Chapter 1

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The bullpen was normal abuzz with slight mummers of people talking or in the case of the three profilers who sat in the middle of the bullpen it could be quite or they could be found joking around, normally to distract them from the files which came across their desks.

The caseloads never eased off there was always killers or even just general profiles for people which would not normally hit their radar, officers whom had taken every lead every account but to no end they just could not seem to catch the unsub.

Emily had been working for the past few weeks alongside the crimes against children unit, sprawled over her desk was pictures of children whom had gone missing and pictures had been found circling the net, she let out along sigh as she threw her pen down.

"I need a bigger table," Emily said as she leaned back on her chair stretching her back out which crack loudly "Why don't you go and use the conference room," Morgan said with a soft smile. Emily nodded as she gathered up the files, which related to the case "You need a hand?" Emily shook her head. "If I do I will holler"

Emily was already on standby since she was the child expert and SSA Peters had asked if she would be able to assist in the interviews with the children once, they have managed to find them, in total, they had 15 children so far which they had found across the internet and even then, they knew there was more. The searches were being run every day and more information was being fed to Emily as she scattered the files in to piles scrolling through each one.

Trying to work out a pattern, where they were taken from did they know each other, was there a type these unsubs were going for. All the ages had varied but there was a pattern, the children were all between five and eight, from good homes, but hair colour, build and ethnic backgrounds changed. Emily had been working on the fact that they seemed to be taking these children to order.

Which meant they had multiple unsubs and also multiple locations, Emily had to profile the children instead which meant she had to speak to the families to gain information it was a part of the job she hated, parents thought they were being blame for their children going missing and being taken, that they had done something and no matter how much Emily would try and assure them that they weren't responsible for this, they had their own guilt of not being able to protect their children.

Some children had been taken as they waited for parents outside their schools; some had been taken while playing in local parks with their friends. even Emily knew it was hard to keep track of a child while they were playing with their friends in the park as they were always running around, one child had been taken from a local Mall.

Not one of the locations had been hit twice, their paths had never cross they had been in different towns and cities, but what sickened Emily the most was one of the children which had gone missing was a young boy name Tommy, he was eight years old he was very independent but he was also partly blind and this made Emily sick to her stomach, he wouldn't have seen what was happening he would find it hard to know where or who he was with, he attended their local special school, and was on a school trip to a local sensory facility when he had gone missing.

Emily was grateful when the soft knock on the door disturbed her from the files "Hey JJ" Emily smiled as she placed the file she had been looking at back down on the desk.

"Thought you could do with a coffee" JJ smiled softly as she handed her the cup. "You are a life saver" Emily joked. "So how is it going?" JJ asked, she knew the case that Emily had spent the last week working on and also knew that these cases affected her even though Emily would never let it show. The walls that hid all her emotions inside were well guarded, though they had seen Emily's temper a few times where she could not hold her emotions in right now though even JJ could see they were firmly in place and no one was getting past them. Not even her best friend would be allowed access to her emotions.

JJ took a seat next to her as she spoke knowing Emily could sometimes be defensive, more defensive when a case was playing on her mind her feelings and cases that involved children always brought her temper out but she was their specialist and this was her job aside from other aspects.

"How is it going?" JJ asked carefully, Emily let out a soft sigh "The sooner they get a lead the better" Emily said taking a sip of the coffee making her groan softly. JJ could not help the soft chuckle that escaped her lips at the sound coming from Emily's phone.

"You fancy meeting for lunch" Emily shook her head. "I doubt I will get chance today" Emily's smile was soft as she turned to look at JJ. JJ sighed "Maybe a drink tonight? Me, you and Garcia?" Emily grinned at the thought of going out with her two best friends "Sounds good as long as you keep Garcia under control" Emily joked as JJ rose to leave. "You know no one can control her right?" Emily laughed as the door closed softly leaving her again to face the task of profiling these children and the unsubs.

Emily finally made her way out of the conference room two hours later in search of much needed coffee, she smiled as she watched Morgan roll his eyes at Reid who was explaining the vast amounts of statics on traffic within their city "Reid, have you ever thought of just writing a book with all you have locked up inside your brain?" Emily joked as she walked towards them.

