." She emphasised the word 'like' cause hell, we all knew their feelings went deeper than that.

Jay chuckled while grabbed his keys out of his pocket and passed Manny on the way out, "Bite me, Santos."

With that, he left. Manny and Emma shared smirks at another.