"What good would that do?" Reid asked slightly puzzled as Morgan chuckled "It would give our ears a break kid" Morgan teased as he handed Emily a cup of coffee. She could not help the smile that spread across her lips as she took the much-needed cup filled with the fuel that she needed to keep awake.

"Reid if you don't like coffee, why drink it?" JJ asked as she watched him pour half a cups worth of sugar into his cup. "I do like coffee" he said with a frown "And sugar?" Emily teased. "It gives my body energy" Emily moved away to sit at the table before Reid started with the facts on sugar and the uses of it within the body.

Emily reached for her phone as she took another sip of her coffee before answering "Prentiss" her face paled slightly as the distinct sound of Peters came through her ears. "You sure about that?" Emily asked, the team could only hear her side of the conversation but they could tell by the look on her face it was partly good news and partly bad news.

"Okay, I will see you when I get their" there was a slight pause as she looked up at JJ "I will ask Hotch if I can" she gave JJ the look of you might be joining me to which JJ nodded. "We will see you when we land Peters," Emily said as she ended the phone call.

"What's going on?" Morgan asked as Emily let out a sigh "They have found three of the boys" Emily swallowed thickly "He wants me to go there to help interview them," JJ gave a soft smile "He also asked if you could join me since your good with the press and the families have" she paused slightly as JJ spoke "I will go and clear it with Hotch" Emily nodded.

"I'll ring Garcia see if she can sort us out a flight to Arizona" JJ nodded as she made her way towards Hotch's office and Emily, smiled knowing it might be better to go and ask Garcia herself so she could also run a few searches for her "Hey Garcia" Emily smiled as she walked into her office

"So you ready for tonight" Emily closed her eyes before looking at her "Change of plans, any chance you can sort me and JJ a flight to Arizona instead" Garcia nodded "Just you two?" she asked as she pulled up the single charter flights which they sometimes used.

"Yes, Peters has" Garcia nodded as Emily's voice trailed off slightly "I could do with you running backgrounds on the families of the children that have been found anything that will help me and JJ when we get there" Emily gave a warm smile "I shall" Garcia smiled "Forward the information to Peters for me, please as I will need to fill JJ in on the flight which is going to take most of the journey Emily gave a sad laugh "Are they okay?" Emily shook her head slightly.

"They have been through a lot Garcia and they haven't been able to speak to them yet hence I need JJ with me" Garcia nodded. "Right I have got you on a single flight it will be ready to leave in an hour" Emily was grateful that not only did they have the jet but that they also had planes on standby for when it was just them flying and not the team. Last thing any of them wanted was to be on a plane and for people to see the files and cases, which they worked.

Within an hour, they were safely up in the air Emily was running through all the information that Emily had come across and what small details they had managed to find out. "Has anyone managed to speak to them?" JJ asked softly.

"No the parents won't allow it right now, which I can understand JJ but" Emily let out a sigh, "The rape kits have been done and they managed to get picture of their injuries but other than that" Emily gave a sad smile. They both could understand the reluctant of the parents allowing them to speak to the children but they also needed to explain it was the only way of finding the people who had hurt their children and this was where Emily and JJ came in.

They were fresh faces the families did not have any dealings with them and it was that hope that they could gain their trust was what Peters was hoping for. Sometimes it helped using profilers, as they always seemed to be able to gain their trust and allow them to help in catching these people.

The warning lights flashed as the pilot spoke over the speakers "We are hitting slight turbulence so please remain seated and put your seatbelts on" they both placed their seat belts on as they gather up the files knowing if it was bad turbulence they would end up on the floor and it would take them ages to get them back into the correct files.

"You know this is the only part of this job that really sucks" Emily joked as the plane shook as they flew through the turbulence JJ nodded as she looked out of the window her eyes becoming wide in fear as she saw the smoke rise from the wing.

Emily's eyes followed her path as the fear washed over her, both of them getting into the emergency landing positions as the pilots voice came through the speakers, they all knew it was going to happen as the plane started to drop sending their stomachs into waves of sickness as the plane descended rapidly both of them bracing themselves as Emily took hold of JJ's hand in hope of reassuring her.

The smoke bellowed from the plane as it connected with the ground throwing them from their seats. The seatbelt snapping from the impact and the force.